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Posted in: The ideal nutritional proportions are 50 to 60% carbohydrates, 20% proteins, and the rest fat. See in context

The man is a fool and obviously malnourished of any current data on the topic of nutrition.

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Posted in: Twitter to scrap controversial suggested user list See in context

societymike> I bet you are over 50.

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Posted in: Airhead female fans can't get enough of 'cool' accused killer Ichihashi See in context

Don't let the media, bulletin boards or Mixi fool you!

This spin is created by a minority; a few (probably mostly guys) idiots who've nothing better to do than kick up a fuss over sick Ichihashi. Remember also, there's more than one Japanese guy attending an English school who's been refused a date by his young, white female teacher and is now very pissed off at how white males seem to have all the fun.

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Posted in: Ichihashi's lawyers say he doesn't want any contact with his parents See in context

Heda Madness> I agree.

Azrael> You are probably not far from the truth. The whole thing reeks of his parents.

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Great news!

Now hang him.

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Posted in: Blockbuster MMA event Strikeforce comes to Japan via live webcast See in context

SuperLib - You've no idea what you're talking about.

terebiko - Yes, that's why it's posted here.

meloveulontime - I agree.

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Posted in: Dueling 'racist' claims defuse once powerful word See in context

Why does nobody realise that the over-bandied around term, "America's first black president" is a lie in itself and just perpetuates this whole race scenario that the world is sick of hearing from North America?

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Posted in: Tokyo police launch weeklong anti-groping campaign on trains See in context

dolphingirl> I wholeheartedly agree. If we all do something this problem will shrink away (although never die) to something on a lesser scale than at present.

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Posted in: 3 death row inmates executed See in context

bcbrownboy> what makes Japan so special? To me there is doubt anywhere.

Also, this is hopeful: "The executions are the first under a new system that combines citizens and professional judges to together decide on serious criminal cases."

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Posted in: Older men up in arms over slovenly female behavior See in context

A very excellent point. People here just have no consideration or manners.

Richard III > you're right, it's stupid to point the finger at women. The culture here is to behave well within their group, but few have regard for those outside their group, i.e. in public. This is regardless of gender.

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Posted in: 60 years after WWII, Okinawa still rife with bombs See in context

OssanAmerica/Hotbox08> I too agree, blaming someone does not address the issue.

TokyoHustla> It is too easy to point the finger. And if this article were to be in Japanese, would it make a difference? Are YOU ready to do something?

sharky1> What is your point? Does it make bombs any less dangerous?

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura See in context

She looks like a present.

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Posted in: United Airlines to charge obese passengers double on full flights See in context


You make it sound like obese people have no choice or free will in what they eat or do. Come on now, it affects just as many middle and upper class people in the States!

And no, obesity is NOT a disease. It is a condition resulting from the average American's poor education, dietry habits and lack of exercise.

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Posted in: United Airlines to charge obese passengers double on full flights See in context

Make them pay. Let them know that thier self-induced condition has a penalty in society.

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Posted in: Japan going to pot: Celebrity busts and student smokers have authorities in a tizz See in context

The false information (lies) spread in the media are sickening.

It's all about education and we the people know the truth. Decriminalization is a good first step - rather than outright legalization - because it can be controlled better. Sudden legalization is not only impossible but could lead to problems such as the market being flooded with poor quality/chemicalized weed. Just look at tobacco.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan that intervening in rocket launch will be act of war See in context

It is a modern mystery that NK has pumped money into weapons and starved it's people of both food and education.

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Posted in: Saitama train conductor assaulted after asking man to smoke in designated area See in context


You've missed the point completely. Smoking in public is not acceptable to the masses. We (the majority) don't like it and you should respect that.

Only an ignorant smoker like yourself would post such a comment.

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