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Posted in: Squabbles erupt as G7 leaders open summit in French resort See in context

Trump is an outsider 

Alt fact. Trump's feeding from the same trough as the other global power brokers; he's one of them. The only thing that might be unclear is which faction he's most closely aligned with.

corrupt globalist  

Are you using the term the same way the Nazis did in the 1930s?

swamp dwellers

Look at the list of swampmen Trump's hired and appointed to key White House positions.

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Posted in: China hits out at 'bullying' U.S. over new tariffs See in context

@bas4f Trump is standing his ground and pushing back on them and continuing to be unrelenting.

Do you know if Trump/Ivanka Inc. will be able to keep the trademarks they've arranged with the CCP?

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Andrew denies witnessing Epstein abuse See in context

The rich, especially the putative 'royals', are different from us. (apologies F. Scott). They have taxpayer funded PR machines to push alt facts and then get them published. Along with the taxpayer funded courts to defend them. Has anyone read R. Graves' 'I, Claudius'?

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Posted in: Global appetite for beef, soy fuels Amazon fires See in context

Extensive cattle farming is the main driver of deforestation in the Amazon,

and along with burning fossil fuels a main contributor to global pollution and climate change. Brazil's far right leadership is aping the US, Russia and other authoritarian states in attempts to maintain the power and wealth of the .01%.

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Posted in: 75 years later, U.S. World War II veterans say: Never forget See in context

And they want everyone to remember what happened back then, so that it doesn't happen again.

But it is happening. Look at the nations veering even fuhrer to the right behind authoritarian leaders, especially the leaders of two of the nations most responsible for ensuring fascism was smashed. Look up the definition of fascism. Then look at what's happening in those two nations.

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Posted in: Squabbles erupt as G7 leaders open summit in French resort See in context

Chinese imports

What the effect will be for US consumers is anybody's guess. Does anyone know if the trademarks Trump/Ivanka Inc. arranged with the CCP will be affected?

"We'll accomplish a lot this weekend."

Who's the 'we' Trump's referring to. Spoiled class rich like Trump have shown they don't know how to give to anyone, especially their country, only take for himself. Trump's spat with the Federal reserve another case in point.

President Trump stands to save millions of dollars annually in interest on outstanding loans on his hotels and resorts if the Federal Reserve lowers rates as he has been demanding, according to public filings and financial experts. 

Trump playing golf at his properties and making US taxpayers pay for it yet more more example of Trump's hyper me-centrism.

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Posted in: Trump vows response to China tariffs on $75 bil of U.S. goods See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump declared Friday that he had "hereby ordered" 

The executive 'ordering' anyone or any business to do anything should frighten those who support the notions of checks and balances fundamental to the republic and ensured in the US Constitution.

Only those pushing 'totalitarianism now' (US and 'foreign') would accept what diktatorwannabe Trump says.

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Posted in: Trump challenges court ruling barring him from blocking Twitter users See in context

U.S President Donald Trump is challenging a federal appeals court decision

because he believes 'laws are for peasants' (hee hee), not for the 'elite' like him and his family. Trump wants to stack the courts at all levels so there will be fewer checks on him and his fellow predatory oligarchs.

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Posted in: Putin orders Russia to respond after U.S. missile test See in context

President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian military on Friday to work out a quid pro quo response

And the global arms industries (and their 'financiers') rub their hands in glee knowing a further increase in tension means a further increase in their profits.

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Posted in: North Korean foreign minister calls Pompeo 'poisonous plant' See in context

Xi and Putin have Kim's back, and he's best friends with Trump. Odds are pretty slim North Korea ever gives up its nukes.

One of the many unfortunate realities of Trump's presidency is he's in so far over his head on international issues (beyond marketing the trump brand name and arranging trademarks for Ivanka with members of the CCP and other global oligarchs) that he's had to bring in deep swampmen like Pompeo to do his job for him while he's out playing golf.

Moscow Mitch McConnell wants the 'poisonous plant' to join him in the US Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republicans believe (Pompeo) the former U.S. congressman from Kansas would be a strong candidate should he decide to run for one of the state's Senate seats in 2020.

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Posted in: Foot on table: British PM at home in French president palace See in context

Set during WW1, Jean Renoir's brilliant 1937 movie 'La Grande Illusion' showed that the upper class German officers had more in common with the upper class French officers they were fighting than with their fellow countrymen of lower ranks. Looking at Macron and Johnson it seems things in Europe might not have changed much. Class divides remain.

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Posted in: Trump's fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left See in context

Speaking of being overly sensitive...

If posters link to a youtube, they should mention its sponsor. I refuse to click and thereby contribute money to Putin and Bannon's numerous sites.

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Posted in: Pompeo under pressure to run for U.S. Senate seat See in context

But Trump has grown increasingly reliant on Pompeo

because Trump's in so far over his head he's lost and needs help, because Pompeo's his neo-con front allowing Trump to flip-flop from good-cop to bad-cop, and because Trump's so busy playing golf (paid for by taxpayers), watching TV, tweeting and looking out for the Trump brand name that he doesn't have time to do the job a minority of Americans elected him to do.

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Posted in: Democrats see opening on economy, resist cheering recession See in context

"Donald Trump inherited a growing economy from the Obama-Biden administration, just like he inherited everything in his life.

Zing, zing. LOL

Shifting blame to others has been a frequent tactic for Trump

The other-guy defense used by the pampered and weak. With Trump the bucks only stop in his or his family's pockets.

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Posted in: World powers increasingly see icy Arctic as a hot property See in context

One scientist called it the "end of the planet."

And if the global robber barons, oligarchs and other assorted predatory capitalists controlling the fossil economy continue unchecked, and in a world dominated by Trump's US, Putin's Russia and Xi's China that's pretty much assured, we may not see the 'end of the planet', but most likely will see a planet where all forms of life are put at even greater levels of risk. Even the robber barons.

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Posted in: Trump's message to G7 leaders this weekend: Be more like U.S. See in context

message of the pro-jobs, pro-growth economic agenda," 

Will Trump say anything about the negative externalities of steroid-ing up the strong economy he inherited from President Obama and the risks of corrections ahead?

Will he talk about decreasing environmental, worker and consumer protections?

Will he mention Trump/GOP-don'tcare-healthcare?

Ballooning national debt?

Increasing socialism for the rich measures like more subsidies for big energy, big defense, farms and other corporations, especially those contributing to his campaigns?

About spending millions of taxpayer's dollars so he can play golf at one of his properties to increase their profits?

How he's making more money for himself and his family through the tax cuts for the rich measures he's pushed through?

About using the White House to negotiate with CCP rulers more trademarks for Ivanka/Trump Inc.?

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Posted in: Trump flip-flops on tax cuts, citing 'strong economy' See in context

He said he feared "it will be perceived, if I do it, as somewhat elitist."

Trump's a shill for the putative 'elitists'. He's in office to ensure their wealth continues to grow, along with his and his family's. (See Ivanka Inc. deals with the CCP). He's giving the 'elite' even larger subsidies in his ongoing programs of socialism for the rich.

While the national debt, to be paid for by younger generations, balloons.

There should be a moratorium on covering anything he says or tweets for at least 24 hours.

Either that or have the media reporting anything he says use a large asterisk as caveat.

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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

There are posters on this site who've been able to interpret what Trump says, for example the ones who clarified what 'whup whup' meant. Maybe one of them can interpret Trump's latest statement re being 'chosen' to try to convince me the man's not completely whack.

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Posted in: As Trump questions loyalty of U.S. Jews, Israeli PM is quiet See in context

@cla68 For obvious reasons, it makes Democratic Jews very uncomfortable when this conflict is publicly aired.

I assume you're speaking for 'Democratic Jews'. If not, perhaps you can cite. Unless of course that's just another flame.

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Posted in: Greenland fallout: Trump scolds Denmark over rejection See in context

Escalating an international spat , President Donald Trump 

continues to alienate as many historical allies as his time in office allows. Maybe he wants to buy Greenland for himself to develop properties as the climate changes. Perhaps as a gift to one of his 'sponsors' or one of his 'sponsor's' oligarchs, which might include penthouse apartments.

He never uses that term to refer to males. One wonders what is going on in his brain.

His misogynistic (and 'ethnocentric') use of language is similar to that used by others in the far right. Look at the language they use to describe those they oppose. Weak men all.

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Posted in: Japanese report says N Korea has miniaturized nuclear warheads: paper See in context

A leaked report by the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2017 concluded that North Korea had successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles

That's extremely worrying, but who knows what to believe. Trump and his backers have trashed US intelligence agencies and their reports when they're critical of world leaders Trump supports. I have to think Trump will ignore this info. After all, he's got golf to play (on the taxpayer's millions), TV to watch and tweets to send. Plus Trump doesn't want to jeopardize any future (present?) deals with Kim, Putin and Xi. (See Ivanka, Inc. trademarks with CCP oligarchs)

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Posted in: Trump revives suggestion he'd end birthright citizenship See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump said Wednesday he was looking "very seriously" at ending the right to citizenship for babies born to non-U.S. citizens on American soil.

Perhaps he will. Or perhaps he'll flip-flop once more or outright cave to the highest bidders. After all, with Trump it's all about the bucks stopping in his or his family's pockets. Re caving to the highest bidder, does anyone know how much more the NRA promised Trump (and his GOP enablers) in additional campaign contributions to get him to do the 180 on gun background checks?

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Posted in: Trump's fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left See in context

also disagrees that his reported words were racist or done out of cruelty.

Were this the first, or second, maybe third time he's mocked some group different from his I might agree. But when there's a long history - 74 years? - of Trump saying insulting things to humiliate 'the others', i.e. those not in his demographic, I invoke the duck principle.

It's clear Trump's pandering to his base and cares little if anything about the rest of the country. And world. Except perhaps his fellow .01%ers at home and 'abroad'.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

The only Jews that vote Republican

There are more than 5,000,000 Jewish Americans. Their political beliefs run the spectrum from neo-con right to whatever the farthest left would be and everything in between.

One of the many dangerous things Trump and his followers are doing is reducing groups of people to being either an A or a Z.

Oversimplifications and reductions are tools used by demagogues to divide and conquer.

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Posted in: Trump acknowledges China policies may mean U.S. economic pain See in context

President Trump is stepping up to do what previous administrations didnt do - establishing practices

with CCP nabobs that benefit Ivanka/trump Inc. while hurting the US public in general.

How are US farmers doing, especially after getting subsidies paid for by US taxpayers, while also increasing the nation's debt.

The ongoing subsidies for corporate farms, big oil and defense industries are socialism for the rich.

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Posted in: Trump says it would be appropriate for Russia to rejoin G7 See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump says it would be appropriate for Russia to be readmitted to a group of the world's major industrial nations.

If the global leaders controlling the fossil fuel economy, especially those leaders denying anthropogenic climate change, those denying the effects pollution is having on the planet want to maintain their power and wealth, then bringing Russia even more closely into their circles makes sense. Russia's got the fossil fuels and other resources the world's corporate powers need.

Trump's a shill for those controlling the fossil fuel economy, those leaders who care nothing for the planet and 99% of its inhabitants.

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Posted in: Trump acknowledges China policies may mean U.S. economic pain See in context

President Donald Trump acknowledged Tuesday his aggressive China trade policies may mean economic pain for Americans but 

he doesn't care because he's rich, so are the .01% he's setting policies for and who also won't be too adversely affected, and he has been able to deal with the CCP to get Ivanka/Trump Inc. dozens of trademarks.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

Identity politics writ huge. Playing the race/ethnicity card.

@bas4f Liberals wrote the book on it.

Maybe you're new to American politics, but throughout my life I can't recall many if any politicians who have NOT used identity politics. For someone who was a Fortune 500 CEO you must understand the notion of marketing. Politics is not that different. Politicians try to appeal to markets. Just like Nike and Coke. Trump's supposed to be a master marketer - he knows his base and is marketing to them. Like demagogues throughout history have.

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Posted in: Trump: Any Jew voting Democratic is uninformed or disloyal See in context

@extankIt seems odd a Jew would vote Democrat considering how a couple of their current high profile members feel about them.

Another example of divide and conquer, identity politics. More partisan extremist's either A or Z, nothing in between, as if Democrats are a single being instead of a Party representing an array of perspectives. The 'couple of current high profile members' are Americans representing their perspectives. They are NOT high power.

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