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psychopathsareincontrol comments

Posted in: Japan reports 3rd cruise ship passenger death; 57 more infected See in context

I'm curious as to why no one is talking about the mortality rate. Currently in Japan it's 4 deaths of 838 confirmed cases = 0.48%. CDC states Spanish flu was greater than 2.5%.

At least 3 of these deaths were people in their 80s, apparently 2 of them went on the cruise already in ill health, knowing it's likely to be their last holiday together.

Who cares if the infection rate is very high - people will miss work, economies will suffer a little bit. Mortality rate is normal for this outbreak (it's no worse than the common cold )- if you judge by the stats presented here (yes, all government lie, all the time - but I'd suggest Japan govt lies less than some other countries)

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Posted in: Full bloom See in context

I always assumed the Japanese ppl appeared next to the western stars because they had a part in the Japanese dubbing of that film.

Not the case??

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Posted in: Celine Dion cancels concerts, Asia tour due to husband's health See in context

Can't find any info if the throat cancer was from him smoking - (or maybe even from other people at the poker tables he frequented)

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Posted in: Japan must hike sales taxes again to conquer debt: IMF See in context

never forget that the IMF is a corporation and like all corporations it psychopathically seeks profit. Since it profits from the economies of almost all countries of the world of course it's interested in promoting any raising of taxes.

That probably is where most tax dollar actually go - paying back loans to the IMF

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Posted in: Can't bear the heat See in context

most zoos in japan could use a renovation - they are mostly well behind the times in the thoughtful treatment of their animals...

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Posted in: New rechargeable cell has 7 times higher energy density than lithium-ion cells See in context

great! i hope this goes well.

battery technology has been desperately needing some decent advancement for a looong time.

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Posted in: Japanese androids take us closer to 'Blade Runner' future See in context

kwattJul. 17, 2014 - 09:15AM JST

I touch her hip, somewhere, she may slap my face? That could be sexual harassment?

it would be robosekuhara

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Posted in: Taking a gamble See in context

more proof that politicians only have their own (and their friends) money-making interests at heart..

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Posted in: Hillary for president? 3 reasons for and against See in context

JimizoJun. 16, 2014 - 03:23PM JST

there should be other talent on offer.

hee hee - talent has nothing to do with it. Being president is all to do with how much billion$ govt contracts you can assign to your business associates, how many tax breaks or beneficial laws you can create for your lobbyist buddies, and ultimately play the part that the banking cartels assign.

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Posted in: G7 leaders back 2015 climate deal; aim to build on U.S. momentum See in context

None of these reports ever go into details on how exactly they plan to achieve these cuts. Also, None of these reports ever go into detail of why they won't stop legally/accidentally leaking mercury, hexane, 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (leaked from a “clean coal” process), Aniline etc. - or even why some of these and many other poisons end up in our food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics....

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Posted in: What are your three favorite animated films of all time? See in context

Akira Spirited Away 5 centimetres per second

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Posted in: I'm 73, going on 74, and I've never had a long stay in hospital. It's not fair that the tax I pay covers all the medical expenses of slouches. See in context

cleoMay. 28, 2014 - 08:06AM JST

The man is a moron.

Please don't mistake complete arrogance - disdain for the common people for stupidty

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Posted in: The cotton club See in context

wait... i can't see kiratani's cottons at all

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

ha ha, private property, they can deny entry as they see fit. Get lost Ric

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens 1st Australian store in Melbourne See in context

i knew the prices would be lame. Just like Daiso shops are $2.80.

Anything brought over to Australia always gets the "stupid aussie's willingly pay any price" tax added on

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Posted in: Study: Samsung phone durable, but iPhone has edge See in context

how clumsy are these people saying they dropped their phones all the time....?

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Posted in: Costs mount for idled nuclear reactors See in context

Well,, they can't turn on the other reactors until they know for sure they are stuxnet proof

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Posted in: Olympus sued by 6 banks over false financial statements See in context

and who's gonna sue the banks over their false finacial statements????

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Posted in: Pizza to go See in context

i saw a brief vid of some speed pizza championships ages ago... they slopped a spoon of sauce on then threw some cheese at it and that counted as a pizza.

At least the acropizza has a bit of talent even if pointless :p

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Posted in: Do you think local residents should be informed when child sex offenders, released from prison, move into their neighborhood? See in context

yes, but so too for "ex-"murders, "ex-"junkies and other violent criminals

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Posted in: IMF cuts Japan growth forecast; issues warning over Abenomics See in context

Never forget that every Central bank is a privately run company - they are not owned or run by any govt. Govt are beholden to them as they produce the money the govts need to run their country. Every govt that suffers a central bank can never ever pay back the debt htey borrow from the central banks.

Never forget that the IMF is the "Central Bank of Central Banks" Again it is it a privately run company with no govt ties. It has laws unto itself. One of the most evil entities on the planet and the only reason it bothers with 99.9% of the population on earth is to rip out the tax dollars and ensure they flow to the other 0.1%

It's the biggest money laundering process on the planet

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Posted in: Surgery is best for managing diabetes in heavy people See in context

whoops - i accidentally read the title as "Sugary is best..."

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Posted in: Japanese convenience stores to get even more awesome this year See in context

agreed conbini bentos are great - i've had ekiben that's worse

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Posted in: Live-action 'Attack on Titan' film casts lead role, sets filming location and start date See in context

hrrmmmm - not really sure i wanna see this movie. Just give us season 2 thanks

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Posted in: Small tsunami waves reach Japan after Chile quake See in context

zichiApr. 03, 2014 - 09:26AM JST

Following the 3/11 earthquake many places dropped up to at least one meter

Really?? a meter??


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Posted in: Scientists meet in Japan to discuss climate change See in context

REAL pollutants that we should more concerned about.


Big business gets away with pumping all manner of these into the environment with nobody watching coz everyone's too busy banging on about "man-made global warming" (although this marketing terminology has been replaced)

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Posted in: New volcanic isle continues to expand See in context

from east to west is now 1,150 meters and 850 meters north to south which makes the whole isle roughly 0.7 square kilometers in area

is someone's math a little wonky?

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Posted in: Scientists meet in Japan to discuss climate change See in context

StrangerlandMar. 26, 2014 - 07:50AM JST

And let the flood of climate change denial begin.

Yeaaahh.... there's really not many people on the planet that actually deny climate change. You're falling for the marketing trick when they swapped out the words "global warming"

What that "denial" is about is that rate at which IPCC claim it is changing and which direction it is changing - and the amount of influence humans can have on it.

AhollMar. 26, 2014 - 10:39AM JST

to tax it seems outrageous way of making money

Exactly. They are basically taxing the production of carbon dioxide.

When a business have increasing cost inputs it raises prices on it's output. Thus the consumer pays for this tax increase, not the business. The business is still producing the same amount of CO2 - status quo....

SO what it really boils down to is that humans are being taxed for breathing out carbon dioxide.

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Posted in: E-cigarettes: fresh air or smoke and mirrors? See in context

Critics believe e-cigs may serve as a tobacco gateway

No one will ever get on to normal cigarettes after vaping because they taste like cigarettes - no one actually likes that taste - especially after you've been smoking something like cherry, caramel or chocolate banana.

Whether vaping is cheaper than cigarettes is up to how much is spent on equipment and liquids and how often one vapes

Except in Australia where we get price gouged for everything because of 'isolated location logistics costs' and huge gubbmint excises. Here if you swap cigarettes for vaping you will be spending at the most 1/10 to 1/4 per year on vaping even if you tinker with your gear.

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Posted in: E-cigarettes: fresh air or smoke and mirrors? See in context

kcjapan MAR. 12, 2014 - 10:16AM JST

Vaping does not come without risk and known harms.

True enough, but liquid has far less chemicals and industrial poisons than normal cigs, so it's very likely the health risks are far far less. Reducing risk in one area of your life might help reduce it in other areas such as getting off the 'Standard American Diet' of high carbs, sugar and artificial ingredients.

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