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Posted in: Economic ruin wrought by COVID-19 falls hardest on women See in context

Either we get destroyed by the virus or get destroyed by being too poor to eat or worse a war. Countries should just let the virus happen, it can not be stopped or prevented anymore. Let evolution just happen and wipe out the weak (to include myself if my body cant get over the virus) humanity will continue on, it did after the black plague it will do so again. These ridiculous prevention measures will just push desperate economies to war.

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Posted in: Resurgent 'techlash' overshadows Silicon Valley earnings See in context

I use the Duck Duck Go plug-in myself also, I don't need google in my chili :)

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Posted in: Cancel culture takes the fun out of life, says comedian John Cleese See in context

I'm a minority and I don't need guilty (insert race here) people to right perceived wrongs for me. Personally, if race is your go to answer for a problem then that tells me that person is the racist because they need race as a crutch to feel morally superior. The only way to turn the narrative on them is with facts and not emotions.

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Posted in: Zoom got big fast. Then videobombers made it rework security See in context

I don't trust Zoom at all, if Microsoft spies on you is so they can figure out what ads to cater your way, Zoom sends all your data to the chinese communist regime. I will take my chances with microsoft.


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Posted in: Japan to boost space cooperation with U.S. in revised policy See in context

@akie, from all the wuhao I have seen post, yours are the most colorful :) still wrong but fun to read

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Posted in: Beijing locks areas down as new virus outbreak gathers pace See in context

Everything China says is a lie, fake numbers, fake reason why it started, fake everything. Move along and just let the 2nd wave happen and let evolution run its course.

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Posted in: Young people turned out to protest in U.S. Now, will they vote? See in context

I voted for Johnson in 2016, President Trump may be rough around the edges but he has proven himself and earned my 2020 vote. I doubt dimwitted folks are the voters of President Trump, the dimwitted are the rioters who burnt down their own neighborhoods.

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Posted in: Web inventor: Closing digital divide must be top priority See in context

The UN wants to run it? no thanks, let each country handle it like they want. Its not the job of of any government to get people online. People survived without the internet and can continue to do so without it, not having it doesn't mean under privileged.

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Posted in: Protesters march again in U.S. cities despite curfews; Trump vow to crack down See in context

Man, Japan Today has a lot of funny posters, I can't stop laughing. My favorite one is that the military must never be used against the American people. Correct but the military defends the constitution and protect it and American citizens from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Homegrown terrorists are free targets in my book.

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Posted in: Facebook in turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts See in context

I have my own mind and I make my own choices and I accept my own consequences. I do not need social media to give me their BS truth. I did not vote for President Trump in 2016 but I have seen through all the liberal "truths" and I have seen all the good he has done. I have completely lost trust and faith in all the large media outlets and whatever social media pushes. I want facts, not their opinions, they can shove those up their beehives. President Trump has my vote locked in.

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Posted in: Death penalty a sticking point in Australia-Japan military agreement See in context

Sounds like the Japanese and the Aussies are making a SOFA agreement since its about their military personnel not tourists. I see nothing wrong with the death penalty clause. As far as i know, the US/Jpn SOFA allows for it but we also have the death penalty so business as usuall.

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Posted in: 1 year out: A divided nation lurches toward 2020 U.S. election See in context

Minority male here, unlike the rest of my race I am not brainwashed by the left, President Trump is getting my vote!

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Posted in: Japan to release Complimenting Card Game through crowdfunding See in context

Sounds like "Cards Against Humaity" but a polite and nice version instead of vulgar and funny. Different strokes for different folks ;D

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Posted in: Green gaming: Video game firms make climate promises at U.N. See in context

I dont care about going green, i just want fun games

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Posted in: Celebs, athletes give 'Dragon Ball' pop culture super status See in context

It bored me as a kid, I tried giving it a chance again later but its just awful.

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Why must we visit my Canadian husband’s home every year?' See in context

I am sure she can wait and outlive his parents and then all is good in the world :)

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Posted in: Do you think the corruption investigation of Japanese Olympic Committee head Tsunekazu Takeda by French authorities, involving Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, may be in retaliation for the prosecution of former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn, who has French nationality? See in context

Its like watching a circus, the whole world is a mess of tit-for-tat and it will stay that way until people cut it out with the globalization crap.  Everyone is much happier being divided in their own spheres.  Nothing wrong with that :)

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Posted in: China condemns Trudeau's remarks about Canadian's death sentence See in context

Interesting, interesting :) I wonder how Canada's leftist President will get them out of this mess

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Posted in: No-shows wreaking havoc on restaurant business See in context

Euro Dude,  I disagree.  If a restaurant keeps getting screwed mainly by Chinese (or any other particular nationality) odds are the restaurant will return the favor by screwing them out of reservations since they are likely to flake again compared to a known client.  Don't get butt hurt, its Japan.  People have the option to take their business somewhere else and everyone is happy.

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Posted in: Dual nationals feel cast adrift in Japan See in context

Never surprises me the number of foreigners that always attack Japan for being Japan and not in line with their views.  I for one say Japan should keep the one nationality policy in place, I wish the US would do the same.  My son has both J and US nationalities/passports but I already know he has decided to keep his US side.

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Posted in: 8-year-old Guatemalan boy dies after being detained by U.S. border agents See in context

This is not President Trumps fault. these people were told not to come, there is a legal process.  I put all the blame squarely on the father.  The only monstrous crime here is this child had a parent that gambled their life and lost.

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Posted in: Sanders eyes 'bigger' 2020 bid despite some warning signs See in context

Gen X here, I didn't vote for President Trump last time but will next time :)

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Posted in: Sharp shifted some production to China before nearly 3,000 foreign job cuts See in context

I have no sympathy, they took a chance and went to a country that doesn't really want them. Unskilled laborers are easily disposable. They should just stay in their country.

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Posted in: The '8050 problem' - 'hikikomori' people entering 50s as parents on whom they rely enter their 80s. See in context

Out of curiosity, why do they keep saying the term Hikikomori is known through out the world. Over 500 friends from various countries on my FB and countless American friends in Japan an no one knew the word with the exception of a few non-Japanese friends in Japan.

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Posted in: Trade ministers, minus U.S., China, meet to discuss WTO overhaul See in context

I think that's a good idea, it falls right in line what the US wants (paragraph 8) and the US will still drop the hammer on the WTO.  Cheers :)

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Posted in: Journalist freed from Syria returns to Japan to relief, rice balls and criticism See in context

Damn, too many foreign posters who think they know better than the Japanese.  Obviously you don't understand the Japanese culture and why he is not getting a hero's welcome.  I like Japan and the way its culture is and if you don't like how it conducts its business why are you here? You are a problem, stop trying to make Japan into a western country.

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Posted in: Japan faces scrutiny over longer detentions at immigration centers See in context

I have no sympathy for them, they rolled the dice and lost and put their son in a messed up position.  Start learning Spanish, you'll need it ( ̄∇ ̄;)ハッハッハ

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Posted in: Mother, 3 children found dead in Tokyo apartment in apparent murder-suicide See in context

I think the majority of posters here see this Japanese event through Western eyes.  In western culture especially Christian ones, suicide is considered an evil but in Japan as was explained to me by my Japanese friends suicide is not viewed as a bad way to go.  IMO if people want to do this that is their business but I do disagree with taking the kids with them, they should get a sporting chance to succeed or fail in the world.  I believe life is meant to be hard and not everyone can hack it, if life was easy what is the point of living.

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Posted in: SDF recruiters struggle as applicant pool dries up See in context

time to invest in drones and terminators.  Why send a person to do a robot's job :)

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Posted in: Japan, China eye dialogue to discuss driverless cars, AI See in context

Wouldn't this make it easier for the Chinese to steal Japanese technology?

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