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@serranoRussia Russia Russia! Ya'll keep beatin' that dead horse.

The horse isn't dead, except to Trump's pro-Russian followers who believe the Kremlin and not the 'western' intelligence agencies' findings.

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Posted in: 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults See in context

Together, we'll make Russia great again....

A cry echoed by Trump supporters in the US, particularly those 'Americans' who like his defense of white nationalists.

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@serranoA wet racoon doesn't have 7 billion effing dollars in the bank."

And neither does Trump - unless of course you've seen his tax info. Current, not the doctored ones he'd stiffed Maddow with.

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@serranoJonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor, urged House lawmakers to look to history

That's his perspective, one no doubt influenced by the Koch brother's (US ultra right wing plutocrats) financial contributions to George Washington Law.

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"We have the most powerful military we've ever had,

And as a result an economy that relies on military spending and perpetual war. Tulsi Gabbard calls the current ones the Bush-Obama-Trump wars.

The subsidies (aka welfare/socialism for the richest) paid to the defense industries and others come at the expense of healthcare, education, infrastructure, things that benefit the population in general. Trump and his fellow elite (so called) continue their economic policies of trickling down and throwing crumbs on those they've long looked down on.

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Posted in: 'Nasty', 'two-faced', 'brain dead': NATO pulls off summit despite insults See in context

a common threat from Russia and prepare for China's rise.

This will be a challenge for the US with its 'leaders' like Trump, McConnell, Graham, Kennedy and others paid off and supported (see social media propagandists like the Internet Research Agency) by Russia.

Russia's Eurasian Economic Union is growing, reaching well beyond its borders.

Russia has vast reserves of oil, gas and coal to supply the fossil economies of Western Europe, while Russia's media manipulators are paid to post alt facts regarding the effects of burning fuels on climate change.

Russia's arsenal of nuclear weapons (equal to, perhaps greater than America's) is growing while its military continues to create even more powerful weaponry.

And Russia is aligning with China's Belt and Road. Russia and China together could make the most powerful empire the globe's ever seen. A true GLOBAL power.

It should be worrying to those who want their nations to remain sovereign that Trump etal are undermining democratic states.

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Posted in: 2010s hottest decade in history, U.N. says as emissions rise again See in context

And while governments spend hundreds of billions of dollars subsidising fossil fuels

Do these subsidies (welfare/socialism for the globe's elite) include the costs states like the US spend on military activities such as Iraq and Afghanistan in support of fossil fuels industries. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have cost US taxpayers TRILLIONS, so those costs should also be included. The subsidies received by big oil and big defense are of course paid by taxpayers. Instead of getting government services (healthcare, infrastructure, education, jobs training, environmental cleanup, etc.) that help the population in general, the subsidies provide the most benefits to the country's richest and most powerful.

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Posted in: Iran says it killed protesters in deadliest unrest in decades See in context

online videos of demonstrations purport to show security forces firing machine guns and rifles at crowds.

State forces firing machine guns at their fellow citizens? Iran is an example of an authoritarian state. Like Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc. Democratic systems are terribly flawed in many ways, but for those valuing individual freedoms still superior to any form of authoritarianism. The global alt right movement must be countered if democracies are to be maintained.

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@blacklalsAbuse of power? That’s it?

Those pushing for the US to become an authoritarian state like Russia accept and defend Trump's 'abuses of power', while also accepting his dishonesty, lack of integrity, ethics, and morality. In their zeal to see Trump's coup succeed, to see him further undermine the republic and the democratic systems it was built on they've become blind followers unable to reason beyond what their messiah tells them to parrot.

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@burningbusthis is all part of a master plan set up by a global cabal.

Exactly. The global alt right's plan to establish global control in plain view. Trump and his fellow GOP turncoats (McConnell, Graham, Kennedy etal) have been well paid by 'foreign meddlers', sold their country down the drain for a few million dollars more.

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Posted in: 2010s hottest decade in history, U.N. says as emissions rise again See in context

Manmade emissions from burning fossil fuels, building infrastructure, growing crops and transporting goods mean 2019 is set to break the record for atmospheric carbon concentrations, locking in further warming,

According to most climate scientists, with the exception of those paid by the oil and gas industries', some of whom are saying it's just nature's way, leave things alone, nothing can be done, get ready to deal with the problems.

The state's pushing fossil industries and the fossil economy, states like Trump's US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc., know for their elite establishments to maintain their power and control over the globe's population they need to undermine the efforts of those pushing for conservation measures and reductions in the amount of hydrocarbons burnt.

The aging global leaders (mostly septuagenarians wanting a return to the 1950's when they were young) make personal attacks on those favoring alternatives. These leaders continue to subsidize (aka welfare/socialism for the rich) the corporations that enrich them and their supporters.

 the fossil fuel industry got a whopping $5.2 trillion in subsidies in 2017. This amounts to 6.4 percent of the global gross domestic product.

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U.S. President Donald Trump barreled into a NATO leaders' meeting on Tuesday 

continuing his mission to further weaken NATO and US alliances with 'western' European nations, aka former historical allies, to allow the Russian Federation's Eurasian Economic Union and Russia's state controlled gas, oil and coal industries easier access to and more control over the European market. Trump's a Brexit backer knowing that with the UK leaving the EU the EU will be weaker, again making it easier for Russia to move in, especially with Russia joining forces with China's Belt and Road. Russia and China working as 'best friends (Yandex Xi Putin best friends) could create the most powerful empire the world has seen. And Russia has the nuclear weapons to reinforce the empire's global reach.

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Posted in: Trump campaign won’t allow Bloomberg reporters at events See in context

Trump's got dozens (hundreds?) of right wing media outlets helping his push for greater state control of media ala China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, North Korea, etc. The right wing media (US and 'foreign') know their market, know their readers and listeners want to hear only positive things about their political messiah. They know their profits will increase by praising Trump.

Keep the free, for-profit press competitive; allow all opinions WITHOUT state control.

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Posted in: NATO under friendly fire as leaders ready for London summit See in context

NATO continues to be undermined (as does the EU) as the Russian Federation's Eurasian Economic Union creeps (and oil/gas seeps) deeper into 'western' Europe, while Trump and his GOP backers like McConnell, Graham, Kennedy etal continue to receive political and financial support from oligarchs while moving to distance the US from its historical allies.

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Posted in: U.S. House Speaker Pelosi says at climate summit: 'We are still in' See in context

Trump says complying with the accord would hurt the U.S. economy

Trump and his global elite backers profiting from the fossil economy want the subsidies (aka welfare/socialism for the rich) to continue. Of course Trump's oligarch friends, especially those from Russia, the Gulf theocracies and elsewhere, want him to continue to push his 1950's fossil fuel powered economy.

Conservative estimates put U.S. direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry at roughly $20 billion per year; with 20 percent currently allocated to coal and 80 percent to natural gas and crude oil. European Union subsidies are estimated to total 55 billion euros annually

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Posted in: Trump campaign, GOP groups attack Google’s new ad policy See in context

Google owns Youtube, which has shut down or demonitized some conservative channels.

That shouldn't worry Team Russia and others in the global alt right. Y'all still have Yandex, Fox and Comrades (Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, etal), RT/Sputnik, infowars and who knows how many other outlets around the globe to push alt facts, partial truths slimed over and outright fake news.

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Posted in: Global temperature rises could bring 'destructive' effects, U.N. says See in context

You switching from an SUV to a Prius ain’t gonna change anything.

At minimum it could reduce the wealth and control oil states and corporations and the global elite who run them have, which by itself would be a benefit to the planet. It could weaken countries that depend almost exclusively on sales of hydrocarbons like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and others.

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Posted in: Global temperature rises could bring 'destructive' effects, U.N. says See in context

Climate change is natural for the earth, climate stagnation would be unnatural.

Exactly. And given that humans are a part of nature, their contributions to climate change have to be factored in. That cannot be denied.

And given that humans control oil, gas and coal corporations and humans govern states (e.g. US, Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, etc.) dependent on sales of those resources, and it's the burning of those resources that contributes to climate change, those humans should be held accountable. Along with all others who continue to deny climate change is affected by human activities.

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Posted in: Pompeo assails China for rights abuses See in context

China’s leaders are responsible for gross human rights violations 

The evidence seems to back that up. At no time in China's history has it shown concern for the notion of human rights. But with regard to human rights violations, a purported religious man like Pompeo should be asked what the US is doing with those kids in cages at the border.

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Posted in: Trump campaign, GOP groups attack Google’s new ad policy See in context

criticized tech giant Google on Tuesday for making it harder for political advertisers to target specific types of people.

Once again Trump attacking the private sector, trying to manipulate the market for his personal gain. Trump and others in Team Russia should just rely on Yandex, or start their own search engine.

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Posted in: Britain's chief rabbi warns 'poison' of anti-Semitism has taken root in Labour See in context

'poison' of anti-Semitism has taken root

for myriad reasons, including propaganda pushed by Team Russia and others in the global alt right in their push to establish greater control by their faction of the globe's elite (so called). Check their posts for use of terms from the far right's glossary, terms similar to those used in 1930s Germany. Some use dog whistles, others are more obvious.

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Posted in: Schiff: Impeachment report to come soon after Thanksgiving See in context

@bass4fWell, Dems could care less about the veterans...

Does that mean posters who say 'military personnel are expendable', posters who deride Gold Star families, who support draft dodgers, who mock those who served are Democrats?

Or was that just another anti-American, pro-Russia flame.

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Posted in: Kim orders N Korea artillery firing, drawing Seoul rebuke See in context

What do you Trumpophiles think, will Donny cancel more war games, green light more missile tests, write more love letters, or give more photo ops?

Not a Trumpophile, but I'll say the photo ops. Trump/Ivanka, Inc. want more free publicity. Especially when the US taxpayers pick up the tabs for them.

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Posted in: U.S. prosecutors seek information on payments to Trump lawyer Giuliani See in context

 as part of an active criminal investigation

Never in the history of the US have there been so many criminal investigations centered around the president. It started with the election of Trump, a person long known for having ties to global crime families.

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Posted in: Esper says Trump ordered him to stop SEAL review board See in context

The president is the commander in chief.

An unfortunate reality that a draft dodger who's long disparaged those who've served (bragging about avoiding STDs while his fellow countrymen were being killed and maimed as HIS FELLOW PRIVILEGED CLASS 'ELITE' GOT RICHER from the war, attacked gold star families, etc.) whose knowledge of the military comes from the military reform school his rich daddy sent him to is the commander in chief.

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Posted in: France unveils plan to halt violence against women See in context

Good to see France taking action on this issue now. With Russia expanding its Eurasian Economic Union using its oil, gas and coal as economic weapons, with Russia's disregard for women's issues, 'western' nations finland-ized by Russia could be at risk down the road.

Decriminalisation of domestic violence in Russia leads to fall in reported cases

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Posted in: Above-ground power lines grow in risk as climate changes See in context

Shame, but not surprising, that the US is spending TRILLIONS on development of nuclear weapons instead of spending money needed to find better ways to conserve energy and to transmit electricity. The fossils running the fossil economy and the weapons economy are putting the US at ever greater risk.

America’s nuclear weapons will cost $1.2 trillion over the next 30 years

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Posted in: Landslide democratic win in HK election raises pressure on city's leader See in context

These young people look so happy and full of hope.

I agree. The Chinese Communist Party nabobs must fear young people. And they should. The young in Hong Kong are probably better educated and more traveled than those in power in Beijing. The young have an awareness of what lies ahead if even more of their individual freedoms are taken away.

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Posted in: Singapore invokes 'fake news' law for first time over Facebook post See in context

Rights groups have raised concerns the fake news law will be used to stifle free speech and chill dissent .

Their concerns are justified.

There are any number of individuals, organizations and nations that have been and are responsible for pushing fake news stories. Trolls paid to do so, especially those paid to flame in attempts to further aggravate problems in democratic states, are pond scum low.

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Posted in: Australia probes allegations China tried to plant spy in parliament See in context

Zhao was found dead in March in a Melbourne motel room and police have been unable to conclude how he died,

Way worrying. is China (like Russia? more efficiently than Russia?) trying to show what happens when people don't toe the state line. Given how many millions of Chinese were killed by their own government in the 20th century, that wouldn't be surprising.

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