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Posted in: U.S. Senate OKs amendment backing Japan in Senkaku dispute See in context

The posture -- has been thoroughly considered & expected within the China game plan ( with all the ambiguous statements released by the US officials between the 'sovereignty' and the famous 'article 5' since months ). When it comes to sovereignty issues, the best weapons have to be in your own hands not others. One learns from history about numerous 'alliances' & 'pacts' before other wars, when decisions on sending their own boys to the battle field and fighting for others' interests, not their own, the pacts-treaties donot necessarily imply commitment / full commitments..

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Posted in: LDP's Abe pledges to revitalize Japan, strengthen military See in context

Slogan itself looks scary ! What future this man could lead Japan to is another story. Former PM who 'escaped' from his office before term just a few years ago, has the conviction & blue- blood family background but missing the physical strength & strong will to get things done. A few provocative slogans drafted by his aids are good enough to save Japan from the crisis & nation's downturns ? Today's Japan is no more the scenario in 1930's, the war drum batting posture will only work out vis-a-vis a handful of right-wingers but not the majority of J-citizens who have educated brains to think !

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The man S. Sugiyama is named as 'Japanese negotiator' (?), but took a glance at the vague description of the past contact -- almost took it wine tasting contest ! " rich on substance'" ? Too subtle ! If the meeting was direct then report straight away without wasting time & expenses..the mindset of Noda cabinet is clear, no one to talk to ( even India & Russia have cancelled respective meeting scheduled earlier...Chins & Korea ? Let's observe how skillful the PM in setting up sideline meetings in the gents room or corridor etc.. And soon as the Asean meeting will probably be his last chance as PM to mend the delicate situation triggered by his cabinet's messy tactics !

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Posted in: Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit $5.46 trillion See in context

"Foreign DEMAND for U.S. Treasury securities rose to a record level..." in a world with every nation trying to tighten the belt, is there any appetite to raise DEMAND for other countries' debts ? Both Japan & China have no convincing reasons to raise their holding except that they could not afford to 'rock the boat' by trimming drastically their holding given their respective share of US debts represents an enormous risk if the US economy falls through. Reluctant option, keep buying or at least not to cut significantly the holding even if they are tempted to do so in economic downturns !

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"Simple: the super strong Japanese yen is killing everything..."

Probably too 'handy' to writeoff the malfunction of SONY. How many 'Sony' branded gadgets we buy are genuinely made in Japan ? Today's situation is resulted from the long-term strategies set by their management 5~10 years ago when Sony was sitting on the peak of its brand power with no close challengers, hence why bother ? This scenario was exactly the arrogent attitude of Detroit's Big Three decades ago towards the then modest Toyota ?

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Posted in: Steelmaking giant posts $3.9 bil first-half loss See in context

In a globally linked economy with 'hybride' personnages such as Monsieur Carlos Ghosn -- A French educated Brazilian with parents migrated from Beyroute. Japan Inc has by far been behind others in creating a pool of multi-cultural pool of talents.

Japan's examples : 'Olympus' & 'Sony' -- Window dressing Gaijin boss erected as facade whereas the inherent corporate culture including some malpractices retained among the Japanese management team Korea's example : Samsung Electronics -- As recent as 15 years ago, no one would take the 'risk' of buying a 'samsung' branded gadget. Today, the success seems obvious. Behind the scenes, a genuinely international team is at work

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Posted in: Steelmaking giant posts $3.9 bil first-half loss See in context

@herefornow "So all the cross-holdings comes back to bite another Japanse company in the butt. Steel firms are supposed to produce steel and sell it for a profit, not be investing in stock. If they had spent those funds investing in new plants, they might not be having to close down the "money-losing" ones. The Japan Inc model is way broken and will drag the country down unless more folks like Carlos Ghosn come to the rescue"

Interesting viewpoint indeed -- Japan Inc ( Govt Administrative guidance closely linked to conglomerates ) Model, worked out fine the 70's ~ 90's, why this is broken now ?

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Posted in: Europe presses Asia to open economies, boost demand See in context

Interestingly the EU and IMF boss Christine Lagarde kept 'educating' Asians how to drive their economies & on the hand kept milking sponsoring funds from Asia..

In an interdependent global economy these days, all products /services are fruits containing tangible parts & intangible knowhow, designs & services from many nations -- Chinese assemble & export the finished product iphones with added values / physical parts from plenty of countries -- The sweatshops exporting the finished products, good to see billions of dollars on the book, donot indeed make much value in the process !

When Japan & China have become the largest customers of LV handbags & sources of valued tourists..then come on show us what products / services to take on the Asian markets ? Perfumes, high end luxuous items & automobiles, what else ? Wines, Cheeses and weaponry ?

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Posted in: Japanese car sales in China plunge 59.4% in October See in context

Amid economic downturns, the issue is not selling less cars in a few months ( more or less expected ), problem lies in where you could replacing emerging markets that have similar potential & infrastructure as compared to China on road network ( India ? ) even if deep discounts are offered.

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Posted in: Kids cause mayhem at McDonald’s, challenging themselves to eat 60 servings of fries in one sitting See in context

Grease, salt & fried potatoes are ok for 'fun' once in a while but attiude behind is debatable.

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Statistical facts will be rather self- explanatory on the role of the US in fanning up the smoke & fire : number of joint military exercises contouring the Chinese coast; number of visits by the secretary Clinton to non China Asia with systematic provocative comments; number of reassurance openly directing at article 5 of the US-J security pact including the disputed isles ( however, ambiguously saying that not taking position on relevant sovereignty ). Encouragement ? Indeed, when the 2nd & 3rd largest economies seriously ruin their economic & military capability resulted from hostility / economic & military conflicts.. This is in line with the US interest -- no one could challenge the US No.1 throne in the near- mid terms; more arm sales ( badly needed to boost the US economy ); every small countries will ( instead of telling the Yankees to go home ) welcome with open arms for military bases; Asian dollars Free trade zone of Asia etc will not work in favor of the TPP, reinforcing the US $ supremacy ! Closer to today, when the Japanese automobiles are boycotted, don't worry, GM, Ford largely gained market shares in the Chinese market in recent months ( weak brand with average quality did not allow the US brands to take on J brands )

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Posted in: Australia sets new strategy to engage with Asia See in context

Good initiative. The question is implementing it with devoted effort over time.

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Posted in: Japan posts Y558.6 bil trade deficit in September See in context

"Good Bad realmindOCT. 23, 2012 - 12:48PM JST Here is the solution for the China Japan island Issue. 1) Let Japan keep the controlling of the Sengaku Islands. reason Japan is a small country with small area of land. But China has millions of hectors of waste lands which China do not know what to do with it 2) Let Japan make some of these desert (Gopi) to green land let them make solar energy from that area...All the investment should come from Japan. This will help both Japan and China. I wish the Chinese spies in this forum can take this proposal to their masters.. just remind every one that we are living in the modern and civilized world.. We co-operate for the betterment of whole world.."

Point 1 : As the Russian President put it earlier on the disputed isles to the north of Japan : not a single cm of their territory is excessive when it comes to sovereignty ; Point 2 : on a trip to the west of China a few years ago, solar & wind driven energies -- surprised to see solar panels & turbines installations were so widespread..China reportedly is by far the biggest manufacturer of solar panels ( triggered trade conflicts in US & Europe ) & wind power turbines

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Posted in: As China tensions simmer, Japan pulls back from 'world's factory' See in context

Relocation of plants will bear high costs in economic downturns -- mostly importantly, the opportunity cost of being close to the market ( for some industries )

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Posted in: China angry over Japanese ministers' visit to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

"Good Bad Kobuta Chan Communist Chinese Government has no right to tell you can do and you can't do to peoples of other country...,"

Towards Japan ..The US can, is that right ? They donot tell, they take direct action ( Ospreys )

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Posted in: China angry over Japanese ministers' visit to Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Contrary to the above report, neighbors are becoming indifferent towards the R-winger J Politicians' behavior..what people do care is the fact general J citizens & J image are taken as hostage. Yasukuni shrine stands for whatever symbolic meaning is not important anymore..what is important is : is there any other genuine political leaders far- sighted with sagesse to overcome the deadlock ? Is there opposition voices around in democratic Japan ? Pour more oil into fire is easy.. Easy !

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Posted in: Noda plans new economic stimulus by end of November See in context

"The steps are expected to include measures to curb deflation, ease strength in the yen, expand earthquake reconstruction work and relax regulations on businesses, the news agency reported."

Enough really new especially when he was talking about these measures NOW hoping to secure a few more votes. Indeed, what disturbs one most is earthquake reconstruction... The hopeless mass up in Tohoku have been waiting since > 18 months !

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Posted in: LDP chief Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine See in context

The Germans built a memorial monument in Berlin for the Jews, the J Politicians... Pay provocative homage to Yasukuni.. Of course, he will send envoys to neighboring countries to pledge understanding afterward.

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Posted in: Japan may purchase new Europe bailout bonds See in context

An elegant lady..C. Lagarde..she's excels with repeated fund raising campaigns ! Jojima-san, Let's support IMF and underwrite the €500bln.

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Posted in: China loses by not attending IMF, World Bank meetings: Lagarde See in context

Mme Lagarde's comment was right.. China would have lost out more by attending the meeting -- conveying distorted signs of easing position on the sovereignty issues & being requested ( possibly ) for more rescue fund contribution that hay had committed rather generously.

Should the meeting be organized in north America / Europe.. the Chinese would very likely be attending, after careful calculations, by losing out on fund contributions but not both sovereignty & fund issues.

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Posted in: Man on flight from Japan held in LA after smoke grenade, leg irons, body bags found in luggage See in context

What an amazing 'shipment' of prohibited or close to prohibited items uncovered in LA that had not even aroused the slight interest from the Kansai security checkpoint ?

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Posted in: Japanese automakers' sales in China tumble See in context

"Irrespective of a Chinese consumer's feelings toward Japan, it's hard to blame him for not buying a car that could very well be vandalized by a government-instigated mob"

Admittedly the above could be one of respects but can hardly be convincing enough to explain the magic of mobilizing hundreds of million consumers' collective boycotting acts. When it comes to massive loss of an estimted ~10% of China's total market share ( 50% of 21% held by J Brands ) that puts absolute number to million in a full's Chinese consumers, despite the power of C Govt's propaganda, constitute individuals who spend as per personal preference ( brands, style, gas milage, value for the money etc embraced within an overall J image )... No national would support a country-brands that are perceived to unfairly hostile towards their own country..example, have you observed how many J cars on the road in Seoul ? ( really have to be patient to do the counting at road side ! ). May be J car manufacturers had to export from their US plants using American brands !?

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Posted in: Japan's top 3 carmakers to halve Chinese output See in context

The value of the Chinese auto market to the big three ( Toyota, Nissan & Honda ) lies in its attractiveness on market share buildup & brand awareness ( the loyalty to brand takes time to secure like Mercedes Benz, BMW ) in the longer run and immediate contributions on sales volume & profit.

Some posters above tend to mix up China vs Chinese average consumers -- Not sure if a farmer in remote China, riding on bike in the past 50 years, could easily differentiate a Honda from a Hyundai, but money spent from their pocket on auto purchase is an individual behavior as per personal criteria -- these first time buyers comprise the important targets towards whom fierce competition are undergoing. 'made in Japan' supported by good image of the brands' nation used to be a selling point over the Korean made.. that turns out to be a probable hindrance -- not because of the J citizens but the act of a few J politicians.

Back to gain / loss resulted from the collective boycott -- ALL J-car companies operate in China, without exception, through respective 50-50 partnership. The same Chinese partners ( all stare-owned ) form other auto JVs simultanously with European & US brands. Hence, would be possible ( admittedly not easy ) for the partners to play among brands..and they may not suffer seriously without Toyotas on the assemble lines.

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Posted in: Japan urges peace as neighbors clash over islands See in context

Might Is right ? right is right !

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Posted in: Japan won't prosecute Chinese diplomat over espionage See in context

Took a glance at the pieces of the above story, is this a Bribery case rather than espionage ?

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Posted in: Toyota China sales in Sept halved from August See in context

It does hurt Chinese partners of the respective JV engaged with Toyota. However, the net exports of Lexus directly made in Japan ( came to a halt ) will suffer the most if the conflicts persist over time. Above all, identifiable J brands will encounter resistance by barriers ( minor impacts such as more lengthy customs clearance etc ), the main threats will be resulted from the general consumers' reaction of widespread boycotts ( nonetheless, money is in their pockets ! ). What is safer are those core components ( made in Japan inside ) & loyalties from patented technologies. Many J brands had ironically adopted tactics of hiding J identity : example, using phonetic translation of J brands instead of direct Kanji based brands -- Nippon Paints, Bridgestone.

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"From this statement alone I believe you have no idea of the situation. Japan namely Panasonic was one of the first to enter the market constructing a TV manufacturing factory through strong request from Deng Xiaoping to Matsushita Konosuke himself in the '80s."

You are right on a few particular cases ( with political benediction as show cases ). Indeed, Out of the some 14000 operating out there today, the majority of them started investing relatively later than others.

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"Really? You believe their products are so much in demand that their industries can absorb however many hundreds of thousands of employees would suddenly find themselves out of a job?"

The tradeoff between sovereignty issue & a few thousands of job loss for a brief period ? I think the Chinese Govt had thoroughly prepared for numerous scenarios including this point. In fact, the loss of J market by itself is a significant factor at stake. But, they seem extremely determined to launch counter attacks after a very long period of observation & calculations.

The J companies have been very late comers to invest in China, massive investments concretized only after China's WTO membership -- probably out of concerns over hostile treatment given Japan's precautions resulted from unresolved WWII sentiment against Japan. By contrast, VW set up huge plants in China in early 80's, hence still command a significant market share & most importantly set up a firm German standard for autos quality & driving habits in an Asian country one cannot fund elsewhere in Asia where mist are accustomed to J- standard of comfort & criteria of good quality ( mostly superficial & tangible equipments but not always underneath on the power train & suspension system )

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Posted in: Okinawans use kites to protest against Osprey aircraft See in context

Flying kites, freeing pigeons & releasing smoke any other ideas ?

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Posted in: Turkey hits Syria after deadly shelling See in context

Turkey : dream of reviving the glory of the Ottoman Empire ! After housing droves of Syrian Rebels in Turkey, the shelling will mark the beginning of a more complicated scenario. Guess where the the WW III takes place ?

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