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Posted in: LAPD says Miura hanged himself with shirt in cell at detention house See in context

be nice if he had left a note admitting his crime

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Posted in: Maki Horikita looking for boyfriend as she celebrates 20th birthday See in context

I dislike this use of "Memorial" in Japan. She's not dead yet.

I think they are trying to sound "correct". That is so important to the Japanese that they end up misusing the English language. "Anniversary" is actually correct as one only has one birthday.

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Posted in: Japan's baseball teams to curb talent drain with ban See in context

I guess they would then opt for another country with a pro league such as Korea.

Poor losers.

Even if this is challenged I could see how all the teams would secretly agree to a "de facto ban" on returnees. Look at what MLB did to Barry Bonds this year - that was crazy. Just think how many teams he could have helped, but he couldn't get even a $390,000 deal.

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Posted in: Overzealous mothers prep their infants too early for school See in context

I teach some kids classes at home. My older son (5) has no interest in joining the classes. He keeps busy with his toys and art projects with my wife. My younger son (3) wakes up in the morning and says, "Today we're having an English lesson, right?" He joins in with the nine-year-old wild boys. Today, he was teaching them to count to nine so they could say their ages. He loves "Bingo" and "Concentration".

Both boys grew up in more or less the same environment, but are turning out a bit differently. It's their genetic makeup and there's nothing we can do about it except encourage them in their interests.

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Posted in: Man found dead on street after suspected hit-and-run See in context

Let's say we hit and kill and old geezer - how much is it going to cost?

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Posted in: Man found dead on street after suspected hit-and-run See in context

These old people seem to have a death wish. They are always jaywalking. Is this being treated as manslaughter or a suicide?

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Posted in: Two people attacked by bear in Niigata See in context

Local hunter groups have been mobilized to find the bear.

In other words, a posse.

My friend's friend just survived a mauling by a grizzly in Wyoming. It was bow hunting season so they were not allowed to carry a gun. By a miracle, his father's arrow found the grizzly's heart. It was a shot in the back.

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Posted in: Rays rally to beat White Sox 6-2 See in context

Iwamura is way better than that Koksuk Fukudome. That lazy KF won't even take extra hitting practice.

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Posted in: Japanese girls go sexier in their fashion styles See in context

A lot of young Japanese women mistake dressing like a hooker as fashion

Maybe they don't know what hookers look like. How often do you actually see a hooker in Japan?

They should be free to do as they please. This benefits everyone. The prudes know who they should avoid and the fun lovers know who they can approach.

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