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Posted in: Upbeat Biden urges U.S. unity and vows to restore blue-collar pride See in context

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga, jeers President Joe Biden during his address.  Photo: AFP

Margie Q. Greene like many others in her klan, has rightly accused the Democratic Party of being out of touch with the average US American, but Greene recently complained she needs more money, that her annual salary of US$174,00 is not enough. Talk about out of touch.

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Posted in: Ukraine says latest Russian assault on Bakhmut beaten back See in context

@bronco  fate of the poor guys that have unfortunately lost the battle.

I pity the Russians that were so simple minded, and brainwashed to think invading a sovereign nation was acceptable, but not the Wagner cannon fodder who thought risking their lives was better than staying in prison. If any of the 'poor' Russian combatants killed during the invasion had been involved in torturing or raping innocent civilians then 'fate' accomplished.

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Posted in: Hong Kong's largest national security trial to begin with 47 pro-democracy figures in dock See in context

The defendants say they have been targeted for normal opposition politics

In authoritarian systems like China. (also Russia and Iran and North Korea, each among the globe's staunchest anti-west states) any opposition will be targeted by the rulers. The authoritarians will not allow any challenges to their control. Mao knew this, so did Stalin, so do Xi Jinping, Putin, Kim and the Ayatollah. Authoritarians fear freedom, and their supporters back them, especially when they restrict the freedoms the 'others' might have. The far right in democracies around the world are little different in their beliefs.

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Posted in: North Korea warns of 'overwhelming nuclear force' to counter U.S. See in context

@blacklable Waxing nostalgic for the olden days of US power:

But now to satisfy far rightist's warmongering they can continue to support Russia and its partners Iran, North Korea and China, while opposing the US and its partners.

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Posted in: Russia eyes eastern Ukraine push; Kyiv cracks down on corruption See in context

@bronco Fighting corruption by arresting people is one thing.

The Russian Federation way seems to be keeping corruption ignored by the masseshaving those that might be able to expose corruption falling from tall buildings or dying mysteriously, and also ignored by having a state run media. The ex-Stasi, KGB-agent has learned a lot about eliminating threats to his power and wealth.

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Posted in: Russia eyes eastern Ukraine push; Kyiv cracks down on corruption See in context

diversify the energy supplies of a region that until recently was almost fully dependent on natural gas deliveries from Russia.

Long, long passed time for all nations to diversify energy supplies to reduce the likelihood of Russia/Iran or any other nation or major corporation having the ability to weaponize energy, while continuing to pollute the planet.

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Posted in: Ukraine pushes for Western fighter jets after tank deals See in context

@bronco Immediately after the tank deal was announced the narrative switched to fighter jets.

The above typical anti-west narrative ignores the reality that Russia invaded Ukraine, started a brutal war that has lasted nearly one year, and ignores the reality that were Putin to call his armies back into actual Russian territory and pull them out of Ukrainian territory there would be little need for the war to continue. Putin's neighboring nations and also those that were once under the boots and guns of the USSR seem to be well aware of what is at stake. And that Putin and the Kremlin can not be trusted. Europeans seem to have learned that despots like Putin and totalitarian regimes like Russia cannot be appeased.

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Posted in: 5 Ukrainian civilians killed as warring sides mull next move See in context

@Alexaxel The only thing is nukes

If it's nukes, that means you and everyone else loses. 'Pyrrhic victories' are losses.

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Posted in: Japan remains global laggard in fight against live animal testing See in context

IGiven the religions (Shintoism, an animist based religion) and Buddhism, that Japanese people claim to followI used to be shocked about the attitudes many here have regarding animals and sentient beings in general. "What a cute cat" to me does not make someone an animal lover.

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Posted in: Fighting heats up in Ukraine's east and north after tank pledges See in context

@Awagaijinn:  why haven't they made Ukraine a NATO member ?

Putin through Medvedev and others has threatened to use nukes if Russia are not able to destroy Ukraine on their terms, through what you have called a 'party", and that Russia cannot be trusted and that Russia is led by madmen is well-known. Only the nuttiest among the most extreme anti-westerners might be willing to see the world nuked and claim that's acceptable.

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Posted in: Fighting heats up in Ukraine's east and north after tank pledges See in context

@bronco 4 months ago we were told that the Patriot missile system would stop the missile strikes.

Does 'we' include those that actually believe what anonymous posters on social media sites claim? And does it also include those that actually believe what some source might have claimed on media of any kind, to be factual? If so, I question not only their educational level but their ability to sort opinion from fact. Or perhaps 'fact' in their language has a meaning that is different from what it means in English. In Russian do 'fact' and 'opinion' mean the same thing. Or do those that believe anonymous social media posters follow the George Costanza line of reasoning and say "it's not a lie if you believe it"?

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Posted in: Fighting heats up in Ukraine's east and north after tank pledges See in context

Moscow accused U.S. President Joe Biden of prolonging the war

While Moscow ignores the fact they started the war, intensified it and are the ones that are prolonging it by keeping their troops in Ukraine. What threat will Putin have his puppet Medvedev make next; perhaps nuke the world. Where is Putin's partner China, why are China not pushing for Russia to withdraw and stop their mad butchering of civilians and wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure. After all, China is all about global domination through trade, and Putin's war is hurting world trade and the Chinese economy. Or have Putin and Xi made a new version of Molotov-Ribbencoff and already made plans to divide the world between them: if so how much will they give Iran and North Korea, perhaps India, too for their roles in supporting Russia's war?

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Posted in: U.S., Germany sending battle tanks to aid Ukraine war effort See in context

@bronco The Russians took out over 1000 German tanks in the Battle of Kursk (not far from modern day Donestk) 80 years ago.

The above an example of those still glorying in a time long ago when they believed their empire was 'great and glorious': fortunately progress has made tanks much better especially for those nations able to progress. It should not be surprising that those who prefer to live in the past disdain notions of progress.

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Posted in: Heavy snow continues across much of Japan as cold snap maintains grip See in context

@mark So Much For Global Warming, LOL


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Posted in: Cargo ship sinks between S Korea and Japan; 2 crew dead; 8 missing See in context

Sad news report. Cheers to all involved in rescue attempts; may lives be saved and the rescuers be safe.

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Posted in: Poland pushes for more tanks for Kyiv; will seek German OK See in context

Poland has a big incentive to arm Ukraine

Most Poles probably are well aware of the last time an invading, fascist regime was appeased, and also what life was like under the USSR and will do whatever it takes to prevent Putin's regime that seems to want to re-establish the USSR in all lands previously controlled from Moscow, from having any more control. Only the most extreme anti-westerners may want to see a newer version of fascism anywhere outside the current fascist state's borders.

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Posted in: Wuhan turns page on COVID, three years on See in context

But it is likely a huge underestimate for a population of 1.4 billion, and Beijing's official case tally is no longer believed to reflect reality.

Once again it looks like "...reflecting reality" is not a concern of the CCP nor their anti-west trolls and other supporters.

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Posted in: Sakhalin exception: The Russian energy Japan can't quit See in context

@awagaijinHaving morals isn't a priority for kishida and his government - obviously

Re having morals, start wth Russia invading a sovereign nation destroying civilian infrastructure, Russian armies many of whom are convicts robbing, raping and murdering civilians, show Kishida in comparison is a saint, and Russia and its ROC are the ones having no morals.

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Posted in: Sakhalin exception: The Russian energy Japan can't quit See in context

"There is every reason to think that they could also manipulate exports from the Sakhalin projects to retaliate against Japan."

Russia, and especially Putin's Russia have long shown they cannot be trusted.

Japan is in this situation because Japan, Inc. have for decades kept the country reliant on burning huge amounts of fossil fuels got from foreign nations, and also on nuclear power: how are things at Fukushima these days? How many billions more will be spent trying to fix things there? Why wasn't that money used to retrofit infrastructure and develop alternatives to burning huge amounts of fossil fuels?

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Posted in: NATO allies pledge more arms for Ukraine; Germany holds out on tanks See in context

Biden provoked Putin, and look what happened.

I know the 'Biden provoked Putin' line has been parroted throughout alt Reich Fright media. Perhaps Lavrov and the Kremlin translated what Biden said to Russian and interpreted it to mean something that in their minds would justify the war. Interesting that the Putin idolators actually think their messiah is so fragile that words spoken by Biden would make Putin risk the lives of dozens of thousands of his own people, and do damage to the country he and his oligarchs own.

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Posted in: NATO allies pledge more arms for Ukraine; Germany holds out on tanks See in context

Ukraine and Russia have both relied primarily on Soviet-era T-72 tanks, which have been destroyed in their hundreds in 11 months of fighting.

Soviet era? i.e. the time Putin the Kremlin and others opposing progress want to return to, but it's an era that many Ukrainians are literally giving their lives to prevent having to relive. I wonder whether many currently living in former Soviet Socialist Republics see what Putin/Prigozhin/the Kremlin and their murdering thugs are doing in Ukraine and are now searching for ways they do not have to risk their homes and lives to prevent the neo-soviets from Moscow again trying to control their lives and seize the resources from their respective homelands. The globe's reactionary right seem to actually believe that it's possible to return to some imaginary time when things were great and even glorious.

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Posted in: Ukraine helicopter crash kills interior minister in Kyiv as fighting rages on in east See in context

@qrral their values of White Supremacy

I do not share beliefs with anyone who values white supremacy, nor do I agree with the ROC Russian notion of ethnic superiority, and Putin and the ROC's religious war. And like so many others in the extreme right , chack a dictionary for the meaning of 'majority'. The USA population is roughly 330,000,000, 71,000 Including many white supremacists) is a minority.

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Posted in: Ukraine helicopter crash kills interior minister in Kyiv as fighting rages on in east See in context

an unprovoked invasion to crush Ukraine's independence - gained when the Moscow-led Soviet Union broke up in 1991 - and seize its land.

The above in my opinion is true, though I've read many in the anti-west/anti-democracy herd claim Putin and his gangs needed to kill Nazis in Ukraine, and use Putin's pal Prigozhin's national socialist (i.e. fascist, aka neo-Nazi) thugs to do so. Putin's 'Nazis in Ukraine' had as much valididty as Saddam had WMDs, which was found to be just another lie. Putin wants to be another Stalin and rule a reformed USSR, and he's overseeing the killing of dozens of thousands of people, the destruction of a sovereign nation and disrupting economies everywhere in his attempt to compete with Peter the Great and Stalin. What a sick, little male, and he still has followers claiming he's savvy and strong. What are the Kremlin's plans for Ukraine if they prevail? Do they actually believe Ukrainians will quietly and peacefully say let's turn the clock back to 1991 and become enslaved by you again?

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Posted in: Failed Republican candidate charged in shootings at Democratic lawmakers' homes See in context

The base is fighting for politicians and business who are against their own economic interests.

And the base have long received support from fright wing media based in the US, Russia, China and elsewhere. The base are following their leaders in the US and abroad in their attempts to accelerate the decline of the US.

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Posted in: Failed Republican candidate charged in shootings at Democratic lawmakers' homes See in context

Democracy in the USA has long been under threat, but in the last few years the moves to further undermine democracy have gotten increasingly violent. A minority of the country has tried to overturn elections. Voting and elections are central to the US republic, but some who claim to be 'patriots' do not want to accept the results of elections when they or their favorite candidates does not win.

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Posted in: Baby, teen mom among 6 killed in shooting at California home See in context

They believe there is a gang connection to the killings

But theUS gun corporations, NRA and Russian companies providing ammo to US gun and ammo merchants are perfectly happy to sell to gang members, and even to those on terrorist watchlists.No wonder Republicans want to defund the FBI, the FBI are trying to reduce damage done by some of the Republican's herd, which includes domestic terrorists.

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Posted in: More youth tournaments banning angry coaches See in context

cause then you are not prepared for the harsh realty of the real world

Followers of Andrew Tate, Steve Bannon, Jordan Peterson, and others in the toxic masculinty movementpushing for a return to the Iron Age. No wonder the extreme right are growing. Frank Zappa's "Bertram Redneck" comes to mind.

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@Zorotogive all the delicate flowers participation trophies instead?

The above an example of lack-of virtue signaling from someone in the back-to-the-past movement. Can a society actually be made great again by having abusive coaches and physical education teachers, all under a repressive authoritarian system? I don't think so, but maybe that's why some authoritarian nations inject their athletes with steroids to try to compete with delicate flowers from other nations..

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Posted in: UK to supply tanks as Russian missiles hit across Ukraine See in context

@axel/On Telegram the Russians are mocking the tank.

Thanks for the latest update from the Kremlin. Are Russians also mocking the deaths of dozens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians of all ages, while also mocking the deaths of dozens of thousands of Russian military personnel and mercenaries killed while they were illegally trespassing in Ukraine?Have the Kremlin media or their media proxies and social media trolls around the globe reported how many Russians have been killed or wounded fighting Putin and Prigozhin's war to be rulers of the salt mines?

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Posted in: Russia claims capture of Ukraine's Soledar, but Kyiv says still fighting See in context

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion on Feb. 24

Putin was claimed to be 'smart, savvy and strong' by global rightists, including some US Republicans especially by their main crime boss. But apparently Putin has been replaced by Prigozhin, an even more powerful crime boss. Will the global rightists now claim Prigozhin is strong, savvy and smart, will he be offered a penthouse flat, or can he move into one of Putin's mansions?

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