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Posted in: Trump drops plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort See in context

@christopherYou can what you want about his business dealings etc. , but you can't say he is filling his pockets.

Yes, you can. (see link below) And the US taxpayers are picking up the tabs for his golf outings (one example) while his properties are profiting from his visits. And getting free advertising.

Or perhaps you've seen his latest tax info and know something I don't. If you have seen them, please share.

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Posted in: Cheers erupt outside British Parliament as Brexit delayed again See in context

@serranoa general election sweeping out the useless Tories and Labour politicians and voting in the Brexit Party

Curious, Tulsi and her 'financial backers' say the same thing. Curious isn't it the global alt right use the same terms from their glossary. As do those non-'westerners' from the Internet Research Agency.

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Posted in: Impeachment inquiry puts spotlight on Perry, who shunned it See in context

Perry did publicly pressure Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, for unspecified reforms "in the energy sector,"

Perry's from Texas where oil's king. He worked for big oil just prior to joining Trump's admin. Like Trump, Perry's never been known for his reasoning skills; he's a perfect shill for big oil. Good riddance.

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Posted in: Turkey plans presence across northeast Syria, Erdogan says See in context

Though the alt right proclaims Trump as their new Hitler, and though there might be similarities, a critical difference remains in that Hitler used systems of belief like astrology to guide him, whereas Trump's only guided by who'll pay him - and his family - the most money.

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Posted in: Clashes erupt in Barcelona as half a million separatists rally See in context

@burningbushCatalans deserve freedom from oppressive Spain.

Fracturing the EU serves Putin's purpose. Catalan's separation would make it easier for Putin to include them in his Eurasian Economic Union.

@cla68 I hope the Spanish government crushes their elitist “rebellion”.

Why would anyone hope for anyone to be crushed? More cheerleading for war. But then that's some people's assignment.

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Posted in: 'Most overrated general' Mattis takes swipe at Trump See in context

@serranoMad Dog had better be careful what he says during the next 5 years, it wouldn't be befitting for a former Secretary of Defense to undermine a sitting Commander-in-Chief.

Be careful? The pro-Russia, global alt right crowd pushing for lese majeste laws to protect the authoritarian from criticism? Mattis may be a career deep swamper, but he’s still a private citizen allowed to express his opinion. And given he currently serves on the Board of Directors for General Dynamics, one of the globe’s largest defense contractors, I think his position in the swamp is pretty secure.

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Posted in: White House plans G7 agenda, tells world to 'get on board' See in context

He said flatly, "Climate change will not be on the agenda."

Of course not. The Trump regime is backed (fronted?) by corporations, e.g. big energy, big farm and ranch, etc., many scientists point to as contributing most to climate change. Those industries are getting big federal subsidies (aka socialism for the richest) and in a quid pro quo arrangement contribute more to Trump's campaigns, which means Trump's private bank accounts.

Plus Trump's Russian pal's continued wealth and power depends on selling more oil, gas and coal, and Trump wants to help them. What's good for Russia is good for Trump and his global bund.

Plus Trump's pal MbS needs to sell more oil to buy more US weapons. What's good for Saudi Arabia is good for Trump and his .01% crowd.

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Posted in: White House plans G7 agenda, tells world to 'get on board' See in context

 Trump would like to see Russia re-admitted to the Group of Seven club. 

In appreciation for Russia's help with his 2016 election, his re-election bid, and the re-elections of Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey and others personally profiting from deals with Russian (and other) oligarchs around the globe.

And of course to improve Trump Inc.'s chances of selling even more penthouse suites throughout Russia's Eurasian Economic Union. And of course help Ivanka Inc. sell more of her products throughout the Eurasian Economic Union.

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Posted in: Japan to dispatch SDF to Strait of Hormuz instead of joining U.S.-led coalition See in context

For 80 years (think 1939 with the US oil and gas embargo triggering - some say - Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor) Japan's fossils-in-chief have known their country is dependent on oil producing nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, US and Russia to supply fossil fuels to keep the economy at pace with other leading nations.

But instead of finding ways to better conserve energy and instead of developing ways to reduce the country's dependence on foreign nations, the fossils in business and government have opted to keep the fossil economy.

How many of the fossil's family members will be involved in the SDF activities?

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'crazy' Nancy Pelosi and Democrats; defends Syria pullout See in context

The company's billionaire controlling shareholder, Bernard Arnault, joined Trump for the event at the 100,000-square-foot(9,290-square-meter) plant.

Another global tycoon supporting Trump. 

"Louis Vuitton, a name I know well - cost me a lot of money over the years," said Trump.

Trump's condescending to his audience, saying he can afford to buy his wives and ‘others’ high-end designer goods, can pay big money so they can wear things that are little more than over-priced advertisements for the maker. While many in the crowd are seeing their cost of living increase and their buying power decrease. Unless, because it's Texas, Trump's people were able to pack the audience with rich folk from big energy and big ranch and farm, i.e. those who've benefitted most from his tax cuts for the rich and whose corporations are getting big federal subsidies.

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'crazy' Nancy Pelosi and Democrats; defends Syria pullout See in context

"They want to give more to illegal aliens than they do to American citizens," he said.

Another lie. The lies continue to add up. But the biggest liar in US presidential history has attracted so many like-minded followers, expect this one to be parroted.

"At stake in this fight is the survival of American democracy itself,"

Says the man leading the charge to undermine the remaining bits of the democratic republic, with assistance from despotic regimes around the globe. But his like-minded followers will once again just parrot what he's said, especially those whose reading sources are global alt right outlets like RT, Breitbart, infowars, etc., and whose radios are turned to one of the many alt right shock jocks. Though there are millions of Trump backers, fortunately they remain a minority.

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Posted in: White House acknowledges strings attached in Trump withholding Ukraine aid See in context

@bas4FBUT leave it to the liberal media surrogate vipers to snip and cut the portions they only want to be heard. Typical, lol.

But what about posters and the global alt right media that do the same thing. ROFL

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Posted in: U.S. Energy Secretary Perry to step down at end of the year See in context

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry will step down

after serving as Trump's lackey for big energy, ensuring big energy continued to get federal subsidies (aka socialism for the richest) and executive orders were issued limiting their environmental responsibilities.

In February 2015, Perry announced that he would join the board of directors of Energy Transfer Partners,[171] which owns and operates one of the largest energy asset portfolios in the United States, and Sunoco Partners, another major Dallas energy company.[172][173] According to SEC filings, Perry resigned from the boards of both companies on December 31, 2016.[173]

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Posted in: White House acknowledges strings attached in Trump withholding Ukraine aid See in context

His testimony was the clearest sign yet that Trump's efforts to erect a firewall around the White House

Trump doesn't want those outside his family and syndicate to learn more about what he does during 'executive' time, nor about his shady and/or ridiculous backroom deals, nor about who all around the globe he's working with and for.

A tactic learnt from dictators, monarchs and mafia Dons.

Another example of the Don fuhrer establishing his Trump uber alles reign. Aping Erdogan, Putin, MbS, Xi, Kim, and other despots.

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Posted in: Christian Dior criticized over China map, apologizes, upholds 'one China' See in context

China's brand of authoritarian capitalism. Isn't that what Trump/Putin backers want?

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

@Chip Star The economy is not the only measure of a country's health.

Especially when you factor in the Trump economy's negative externalities, e.g. gutting environmental protections,

selling off public lands and allowing Trump's favored resource extractors to decimate them,

gutting worker and consumer protections,

cutting taxes for the richest and making future generations of working and middle class taxpayers pay more,

increasing subsidies to big energy, big defense, big farm and ranch, etc. (aka socialism for the rich paid for by the working and middle classes),

watching the cost of living increase for the working and middle classes while their buying power decreases.

Among others

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Posted in: Another man arrested in probe of Giuliani associates See in context

Giuliani has said he had no knowledge of illegal donations and hadn't seen any evidence that Parnas and Fruman did anything wrong.

Rudy's got zero credibility; an ideal fit for the Trump thugocracy. All Rudy's PR efforts to have him portrayed as a stand up leader fighting the good fights have been undone through his associations with the Trump syndicate. A difference between Rudy and his Don is Rudy was once thought to be a good guy, whereas Trump never was. Trump: corrupt businessman, corrupt politician.

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Posted in: Obama endorses Trudeau in unprecedented move See in context

Meddling. How is it not?

Meddling? How is it? President Obama is a private citizen. Unless of course you're implying he's running some deep state operation. Sigh

@kestrelThis just reinforces what we already know about Obama.

We? I assume you mean those employed by the Internet Research Agency and other global alt right troll armies pushing white nationalism and global corporatist authoritarianism led by Putin.

I have and always have had many disagreements with President Obama's policies, but he ran arguably the most scandal free administration of any modern US president. Except in the minds of white nationalists who for some reason see him in their own twisted ways.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he had no problem if Russia helped Syria 

while winking and saying 'Russia if you're listening...' in his latest appeal to the Kremlin for continued help for his re-election and those of Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey and the slew of other Trump backers selling out the country to the highest bidders.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

@kestrelAnyone disagreeing with Trump on this is exposing themselves as pro war, pro the industrial military complex, and pro the endless quagmire in the middle east.

Similar to Bush 43's 'you're for us or you're for the terrorists', a partisan extremist's perspective, only one pole or its opposite, nothing in between, A or Z, and a perspective typical of those in troll armies fanning flames.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

That Trump needs to reassert more US power into a sovereign country?

Your interpretation; I have no idea how that can be asked or assumed from what I said. I have zero idea what Trump's doing, what his geopolitical policies might be. I have zero idea who all in the US and 'abroad' might be influencing him while he's out playing golf, and in tweeting celebrities and looking after his family businesses.

We’ll just have to accept that in a globalist system, controlling energy resources is a top priority.

Globalist? Used the same way the term was used in the 1930's? But I agree controlling energy resources is a top priority for the various factions around the globe vying for their control. Another reason to support conservation efforts and alternatives to burning so much fossil fuel.

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Posted in: Warren escalates Facebook fight with ad targeting Zuckerberg See in context

@blacklabe“Facebook got trump elected”

I haven't read that anywhere. Could you provide a cite? Of course I'm not questioning you, but often partisan extremists using 'media' to spread disinformation and alt facts.

failed muh Russia time.

Failed? According to the Kremlin and Trump's hardest core supporters Russians didn't meddle in US elections to help Trump. And still are meddling. US and 'western' nation's intelligence agencies say otherwise.

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Posted in: U.S.-China truce leaves big issues for later See in context

But nothing's on paper and details are scarce.

Friday's announcement was "a nothing-burger,"

Nothing burgers are substance for those who believe Emperor Trump's not just wearing clothes but is finely attired. How can anyone believe one thing he says.

Has anyone heard whether Trump/Ivanka, Inc. have arranged any more trademarks with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

broader power vacuum in Syria that will be exploited by Iran and Russia,

Glad to see US forces out. Sorry for Syrians because their lands are located near oil and oil shipment routes. Now Iran and Russia will have even more control over these lands to further their quests for more control over oil. And gas. As both nations continue to expand areas of control while Trump's in charge.

a catastrophic outcome for the United States' strategic interests,"

Trump's never cared about the country. The reality that he asked Russia to get involved in his campaign, and the reality Russia 'meddled' in his campaign and still does to support him shows his disregard for the US.

@burningbush keep ISIS at bay

Didn't Trump say and didn't his base parrot that ISIS had been defeated? Wasn't that one of his however many 'accomplishments'? And didn't posters on this site claim 4 years ago that because Russia had been 'invited' that the wars would be over soon? 4 years ago? Some Russia supporters have claimed their nation's war is 'cost effective', but of course they're not factoring in the costs to Syrian peoples.

Syrian Rebel militants

They're not going away. Let Russia, Iran and whichever other country risk their citizens lives for a war that will benefit Russia and Iran's .01% while hundreds of thousands of people's lives are shattered. Those who cheerlead for wars should fight them.

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Posted in: NY Times: Violent parody video shown at Trump resort See in context

Of course I meant most Americans.

Thanks for the correction. I'm trying to make a point about how language is used, especially by partisan extremists, to reduce things to 'our way or it's wrong'. Dividing and conquering through bifurcating and using oversimplifications, like regimes of all sorts have done throughout history. I also associate oversimplifications with bigots.

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Posted in: NY Times: Violent parody video shown at Trump resort See in context

Liberals (I'll reduce 'liberals' to the 65,000,00 Americans who voted for Clinton) laughed as a single unit over something Kathy Griffin did. SMH

@bas4FYou counted them all? Amazing!

Classic. All or nothing, A or Z, nothing in between. Throughout history leaders of totalitarian regimes have got their followers to see things from a binary perspective. And defend their leaders who tell them 'someone else is bad, too'.

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Posted in: NY Times: Violent parody video shown at Trump resort See in context

 Is Trump now responsible for all actions done at one of his "properties"? Or for anything depicting him?

Directly responsible? Perhaps not. But he's definitely set a tone where ugly things like this tend to show up.

does anyone really believe he would sanction or agree to or whatever something like this?

I do. Look at his rallies (taxpayer funded) and how he can wind up his base, knowing full well how easily wound up many of them are. Look at how he talks about the media, the outlets that don't praise him and dare to question his actions. Look at how he points out enemies (often women and those not from his demographic) and gets his followers to parrot him.

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Posted in: NY Times: Violent parody video shown at Trump resort See in context

Americans love violence on film

liberals got a laugh out of it,

No comments about the content of the video. But excellent examples of reductionism. And 'other guys do bad things, too'.

330,000,000+ Americans love violence. I'm an American and I don't, not in film, in books, and especially not in flesh and blood real life. (eyeroll)

Liberals (I'll reduce 'liberals' to the 65,000,00 Americans who voted for Clinton) laughed as a single unit over something Kathy Griffin did. SMH

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Posted in: NY Times: Violent parody video shown at Trump resort See in context

CNN, The Washington Post, BBC, PBS, NBC and Politico

Among the 'media' the global alt right attack - because sometimes they report things differently from the global alt right's viewpoints.

Several months back there was another video that sounds similar, and that was reported to have been made by a far right group, white supremacist group from South Africa.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden disputes Trump attacks of his work; wades into impeachment fight See in context

@bas4F No, it was a dishonorable discharge.

I did a quick search and couldn't find it was a 'dishonorable discharge'. As I recall there are couple types of less-than honorable discharges, with dishonorable the harshest. I also think Hunter's daddy would be able to pull strings to keep his boy from getting one. I also think most posters with no military service to country might not be aware of the range of discharges, and suggest posters who claim it was a 'dishonorable discharge' cite sources, even their usual RT/Breitbart/infowars ones.

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