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Posted in: 60,000 in Southern California to evacuate after blaze grows See in context

Scientists have said climate change has made California much drier,

The myriad problems linked to climate change cannot be ignored.

Neither can the myriad problems linked to poor land management by both the private and public sectors.

Unchecked greed is terminal.

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Posted in: Jared Kushner says Black Americans must 'want' to succeed See in context

Jared Kushner says Black Americans must 'want' to succeed

Jared, like his wife and her daddy, is hopelessly out of touch with the reality of life in America for anyone NOT from his class.

he told Fox & Friends.

Fox & Friends where the audience is largely made up of white nationalists who want to hear the oft repeated claims made by white racists that Black people being poor is their own fault, NOT the fault of a political/economic system run by wealthy whites that's long discriminated against them. And discriminated against poor white and poor people of all races.

Jared, born privileged class. Hopelessly out of touch. Just like his wife and all in her family.

Trump, widening class and racial gaps even farther.

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Posted in: Pelosi says White House rejecting Democrats' COVID-19 testing plan See in context

despite earlier public statements to the contrary by U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Mnuchin is a Trump appointee. Like Trump and all others Trump's stocked the DC swamp with nothing he says can be believed.

Trump is the most dishonest politician in US history leading the most dishonest administration ever.

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Posted in: Coronavirus deaths rising again in U.S. See in context

“we're rounding the turn, we're doing great.”

Trump is now even more out of touch with the majority of Americans than he's ever been.

IF - IF - he actually did have the virus and recovered, he was able to do so because he had the best healthcare possible and did not have to pay a penny for it.

Unlike the dozens of millions of Americans suffering from Covid45 because of the ongoing blunders of a president who's clueless.

And who cares nothing about the country and its citizens. Only about himself.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden make their pitches to voters in pivotal Pennsylvania See in context

"The bottom line is, Donald Trump is the worst possible president, the worst possible person to lead us through this pandemic."


Trump's a failed war president. The deaths of 225,000 Americans under his watch, an economy in shambles (for all but his fellow 'elite') with NO plans to deal with the pandemic except through 'herd mentality' (quote Trump), with NO plans to help the dozens of millions of Americans suffering financially because of his ongoing bungling.

While Trump's family continue to use their WH positions to get even richer and his DC swamp becomes even more toxic.

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Posted in: Turkish president dares U.S. to impose economic sanctions See in context

Erdogan knows Trump will capitulate. He knows Trump can't stand up to other despots. Trump's even afraid of Lesley Stahl.

Erdogan continues to try to grow his empire while Trump oversees the fading of America's. While Russia and China continue to grow theirs.

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Posted in: GOP slowly gaining as early vote total surpasses 2016 See in context

@herveThe main takeaway

Can you provide a link for your stats? Qanon? RT? Breitbart? The article doesn't mention the stats you used.

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Posted in: Putin rejects Trump's criticism of Biden family business See in context

Trust Putin or Trump?

I like the Masha Gessen quote:

It’s not just that both Putin and Trump lie, it is that they lie in the same way and for the same purpose: blatantly, to assert power over truth itself

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Posted in: Health experts question Pence campaigning as essential work See in context

federal rules

In the Trump era 'federal rules', like laws, are only for the peasants (harhar ohmy) NOT for the 'elite'.

Trump, his family and those in his admin have widened gaps between the 'elite' and the rest of the country more than any WH ever.

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Posted in: Poland's president tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Duda ... including U.S. President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro.

The above listed authoritarians have the best healthcare possible paid for by their taxpaying citizens.

How are the general populations doing in Poland, the UK, the US and Brazil.

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Posted in: Jared and Ivanka threaten lawsuit over Times Square billboards See in context

"(New Yorkers) are going to suffer and that's their problem."

Jared's statement shows how callous and self-serving he and the Trump family are.

They have the best healthcare taxpayers can buy for them.

Unlike many of the 8,000,000 Americans sickened by Covid45 and the dozens of millions of Americans out of work because of Trump's failed economy.

While Jared is jetting around the world on the taxpayer's dollars expanding his and the Trump family's global businesses.

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Posted in: Biden, Trump rallies show sharp contrast amid as coronavirus surges again See in context

Trump addressed a few thousand supporters at a tightly packed, in-person, outdoor rally in North Carolina,

The Super-spreader-in-chief leading yet another super-spreader event.

Trump's attracted many who actually believe what they've read on Qanon, RT and elsewhere in wack/fringe media that the virus is a plot launched by alien reptiles, that it's a hoax, that it's just another flu.

I wonder how many will contract the virus at this rally.

Trump, the gravedigger of the republic, adored by anti-democracy, pro-authoritarians around the globe, especially those nations where he and his family have their global businesses.

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Posted in: Pelosi, Trump trade blame on COVID-19 stimulus talks; Senate Republicans on sidelines See in context

The tensions between the Republican's backing Wall Street and the Democrats showing a bit of concern for Main Street have long been a reality.

That Wall Street has profited from the Trump admin throughout the continuing spread of Covid45 while Main Street has suffered is another example of how terrible the Trump years have been for the general population.

Can anyone provide a link showing how much bailout money (i.e. welfare/socialism for the rich) Trump/Mnuchin/McConnnell have given to the big corporations, their 'elite' owners and far right think tanks, and how much of that bailout money has been kicked back to Republican election campaigns?

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Posted in: France surpasses 1 million confirmed virus cases See in context

And yet the pandemic deniers continue to skew statistics and push their 'just a hoax/nothing but a flu' messages.

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Posted in: Trump: Sudan to join UAE, Bahrain in recognizing Israel See in context

The Trump administration has done more to help Israel's economy than any other admin. I'm curious what Jared's cuts will be.

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Posted in: Trump promises pandemic will end soon after Biden blasts his handling of crisis See in context

Trump's ongoing bungling of the pandemic and the failed economy (for all but his fellow 'elite') that resulted from his inept leadership has caused more harm to the US than anything done by any modern politician. Maybe any politician ever.

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Posted in: Some hospitals in crisis as U.S. nears high for COVID-19 cases See in context

The United States is approaching a record for the number of new daily coronavirus cases

While Trump says the country's 'rounding the corner'.

The most dishonest politician in US history holding rallies, i.e. more superspreader events where his faithful followers risk getting Covid45.

And many won't even have any health insurance.

Unlike Trump and his fellow 'elite'.

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Posted in: U.S. says Russian hackers targeting state, local networks See in context

U.S. says Russian hackers targeting state, local networks

Russian cyber warfare tactics have been widely recognized by many 'western' intelligence agencies, but denied by the global alt right, including many Trump supporters, and others pushing for Russia's version of national socialism.

It's long been reported that Russia, Turkey, China, Iran and other authoritarian states have 'meddled' in 'western' state's affairs using 'western' media, pushing anti-democracy messages and trying to cause further chaos.

NB That does NOT justify US 'meddling' in the affairs of other states.

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Posted in: China vows retaliation if U.S. proceeds with Taiwan arms sale See in context

, as virtually EVERYONE sees them as a belligerent and bellicose THUG

Except perhaps Russia.

Putin says Russia-China military alliance can't be ruled out't-be-ruled-out

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Posted in: Putin says Russia-China military alliance can't be ruled out See in context

China is the world's #1 producer of motor vehicles.

Russia has huge reserves of oil and gas.

Both states are run by authoritarians, one 'for life', the other until 2036. Their systems of authoritarian capitalism are similar.

They are a logical pairing, a dream team for climate change deniers and those favoring authoritarianism.

List of countries by motor vehicle production

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Posted in: Iranian hand behind fake Proud Boy U.S. election emails: sources See in context

yet it was Iran

Iran is Russia's partner.

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Posted in: COVID-19 surges across U.S. as some hospitals stretched See in context

COVID-19 surges across U.S.

And especially in states that had supported Trump.


But like Melanie's jacket read, 'I don't care'.

Trump, his family and their fellow 'elite' have the healthcare and financial means to skate through Covid45 problems.

Unlike the general population.

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Posted in: Pelosi, White House see progress on COVID-19 aid talks; Senate Republicans wary See in context

"Their primary focus is BAILING OUT poorly run (and high crime) Democrat cities and states," Trump wrote

Of course Trump uses his 'high crime' and 'Democratic cities' (i.e. places that are not primarily white) memes to instill more fear in the minds of white nationalists in his base.

What Trump, McConnell and their fellow Republicans are trying to sweep under the carpet and keep out of headlines is the BILLIONS they've allotted to the various big corporations and the 'elite' owning them.

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Posted in: Iranian hand behind fake Proud Boy U.S. election emails: sources See in context

U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Russia and Iran have both tried to interfere in the campaign for the Nov 3 election

Ratcliffe says Russia continues to interfere in US elections?

Ratcliffe is a Trump appointee.

Waiting for the Republican Rapid Response team members and others in the pro-Trump, pro-authoritarian, anti-democracy, pro-Putin crowd to once again say Russian meddling's been 'debunked', give their usual 'muh Russia' response.

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Posted in: COVID-19 surges across U.S. as some hospitals stretched See in context

 estimated that between 130,000 and 210,000 COVID-19 deaths could have been avoided in the United States, calling the federal government's response to the pandemic an "enormous failure"

Those 130,000 to 210,000 deaths from Covid45 are on Trump.

Just one more example of how Trump has failed the nation, or at least the majority of the nation excluding his fellow 'elite' who continue to profit from his reign.

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Posted in: Democrats boycott Barrett vote; Senate GOP pushes ahead See in context

Republicans have bristled at Democrats’ claim that the Obama-era health law, known as “Obamacare,” is in jeopardy if Barrett joins the court.

Time will tell what happens to Obamacare.

Do the Republicans and Trump have a better-than-Obamacare plan?

Trump 'promised' (I know - nothing Trump says can be believed) he'd present his version several months back.

Millions of Americans cannot afford health care, but the Republicans, the party of the haves, have long shown they have zero regard for those at the middle and lower end of the economic scale.

The Republicans are forcing the appointment of a person they think will be their tool.

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Posted in: Mute buttons and plexiglass: Inside the final 2020 debate See in context

“The Trump campaign's attitude was that the president was not contagious anymore, but we’re going to go with our medical advisers,"

Not contagious anymore? Who knows what to believe especially after Trump and his doctors have misled the public so many times.

Yet another example of Trump's shaky, faith based reasoning v. that of the scientific medical community. Trump and his followers believe what's posted on Qanon, what's been posted by US and 'foreign' troll armies, what televangelists say from their studio pulpits, and even what's been channelled by Ramtha the 35,000 year old man.

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Posted in: Obama blasts Trump's tweets, track record in 2020 campaign trail debut See in context

, Posters’ generalizations

After I start reading Trump supporters denounce white nationalism, denounce those pushing pro-authoritarian, anti-democracy messages, denounce Russian 'meddling' in US and other 'western' nations I might consider not making generalizations about pro-Trump around the globe. Until then...

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Posted in: Obama blasts Trump's tweets, track record in 2020 campaign trail debut See in context

Obama ... a frequent target of Trump's attacks,

Trump knows his base is made up mainly of white nationalists and pro-authoritarian, national socialists. The mere mention of Obama drives them to their safe rooms where they get weapons preparing to attack 'others', including alien reptiles.

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Posted in: Obama blasts Trump's tweets, track record in 2020 campaign trail debut See in context

The last days of campaigning are taking place amid a surge in new cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations in battleground states

At the top of the list of Trump's failures is his inept handling of Covid19.

More than 220,000 dead, more than 8,000,000 sickened and an economy in shambles devastating the lives of dozens of millions of Americans while Trump and his handful of fellow 'elite' profit.

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