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Posted in: Chinese man gets Japan's 1st skilled worker visa with no time limit See in context

Wait till he tries to apply for a bank loan or other credit-sensitive service. He will quickly find out that even if he intends to invest his life in Japan, many institutions won't recognize that.

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Posted in: Why is it so hard to find hot sake in convenience stores in Japan? See in context

Yeasts are not bacteria.

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Posted in: Emperor calls on people to keep 'fire of hope' amid pandemic See in context

Nicely said livvy :)

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Posted in: 50 years after Nixon visit, U.S.-China ties as fraught as ever See in context

Nice photos from the archives, very illustrative and entertaining.

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Posted in: Kyoto eyes empty homes tax to stem exodus of young people See in context

Why are empty-homes taxes so trendy among local governments these days?

It hasn't helped people get housing in Vancouver,

But the thing with these kinds of taxes is that they are so slow to produce an effect that they will surely lag behind changes in housing market supply and demand the housing markets. And no one has data on the chilling effects that these taxes produce. Investing in Kyoto just got marginally less attractive across the board but how do you tie that to the specific tax...

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Posted in: Marriott Bonvoy and American Express launch 2 cobranded cards in Japan See in context

These are pretty bad deals compared to the cards available in the U.S. It would seem that the credit card market is less competitive in Japan, despite users' propensity to thoroughly research card benefits before applying.

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Posted in: Bring the sunshine into your home with these CARRY THE SUN solar lights See in context

Batteries degrade quickly when they're left in hot sunny places. These kinds of integrated solar rechargeable lights become junk in a few years for that reason.

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Posted in: 'Biden' brand sake riding wave of presidential success See in context

Except it's not pronounced bai-den, it's pronounced bee-den. 美田

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Posted in: Japan's new ambassador to China to be quarantined for 2 weeks See in context

Did he have to pay ~50,000 yen for his pre-departure covid test or did we (taxpayers) cover that?

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Posted in: Japan, Taiwan to reopen borders for long-term residents from Sept 8 See in context

"The four countries and Taiwan"

Wow, just wow.

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Posted in: New Zealand may lift all virus restrictions next week See in context

New Zealand recorded no new cases of coronavirus for a 11th consecutive day on Tuesday, and has just one active case in the country.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has had no domestic transmission for 50 days. And Japan still restricts travel from Taiwan.

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Posted in: Star Alliance enhances round-the-world fare See in context


Please note that the Special Economy and Special Business Round the World Fares are not offered for travel originating in Japan.

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