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Posted in: Sunken Hokkaido tourist boat salvaged, arrives at port See in context

The boat looks generic, similar to the tourist boat that runs from near the Peace Park in Hiroshima to Miyajima, and also like the boat that runs from Kobe Airport to Osaka Kansai Airport.

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Posted in: Trump loses appeal; must testify in New York civil probe See in context

Trump will probably skate this one, too. He is too big to fall, as a member member of the US and global establishment, one of the biggest supporters of the global fossil economy, he's a politician who has shown he cares mostly about the wealthiest in the US and around the globe. During Trump's brief time in the White House he was known for his tax cuts to help himself and his fellow wealthiest in the establishment and for ignoring environmental problems and things related to climate change. Trump is an establishment tool. Trump lead the January 6th failed attempt to overturn an election which was one more example of his disdain for US democratic systems. He's a grifting gangster who seems more aligned with politicians in Russia and former SSR's plus those leading banana republics. How much money to Republicans he is endorsing have to cough up at Mar a Lago to get his endorsement. How many billions did his son-in-law get from Saudi Arabia.

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Posted in: Kishida sees need for dialogue with China's Xi See in context

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has raised concern about its implications for the Indo-Pacific,

Warmongering Putin and the Kremlin have made the world more unstable than it has been for a long time. Russia, like China, is a huge country geographically, there is no need for either nation to invade and try to seize territories outside their respective borders.

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Posted in: Kishida sees need for dialogue with China's Xi See in context

China views Taiwan as a renegade province to be reunified with the mainland, by force if necessary.

The CCP autocrats know how successful Taiwan has become and want to see whether they can turn it into a province under their control and skim off profits for themselves. Were China to take control of Taiwan, it could further enrich the CCP barons at the expense of the Taiwanese people, who have worked so hard to build their nation. Empires leave sovereign . states alone, first fix the problems within your current boundaries before trying to spread your problems elsewhere. And leave your war machines within your borders. Stop wasting fuel and polluting the planet to display your military might.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. fly fighters after China drill, North Korean missiles See in context

Each of the empires, US&West aligned/BRICS especially China & Russia, know wars in the past have been good for business. But given the killing and destructive powers of modern weapons question whether a war between the empires will leave many people alive to benefit from it.

Time for talk, unless perhaps you cannot talk to a man with a nuclear arsenal in his hand.Apologies to Ms. King.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific See in context

but it is also prohibited from speaking publicly about the deal without China's permission

The Chinese/ authoritarian way, once again. Freedom of speech and expression do not exist under authoritarian regimes. And as Hong Kong has learned violators will be punished. Authoritarian systems are for those who need to be puppets and have big brother tell them what to say and do.

China and other empires, leave sovereign states alone, tend to your citizens and your own problems first. And China, stop pushing your Fentanyl and other synthetic drugs around the world, I know the Opium Wars were terrible, but...

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Posted in: Russia takes steps to bolster army, tighten grip on Ukraine See in context

Russians are pressing forward

If so Russia will need more troops to replace those seriously injured or dead. So those in the global Z cult should head to, or perhaps back to their ideal state to helpthe Kremlin's and Vladimir's armies in the field, not just online.

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Posted in: Russia takes steps to bolster army, tighten grip on Ukraine See in context

while lawmakers in Moscow passed a bill to strengthen the stretched Russian army.

Sounds to me like warmongering Russia are making plans to expand the Putin wars, or maybe they are once again 'goading' Nato/US?UK/the West, into an arms race leading to all out-wars.

Which nation bordering Russia will next see tanks and thousands of soldiers lining up next to them. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a wonderful thing for me to see, not so for Putin, who as a Stasi/KGB agent, was on the losing side, something a narcissistically impaired, megalomaniac like him apparently cannot handle. Putin is showing he is willing to start a world war, risking destruction of all life forms on the planet, as payback. Anti-democracy movement members, and others who support big brotherism led by a Putin-type tsar you own this.

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

the right is willing to sit down and discuss the issue and try to find possible solutions as to how best to deal with this serious problem

Doutful the right and the guns industry will sit down to discuss anything, historically they've blocked attempts to do so. How can anyone reason with individuals who have threatened another civil war if they cannot keep things as they are (i.e easy to get most weapons and carry them) and who say things like "you can take my guns from my cold dead hands", and who tactually think it's OK for people on a terrorist watch list to purchase guns and ammo, I know the gun's extremists hate the US and want to see it brought down, but most other Americans just want to live in peace.. Honest up, the extremists in the gun's community are not willing to change anything. And please save the whataboutery, and liberals are worse for some far site.

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Posted in: Biden urges N Korea to right 'historic wrong' of abductions of Japanese See in context

watse of a President time

It might not be President Biden's highest priority, but still I think it's good he continues to show his humanity rather than spending his time in Japan chasing a golf ball.

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Posted in: After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed See in context

that they saw as a plunge into full totalitarianism. Some young men may have also fled in fear that the Kremlin would impose a mandatory draft to feed its war machine.

A plunge, totalitarianism has been the history of Russia, read about Stalin's USSR, fortunately for the west many who left Stalin's Russia ended up becoming quite successful and greatly benefited the nations they moved to. I imagine there are still lots of talented individuals in Russia who might want to leave to another country here they might experience more freedom, assuming Putin and his totalitarian regime would allow them. Russia has seen brain drains in the past, many leaving for countries nearby that had been part of the USSR. But I doubt many will want to go to another country near to Russia after watching what Putin's invading hordes did to Ukraine.(assuming they were able to watch anything close to reality while living in Russia).

mandatory draft?

Why don't those working kush jobs in the Kremlin and the oligarch circle volunteer, after all they're the ones who were set to benefit most from the territorial land grab. And why would Putin and the Kremlin need more military personnel, are they planning another territorial land grab? Have they admitted to how many Russia troops were killed invading Ukraine?

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Posted in: Albanese sworn in as PM in Australia ahead of Tokyo Quad summit See in context

Another lifelong politician 

In most cases I'll take a career politician who by the very nature of his job duties has long dealt with a range of individuals from all walks of life and communities over a lifelong bureaucrat who worked in government spy/security positions all his life like the leader of one of the globe's current empires, or a person who's background comes from real estate, golfing and grifting.

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Posted in: Biden to lay out who's joining new Asia trade pact See in context

Who's the expansionist now?

Given China, the US/West and the Russian Federation, currently the globe's three leading empires, each practice different forms of predatory capitalism, each is an expansionist. Predatory capitalists are like viruses, maybe cancer cells, it's expand or fade away, maybe die. The benefits of expansion in each empire go to their wealthiest, their ruling elites, the rest of us might just be able to breathe the fumes of what the fossils leave behind and be trickled down on. And we might be asked to fight their wars for them, no more wars for territory so some elites can say this is mine.

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Posted in: China slams U.S. Asia strategy as Biden visits S Korea, Japan See in context

North Korea will test a nuclear-capable missile or a bomb as a show of force while Biden is in the region

The above would be another threat, in this case authoritarian Kim is aping fellow authoritarian Putin trying to assert his power and very existence while hoping to further spread fear. It's a fragile planet, made more so by authoritarian regimes led by mad-males with nukes.

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Posted in: China slams U.S. Asia strategy as Biden visits S Korea, Japan See in context

global "competition between democracies and autocracies".

That appears to be a reality with the autocratic Russian Federation showing its willingness to militarily invade nearby sovereign nations, and the nominally democratic US/West nations trying to slow Russia's advancements. autocratic China wants to increase its areas of control, thus far using a control of markets and trade approach, with the US/West trying to slow China's advancements. Russia has resources it's using for leverage, as does China, which also has huge control over global supply chains giving it even more power.

The world once again is in a situation where empires are competing for greater control. Unlike WW1, this competition could result in military clashes taking place beyond just the European continent. Each of the three empires and empire-wannabes wants greater control of the fossil economy, while the planet and all forms of life on it are placed at greater peril as that economy grows, so those with the most wealth can have even more, hoping the rest of us might be somewhat content with being trickled down on, when we are lucky.

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea open to expanded military drills to deter North See in context

nuclear threat from North Korea at a time when there's little hope of real diplomacy on the matter.

North Korea was created in large part by Stalin and the USSR, the Kim regime's seem to have got their approaches to 'diplomacy' from the Stalin era, North Korea and Russia today are carrying on similar forms of 'diplomacy' in the Putin era, with Putin's poodle Lavrov showing his disregard for 'diplomacy' by being dishonest and unprincipled.

Trump had considered scrapping the exercises and expressed affection for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

The previous US president took a different approach to 'diplomacy' which also seems to have failed. But again his era will be remembered as one of dishonesty and lack of principles beyond socialism for the wealthy. He also tried to undermine relations with nations that had been allies, as opposed to President Biden who wants to build closer relations with many nations.

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Posted in: Opposition Labor Party leader Albanese elected Australian PM in complex poll result See in context

"It says a lot about our great country that a son of a single mom who was a disability pensioner, who grew up in public housing 

Nice to read Australians did not elect a leader born privileged, hopefully Prime Minister Albanese will not forget his roots, and will pay little heed to USAmerican meddlers like Koch and Murdoch.

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Posted in: Thousands of COVID-negative Beijing residents sent to quarantine See in context

undergo centralised quarantine

Scary expression. Another example of 'newspeak' courtesy of a modern authoritarian regime.

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Posted in: Ukraine orders end to defense of Mariupol See in context

But his lawyer said in closing arguments that the young soldier was "not guilty" of premeditated murder and war crimes.

It makes me wonder how much training the young soldier had, and how much he had been brainwashed to actually believe Ukrainian civilians were his enemies and that if he sees one, just shoot them. I know in every war innocents are killed, maybe better then not to have wars.

This young man probably thought he was just doing his job. Maybe if he actually spends time behind bars he will start to realize that Putin and his Kremlin mates, who are by that time are back safe and protected in their palaces and yachts eating caviar and swilling expensive booze are the actual enemies of the ordinary Russian soldiers and people. Because Putin and mates started the war and have usurped and sold Russia's resources for their personal benefits and relegated people like him to a life little different from that of serfs of old, maybe his ancestors.

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Posted in: Ukraine orders end to defense of Mariupol See in context

hey look like common street thugs.

The common street thugs are mostly those in Vladimir's army invading, pillaging, raping and murdering civilians.

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Posted in: Ukraine orders end to defense of Mariupol See in context

The International Committee of the Red Cross urged both sides to grant it access to prisoners of war and civilian internees, "wherever they are held".

Hopefully both sides will allow organizations like the Red Cross to have access to the internees, and hopefully the Ukrainian internees will not later be sent to an internment camp somewhere in Siberia, and the Russian internees can go back to Russia where they belong, and where they should never have been forced by Putin and the Kremlin to leave.

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Posted in: Biden: S Korean chip plant a model for deeper ties to Asia See in context

holding it out as an illustration of how deeper ties with the Indo Pacific can fuel technological innovation and foster vibrant democracies.

I'm pleased that attempts are being made by President Biden to further deepen ties with nations around the world, but worry the chip project is another illustration of how projects like that tend to serve to further enrich the already wealthy class. Hopefully the plant in Texas will provide lots of entry-level jobs. And Samsung and its partners will find ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Posted in: Pro-Russian hackers spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine, allies See in context

certainly gangs looking out for vulnerable women to press them into prostitution.

For examples of Russian gangs doing that, go to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, perhaps Cyprus, among other places.

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Posted in: Pro-Russian hackers spread hoaxes to divide Ukraine, allies See in context

criminal gangs were waiting to harvest the organs of child refugees.

Sounds like the same people who convinced some of America's intellectually vulnerable that there are pizza parlors run by alien reptiles selling children to pedo-cannibals.

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Posted in: Biden leaves for Asia under Ukraine, N Korea nuclear shadows See in context

to cement U.S. leadership in Asia

'Asia' should not need US, nor any other nation or empire's leadership (that goes for China and Russia, too, The US has more than enough problems within its own borders and should focus its attention there first. If President Biden can get other 'Asian' nations to co-operate with each other and defend themselves from any empire trying to dominate any part of the region than that would be a sign of a successful foreign trip. Respect national sovereignty, empires and empire-wannabes, leave sovereign nations alone.

Those who say why can't they justZoom instead of traveling, I assume y'all who are saying that have only worked at the lowest levels of the employment food chain, and don't understand the roles played by direct human to human contact when it comes to all relationships, and especially executive relationships. Though I would like to see all executives and higher level personnel in every field especially those that are pushing for the rest of us to reduce our carbon footprints walk their talk and find more ways to reduce their own carbon footprint.

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Posted in: China blasts U.S., Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit See in context

US, Japan, India, and Australia 

The wealthiest in each of those countries along with the wealthiest in China and elsewhere in the world have set things up so they can each benefit from China's form of state capitalism. There isn't a lot of 'nice' when predatory capitalists are competing with each other.

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Posted in: Japan urges China to 'play responsible role' on Ukraine crisis See in context

China is using the Russian invasion and war to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of Russia's military forces, should their friendship sour, and China is also able to see what strengths and weaknesses the NATO forces might have. China can see which weapons are being used by both sides and have a better sense of what China's military need to do if they were to face a conflict with either the west or Russia. China is also able to gauge whether the western nations are able to work together.

China is in the catbird seat watching as both the west and Russia wage war. And now Chinese businesses can have a better sense of which markets to target, and which new products might be needed.

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Posted in: In Buffalo, Biden condemns racism, mourns victims See in context

Now is the time if any to push through gun reform if Biden has a set..

In the US the executive branch is just one part of decision making, Biden is not Mugabe/Putin, Biden has to work with the courts and congress, and hope the unofficial 4th branch of government, which includes many gun rights extremists and other thugs, do not use their violent tactics to try to subvert the decision making process. US systems have been weakened by being constantly attacked and undermined from within the country as well as by foreign nations.

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Posted in: In Buffalo, Biden condemns racism, mourns victims See in context

exercising their 2nd amendment right is bad; and so on.

I don't ever recall reading or hearing the 2nd Amendment allowed people to form a militia of one to gun down innocent individuals because they were not from the shooter's ethnic background.

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Posted in: Japan not considering new nuclear plants despite energy concerns See in context

 industry ministry compiled an interim report on a clean energy strategy for achieving a carbon neutral society. 

Nice words, but given the energy problem has been well known for decades and little has been done to remedy the problem, I hope Japan, Inc. do actually come up with a clean energy strategy, but won't hold my breath. I would also like to think greater conservation efforts would be key part of the strategy, but again won't hold my breath.

Where are the energy start-up companies in japan with ideas and resources to challenge the status quo and help Japan become more independent, or do the LDP and the people they were elected to represent fear independence?

Maybe Japan Inc. should look to see what other countries are doing with regard to developing and using renewable forms of energy. And maybe they should have started doing that decades ago.

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