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Posted in: Hong Kong police fire volleys of tear gas at protesters See in context

Well i'm glad things are going back to normal in China (this is sarcasm, in case some people take this seriously)

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Posted in: Biden wins big Michigan in crushing blow to Sanders' White House bid See in context

Well folks unfortunately you better say hi to 4 more years of Trump. Biden's gonna get eaten alive

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Posted in: Gun-rights activists gear up for show of force in Virginia See in context

I am sorry my fellow liberals i'm not on your side on this. The proposed law is a blatant breaking of the 2nd amendment and will affect not only "white rednecks" as you call them but will also, probably disproportionately affect armed black and hispanic Americans as well

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Posted in: Six Democratic U.S. presidential candidates square off in debate See in context

If anybody but Bernie, Tulsi or Yang get "elected" (rigged) against Trump you might as well just hand him the victory right then and there. His supporters have never been as motivated as they are now

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Posted in: Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner See in context

The real question here isn't how incompetent or stupid Iran's radar operators are, no. The real question is why the hell did Iran allow airplanes to even take off during an time where they launching missiles?

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Posted in: Johnson calls for closure over Brexit divisions See in context

London will be fine, and remain the Disneyland of European cities

Sure, the Disneyland of European cities if you like your Disneyland with a giant surge of stabbings and a completely useless mayor who is more concerned about thought policing than anything then yeah sure

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Posted in: Johnson says he has won a big mandate for Brexit See in context

Okay. So it's obvious the people of the UK want this, they want Brexit to happen. So Boris, make that s**t happen. Don't waste time negotiating just get the hell out before the public changes it's mind

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Posted in: Democrat Kamala Harris ends 2020 White House bid See in context

This is what happens when Tulsi Gabbard hands you your ass not once but twice

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

I never thought in a million years i would say this but...good job on this one Mr. Trump

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Posted in: Nancy who? GOP targets House Dem 'squad' in campaign attacks See in context

As much as i don't like the Republican party (not the biggest fan of the "Squad" either) you gotta give it to them. If there's anybody who knows how to insult the opposing side it's the Republicans. On the outside i know they seem like a bunch of stupid close minded rednecks but that's the point. Being manipulative and calculating has always been the Republicans' sthick and it's worked for the most part. Especially when there's a certain fear of a certain group within a certain culture in the USA. "Be proud of your enemy and enjoy his success"

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

What is even happening anymore? This sounds like something the Onion would write as a headline, not what a somewhat intelligent human being would say

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Posted in: Democrats' use of Spanish in debate evokes praise, eye rolls See in context

Tulsi was the only one who answered the questions competently and without steering up emotional bs. And yet everybody ignored her. Just....wake up Dems...wake up or Trump 2020 will be a sad reality

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Posted in: Supreme leader says Iranians won't budge over U.S. sanctions See in context

I really don't understand who in their right mind would allow f*** Bolton of all people to dictate foreign policy. Like at this point i think a chimpanzee on cocaine can do a better job than him

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court sends lesbian wedding cake dispute back to lower court See in context

@Kazuaki Shimazaki

All. Any private business has the right to not service whoever they want for whatever reason they want. How come when Twitter bans Alex Jones everybody goes like "It's a private company they can do what they want" but when this happens suddenly that flies out the window?

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Posted in: Man admits not reporting father’s death for months in order to keep collecting pension See in context

wow what a waste of oxygen

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court sends lesbian wedding cake dispute back to lower court See in context

I've said this once and i'll say it a million times. Just. Go. To. Another. Damn. Bakery. This. Shouldn't. Put. The. Owners. Out. Of. Business. You. Entitled. A-holes

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Posted in: Thousands protest against Trump in London See in context

Because, you know, London's biggest problem worth protesting right now is the orange moron. Hey Sadiq, instead of insulting a man who has lost so much credibility it's laughable at this point, how about you do something about the knife crime. Or is your thought police a bigger concern to you?

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Posted in: 2020 preview? Feud between Trump and Biden flares up See in context

Liberals, democrats, listen to me very very well and especially the DNC. Do not, and i repeat, do not elec Joe Biden as your candidate because at that point you might as well just hand Trump the re-election right then and there

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Posted in: A million species risk extinction; are humans one of them? See in context

In the words of the immortal George Carlin:

"The planet is fine. The planet has survived much worse than us. It's been through meteorite showers, asteroids, millions of years of bombardments by comets, massive volcanoes, earthquakes and so on. The planet isn't going anywhere. We are!"

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Posted in: Employee being fired fatally shoots 5 co-workers, wounds 5 police at Illinois plant See in context

Excuse me in what world are those people police officers? In my country that is a SWAT team at the least

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Posted in: Trump to sign border bill, but also declare emergency seeking wall funds See in context

You know i don't think the right wing commentators on this website know what the definition of a compromise is. A compromise is say two people want and entire piece of chocolate. A compromise in that situation would be splitting the chocolate right? Meanwhile Trump said wall or nothing. That's not a compromise, that's an ultimatum

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Posted in: Russia to pull plug on nuclear arms pact after U.S. does same See in context

Oh baby here we go a new cold war's about to start, can't wait, i heard this one will have Explosive ratings

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Posted in: Brexit bedlam: May's EU withdrawal deal crushed by 230 votes in parliament See in context

As much as i am not for the UK leaving the EU, a second referendum would be spiting in the face of democracy directly. The people have voted and even though i and many other people here don't like it that's what Britain wants and that's what Britain should get

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Posted in: U.S. government shutdown breaks record, with no end in sight See in context

Hold the line! If the Democrats want open borders 

They don't. Like even people that you deem "hardcore socialists" like Sanders and Cortez have said that they don't want open borders. If the so called far left doesn't want open borders, how do you believe that moderate Democrats want it?

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Posted in: More people identify as LGBT as social awareness grows in Japan: study See in context

I don't understand homophobia. I think it's really,really stupid but especially in Japan's case. A country who has two separate genres of Japanese animation dedicated to same sex couples shouldn't be homophobic

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Posted in: Trump stops short of emergency declaration in border wall fight See in context

Like how much is enough for you guys? 70%? Higher?

You're not getting taxed 70%, don't give me that BS. Even in the Soviet Union people weren't taxed 70 damn percent you shameless liar. And while Sanders and Cortez aren't exactly fan of uncontrolled and full blown capitalism like you are they're far from anti capitalist. In fact Sanders has a lot of policies that line up with Trump when it comes to trade. They're 2 sides of the same coin. One is a right wing populist, the other is a left wing populist

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Posted in: Trump stops short of emergency declaration in border wall fight See in context

their ideas of wanting to punish the job creators is a disaster waiting to happen especially in a country as big as ours

What job creators do they wanna punish exactly? Taxing the incredibly rich more than the poor is not punishing job creators

Yes, yes and yes.

I'm curious to know which socialist country you lived in. And Venezuela doesn't count

Ok, that’s your opinion, I disagree

I'm sorry, that's not an opinion, that's a fact. Because i lived there, and still do live in that part of the world where former Yugoslavia was and you know what? Yes we didn't have much freedom of speech or freedom of choice but we were happy. The former Yugoslav countries are subpar compared to back then. I'm not saying this to say that socialism is awesome, i'm saying it to get it through your thick head that Sanders and Cortez are not socialists, they're Democratic socialists at best

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Posted in: Trump stops short of emergency declaration in border wall fight See in context

far right

I meant far left. Ops

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Posted in: Trump stops short of emergency declaration in border wall fight See in context

These crazies have lurched so far, far, far to the left

Again with the far left BS. Tell me Bass, have you ever seen actual socialism in practice? Have you ever experienced socialism like, at all? Have you ever visited let alone lived in a socialist country. Well i have, as i have mentioned that before on another article and i can tell you from experience, not only are Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders not far right at all, if you compare them to my former leader Josip Broz Tito they don't even come close. Like, universes apart

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Posted in: Australian PM slams 'ugly racial protests' in Melbourne See in context

 By definition, the data set only includes cases where an identifiable person has been caught

Perhaps you're right but that does not mean that the data is useless. Graphs show a general overview of the situation so it would be safe to assume that most unsolved crimes have also been done by mostly Australians

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