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condemned Russia’s new annexation of parts of Ukraine as illegal and a violation of the country's sovereignty.

Putin is another deluded demagogue who is so far up himself he actually seems to believe all he has to do is imagine something for it to become real. The narcissistically impaired and psychotic should be kept in mental facilities, never allowed to be near weapons of any kind, and never permitted to hold political office.

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what is Biden going to do to stop this?

A good question, but more likely just more pro-authoritarian cheerleading from anti-democracy extremists.

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US Congress just allocated 12 billion dollars for this lost cause

No doubt Tucker, Alex, Truth Social writers and the Kremlin will tell their followers what to parrot.

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@elephant 2000 The Russians were not serious over history like the Chinese does!

who knows what the above might mean? Both Russia and China have rewritten their histories so many times, and both confuse actual historical events with myths,. Both have populations of people that willingly believe what their masters tell them to believe.Fortunately today there appear to be many Russians that have stopped believing the Kremlin's lies and have chosen to leave Russia rather than getting killed fighting in a war they do not support. Look at how many people have left Russia and other countries that had been under thee jackboots of the USSR. Many of those that left have contributed greatly to 'western' nations, same with many ethnic Chinese that had been able to escape Chinese rule.

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Moscow was poised on Wednesday to annex a swath of Ukraine, releasing what it called vote tallies showing support

Putin's big lies will be believed by his idolaters in Russia, especially those that 'voted' for him to remain in power until 2036 and also believed by those in anti-west populations, including anti-democracy extremists like US Republicans. China will probably continue to back Putin hoping Putin can further weaken Russia which would give China the upper-hand in the new imperium.

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Posted in: Harris condemns Chinese actions in speech at U.S. Navy base See in context

"China is undermining key elements of the international rules-based order,

China has flexed its military and economic might to coerce and intimidate its neighbors

To me a key element of international rules-based order has long been for powerful nations/empires to 'flex military and economic might to coerce'

See Russia in Ukraine today. see US/NATO/West in many places at many times. Sad state of the globe but same as it ever was; world history has been shaped by empires flexing their might. But when military and economic might are used by empires to coerce sovereign nations, sovereign nations should be supported in flexing what military and economic might they have to defend against the nation crossing borders to flex their might. China leave the sovereign nation of Taiwan alone, Russia leave the sovereign nation Ukraine, US and NATO nations protect your own borders.

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Posted in: Taliban sign deal for Russian oil products, gas and wheat See in context

 it was NOT a good idea to abandon billions of dollars of serviceable high tech weapons in Afghanistan.

Is your point that Trump and Pompeo should not have dealt directly with the Taliban, and left Biden to clean up after their mess. Trump's stench lingers on everything he came near.

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Posted in: Taliban sign deal for Russian oil products, gas and wheat See in context

Given the reports of hunger in Afghanistan, it's good to see some people there might be able to get some grain. It will be interesting to see which ones actually receive the wheat.

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The order has triggered an exodus of nearly 200,000 men from Russia, fueled anti-war protests and sparked violence.

If the above is factual, it suggests not all Russian males are sheeple that believe that their sins will be wiped away if they’re killed in Putin’s war, Putin has become a messiah for the highly suggestible, religious extremists especially those pushing for even greater white supremacy.

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It is going to be a long and troubled winter, get ready for high fuel and food prices and low supply.

The globe for far too long has been controlled by the fossils running the petrochemical economy, it's long passed time for people living in democracies to vote out the fossil era fossils and come up with alternatives to burning huge amounts of oil and gas and then fighting wars over them.

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Posted in: Russia's call-up splits EU; Ukraine says it shows weakness See in context

@axelVietnam version 2

But Russia(the USSR) was on the winning side in Vietnam.

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Posted in: Iran will act decisively after biggest protests in years, president says See in context

Another lesson teaching there is no place for religion in government.

Nor should there be a place for totalitarian regimes, especially ones partnered with other totalitarian regimes.

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Posted in: The controversy over Abe's state funeral See in context

@Tokyo Like it or not..

Once again defending authoritarianism, saying common people should just obey the overlords.

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Posted in: Europe faces dilemma on Russians fleeing Putin's draft See in context

@JTC's mention of Putin sending goons abroad, some carrying Novichok is a good reminder of the extent Putin and his autocratic ilk will go to extend their tentacles beyond Russian borders. Putin's puppet Lukashenko even had his military bering down a commercial airplane to capture a person Lukashenko feared. And still some living in democracies want to trade their freedoms inclusing freedom of movement and have their nation ruled by an autocrat and his rat thugs.

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Police were out in droves at Friday’s protest.

But fortunately the police seemed to have left the protestors alone and did not drag them off to jail like is done in most autocratic regimes. Nor did they stop the media from reporting on the protest. And maybe some of the protestors plus some reading about the protests will come to understand why people are protesting and realize it's long passed time to vote out the aging politicians in the LDP, especially those who think Japan is their fiefdom and continue to ignore the needs of regular, i.e. people not born to wealth and power, Japanese. So as Jim Carrey said "... there's still a chance.

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USAmericans being critical of Russia's involvements in elections should look at what Trump and his Republicans have been doing in the US in their ongoing attempts to try to undermine US elections and the democratic foundations of the republic.

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Russia's actions an unprovoked, imperialist bid to reconquer a country that shook off Russian domination with the 1991 break-up of the Soviet Union.

The provokation was Putin's fear of peoples he didn't like being near his borders; he like other territory grabbing dictators is unable to accept nations, besides the one they rule might be sovereign. And Putin also wanted to re-establish the USSR, plus he was frustrated because most Ukrainian people have been more content as an independent nation rather than a puppet state of Moscow. Plus Ukraine's leader Zelensky is Jewish, a people which ultra-nationaist Russians, among other European far right extremists, have feared and persecuted for centuries. Putin sent his Wagner Group, made up of neo-Nazi mercenaries, to try to assassinate Zelensky. But so far they have failed, unfortunately the Russians are still committing atrocities in Ukraine and elsewhere so there is still time for Putin to keep some of his armies in Ukraine killing.

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Posted in: U.S., Russia square off at U.N. over Ukraine See in context

@basCan’t argue that point.

Once again parroting the Kremlin line.

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Posted in: North Korean nuclear law reflects global trend See in context

President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly made thinly veiled threats of nuclear war, vowing Wednesday that Moscow would use "all the means at our disposal to protect Russia".

Putin's loyal followers claim he's 'smart" for doing so, though it's doubtful Putin will allow any of his minions to share space with him at one of the fallout shelters each of his palaces probably has. And Kim's supporters cheer him on because he's on Putin's side, so it's OK for him to threaten first strike. Putin and Kim's supporters continue to back their authoritarian idols, because like their other idols Xi, Jinping and the Ayatollah they are anti-democracy.

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Posted in: Japan oil giant Eneos says misconduct against woman led to CEO resignation See in context

people have come to take their questionable behavior in both official and private settings as a sign of a lack of leadership skills.

I agree and believe many people think that kind of behavior is a sign of poor leadership skills, except perhaps the extremists who want 'strongman' leadership, people who think virtues are for the weak, people who want their leader to be a narcissistically impaired.sociopath willing to set loose his forces to grab land and resources for him to control.

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"a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought."

That should not be needed to be said. but Putin, called Lord Putin by some of his subjects, and his followers, still must believe he can rule the world after he starts WW3. And his supporters will justify the war saying the 'west have been worse', and 'Putin was provoked' into leading the destruction of all forms of life on the planet because there were some people he didn't like in counties close to him. But as other posters have noted, US elections could change which side the US supports, the Republicans who back Trump could do whatever is possible to appease Putin, and allow him to continue to expand the Putin Federation until Putin once again threatens to use nukes. At this point it's up to people in Russia to ensure Putin and those in his closest circle in Russia, to do their own regime change. He's come mentally and emotionally, maybe physically undone, and might still have 14 more years in office, to the delight of pro-authoritarians everywhere.

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as thinking she would be serving him tea

Odd projection, but then there are many wanna be seen as macho-males pushing strong-male forms of authoritarianism and following their authoritarian idol because he's anti-woke, i.e. anti-equality.

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Posted in: Taking swipe at Russia, Macron says fence sitters need to wake up See in context

Russia's invasion of Ukraine was dividing the world and restoring the "age of colonialism."

Indeed Putin is acting like the Kings and tsars of the age of colonialism, and his backers defend his warmongering, territory grabbing ways saying the west did worse. Probably true, but ignores the reality that what Putin is doing now is hideous. The world does seem to be divided now with authoritarian states lumping together and democratic ones likewise doing so, both groups trying to ensure their respective petrochemical industries and aging ruling castes lead the race to further destroy more forms of life on the planet. At least most democratic states still have some ability to choose who their leaders are. Unlike the authoritarian nations, some like Russia stuck until 2036 with Putin, who seems bent on expanding the territory of his Federation in the quest to be the globe's emperor, but will Putin's partner Xi Jinping allow him to take the role the CCP seems to want.

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Posted in: Russia turns to recruiting trucks, big wages to woo volunteer soldiers See in context

bronco The soldier retains it, and he can use it in the next war.

"Next war", Warmongering again. I wonder whether Putin's keyboard warriors will be first to sign up for their idol's next war, it sounds like Putin is having a bit of trouble coralling his ultra-nationalist followers to enlist, maybe they need to weigh the salaries they're getting now as keyboard warriors against what they could make as actual field military personnel, then decide whether they will be provided with proper kits to fit winters in Eastern Europe and the Arctic.

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Posted in: Russia turns to recruiting trucks, big wages to woo volunteer soldiers See in context

The Kremlin said last week there was no discussion of a nationwide mobilization to bolster its forces.

"The Kremlin said". The Kremlin's useful idiots, most long shown to have zero credibilty , just like the Kremlin's media, will be along soon with some lame defense, most likely a distraction regarding past mistakes made by the 'West'.

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Posted in: Ukraine searches for its dead at Russian occupation burial site See in context

Ukraine is not a state

Is the above from Tucker, Alex Jones, or Truth Social, aka really big lies Social?

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German military experts were certain the Russians would collapse and surrender.

A difference between Putin and the German leader at that time is the German leader relied in part on his astrologist to help him make decisions, while Putin relies solely on himself, so far showing once again narcissistically impaired leaders should just stay in their palaces looking at themselves in a mirror or paintings of themselves hanging in every room. But the two are much more alike than they are different, and have attracted similar followers.

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Reuters could not immediately verify details of the attack, or who buried the bodies.

'Putin's media' has also used the same tactic in Syria and elsewhere, i.e. denied committing atrocities, Putin like most other dictators, especially those that are narcissistically impaired, only wants to be lauded. But maybe some ultranationalist Russians believe that butchering, torturing and raping others deemed enemies is laudable, and tus cheer on their little leader sitting safely behind a big table. Russia cross the border back into sovereign Russian territory, leave Ukraine alone.

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Yep, and every last bit of it will eventually come to the light of day.

I hope so, but the 'light of day' and truth will still probably be dismissed as 'fake news' and 'western media bias' by Putin idolaters and others in anti-democracy/anti-west'/pro-authoritarian groups. And if the Putin/Xi/Kim/Ayatollah cabal prevail, the chance of truth ever coming out will be close to no-chance, or perhaps a distorted one, vindicating Putin's armies and blaming the problems on someone else.

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Posted in: Ukrainian president says burial site contains torture victims See in context

The war started in 2014

People could get jailed back in the USSR if they call Putin's invasion a 'war', but it does seem true Putin started his war several years back by providing weapons to Ukrainian separatists, some of whom are back 'home' in the USSR, camping with others, some in the camp by choice, others there because they were taken by force.Putin continuing the Russian tradition of demographic engineering like Stalin and the tsars did before him, and Hitler, too.

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