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Posted in: India outraged after female diplomat arrested, strip-searched in New York See in context

The act of USA doing "cavity search" is considered very humiliating in India.India has never done any kind of cavity search for its nationals and USA citizens in India. The conditions in which the search was does does not fulfill the condition to do so as per rules stated in the US government website.She was not allowed to do calls.She is a MD Doctor and part of Indian Foreign Service she is not drug addict and notcarried any weapon still the cavity search was done.

As per Indian government( as per Indian leader Salman Krushid - said in Parliament )

The act of USA is to think upon as US government is accused of illegal immigration of maid sangeeta richard .Why they(Maid's family-her husband and children) a have given Visa has fled India before arrest of Diplomat.The Maid relative work in US embassy in Delhi so this was a plan of jointly maid and USA to get them permanent residency. The maid actions are questionable and the low wage charges are not valid as the agreement was done on Indian soil and the USA has no jurisdiction over it.Maid refused to have bank account and she was given money in cash and benefits included was well above minimum wage.

Mr.Preet US attorney has successfully made his place in US media as famous person to prosecute Rajat Gupta.But that does not mean he is 100 percent correct all time.Mr.Preet is having political ambitions in future.

USA should stop Cavity search of any women be it US national or INDIAN it is disgusting for any women to go through it and its inhuman.

I think for disrespecting a human being and women modesty USA owes an apology to INDIA..

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