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Posted in: Taliban video shows captured U.S. soldier See in context

He's the only sensible soldier in Afghanistan. If they all did what he did the war really would be over by Christmas. There is a higher authority than some silly rules devised by man and I am constantly amazed that so many Americans stand by these rules until exactly the time they are actually called upon to observe them and one of them is "Thou shalt not kill." Of all the soldiers I've seen on TV he, the coward as some say here, seems to me to be the most honest. Whether he will get out of it alive I can't say but I doubt if he'll be found wanting by his ultimate judge, something that can't be said of many of those commenting here.

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Posted in: Older men up in arms over slovenly female behavior See in context

Ah but what happens when anyone can look at you anywhere and any time they choose including in the past? Impossible? Well since the particle theory of physics was destroyed by a Japanese experiment a few years ago, and these sorts of ideas are now in vogue, perhaps we will very soon be able to see exactly what Mr Yoneyama has been up to every second of his life. After all what is a ghost except an accidental replaying of the past and everything accidental people witness soon becomes controllable. Mr Yoneyama will need more than an umbrella to cover his embarrassment, as will all of us. I have one thing I do agree with him on though makeup is wrong and is simply a form of lying, women shouldn't wear make-up and neither should men.

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Increasingly people are asking the question "if "princes" Harry and William are supposed to be in the forces and are too scared to go for more than a few weeks with full protection why should anyone else?" These troops are mercenaries, they fight for money so Brown is quite wrong to say they are fighting for is worthwhile, if it was worthwile we wouldn't have to pay people to do it would we? These people don't fight for the UK they fight for money and they deserve everything they get. And no true soldier, one fighting for nothing, would deny my right to hold this opinion but many of these "troops" and their families do deny my right to think this, another proof they are completely in the wrong.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi unveils Y4.59 mil electric car See in context

How embarrasingly backward. I thought Japan was a third world country! Tesla had a Pierce Arrow car years ago that ran on Sun power (evanescent coupling to subsurface Sunstorms) Shell are already working on a new version. Is Japan determined to be the land of the setting Sun rather than the Rising Sun?

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Posted in: Obama calls Buchenwald ultimate rebuke to Holocaust denial See in context

We should never for get that more gypsies, handicapped, homosexuals, communists, socialists etc were killed by the Nazis than jews. And believe it or not, despite some of the nonsense written here about the mufti of Jerusalem, no Palestinians were involved in killing anyone in the camps but plenty of jews helped murder other jews and gypsies and others. We have to stop being blinded by the holocaust, it was not a jewish holocaust it was a holocaust mainly of those gypsies, handicapped, homosexuals, communists and socialist people and unlike jews none of them have ever been compensated. Obama is correct we must never forget but let's be clear about what we choose to remember and not be blinded by those trying to excuse the terror tactics of the only race based state on the planet ..... israel.

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