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Posted in: Health fallout from Fukushima mainly mental: studies See in context

In some place on earth, the natural radiation is even higher than that near the fukushima plant, and yet, the expected life span is just as normal or even longer. http://webecoist.momtastic.com/2013/01/22/hot-spots-earths-5-most-naturally-radioactive-places/

STOP your unnecessary fear please, people.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic stadium designer strikes back at critics See in context

@Strangerland overchan doesn't need to provide you a link. You need to find a book about architect design youself. In this case, obviously it's Z Hadid‘s fault to hide the real cost to win.

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Posted in: Kyushu Electric to start loading fuel rods into Sendai plant on Tuesday See in context

Guy_Jean_Dailleult and other educated guys, Glad to hear the rational voice here. Nuclear power is not prefect yet it's thousand time better than the fossil fuel. The fact is that no one died as a consequence of radiation in Fukushima.

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Posted in: Sendai reactor refueled for restart, despite opposition See in context

It is a good choice to restart the reactor. No one died as a consequence of the radiation in Fukushima accident. Only people died because of fear. So, public science and education still has a long way to go to get rid of the unnecessary fear.

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