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Soft cream

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Reading Edward St Aubyn's Patrick Melrose novels finally and firmly turned me off titled people and the inherited power and status they have for too long been entitled to.

The lives of kings and queens, plus tales of palace intrigues do make good material for cartoons and costume dramas, however.

But the idea of the public paying for their lifestyles because their ancestors were the most brutal of the most brutal (and they were) seems a bit off in the 21st century.

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The bull who's had his lackeys carry around his inherited China cabinet for him throughout his life is at risk of losing a Nobel Prize. But that shouldn't bother his supporters who've said it's worthless.

@blacklb would never happen according to liberals 

There might have been a couple of posters who said it would ‘never happen’, but by making it all-inclusive, fitting those who might have said that under the umbrella ‘liberal’, you’re once again oversimplifying issues to fit your binary worldview. Continually distorting what others have written, overgeneralizing and constantly trying to enflame and further divide Americans has made most Trump supporters lose any credibility they might have had. Except with fellow Trump supporters, a minority of Americans.

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@bas4 Dear lord, the only thing the left can focus on.

If by the 'left' you mean those in the free, for-profit press (other than the Trump sycophants in the alt right press like Fox ‘news’, infowars, Breitbart, RT, Sputnik and others) and/or the majority of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump, and/or those who question his history and his antics in office, I disagree.

I think your ‘left’ (see above for possible definition) is focusing on an array of issues. These include: Trump’s family and fellow syndicate members trying to sell access to foreign agents; nepotism; influence peddling; money laundering; sexual misconduct; undermining law enforcement; stifling a free, for-profit press; bungling international relations; increasing risks of war; serving only his fellow rightwing .01%-ers; stripping workers’ rights, consumer protection and environmental protection, among so many others.

The only thing Trump’s true believers and other authoritarian nationalists can focus on is defending their political messiah.

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 it was on the back of his repeated criticisms of the U.S. intelligence community over its conclusion that Russian had interfered in the presidential election.

That day, many of his remarks were focused on settling scores with the media. His comments raised the ire of former intelligence officials because he spoke in front of a wall marked with stars representing fallen CIA officers, which was viewed as disrespectful.

Trump continues to try to undermine the US intelligence community and the media. What are his connections to Russia, besides wanting to build resorts there and his loans with Russian 'financiers'. He's got to be hiding something. Maybe if he'd show his tax info...

Go Mueller!

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The Trump administration's revamped Afghanistan strategy has made little progress 

and the likelihood is it won't.

The Americans who've benefitted most from this Bushdebacle (sic) are those owning shares in the various US war industries.

The US wants its corporations to have greater claims to Afghanistan's resources, but then so do many other nations including Russia and China. Each of the foreign powers recognizes Afghanistan's strategic geographic location.

Let the Afghans decide what to do with their own country. Stop killing and maiming Afghanistan's peoples and destroying their homeland.

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@cla68burningbush Is American foreign policy truly American or is it another country's policy?

Good question. Given Iran is Russia's partner in Syria and in manipulating global gas and oil markets, and given Trump's dubious connections with Putin and his Russian oligarchs, it is a confusing mess. Which globalist faction is Trump part of?

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FBI sent an informant to talk to two Trump campaign advisers, Page and George Papadopoulos, after the agency received evidence that the two men had suspicious contacts linked to Russia during the campaign.

I'm usually suspicious of FBI tactics, but when a person like Trump with his dodgy, probably criminal past is linked to shady involvements with Russia and who knows how many other nations, as well as crime families in the US and abroad, I’m glad the feds investigated. Trump could not be seen by them or any other law enforcement agency as just joe-citizen. 

Lock him up! Along with others from his crime syndicate before they destroy the remaining bits of US democracy and sell the country further down the drain to homegrown and foreign oligarchs - and kleptocrats.

Regardless of US political party affiliation, if the feds find anyone who's been involved illegally with foreign powers trying to influence US politics, I hope justice is served. And yes, I'm well aware the US has been nasty in dealing with other nation's politics. A wrong is a wrong.

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@blackl But Dems are fine with it somehow, despite supposedly being the party which is against spying and for peoples rights and privacy.

Only Trump's true believers and other authoritarian nationalists, those who have chosen to ignore and defend Trump's numerous shady dealings, those who even defend his shady dealings with foreign agents, would oppose law enforcement's investigations of him and his family.

Why is Trump so afraid of being investigated? What's he hiding? Why won't he release his tax info?

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Neither Trump nor Giuliani provided any evidence of government infiltration into Trump's presidential campaign.

Because they know Trump's true believers don't need evidence; they'll believe anything he tells them to believe. Cult of personality, after all.

Given Trump and the Kushner families criminal histories (daddy Kushner a convicted felon) and given their financial dealings with organized crime worldwide it would be concerning if law enforcement did NOT do whatever they could to investigate.

Lock Trump up!

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@blackmable I would like to know if this school guard person was armed.

If you've ever had any direct experience with a 'live' shooting exchange you'd know if an armed guard was on scene there would be as much chance for collateral damage, i.e. a student or teacher being shot, as there would be for the guard taking out the shooter.

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Nobody claiming she was being manipulated by CNN yet?

Give it a week and you'll start hearing about the deep state, George Soros, Obama, dems, libs, the left and the usual others once again manipulating the whole thing.

Does anyone know if Trump responded to this by making a finger-gun, saying 'boom, boom' and saying how he would have taken the murderer out?

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@bas4 No, I think it’s very bad, but how to solve this without treading on the 2nd amendment.

The 2nd Amendment, like all others, was written with the ability to be 'amended'. Only extremists can see an amendment to the Constitution as something permanent, unalterable.

It's US democracy, after all - not Russia, North Korea. People, the US public, still have voices, though authoritarian nationalists are trying to shut them up.

Given the wealth of the gun industries and their financial control of elected officials, I know it would be a challenge to change much in the Constitution, but if peoples' lives can be made safer by making some changes, it's worth a try.

Let the discussions begin for real. Don't let the NRA and other extremists try to stop discussions.

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@belrick And here come the Liberal nut jobs claiming all guns should be banned in 5..4..3....

@belrick Is your point to show how little regard you have for innocent lives being taken so you can keep shooting your guns?

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire in Texas high school, killing 10 people See in context

The deaths were all but certain to re-ignite the national debate over gun regulations,

but given the wealth of the gun industry and its ability to buy off politicians at all levels, don't hold your breath expecting much to change.

RIP to the innocents whose lives were taken, heal quickly those shot, condolences to the victim's family and friends, thank you to law enforcement and emergency service personnel for all you did in this instance and all you do each and every day.

My sympathies are also with the taxpayers who have to foot the costs of gun related violence. It's a sad indictment of the US that gun owners, a minority of the country, have such power.

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Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have one big thing in common as they prepare for what would be the first ever U.S.-North Korea summit next month in Singapore: They both claim to deserve total credit.

Both deserve credit for getting this far; neither deserves ‘total credit’. South Korea’s Moon also deserves much of the credit.

So does China’s PM Xi. Who knows what all he’s done behind closed doors to get both Kim Jong Un and Trump to agree to the talks. 

And who knows why Trump changed his mind helping China's ZTE get back to business. It couldn't be that PM Xi has figured out how easy it is to buy Trump off, could it? I thought Trump said he was all about America first. Did he really mean Trump's family businesses first?

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@blackl Ok fine, lets play English language games

For the past year GoTrump posters have supported Trump’s ‘undermining’ of the powers of Congress, the judicial system, law enforcement, a free media and other parts of what remains of US democracy. They seem to want to replace it with some form of a nationalistic authoritarian system under their political messiah. It’s a bit late for you to go PC with the words. 

@black “undermined" for partisan politics because liberals are mad Hillary lost

That’s a rightist’s perspective. Myself, I’m worried (not mad) that a man with a criminal background, a man who’s a serial liar, a man who’s using the office for personal gain, a man who doesn’t seem to have clue one when it comes to diplomacy among so many other negatives is in the White House.

@black In addition to the media lying

Authoritarian nationalists continue to misunderstand what a free, for-profit media can do.

@black inflame the populace.

Trump’s poured more fuel on American fires than any president - ever.

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@blackl when you resist the duly elected President of our country 

The US President is a public servant. He was elected to lead and serve the American people. The executive branch of US democracy (what remains of it, at least) is premised on a separation and balance of powers. Only those who believe in some form of authoritarianism believe the president shouldn't be 'resisted'.

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"He would be there, he would be running his country, his country would be very rich," Trump said.

One of the many problems with an inarticulate truth-twister like Trump is knowing what to believe. If anything.

On another note, it would be helpful to see the tax returns of each man shown in the above photo to find out how much each has invested in the various US war industries.

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Posted in: N Korea to dismantle nuclear test site before Trump-Kim talks See in context

The collapse of the facility has to have been a key variable in the complex dynamic that’s led North Korea to agree to the talks. 

Knock wood the talks will increase the chances of better relationships among the nations.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. hopes to have N Korea as 'close partner' not enemy See in context

Sounds nice but it really depends on North Korea's relationship with China.

China's relationship with North Korea and also China's desire to keep trade open with the US are both part of the dynamic moving things forward.

I'm just happy things have gone this far. Hats off to all involved in trying to achieve better relationships.

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@cla68burningbush Syria is a sovereign nation, and will invite who they please.

Syria has become a Russian puppet-state and no longer can choose which countries Russia invites to fight alongside.

Given Russia and Iran's partnership in Syria and in controlling gas and oil markets, expect Russia to ensure Iran and their mercenary forces to remain, causing more suffering for the Syrian peoples.

And also expect Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel to remain to counter Russia and Iran for control of oil and gas markets, causing more suffering for the Syrian peoples.

Sadly none of the intervening nations nor their supporters seems to care one bit for the Syrian peoples as the empires attack each other for greater control of oil and gas.

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 don’t appreciate an incapacitated vet being used by the media for political games.

How about Fox 'news' having a guest on one of its shows today saying torture works, using McCain as an example, then making a disparaging remark about McCain. That was sick.

But Fox should still have the right to present news stories catering to their audience. If what was said was illegal, let the courts decide.

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@blackl have you seen the WaPo front page on the web today? That’s not democracy,

It's clear there are some who don't understand the role of a free press in a democracy. Did the WaPo slander? Libel? Say something illegal?

Democracy dies in darkness, and can be subsequently replaced by some form of authoritarian rule. Then maybe GoTrumpers can have their Russian-style state controlled media with daily stories about their dear leader - and his golf games. Why they could even tell stories about him being unarmed yet still taking on a shooter using an automatic weapon, recounting his saying boom, boom!

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@blackl Maybe if the media stops engaging him on every single topic

Trump could have the totalitarian regime he and the GOP are working towards. That's the media's job, especially with this president who wants constant attention and does whatever he can to get it.

The WaPo's slogan says it best: Democracy dies in darkness.

But that's what GoTrumpers want, isn't it.

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U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of Paris pact, and his administration's efforts to boost fossil fuel technologies, have not helped.

With the US under Trump ready to go to war to protect US oil corporation’s interests worldwide, with Trump and the GOP weakening US environmental regulations, with Trump and the GOP doing little if anything to develop alternative forms of energy, with a Russian economy dependent on sales of oil and gas, with Russia trying to gain even greater control over MENA and their resources, with China and India’s economies growing and burning more oil and gas, expect pollution levels to rise.

With authoritarian capitalism (backed by the hydrocarbon nabobs) becoming the governing norm thereby limiting citizens’ abilities to even question the state, expect pollution levels to rise.

Generations X, and especially Y and Z: I suggest not buying property near any coastal areas. And maybe get some good gas masks. Look at pictures taken in China on a smoggy day to see what people there are using.

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Posted in: White House official mocked 'dying' Senator McCain: media See in context

I've never been a big fan of McCain, but think this sort of disrespect is low. I almost wrote as low as possible, but I think Trump and his lackeys can go even lower.

Trump the great divider has surrounded himself with sycophants ready to do his bidding to ensure the US's

us - them chasm is even further widened.

Trump reminds me of he-who-cannot-be-named (or any other authoritarian nationalist).

the United States Office of Strategic Services in describing (he-who-cannot-be-named) psychological profile:

His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

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China has sought to expand its infrastructure networks in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa to attain its goal of connecting countries along the ancient Silk Road more closely,

China is well along the road already. In this regard its planned economy has set it streets ahead of the US and Japan. It's probably too late for Japan to catch up. If the US shows it's an unreliable partner, Japan will need to find different alliances.

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Posted in: Martin Scorsese returns to Cannes; recalls 'Mean Streets' See in context

Mean Streets is my favorite Scorsese movie. In it DeNiro further developed a variation of the inner city character he'd played in The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight, the character he eventually became known for playing.

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