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Posted in: Insults fly as Haley's rise makes her target at U.S. Republican debate See in context

Haley's rise makes her target at U.S. Republican debate

The leader of the Republican Party, the Floridian loser facing 91 indictments, has called Nikki (Birdbrain) but recall he also appointed her. If the Republican Party does as ex-45 says "eat their young" does that mean Nikki, ex-45 and the other leading Republicans are pedo-cannibals.

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Posted in: Centenarian survivors of Pearl Harbor attack returning to honor those who perished 82 years ago See in context

“Just grateful that I’m still here,” Schab said

Thanks you Mr, Schab, all your relatives and mates that fought fascism. I'm sorry fascism has returned, especially sorry to see it in the USA.

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Posted in: Putin visits UAE and Saudi Arabia, seeking to bolster Moscow's Middle East clout See in context

@redemption: Maybe Russia can provide refuge to some of the Palestinians.

Doubtful, Saudi Arabia certainly won't the Saudi royals have their border guards shooting them. Reminds of when Putin was working for KGB?Stasi and had the German border guards shooting folks, which must delight the anti-immigration rightwing extremists.

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Posted in: Putin visits UAE and Saudi Arabia, seeking to bolster Moscow's Middle East clout See in context

I read Putin had arranged for Iranian leader to meet him in Moscow, I'm curious how Iran will see him meeting with leaders of the Arab world.

Climate change deniers and others in anti-democracy movements, your global masters have assembled in Abu Dhabi, but where is your emperor Xi?

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Posted in: Putin visits UAE and Saudi Arabia, seeking to bolster Moscow's Middle East clout See in context

seeking to bolster Moscow's Middle East clout

The anti-democracy oil producing nations join together to cement their global control and plan their latest world order, including which nations to invade and start a war with, and which leaders in a democracy to use their media power to try to remove from office, and which candidate they prefer to replace them.

A bit surprising reading that Putin has left the security of his bunker and big table, could that be because Russia is holding what the Kremlin call an 'election', hoping Putin can get 200% of the votes this time, and he's outside on a PR mission for himself.

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Posted in: Putin plans to visit UAE and Saudi Arabia this week, according to Russian media reports See in context

So Putin is leaving the protection of his bunker and big table, he must be involved in something Russians call an 'election', tryting to get 110% this time.

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Posted in: U.S. engaging with Venezuela amid sanctions reconsideration See in context

Venezuela is another messed up oil state, further messed up by meddling from the USA, Russia and China.

Empires and empire-wannabes: leave sovereign states alone, and find alternatives to burning huge quantities of fossil fuels. Venezuela with all its oil and gas, should be one of the richest in the world, instead it's an aging gas station like Russia and several other wealthy nations, with a handful of powerful autocrats running the country and living lavishly, while many ordinary citizens have so few opportunities that they're leaving their homes and homeland. Climate change, caused in large part by burning huge quantities of burned pollution causing fumes are are forcinng many from their homes.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics sullied by bid-rigging, bribery trials more than 2 years after Games See in context

The ruling caste know the kickbacks they have recieved from the Olympics and other events are relatively small potatoes and might be willing to scaifice some lower ranking nabobs, maybe even some at Dentsu, hoping that will distract the general public and some in the media so the most powerful in the ruling caste can keep the kickbacks and profits they get fom more lucrative opportunities like the energy sector, and those will not be looked into. The rulers must have read that a relative of a former US politician got billions from Saudi Arabia, and want a payback like that.

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Posted in: House Speaker Johnson insisting on sweeping border security changes in deal for Ukraine aid See in context

o ensuring the future of Ukraine and democracy.

The US Republican Party continues to show their disregard for democray (see Jan. 6, and their unfounded beliefs that their idol, the cosplaying Floridian - a convisted sexual predator, won the election, while they continue to undermine voting rights in states they control. The US Republicans, like so many other extreme rightists around the world, want to weaken democracies and replace them with dictator-led authoritarian regimes. Their motto: let's return to the 'feudal era, this time with those that have the most fossil fuels ruling everyone'.

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Posted in: Putin plans to visit UAE and Saudi Arabia this week, according to Russian media reports See in context

President Vladimir Putin plans to visit the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this week

Russia the UAE and Saudi Arabia will continue their collective efforts to convince the globe's ruling castes and their blind followers that their oil and petrochemical industries do not pollute, and climate change is not real, knowing that the globe's oil states and corporations are more powerful than sovereign nations, and that a larger percent of citizens in nations everywhere pledge allegiance to big oil than they do to their own nation.

And maybe Russia will also try to see how much more military equipment it can sell to Saudi Arabia and the UAE in their ongoing war with Yemen. What will Russia's partner Iran say about that, as it also funds forces fighting in Yemen? I think Iran has known all along that Russia is a rabid nation, but Iran accepts that because Russia like Iran is a big oil state, and Russia is a state willing to go to war to defend its role as a nuclear powered gas station.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

Resource-poor Japan has been highly dependent on imports of fossil fuels such as coal and crude oil since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster,

Since entering WW2, see invasion of Dutch East Indies. and alsoone excuse for bombing Pearl Harbor, i.e embargo of oil shipments. Japan Inc have not learned since then. Japan has relied on th US, Iran, Russia the UAE, Saudi Arabia and others instead of finding and developing alternatives to burning huge amounts of fossil fuels, which those of us living here breathe the fumes of every day. If oil is such a valuable resource why is it mostly burned.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

The LDP along with other nations are continuing to pledge allegiance to global big oil, while the LDP nabobs continue to amass even greater wealth while making their citizens pay more for energy, and while the nation's soveriehnty is further weakened. all those crying "America or whichever country first", while supporting global big oil and showing their loyalty i to big oil and not their nations, stop whining about the cost of energy, elect new leaders and look at how the lifestyle you've chosen is the main reason you're paying so much. You chose to live where you do, and chose to buy the car you drive.

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Posted in: With outburst, Musk puts X's survival in the balance See in context

With outburst, Musk puts X's survival in the balance

Musk is more concerned about pleasing China's rulers, he is giving up on the US. and the west. Musk does not respect democracies which might have a few laws and regulations that might slow his aim of acquiring even greater wealth and more control over people. He's got the anti-democracy, extreme right hordes on his side, chanting 'free speech', while at the same time banning books, especially those that might question the history of white people .

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Posted in: Earth running a fever as U.N. climate talks focus on contagious effect on human health See in context

he Dubai government, on its web site, listed its Air Quality Index level mostly at “good”

But oil sheikhdoms like so many other authoritarian regimes, and also big oil corporations (which have great influence on their home nations, often getting huge subsidies, whil pushing for authoritarianism) often manipulate data and information to serve their needs. Big oil have great control over global affairs and have used their political and media sources to convince their global backers that there are no alternatives to them and their control. 'Big oil first' is their motto, while getting indivdual nations to war against each other for the sake of big oil..

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Posted in: Half of hospitals see no merit in My Number health insurance cards: survey See in context

When taking my wife to the city hospital for her appointments, we have found the check-in lines to show insurance info, have been even slower because of My Number cards, the clerks say the same thing.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., others vow to triple global nuclear energy by 2050 See in context

@patricia Y: Start by reducing the demand for electricity, gas, and oil. There are unlimited ways forward.

For me, @Patfricia nailed it, start by reducing the demand, consume less, aim for a circular economy.

Read or -re-read "Small is Beautiful" by Schumacher.

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Posted in: Don't ignore us: Poorer nations use COP28 summit to press rich world on climate See in context

These things should be done on Zoom

Most democracies are not led by thugs that are loathe to leave the safety of a bunkered existence and spend most of their time sitting all alone at an oversized table.

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Posted in: Don't ignore us: Poorer nations use COP28 summit to press rich world on climate See in context

Hypocrites, all of them.

The willfully ignorant, among whom are many denying climate change even claiming we should use all resources now, lambaste the wealthiest who in fact are among the biggest polluters and wasters of resources, while at the same time lauding the wealthiest for their lavish lifestyles and expensive toys. Many support politicians that flaunt their lifestyles, and live by the slogan, “the one with the most expensive toys at the end wins’

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Posted in: U.S. House expels New York Rep George Santos See in context

Now the USSenate need to look into Menendez, and the GOP in general look more closely into their cult leader, who claims 'the Republican Party eat their young'. Is the previous guy claiming tghere's a new Pizzagate - this time with Repubs eating kids, what will Elmo M. report?

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Posted in: Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power See in context

Kishida, who promised to work with other countries to "triple" the global volume of green power

Prime minister heal thyself; with regard to green power, start here in Japan. The LDP and Japan, Inc. have been stuck on burning huge amounts of fossil fuels for decades, see entry into WW2, and invasion of Dutch East Indies for examples.

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Posted in: U.S. House expels New York Rep George Santos See in context

blistering ethics report on his conduct heightened lawmakers' concerns about the scandal-plagued freshman

'blistering ethics repor't, yet around 100 of its (has Santos said which gender to call itself) fellow Republicans, most red state backers of the Previous guy, voted to not expel him. 'Ethics and laws be damned' is the motto of the Republican Party, most of whom continue to support and even help fund the NFT hawker from Florida, the biggest conman in US political hstory. If all you've got is 'that would be and/or whatabou't, save it for your local gun club newsletter.

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Posted in: China hails 'old friend' Kissinger, architect of rapprochement See in context

a landmark visit by Nixon,

Who knows whether Kissinger/Nixon thought at the time that down the road that the trip to China would eventually further enrich their fellow Republican friends but hurt working class Americans (at the time mostly Democrats);The US and global ruling caste along with China's ruling caste have benefitted greatly from the Kissinger-Nixon US-China linkage, and that continues.

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Posted in: Finland closes last crossing point with Russia, sealing off entire border as tensions rise See in context

I thought Russia was the champion of the Global South, if they were then Russia would certainly want more residents from the global south. Maybe the Ukrainian children Russia has kidnapped are not projected to be enough to provide the warmongering Kremlin with armies of cannon fodder for their next invasions.

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Posted in: GOP considers holding formal vote to authorize Biden impeachment as White House questions legitimacy See in context

a process that has yet to yield any direct evidence of wrongdoing by the president.

The GOP has long been a party for which 'evidence' has not mattered, and lately it's more Qanon-ish, believing in all sorts of wack further spread by the former guy, aka Fraudmeister-in chief, whose conspiracy theories and outright lies are spread by his own blog, and by Murdoch and Musk's media empires, aided greatly by Putin and Xi and their media and social media warriors. The GOP want to undermine the republic and replace it with pure corporatocracy, with a system where the greediest and wealthiest can have no laws nor regulations to slow their quests for even more wealth for them, while saying screw the country and those that are not already wealthy, i.e. the majority of the nation..

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Posted in: Russia preparing 'loyalty agreement' requirement for foreigners: TASS See in context

defend Russia's "sacred" civilization from what he portrays as the West's decadence

Another religious war, Putin sounds like the Ayatollah or MbS, or Osama Bin Laden. Next will he call those that disagree with him 'Vermin'?

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Posted in: Russia preparing 'loyalty agreement' requirement for foreigners: TASS See in context

ncredible 27 million dead in WWII

How many of the dead were 'Russians', i.e those living within the borders of Russia, not in the soviet socialist republics?, The SSRs, including Ukraine, suffered millions of deaths because of their masters in Moscow that had once partnered with Hitler to divide the world..

Russia's partner China is putting restrictions on those that 'hurt the feelings of Chinese people'. Curious how Murdoch/Musk and others in global far right media will spin this, or if they will ignore Putin and Xi's versions of ultranationalism, unwilling to jeopardize their caste's ventures in Russia and China. The quest for control of evermore cheap oil and gas continues to smother truths.

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Posted in: Japan to join multinational project to clear mines in Ukraine See in context

@tokyo? living?Kyiv regime mines do the same..

Yes, but if they do it is because a large invading force of marauding murderers and rapisrs, has forced Ukraine to defend itself and its sovereignty in any way possible.

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Posted in: Musk visits Israel to meet top leaders as accusations of antisemitism on X grow See in context

“the pla

The above should be expanded to include 'hqtred of others' especially those that are not heterosexual, white Christian, and economically well off. Musk and his supporters have beliefs little different from the Kremlin's ruling caste.

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Posted in: Russia says it downed Ukrainian drones over five regions See in context

It's not a proxy war.

With China partnering-up even more closely with Russia, to build a tunnel from Crimea, it looks like China might be using Russia; letting Russian soldiers be killed while China dreams of taking over Crimea (closer access to Europe) and turning Crimea into another place to build condominums and maybe a gambling mecca like Macau. I wonder whether the Russian-lovers in Crimea would enjoy having China control them. Doubtful the various Russian gangs in Crimea would be pleased, they've done well being Putin's boys, and probably want to keep that relationship going.

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Posted in: Russia puts spokesman for Facebook owner Meta on wanted list See in context

Russia puts spokesman for Facebook owner Meta on wanted list

I'm no fan of Facebook, but given Russia and its global supporters have used Facebook and other western social media to push the Kremlin's agenda, it just goes to show that Putin wants to be the one that pprofits first from his own media outlets. And I'm sure Putin and the Krmlin know they still have useful idiots in the media see Murdoch empire among others, that will push their messages.

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