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Posted in: Forever 16: America's teens succumbing to deadly fentanyl See in context

I feel a bit of pity for the mom since losing a child is hard but she failed her daughter by not protecting her by telling her of the dangers of the world. The world is a dark ugly place and you either learn the pitfalls and protect yourself or be eaten alive.

china and the cartels are doing us a favor by taking out the mentally weak from US culture. The fact she is a 16yr old with anxiety issues tells me a lot. No pity for her poor choice.

i have my own teen and he doesnt follow the “i need pills”, “tik tok”, “retard online challenge” crowd. I did the best I could with him and engrained into his way of thinking “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

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Posted in: China says Japan's Taiwan stance justifies the 'wrongdoers' See in context

Damn it Taiwan, I know they are full of communists but please get your crazy West Taiwan province under control, they are pissing off the rest of the world. Thank you

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

No, stop looking at that decision from 1945 in 2022, views are very different.

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Posted in: Australians rally against U.S. overturning of key abortion ruling See in context

I have to laugh about this! No where in the US constitution does it say its a right to have abortion. Women were also not stripped of rights either. It is still legal to get an abortion in the US but it all depends on each state's laws. I just see this as a killing for whatever state decides to fill that demand from states that dont want abortions. Don't care what Aussies think about whats going on in my country. Honestly I dont care what the rioters in the US think about it either since watch cideo of the protests, those complaining the hardest are very likely not likely to get impregnated. (o

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Posted in: Record-low yen risks turning Japan into a 'poor country' See in context

Loving it, I get paid in dollars since I work for a US company's Japanese branch. I'm getting so much more for my 9k a month. My 4 day weekend in Osaka stayed under 1k dollars. Keep dropping yen :D

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Posted in: How the media failed Japan’s most vulnerable immigrants See in context

These people would be alive now if they never came to Japan, i put the onus on them and them alone. Japan is fine just the way it is, if one cant fit in with their way of doing things then I suggest they dont depart their country

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Posted in: New adidas Hachiko sneakers pay homage to Shibuya’s famous loyal dog See in context

So lets get some Adidas Superstars and throw some brown fur on it.... umm no thanks, just dumb looking shoes to me

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Posted in: Q&A: Author calls for donors to 'decolonize' their wealth See in context

Investing money due to skin color does not make sense, I will only throw money at people no matter the race who proved they have the skills and talents to make money.

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Posted in: Researchers trial magnetic 'lockjaw' against obesity See in context

Always excuses to allow people to continue to self harm. Personally, I say let them eat and get fat, eventually that lifestyle will catch up and help them to the other side.

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Posted in: After year of disruption, America set to choose a path ahead See in context

@starpunk - I disagree with your take on the situation, just because you once served doesn't mean what you say is true. I have over 2 decades of military service with insights and experience from around the world and I see the situation totally opposite from you. President Trump is the best thing that has happened to the US in a long long time.

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Posted in: Damage from Trump's trade wars won't heal quickly: analysts See in context

Just an opinion here full of emotionally charged disinformation. Give me facts and I will make up my mind if the President's trade war is helping or not. Media sources are not facts or even truthful fact checkers. We need to look at government stats.

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Posted in: If you have young children, how do you control what they have access to on social media? See in context

Hmm I doubt anyone will be able to keep kids away from social media, there will come a point they will want to use it because their friends use it. One runs the risk of being on the opposite side of their children if they try to prevent access of it to them, you can potentially become the enemy. Don't fight social media, you will lose, instead use social media as a tool, gotta show your kids the pitfalls and dangerous it brings, gotta show them how weaker people use social media as weapons against others. You need to be involved as a parent and you need to be the ally your child has online. I use a lot of techniques with my son and they seem to work. He tells me what is going on and we also dissect things people say online to help him navigate the minefield that social media is. The biggest thing I told him is, no matter how anonymous one thinks they are, they are really not. There is more I can say but I will leave it at that

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Posted in: Trump, Suga discuss 'free and open Indo-Pacific' See in context

PM Suga called the right person, calling Biden would have been a wasted call. We all know (well except for the left) that Biden wont win.

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Posted in: Taiwan president says she has no plan to talk to Suga See in context

I think if the US came out and said it supports the "One China" policy but will not refer to which china (Taiwan is the ONLY real China, not the fake communist party one) then that will give all the other countries a way to support Taiwan by not saying "who" they view as china. :)

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Posted in: Chinese viewers find Disney's new 'Mulan' to be tired take See in context

Disney has dried up on talent that can make original stories. They need to stop making live action movies of old popular cartoons.

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Posted in: Expect U.S. election to have consequences for troops overseas See in context

OPINION pieces are only meant to push a narrative, they don't have all the facts.

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Posted in: East Asia’s ‘soft’ culture key to beating Covid-19 See in context

Let me see

China's numbers are all fake and there are plenty of videos showing the draconian lock-ins, the thousands of urns. The Epoch Times reported all that so, nope China's method to the CCP virus didnt work. Japan, I can kinda see it but the Japanese are a clean people and have been using masks or a long time and they don't like skinship from my time living there so I can sorta see it work there but their economy has been battered like nobody's business. Haven't heard much from Thailand and that is probably due to the Military Junta that is in charge there. They do a good job crushing news they don't like coming out. There is no way they can say they have a high rate of infections because they are a tourist focused economy and something like that would kill it for a long period of time. Cambodia is also ruled by a dictator who ousted any political threats so he could stay in power so I would not put it over them to crush any negative news coming out from there. Vietnam, still has traces of communism so probably thats why we havent heard much from there.

-Singapore, I have no news from there. They are just small so they wont post numbers that are high and they will get ignored by the media since the media only wants sensationalism and want huge numbers.

So, once again, OPINION pieces are out pushing a narrative. The only country I give props to is the country of Taiwan for how they handled the virus.

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Posted in: Israeli aircraft strike in Gaza See in context

I don't view the palestinians as poor victims, they do stupid things to israel, they get hard prizes in return

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speech See in context

That's a great ideas!all celebrities should freeze their accounts because all they do is spread misinformation and hate and have no idea what they are talking about or what cause they support. They just need sucker fans to obey.

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Posted in: Chinese military calls U.S. biggest threat to world peace See in context

China has never taken on a real military, they just bully weak little countries that they know they can out gun. The US has been in constant war over a decade, the edge is honed, give them real targets to hunt down. Please, "made in China" military equipment is a joke hahaha they can't even build proper escalators or buildings that wont kill people hahaha

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Posted in: Abe plan for land-attack counterpunch could mark major military shift for Japan See in context

There certainly are lot of people on JT that want to screw over Japan and not allow Japan to defend itself. Seeing that is in English, it tells me its mostly foreigners and a few wumao.

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Posted in: White nationalism upsurge in U.S. echoes historical pattern, say scholars See in context

First and foremost this is an OPINION piece, I am a non-white minority and I can see the TRUE fascists are Antifa and BLM. The majority of the US is not racist, that is a fairy tale spun by the far left media which have given up on truths and facts for sensationalism. The democrats are effing stupid if they think they will get my vote, I love the US and refuse to allow the left to change this country. If they really want to live the BS they preach, I am sure Venezuela would take them in.

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Posted in: Uncertainty dominates U.S. presidential campaign's final stretch See in context

Man, the media is doing a good job feeding the left, the left honestly believes that Biden is ahead of President Trump in popularity. The polls do not reflect the ground truth in the slightest, just observing the results of the conventions is a sneak peek that President Trump has the majority's support. The left will scream and holler the loudest in their echo chambers trying to pass fantasy as facts. The silent majority will produce tears again.

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Posted in: Biden hits campaign trail; blames Trump for city violence See in context

Trump is gonna win, simple as that. I'm a minority and I am voting Trump. I hope my hometown of LA one day abandons all this fake leftist ideology and becomes prosperous. Cant wait to see all the 2020 liberal tear pics :)

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Posted in: Trump wields fear in pitch for 4 more years See in context

This is just an opinion piece with no real facts, just twisted lies to pander to the left. I guess they need it since the truth is too scary for them. President Trump is the greatest President the US has ever had since Reagan! Get ready of another 4 years of awesomeness :)

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Posted in: U.S. election the most important in our lifetime See in context

Well, this is an OPINION piece, my opinion looking at ground truth (not the crap shown by the media) says Biden will get crushed because the majority of Americans are sick and tired of the PC BS, the cancel culture, the violence that the Democrats endorse by allowing it to happen in our cities and do not believe the kool aid the Democrats sell. No matter how loud they yell, how often they post, the Republicans will take the presidency.

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Posted in: Fears grow over China's possible massive sales of U.S. debt as weapon See in context

Do it china! Do it! it would be another step to decoupling, its worth it!

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Posted in: Why choice of running mate matters more than usual this year See in context

Like President Trump or not, calling him names will not win the left any votes. It actually pushes people to him because they hate the irrational mentally unstable baggage the left carries. I didn't vote for him in 2016, I voted for Johnson since I believe Hilary was a worse chose than President Trump. Watching him work and seeing through all the media lies, that man has earned my vote. Did I mention I'm a minority? :)

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Posted in: Japan to ban unauthorized drone flights over 15 U.S. military sites See in context

Hmm interesting, its been illegal to fly any drones on US bases due to safety of flight, actually it has applied to all the bases around the world since drones have been sold commercially. What I do see is a way to hold the military otaku from flying them near the bases.

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Posted in: Latin America see coronavirus records tumble as cases near 5 million See in context

worldwide basic income??? hahahahaha i couldnt stop laughing. might as well have said unicorns and rainbows could fix the problem :D

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