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This actually happened to a friend of mine in Koenji a month or so ago as well --

I think a lot of the commentors are missing a very large point of concern for the women who have been stopped by these plainclothes 'policemen': one or two women are being stopped and harassed by what is usually a group of plainclothes goons who are manhandling and treating them far rougher than their uniform wearing equivalents. I think women are always on their guard when they're harassed by groups of men, especially when those groups of men try to use force or intimidation to get them to co-operate.

And so far I have yet to hear of any men being harassed by the plainclothes 'police,' only women usually of non-caucasian ethnicity. This is a serious issue for the police if it's legitimately their work, and I do feel their goons should be trained with more English or with a pamphlet to set the minds of the women they're pursuing at ease if this is, in fact, legit. Because from every woman I know who has dealt with this the first time it looks like goons pretending to be police to either a) steal a passport or b) commit an assault. Both of which are not unlikely as any street smart woman in Tokyo knows or has experienced.

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