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Posted in: 2-year-old boy fatally hit by motorbike while returning from fireworks festival See in context

The biker is gonna get it. Japanese laws are way behind the times. In this situation i would blame the parents but they will be considered the victims.

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Posted in: Japanese students use VR to recreate Hiroshima bombing See in context

I wanna see this since I’m a sucker for VR stuff. Def will not change my mind for nuclear weapons. What happened to Hiroshima happened for a reason. People assume no one learned from the bombs, obviously people have learned since nukes havent been used since. But that is not an excuse to get rid of them, obviously the mutual destruction possibility has kept everyone on check.

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 73rd anniversary of U.S. atomic bombing See in context

One day you will get your wish and the US will not have anymore nuclear weapons. That day will also mark the day we have something far worse than an obsolete nuke that we can use on our enemies. :) cheers

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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

Hanging?  Dude, that is savings right there! In the US we pay waaaaaay too much for the lethal injection.  A rope and a tree is much better and doesn't matter if the death row inmate feels pain.  If they are on death row then they deserve it. :)

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Posted in: Japan, Germany agree to promote free trade, rules-based order See in context

At first I was not a President Trump fan and now... I am still not a fan but I will say that I am on board with a Trade War.  The world needs this shake up (this includes the US) there will be financial casualties on all sides but hopeful what comes out of it is better than what the world has now.

@Strangerland - your comments are funny, full of wishful thinking :)

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Posted in: Filipino man gets life term over 2004 gang rape-murder See in context

Isn't there a story about wanting more immigrants in Japan? Here is your crystal ball to see into the future :) cheers

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Posted in: Japan moves to accept more foreign workers, but hurdles remain See in context

If one feels that Japan does bad by treating foreigners the way they do then why come to Japan? I can completely understand why Japan has an anti-immigrant stance, they don't want an outside culture to come in and change theirs. Its a fallacy to think that being multi-cultural is better, everyone has there own culture and if they want to be in another country they must accept that country's culture and forgo their previous one.  I say, Japan should continue its path that it is on and instead of being whiny, I recommend the potential immigrant to find another country.

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Posted in: Japan whale hunt killed 122 pregnant minkes See in context

I eat whale meat also whenever I can get my hands on it, dolphin too while I am out in western Japan. I enjoy it every time, hell, I think just for the sake of this article, I will head out and get some tonight. Cheers! :D

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Posted in: Do Oscars and Grammys indicate awards shows losing appeal? See in context

The "Shape of Water" is a completely rip of the 1980's movie "Splash!"

Moviemakers have officially run out of original ideas.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

Whoa, this is not the average American doing this.  First off, the average American doesn't know about comfort women nor do they care, its not a US problem.  Its a South Korea problem, being played like a good little puppet by China who are pushing as hard as they can to disrupt the US and Japan alliance.  I can tell you this news is not at all important to the US and the majority might not even know its happening.  We care more about the Civil War statues that are being taken down by the insane amount of crazy social justice heroes.

Look at the Mayor's name, its Lee! I can already see he is bought out and onboard with the Chinese and North Korean propaganda plus he is catering to his voter base. 

The choice in the women selected by the maker is no surprise, China hates the Japan and the US so they will jump on anything to break the alliance, Filipinos can be easily bought to say whatever you want them to say and Koreans are just liars.  Why do you think we don't really see other Asian countries hounding Japan like China and Korea?

Instead of believing the lies, how about you do your own personal research into the subject and not just from one source but multiple sources to really see what is going on.  I'll even start you of with a link:

From what I have seen in the US, Japan is more liked, trusted and preferred over Korea. :)

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Posted in: U.N. urges Japan to resettle more refugees See in context

Japan fight the UN and continue to keep them out and Japan safe.

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Posted in: Japan weighs plans to deal with North Korean evacuees in case of crisis See in context


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Posted in: Japan weighs plans to deal with North Korean evacuees in case of crisis See in context

Why do people keep insisting Japan to take refugees? If Japan doesn't want to let them, they showed not.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese to sue gov't for same-surname rule after marriage See in context

This ant hill certainly got bigger on these posts lol.  I just go with my view: the Japanese will do what the Japanese will do.  It gets very annoying seeing all the lecturing from "modern country" foreigners whining how archaic Japanese laws are.  If you are one of those people, why are you still living in Japan??? If you can't accept the laws, culture and the way of life in Japan and instead try to shame the Japanese to change then I think you should vacate the premises and go live in a "modern country".

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Posted in: 13 die after Chinese fishing boat, tanker collide near Japan See in context

Where they illegaly fishing in japanese waters?

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb survivors hail ICAN Nobel Peace Prize win See in context

I like my A-bombs "i just wanna tell you how i'm feeling, gotta make you understand, never gonna give you up"

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Posted in: European envoys call on Japan to abolish death penalty See in context

I agree with Ossan but i think they are going in reverse. I assume if they get all the little countries then they can use that as leverage against the harf targets like china, russia and the us to aboloish the death penalty.

Jimizo - its not an obsession, the chinese want to be like the us so like the us everyone is going to look at them hard. So of course we see the the organ harvesting, the ethnic cleansing of uighers and tibetans, the increase of military, the belicose actions the chinese do. Its all part of being a big dog, the us goes through this just the same except is liked more than the chinese.

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Posted in: 'Fast & Furious 9' release pushed back a year to 2020 See in context

Please stop making this film, each installment gets more and more riduculous :(

i miss the days when they were just street racers in LA. Now they some sort of quasi-high speed world saving detectives... please no more

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Posted in: U.S. base worker's trial for rape, murder to begin Nov 16 See in context

Kiwi in Okinawa: i dont think SOFA will be supporting him. He was brought to Japan by his Okinawan wife (he adopted her family name for some reason) I believe the US conpany that hired him already let him go so he would loose any SOFA support. Plus SOFA is different between acitve military and civilians (like him) hired by a base store. This is probably why there was no way for him to get a trial in the US.

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Posted in: Wagyu Olympics held amid growing demand for luxury beef See in context

Im not a foodie, im not driven by the meats taste or texture. I just want food for energy. I dont have any financial issues to prevent me from buying the meat but i find it ridicules to pay that much for something that will be a brown pile of .... a few hours later. Just like cheap meat.

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Posted in: Air show held at tsunami-hit ASDF base for 1st time in 7 years See in context

Jalapeno - Lol where do you think you live? The US? basically if you are not a actual Japanese person then your moans, whines, protests and conplaints dont matter. Tax money may seem wasted to you but obviously not to the Japanese. You may know a few people who agree with you but i believe the majority dont have a problem with it. Hence no huge protests. The olympic stadium had some protests and some coverage but it wasnt enough to stop it since most people seem to be onboard with it. :) cheers buddy

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

If i was Abe this is the best chance to take out article 9 and have Japan get its on ICBMs, IRBMs and SRBMs. Then Japan can fly their own missile over pyongyang and any other hostile country :)

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Posted in: Air show held at tsunami-hit ASDF base for 1st time in 7 years See in context

The amount of haters that post here is amazingly high.

Goodlucktoyou - the bases are not American they are joint US/Japan hence you see AB behind a base name and not AFB like in the US. Also the T-4 are meant to be impressive since its an air team. T also stand for Trainer.

Jalapeno - Are these your tax monies being spent for the goodwill of the Japanese people? If it is and you dont like it, please return to your country of origin and let the Japanese do what they can for their people.

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Posted in: Japan seeks China's help to combat fire ants See in context

Too bad, you guys wont be able to get rid of these pests. Might as well start getting the anti-venom

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Posted in: Russian nuclear bombers fly near N Korea in rare show of force See in context

Marcelito- the area around the peninsula is small. Im sure those bombers still crossed the japanese and korean adiz. The adiz is still international but its close to a country hence they sent out planes to the escort them.

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Posted in: TEPCO faces $5 bil lawsuit in U.S. over 2011 Fukushima disaster See in context

i agree, if you volunteered to help thats on your head, if the military made you go thats on your head because you signed your life away to uncle sam and they own you and can use you however they want. Also its 157 people who more than likely were brainwashed by lawyers since i dont see the thousands of other US volunteers on the lawsuit wagon. They went to help Japan like i did. So yes they are Tomodachi uncle my favorite anti-american troll that loves to be jealous on here. He just cant accept its the way the world is and his anti-american rhetoric isnt doing anything except influence the JT peanuts gang :)

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Posted in: Ex-cashier pleads guilty to theft from U.S. Navy base in Japan See in context

No pachinko, they have slots. Too many philipinos on the bases, many run back when they get caught.

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Posted in: Defense ministry seeks record Y5.26 tril budget See in context

Strikebreaker555 - the russian made communist chinese governement made sure to destroy ancient china with their great leap forward. The china u speak of is a mere fraction of what it was and is now called taiwan. So nope i dont buy your snake oil.

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Posted in: Top American general says attack on Japan same as attack on U.S. See in context

Dukeleto - how were the crosshairs placed? They have been there the whole time. Except hostile countries against Japan will think twice before attacking since it will give us a reason to rain freedom on those countries and free their souls from their bodies :)

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Posted in: Taiwan 'comfort women' museum launches campaign for compensation See in context

Geez another one wants apologies and money. I dont care, happened 72 years ago, move on. WW2 in a nutshell, Japan started a war and we finished it for them the end. Everything else is insignificant.

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