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Posted in: Trump trial jurors finish first day of deliberations without a verdict See in context

@B: He tried to say a lot but wasn't allowed to, 

Then he should take the stand, shouldn't he. But MAGAs should know well, he might put his foot in his mouth again, it seems difficult for them and him to recall all their flip-floppery, and recall which lies were told and when, and where he told them. The previous guy has no solid set of political beliefs beyond what can I get for me now, and no ethical standards whatsoever. His supporters laud him for that, use him as a model, perhaps they're unable to reason for themselves, like political slaves throughout history.

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Posted in: U.N. rights group says Japan needs to do more to counter human rights abuses See in context

@Dago: It is corporacratic neo-feudalism.

Well said, it's a viral disease that has been spread around the whole world. And continues to be spread by nations that are becoming the latest leaders of the 'new world order, some of which claim to have different, even opposing, political beliefs. What worries is the number of individuals that seem to want a return to the feudal era, and be governed by a royal, tsar, kaiser, cult leader of some sort.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim doubles down on satellite ambitions following failed launch See in context

“mounds of wastepaper and filth” 

Given reports of living conditions in North Korea, these should be plentiful. But I imagine the 'filth, perhaps feces' could be better used in gardens by starving North Koreans that need to grow food because their cult leaders is spending money trying to show off.

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Posted in: Trump trial jurors finish first day of deliberations without a verdict See in context

"Mother Teresa could not beat these charges,"

Mother Teresa probably would not have had affairs with porn stars while her wife was pregnant.

He should continue to use Al Capone as a comparison, the gross fraudster's gangster ties are closer to him. But the previous guy's aim is to continue to undermine US systems, especially its judicial systems so grifters like him can continue to have easier times getting richer, while continuing to either not pay or only partly pay taxes, while they use more government services than the hoi polloi.

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Posted in: S Korea accuses North of sending balloons with excrement across border See in context

some of the balloons contained animal feces.

Kim's space agency showing the world how low they can go. Thanks need to go to Russia and China for helping create the regime. And the globe's extreme right continue to want the Russia/China/North Korea/Iran bloc to take greater control of the planet?

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Posted in: Japan constructs world's 1st wooden satellite See in context

harnessing the environmental friendliness and low cost of wood

Iddeally the wood used was wood was ready to be recycled, perhaps from buildings that had been razed.

Also nice to think that a life cycle cost analysis had been done to see if this clever looking/sounding satellite provides environmental benefits in comparison with trafditional ones.

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Posted in: Ukraine gets more military aid from Europe but Putin warns of consequences if Russian soil is hit See in context

but Putin warns of consequences i

Is Putin saying he and his fellow authoritarian powers are 'borg' and resistance is futile. That must be music to the ears of the pro-totalitarians and others that want a big brother to control them. Scare me, however. I'm content being responsible for my choices, I went through boot camp, then a few years in the military, plus lived in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, I'll take life in a democracy any day, rather than live under the thumb, guns and police of an all-powerful state, set up to serve first and foremost its leader.

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Posted in: N Korean rocket carrying its 2nd spy satellite explodes in mid-air See in context

@woodlee: Bad News, watch little kim execute each and everyone involved.

And the anti-democracy herd will say he is 'strong and savvy' for doing so, they love their favorite despots killing off people.

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Posted in: Toyota set to end massive Olympic sponsorship deal; unhappy over how IOC spent funds: report See in context

@R: probably Chinese, will step in so no real loss.

With more money from China, expect doping standards to be written to favor the largest donor, and its partner with the largest number of nukes.

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Posted in: Toyota set to end massive Olympic sponsorship deal; unhappy over how IOC spent funds: report See in context

@: Chinese, will step in so no real loss

And pay enough to the IOC nabobs to be able to control drugs testing?

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Posted in: Toyota set to end massive Olympic sponsorship deal; unhappy over how IOC spent funds: report See in context

@Speed: I'm liking this company more and more

When I used to own cars, Toyotas were among the best I had, ticked all the boxes.

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Posted in: Netanyahu acknowledges 'tragic mistake' after Rafah strike kills at least 45 Palestinians See in context

@B: And we will give more weapons to kill them.

Mighty warmongering sounding. "We" pretending to be an American again?

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea to work together on tackling global issues See in context

the two leaders also agreed to work together in addressing North Korea's nuclear and missile threats

It's reassuring to read that the leaders agreed to work together, but worrying that loose cannon North Korea, created by Stalin with help from Mao in an era when the world was trying to put itself back together after years of global warfare, remains an obstacle to regional harmony, also worrying that NK has shown it keeps close connections to the Russian Federation and its partner China, both nations that have been stirring up discord in the region and around the globe.. Stay strong and together Japan and South Korea, two democratic nations that have rebuilt themselves after WW2, and whose respective peoples have had dramatic improvements in quality of life, compared with populations in totalitarian North Korea, China and the RF.

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Posted in: Trump booed and heckled by raucous crowd at Libertarian convention See in context

@B:Trump is a genius

Following scripts set by authoritarians throughout history, shows he has no original ideas, just the same old same old, one big difference is he whines more than most other demagogues have. Like a boss? he played one on a TV show, but has failed since then to prove he's anything much more than a spoiled class brat who's used the fortune he got from daddy to buy some golf courses and get thousands of goobers, that think gold colored toilet features are cool, to pay his bills.

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Posted in: Trump booed and heckled by raucous crowd at Libertarian convention See in context

He pledged to put a libertarian in his cabinet if he wins the election, which was met by cries

Even in this circle, no one believes him.

@B; He's a conservative

Keep up, he's denied being a conservative, but keep believing him if that makes you feel better, while you're working with him to destroy the US.


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Posted in: G7 officials make progress but no final deal on money for Ukraine from frozen Russian assets See in context

crime known as : Thefting!

Chinese term?

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Posted in: India's massive election faces heatwave challenge in penultimate phase See in context

Scary watching nations around the planet leaning more toward fascism,

One of the globe's demagogue wannabes is calling for his nation to be a 'unified reich', but how 'unified' can a country be when one group holds all the power, ala J.S Mill's 'tyranny of the majority'.

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Posted in: India's massive election faces heatwave challenge in penultimate phase See in context

the opposition accusing the prime minister of targeting the minority community.

'targeting the minority community' has been a tactic used by demagogues throughout history, and currently used around the globe in other nations besides India. Divide and conquer, is a quick way to undermine democracy, and launch civil wars, and also regional conflicts. Scary watching nations around the planet leaning more toward fascism, but it could be lots of people want a big brother making choices for them, and want big brother to slay their enemies, real and imagined. A shoe for every foot, after all.

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Posted in: Ukraine hopes to sign security pact with Japan before July NATO summit See in context

apan will join Britain, Canada, France and six other countries in having signed such an agreement, and more countries are expected to follow suit.

Russia and especially its partner China, plus any others supporting the Ukraine war should accept that they're alienating huge markets around the globe, putting their own nation's economies at risk for the glory of Putin and his remaining oligarchs. Countries like North Korea and Iraq may have benefitted by selling weapons to Moscow, and Cuba has sent troops. Too many people have died in the insanity that is this war, Putin pull your troops out, send them back to Russia to tend to problems there, then use your oil/gas wealth embezzled from the Russian state to make reparations to Ukraine.

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Posted in: Nagano police mark one year since two colleagues and two women were murdered See in context

Sad account. RIP to the deceased, condolences to their families, friends and acquaintances, and hats off to the police officers killed in the line of duty. Thanks to all police officers and emergency services personnel putting their lives on the line every day to protect citizens, thankfully in Japan it's rare to read about citizens using guns to kill.

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Posted in: U.S. pushes for Ukraine aid, united front against China's trade practices at G7 finance meeting See in context

@ OK: end this war and send those Russian aggressors back to where they came from

Exactly, save, Russian and Ukrainian lives, too many deaths, and too much destruction so far. End the war now, Russian invaders go back across the border, and get Putin and the Kremlin to pay reparations plus return all the children they kidnapped.

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Posted in: Transport ministry reviews safety at JAL after spate of incidents See in context

JAL passenger aircraft and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Haneda in January

Regarding that incident, I had been waiting to read about crew member being rewarded for their heroic efforts , but have come to think the airlines do not want any more media attention paid to that in their effort to suppress reports of dangers related to flying.

Still hats off to all the crew members that risked their health and lives shepherding passengers off the plane safely, and hats off as well to the passengers for exiting safely.

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Posted in: China starts second day of war games around Taiwan to test ability to 'seize power' See in context

to test their ability to "seize power" and control key areas, exercises 

'To test', does that sound better than "we're not going to invade"? And if they do end up controlling 'key areas' what will the justification be? Maybe 'we just want everything in the Taipei Ceramics Museum' especially the pork belly stone'.

But no reasonable people are going to believe the CCP, they've lost all credibility, just like their partners in Moscow. China and Russia have lots of internal problems that need tending to, it would be nice if they stop trying to bring the world down to their level. The era of feudal powers should have long passed, it's a shame China and Russia were left behind, maybe most Chinese and Russian citizens, and their global supporters want to be controlled by big brother in the form of a tsar or empeor, most reasonable people do not.

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Posted in: Trump says Putin will free jailed U.S. reporter Gershkovich for him See in context

He has spent more than a year in a Moscow prison, with no date set for a trial.

Yet the previous guy's MAGA's and Q's till prefer Russian style 'justice', because in Putin-istan, Putin quickly executes his political opponents rather than having them go to trial and remain free. MAGAs hate the US, constantly complain about life there, they would be happier in the RF where TCarlson one of their favorite entertainers claims subways are clean. Yet some still crow they're setting up businesses in the US, and not paying taxes while trying to also say they are patriots, as they laud Putin Russia and China and any other country at odds with the US.

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Posted in: Trump says Putin will free jailed U.S. reporter Gershkovich for him See in context

Trump says

Indeed he says lots of things, e.g. "Mexico will pay for my wall", and "I'm going to testify", among thousands of others. that have turned out to be false. Not too different from his master Putin, who claimed his forces were 'not going to invade'. Not surprising that serial liars like Putin and Trump attract fellow serial liars, but then honesty and decency have never been associated with totalitarians and their followers, have they. The latter are content believing whatever their masters tell them to believe, and also believe and parrot conspiracy theories.

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Posted in: Russia deals symbolic blow to Ukraine with village capture See in context

@BL" Why is it just “symbolic”

When the globe's nation with the largest supply of nuclear weapons, a country with thermobaric weapons is taking villages after years of fighting, after losing dozens of thousands of its military personnel and millions of rubles in equipment, and there is still no end in sight for the invaders, it could well be some of Putin's fanboys see that as positive for the RF, but reasonable people question how effective the mighty RF forces might have been. Yes, I know Putin's thugs have killed lots of Ukrainian civilians and kidnapped many of their children. However that is not so mighty to reasonable people, maybe to those supporting fascism, but I've never heard them called reasonable. I know the RF could get even nastier in its pursuit of a pyhrric victory, but will the deaths of all those Russians and civilians be seen as worth it? Maybe Russia's partners the CCP think so, but I have never heard them called reasonable. except perhaps nby their online bots.

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Posted in: Russia deals symbolic blow to Ukraine with village capture See in context

How many Russian speakers in Donetsk have been killed by Ukrainian Russian speakers supporting Russian speaking invaders? How many humans have been killed by Russians in Putin's attempts to expand Moscow's control? How many more deaths for Putin and the Kremlin?

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Posted in: Tornado kills multiple people in Iowa as powerful storms again tear through Midwest See in context

Sympathies to all those affected. Large arts of Iowa are in an area called "Tornado Alley" where devastating tornadoes have long touched down. Now the area is said to be expanding; if so, and if storms are forecast to be even more intense: what are the powers that are going to do to help make life there less dangerous for residents?Because Tornado Alley is also in the 'Bible Belt', maybe just continue to offer thoughts and prayers.


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Posted in: China rebukes Japan, South Korea lawmakers visiting Taiwan See in context

Taiwan President Lai Ching-te, who won a January election,

'Election' might be a word Xi and the CCP do not understand; it's a shame that in global anti-democracy circles elections are seen as negative. Countries like China and Russia are doing what they can to undermine electoral processes around the globe, and are aided by some far right groups like the US GOP, assisted by their global media.

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Posted in: Trump doesn't testify as defense rests case See in context

"So-called judge"

Typical response of the global anti-democracy herds supporting Russia/China before the US.

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