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Posted in: Sanders eyes 'bigger' 2020 bid despite some warning signs See in context

Gen X here, I didn't vote for President Trump last time but will next time :)

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Posted in: Sharp shifted some production to China before nearly 3,000 foreign job cuts See in context

I have no sympathy, they took a chance and went to a country that doesn't really want them. Unskilled laborers are easily disposable. They should just stay in their country.

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Posted in: The '8050 problem' - 'hikikomori' people entering 50s as parents on whom they rely enter their 80s. See in context

Out of curiosity, why do they keep saying the term Hikikomori is known through out the world. Over 500 friends from various countries on my FB and countless American friends in Japan an no one knew the word with the exception of a few non-Japanese friends in Japan.

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Posted in: Trade ministers, minus U.S., China, meet to discuss WTO overhaul See in context

I think that's a good idea, it falls right in line what the US wants (paragraph 8) and the US will still drop the hammer on the WTO.  Cheers :)

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Posted in: Journalist freed from Syria returns to Japan to relief, rice balls and criticism See in context

Damn, too many foreign posters who think they know better than the Japanese.  Obviously you don't understand the Japanese culture and why he is not getting a hero's welcome.  I like Japan and the way its culture is and if you don't like how it conducts its business why are you here? You are a problem, stop trying to make Japan into a western country.

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Posted in: Japan faces scrutiny over longer detentions at immigration centers See in context

I have no sympathy for them, they rolled the dice and lost and put their son in a messed up position.  Start learning Spanish, you'll need it ( ̄∇ ̄;)ハッハッハ

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Posted in: Mother, 3 children found dead in Tokyo apartment in apparent murder-suicide See in context

I think the majority of posters here see this Japanese event through Western eyes.  In western culture especially Christian ones, suicide is considered an evil but in Japan as was explained to me by my Japanese friends suicide is not viewed as a bad way to go.  IMO if people want to do this that is their business but I do disagree with taking the kids with them, they should get a sporting chance to succeed or fail in the world.  I believe life is meant to be hard and not everyone can hack it, if life was easy what is the point of living.

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Posted in: SDF recruiters struggle as applicant pool dries up See in context

time to invest in drones and terminators.  Why send a person to do a robot's job :)

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Posted in: Japan, China eye dialogue to discuss driverless cars, AI See in context

Wouldn't this make it easier for the Chinese to steal Japanese technology?

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Posted in: Japan uneasy over Trump pressure on auto as summit, trade talks loom See in context

@ Akie - Come on dude, you being Chinese and I know that what you said isn't true.  If Japan allowed itself to rely on China's market, they are at the whim of the communist party.  See the links on how china uses that against countries:

President Trump may try and limit the cars Japan sends to the US but he can't stop US citizens from buying them.  Like many posters said, Americans will continue to buy them.  I know, I will only buy Toyota.


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Posted in: 5 foreign chambers of commerce in Japan urge gov't to legalize same-sex marriage See in context

I count 6 countries but the title says 5, what gives?

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Posted in: X Japan leader Yoshiki says he will never stop trying to crack U.S. market See in context

X Japan is actually quite good.  I like their style but sadly I think they will every break deep into the US market unless their label plays the money game to get their music on all the time all over the place.

@veejay - I think you are correct to a point but in the US the labels force the masses to like certain artists by drowning them in listening to their artists so much that people over time will like them.  So much money is invested to make sure they get max air time.  I stopped listening to the radio since the same f***ing songs are repeated every hour

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Posted in: Osaka's U.S. Open win re-opens cultural discussion in Japan See in context

I have 2 friends who are mixed Jp/US and both of them told me growing up in Japan was difficult for the reasons mentioned above.  One of them had a bit less difficulty since he was fortunate to go to an International school. 

My child is also a mixed with Japanese.  I call him my little Halfling since it has a Lord of the Rings feel to it hehehe.  He is still a teen but I can safely say the scales have tilted heavily to keep his US citizenship and abandoning the Japanese one.  So proud of my little trilingual Halfling :)

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Posted in: Trump's U.S. loses role as Mideast peace mediator See in context

I have no love for the Palestinians or any of the middle eastern countries who support terrorism, 100% support to Israel. President Trump has the huevos to cut funding to terrorists.

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Posted in: Quake reveals Japan woefully unprepared to help foreigners in disasters See in context

I don't fault Japan with what happened to the tourists, I almost expect something similar can happen in the US.  Japan didn't force them to visit, they went on their own so its on them to know Japanese for whatever situation happens.  Its ludicrous to go to a country and expect them to baby you for every inconvenience, if one can't take care of themselves then they shouldn't go.

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Posted in: Apparently enough people watched the American 'Death Note' that Netflix is making a sequel See in context

I never got into Death Note, the Japanese movies were also terrible.  Somehow I am not surprised Hollywood is ruining it by catering to the left.  I guess, I don't care to see this series crash and burn in the US.

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Posted in: Japanese government separated families by deporting 47 Vietnamese See in context


No one is blaming the child, all the blame belongs to the parents. they cheated the system for a few years and lost. They have no one to blame but themselves for their current situation.

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Posted in: China may try to join hands with Japan to challenge U.S. See in context

I don't believe the hype, trade is trade.  Every country has a right to do as they please with trade but when it comes to politics it is always a different ball game.

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Posted in: With K-pop back in U.S. spotlight, Korean-American stars take hope See in context

Gangnam Style was a one hit wonder, Psy failed to make any gains with the following songs he made and one included Snoop Dogg.  Tens of thousands of fans is just a tiny blip, it doesn't mean US fans are jumping on this wave.  The Korean wave will crash and recede on the wave breaker that is the American music industry and not get far on these shores.  Not that they suck (Kpop does, other Korean stuff is actually quite good) but the days of Boy Bands isn't what it used to be (thank God).  If they even want a chance to be heard, they better do it in English.  Unfortunately most Americans don't like to listen to non-English songs.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy fatally hit by motorbike while returning from fireworks festival See in context

The biker is gonna get it. Japanese laws are way behind the times. In this situation i would blame the parents but they will be considered the victims.

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Posted in: Japanese students use VR to recreate Hiroshima bombing See in context

I wanna see this since I’m a sucker for VR stuff. Def will not change my mind for nuclear weapons. What happened to Hiroshima happened for a reason. People assume no one learned from the bombs, obviously people have learned since nukes havent been used since. But that is not an excuse to get rid of them, obviously the mutual destruction possibility has kept everyone on check.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 73rd anniversary of U.S. atomic bombing See in context

One day you will get your wish and the US will not have anymore nuclear weapons. That day will also mark the day we have something far worse than an obsolete nuke that we can use on our enemies. :) cheers

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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

Hanging?  Dude, that is savings right there! In the US we pay waaaaaay too much for the lethal injection.  A rope and a tree is much better and doesn't matter if the death row inmate feels pain.  If they are on death row then they deserve it. :)

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Posted in: Japan, Germany agree to promote free trade, rules-based order See in context

At first I was not a President Trump fan and now... I am still not a fan but I will say that I am on board with a Trade War.  The world needs this shake up (this includes the US) there will be financial casualties on all sides but hopeful what comes out of it is better than what the world has now.

@Strangerland - your comments are funny, full of wishful thinking :)

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Posted in: Filipino man gets life term over 2004 gang rape-murder See in context

Isn't there a story about wanting more immigrants in Japan? Here is your crystal ball to see into the future :) cheers

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Posted in: Japan moves to accept more foreign workers, but hurdles remain See in context

If one feels that Japan does bad by treating foreigners the way they do then why come to Japan? I can completely understand why Japan has an anti-immigrant stance, they don't want an outside culture to come in and change theirs. Its a fallacy to think that being multi-cultural is better, everyone has there own culture and if they want to be in another country they must accept that country's culture and forgo their previous one.  I say, Japan should continue its path that it is on and instead of being whiny, I recommend the potential immigrant to find another country.

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Posted in: Japan whale hunt killed 122 pregnant minkes See in context

I eat whale meat also whenever I can get my hands on it, dolphin too while I am out in western Japan. I enjoy it every time, hell, I think just for the sake of this article, I will head out and get some tonight. Cheers! :D

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Posted in: Do Oscars and Grammys indicate awards shows losing appeal? See in context

The "Shape of Water" is a completely rip of the 1980's movie "Splash!"

Moviemakers have officially run out of original ideas.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

Whoa, this is not the average American doing this.  First off, the average American doesn't know about comfort women nor do they care, its not a US problem.  Its a South Korea problem, being played like a good little puppet by China who are pushing as hard as they can to disrupt the US and Japan alliance.  I can tell you this news is not at all important to the US and the majority might not even know its happening.  We care more about the Civil War statues that are being taken down by the insane amount of crazy social justice heroes.

Look at the Mayor's name, its Lee! I can already see he is bought out and onboard with the Chinese and North Korean propaganda plus he is catering to his voter base. 

The choice in the women selected by the maker is no surprise, China hates the Japan and the US so they will jump on anything to break the alliance, Filipinos can be easily bought to say whatever you want them to say and Koreans are just liars.  Why do you think we don't really see other Asian countries hounding Japan like China and Korea?

Instead of believing the lies, how about you do your own personal research into the subject and not just from one source but multiple sources to really see what is going on.  I'll even start you of with a link:

From what I have seen in the US, Japan is more liked, trusted and preferred over Korea. :)

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Posted in: U.N. urges Japan to resettle more refugees See in context

Japan fight the UN and continue to keep them out and Japan safe.

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