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Posted in: Trump praises late Iraqi leader Saddam as terrorist killer See in context

I had hoped that I would never again have to look at a photograph of the mass murderer Saddam Hussein, and I can't express how disgusted I am that any American —never mind a putative presidential candidate — had the downright gall to suggest that the Iraqi monster had acceptable anti-terrorist credentials. He was not a freedom fighter; he murdered other Iraqis, including members of his own family. If Trump considers familicide and genocide as acceptable — well, perhaps there is still hope!

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Posted in: Talent Becky officially returns to Japanese TV after affair controversy See in context

32? And she had sex! Wow!

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Posted in: Man arrested for placing condom full of semen in high school girl’s bag See in context

Oh, come on!

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Posted in: Abe says it is hard for now to revise arms-renouncing article of constitution See in context

And on that bombshell .... hopefully he'll leave us.

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Posted in: The simple chicken sandwich gets a picnic-worthy makeover See in context

Just a couple of questions. Where in Japan can I buy self-rising flour and buttermilk? How many crackers are there in a "sleeve" of saltines? The ones I can buy come in small packs of five. What kind of pickles — onions, takuan, etc? What's 325 degrees in real money? What's a potato bun and where can I get one? Doesn't anybody check that the recipes you suggest are sensible for what is available readily in Japan?

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Posted in: Magazine says pollen allergy being blown way out of proportion See in context

OK. I agree with the writers that pollen allergy is over-emphasized here in Japan — but can anyone explain why, at the age of 65, I am suddenly sneezing like a maniac?!

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Posted in: Angry parents demand more daycare as Abe struggles to respond See in context

Typical! Fascist Abe doesn't mind getting Japan involved in a foreign war, but won't help mothers support the economy by working. Now we have "womenomics" — does that mean that "Abenomics" is dead and buried, as everyone expected? To say that Abe is "economical with the truth" is more than he deserves.

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Posted in: Woman breaks wrist after escalator suddenly stops at subway station See in context

"It"S ME" Actually, Schindler is a Swiss company, but what has that got to do with this story?

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Posted in: Rice-free stir-fry is Italian take on Asian classic See in context

2.2 kilos of chicken + 4 kilos of cauliflower +1 kilo of broccoli — and you only get enough for four servings? Surely this can't be right?

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Posted in: Is Japan ready for social innovation? See in context

In answer to your headline ... No!

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

Jeez! She's 31. Just let her live her life how she wants to.

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Posted in: Japan cuts female leadership goal in blow to 'womenomics' See in context

Oooooo! What a surprise! Abe backtracking.

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Posted in: Why is the UK called Igirisu in Japanese? See in context

"...the UK is made up of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland..." No it is not; it is made up of two countries (England and Scotland), one principality (Wales — hence the Prince of Wales) and one province (Northern Ireland).

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Posted in: J.League says it won't punish student who sent racist tweets to Patric See in context

Aly Rustom: " What are they going to do when this racist dribble starts ebbing during the olympics? If the racist drivel starts ebbing during the Olympics, I for one will be very happy.

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Posted in: Japan’s phenomenally handsome gorilla getting nationwide DVD release See in context

'... Japan’s “hottest primate”' As human beings are primates, does this article suggest that this gorilla is considered to be more handsome than any person in Japan? Now that is really rude!

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Posted in: Do you think countries such as the U.S., Russia, France, Britain and others should continue air strikes and drone attacks against Islamic State targets in Syria and northern Iraq? See in context

Just as general information regarding your question asking if the mentioned countries should "continue air strikes" — the UK is not participating in this action.

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Posted in: Former sumo stablemaster acknowledges beating assistant See in context

smithinjapan: Judging by the photo, this is actually the iceberg.

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Posted in: In your experience, which airline has the best flight attendants and which one has the worst? See in context

Until they went bankrupt, I would have said JAL was the worst airline, purely because of the arrogance and ignorance of the cabin crew — one once apologised, in Japanese, to a Japanese businessman for having to sit next to a foreigner (me) in business class because the flight was full — another tried not to give me a landing card on a flight to New York because, "Americans don't need landing cards" (I'm not American).

Since my tax money was used to bail them out, however, they seem to have lost some of that arrogance and are trying harder to please customers.

I'll agree with most of your other correspondents, though, and applaud ANA for excellence.

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Posted in: What's your prediction for the Rugby World Cup final between Australia and New Zealand? See in context

I don't know why, but I get the feeling that an antipodean team will win the cup this year.

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Posted in: If Hillary Clinton were to be elected U.S. president next year, would that be good for Japan? See in context

Who cares? The question should be would Hillary be good for the USA?

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Posted in: Should Russia return the four disputed islands off Hokkaido to Japan? See in context

Sensato: "As @Moonraker notes, Japan got off very easy compared with Germany and Korea.." I doubt the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would agree with you; or even the estimated 200,000 killed in Tokyo bombings.

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Posted in: Coin laundries in Japan more popular than ever, but what makes them so good? See in context

Wc626 "Plus, no more hanging clothes to air dry. That looks so tacky, especially when the whole neighborhood have their garments hanging from them narrow balconies all at once."

Have you ever smelled the difference between electrically dried washing and that that has hung out in the sunshine? Far from being "tacky", the fact that most Japanese prefer to dry their washing naturally is an extremely positive point, as well as being ecologically sound. It is the same with futons, which most Japanese hang from their balconies to air in the sun. How often do Westerners dry out their fetid mattresses?

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Posted in: 4 ingredients and 20 minutes are all you need for great soup See in context

Could we possibly go metric, like the rest of the world? "Kosher" salt, in Japan? Here, for the non-Yanks: 3 medium-large zucchini — 4 Japanese sized (about 680g) Salt and ground black pepper 500 ml vegetable or chicken stock; made from cubes is OK 2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives (if you can’t find them, use naga-negi — sliced and chopped) 1 tablespoon lemon juice Heat the oven to 200C. Line a baking sheet with kitchen parchment.

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Posted in: Why married couples in Japan must have same surname See in context

Peace Out — "It was just an attempt to prevent paternity issues before the advent of DNA testing." Well, we do have DNA testing now, so shouldn't that stipulation be dropped?

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Posted in: What do you think will replace email as a form of communication in the future? See in context

Logically, it should be fmail

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Posted in: At last week's rally outside the Diet against proposed new security bills, organizers said there were about 120,000 protesters while police put the number at 30,000. There always seems to be a discrep See in context

The police can't count. After all, you'd have to have 3,000 cops in a row with all their fingers out to get to 30,000, so getting to 120,000 would mean that nobody would be enforcing the law anywhere in Japan

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Posted in: Which professions do you think are recession-proof? See in context


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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of food sold in convenience stores in Japan? See in context

Absolute crap — over coloured, salt-beladen, preservative-choked rubbish

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Posted in: Do you think Donald Trump would make a good U.S. president and how do you think it would affect U.S.-Japan relations if he were elected? See in context

Trump: dictionary definition — Brit to expel intestinal gas through the anus — So, no, I don't think a Trump as president would help America or the world

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