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If all girls on earth would think like japanese girls, this world would be a better place. It's just reality that all love maybe good and promising in the neginning but it's not always enough to feed a family. Stop being hypocrite y'all, japanese girls can live without a man's support and don't need to depend on marriage to be socially and financially stable, it's just they are not selfish, dumb and immature to marry an unstable douchebag and have a child with him when they're not emotionally ready. You all western girls should think alike to give better future to next generations.

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so it's true that "dogs bark at strangers." lol~~~~ people who don't know both worlds will always have foul comments. Being a hostess at night and a professional caregiver at daytime, so far has been the most fulfilling career for me. You can say all the worst words against filipino hostess/caregivers like me but the hell i'd care..Taking care of the elders at a young age is a like an advance course regarding how well can you manage yourself before you reach the senescence stage. I learn a lot from the elders, their stories of happiness and hardships, I share what I've learned from them to my customers in clubs, and they appreciate it..People who's on the right frame of mind will understand the depth of this professions, but those with minds smaller than nuts will always talk cheap.

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lucky for her, though she was labelled as the ugliest gyaru in japan..

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