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Posted in: Switch to electric vehicles could end oil era See in context

Emerging markets switching from petrol and diesel engines to electric vehicles (EVs) could save $250 billion annually and slash expected growth in global oil demand by as much as 70 percent.

And create new jobs.

And reduce the chances of more wars for oil, gas and their shipment.

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Posted in: Michigan certifies Biden win despite Trump's GOP overtures See in context

At this point it has to be assumed that Trump is certifiable and needs to be 25th Amendment-ized, or he's intentionally doing as much damage to the republic as he possible can. Whichever, Trump's a LOSER.

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Posted in: White House still planning holiday parties, despite warnings See in context

As the weather has cooled, the virus has been spreading out of control, with cases and hospitalizations surging across the nation and more than 250,000 people dead.

The country continues to suffer while Trump plays golf. As many others have said, Trump is the new Nero.

And his supporters (US and 'foreign') cheer him on as the country continues to sink even lower.

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Posted in: Biden names team to steer U.S. foreign policy in post-Trump era See in context

Given the people Biden's reported to be appointing to his cabinet, who so far appear to be pretty mainstream centrist, that Trump and the far right media's 'Biden's turning the country socialist' was just one more wolf cry intended to further scare the easily duped and scared. Many of whom have no idea what 'socialist' even means beyond believing for whatever reason it's a pejorative.

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Posted in: Pompeo touts Iran policy in Gulf ahead of Biden presidency See in context

Although Pompeo has not taken questions from U.S.-based reporters traveling with him over the past 10 days, he sat down with the Saudi-owned broadcaster

Says a lot about Pompeo/Trump that he won't take questions from US-based reporters but will from Saudi, i.e. state-controlled media.

What are Pompeo/Trump trying to keep hidden this time that they don't want US reporters to know about.

Why is the US still so heavily involved in MENA that it continues its sales of military equipment and backs (fronts?) proxy wars as part of its international relations.

Until the US becomes less dependent on burning so much oil and gas, expect it to be beholden to oil states like Saudi Arabia.

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Posted in: U.S. expects to begin COVID vaccinations in early December See in context

though health care workers are certain to receive priority,

Respect to all health care workers. It would be nice to think one of the things people everywhere, especially those in power, will learn from the pandemic is how crucial healthcare is to every aspect of existence.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Belarus opposition rally in Minsk See in context

"We cannot turn the country into a prison if nobody is afraid of the jailers," she said.

Respect to each individual willing to risk jail protesting against authoritarianism.

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Posted in: Trump slams global climate agreement Biden intends to rejoin See in context

cripple the U.S. economy, not save the planet.

If the US economy is so dependent on burning huge amounts of fossil fuels,

if it cannot come up with ways to burn less,

if it cannot come up with alternatives to burning so much,

if it has to be controlled by the same 'elite' fossils,

if US people have to continue to deal with the health problems caused by burning so much,

then it has an economy better suited for the 20th century, not the 21st.

Trump and his fellow fossils are stuck in the 1950s.

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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

Some Trump followers persist in pushing their main male's divisive messages, continue pitting their 'side' against those who oppose them.

In Trump's binary world it's Trump versus the US.

Republicans and other Trump followers have taken a stand to oppose the US.

Xi, Putin, Erdogan and other despots plus the global alt right pushing pro-authoritarian, anti-democracy applaud Trump and ilk.

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Posted in: Biden wants Congress to pass virus aid in lame-duck session See in context

The American voting public have elected Biden, regardless what Trump, his fellow Republicans, his US and 'global' alt right supporters say.

 because the MSM calls him 

Add the above phrase to 'hoax', 'fraud', 'witch hunt', 'fake news', 'MSM', 'government overreach', 'muh Russia' and so many others used by the 'global' alt right.

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Posted in: As pandemic worsens, top U.S. coronavirus official issues Thanksgiving appeal See in context

Trump's failures handling the pandemic continue to weaken the US and will continue to do so long after he's left the White House.

US citizens (and their 'foreign' supporters) who continue to either deny the pandemic and/or ignore basic health measures also continue to weaken the US.

The virus has been made much worse because of incompetent leadership at all levels, especially the top, and because millions of individual Americans have not heeded the advice of medical scientists, instead have believed reports on 8chan by Qanon and other wack sources.

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Posted in: Trump joins APEC online summit as China counters U.S. protectionism See in context

He delivered a speech to fellow leaders during the two-hour event, but it was not open to the media.

Not open to the media? What's 'he' (Trump) trying to keep hidden this time.

Is 'he' (Trump) continuing to set up even more business deals between CCP oligarchs and his family.

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Posted in: Biden adds Obama administration veterans to top staff See in context

 COVID coordinator,

As the deaths from Covid45 mount, as more Americans get sickened by it, as the Trump economy continues failing millions of Americans, this position and those supporting it become even more crucial.

Trump's mishandling of the pandemic has dragged the US to its lowest level in modern history. It's up to the Biden administration to try to fix Trump's mistakes.

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Posted in: Criminal probe, legal fights await Trump after White House See in context

Trump is a corrupt businessmale and a corrupt politician, the most corrupt politician in modern history.

One positive of the Trump era has been wider scale reporting of how corrupt many of those in the 'elite' class, e.g. Trump, his family and others in his circle, are.

I would enjoy seeing Trump behind bars, but doubt that will happen. Many of the 'elite' in power don't want further attention paid to their corrupt ways.

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

Trump and Rudy G. are the new faces of the Republican Party.

They are continuing to undermine the democratic principles the republic is built on, attacking elections and voting, cornerstone to democracy.

Trump is trying to steal the election.


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Posted in: Georgia hand tally of votes is complete, affirming Biden lead See in context

robertmaes voting by post or dropping your form in a collection box is asking for this chaos

Prior to Trump I don't recall voting from post ever being 'chaotic'.

Does your country allow voting by post?

The purpose is to let people vote at their convenience

Exactly. Postal voting has made it easier for more Americans to vote; it's allowed the country to get more people participating in the bits of democracy the US has remaining. But the anti-democracy Republicans do NOT want more people voting.

Trump's trying to STEAL THE ELECTION.

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Posted in: Georgia hand tally of votes is complete, affirming Biden lead See in context

Biden now has 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.

Though Trump had several million fewer votes than Clinton in 2016, Trump supporters were claiming he clearly won the election because he had more electoral votes.

Biden won this election.

Only America's most anti-democratic individuals believe otherwise.

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Posted in: Biden calls Trump most irresponsible president in American history; rules out national lockdown See in context

Biden calls Trump most irresponsible president in American history

Trump's 'irresponsible presidency' was expected by most US citizens able to reason beyond right wing (US and 'foreign') tabloid headlines.

Throughout his life Trump's been an irresponsible human, a spoiled brat product of the privileged class. He's been an irresponsible businessmale - bankrupted a casino? Trump U?

Now he's the most irresponsible politician in US history, playing golf (on the taxpayer's dollars) while thousands die each day and his economy continues to fail millions.

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Posted in: Trump's election power play: Persuade Republican legislators to do what U.S. voters did not See in context

 thwart the will of the voters 

Trump's clearly anti-democracy. So is anyone who supports Trump's efforts to attack voting.

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Posted in: Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory See in context

it seems he’s not sending his best.

I don't think that matters to Trump and his Republicans. Their goal seems to be undermining voting, bringing into question elections in general and voting, cornerstone to democracy.

So far Trump and his R's appear to have been successful in getting large numbers of the US's 'poorly educated' to follow them in their attacks on democracy and the principles the republic was built on.

The globe's authoritarians must be pleased watching Trump further weaken the US.

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Posted in: Trump's vaccine team will not brief Biden administration See in context

The team's unwillingness to share its plans with the incoming administration "risks President-elect Biden's team not being ready

After nearly a quarter million deaths from Covid45, after millions sickened, after millions out of work because of Trump's economy that's failed millions more, Trump and his fellow Republicans want to drag the country even lower.

Trump's going to break as many things as he can on his way out.

His US supporters and other anti-Americans around the globe cheer him on.

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Posted in: U.S. COVID-19 deaths surpass 250,000 mark as infections surge See in context

On Trump's watch: dozens of thousands of needless deaths, millions sickened, a staggering economy (for the general population, not the 'elite'). And Trump's playing golf - on the US taxpayer's dollars.

Trump's failures will hurt the US for years to come. Hopefully by now anyone who had thought a corrupt businessmale leading a far right populist movement could have even the slightest chance of improving the lives of the general population has put that notion to rest.

Watching how Trump continues his assaults on the remaining bits of US democracy it would be nice to think among the 70+million who voted for Trump most will see how wrong they were.

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Posted in: Suga, U.S. Marine head oppose China's assertiveness in Indo-Pacific See in context

The above picture looks like something from Madame Tussaud's.

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Posted in: Graham facing ethics complaint over Georgia ballots question See in context

South Carolina Republican of pressuring a Georgia elections official to toss out legally cast absentee votes in the presidential race.

Graham's just another anti-democracy, anti-republic, anti-American politician who cares only about maintaining the wealth and power of the plutocrats.

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Posted in: Biden hopes for post-Trump progress on COVID-19 stimulus See in context

Once again Trump/Mnuchin/McConnell etal continue to look out for their fellow 'elite' and Wall Street first. They don't care about Main Street.

As U.S. coronavirus cases skyrocketed and deaths approached the quarter-million mark,

Trump's blunders, especially his blunders re the pandemic, will continue to damage the US long after he's gone.

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Posted in: Biden's DIY transition proceeds without Trump assistance See in context

President Donald Trump's refusal to cooperate

Trump's refusal to cooperate is just another example of how wack he is.

“more people may die” if Trump continues to block his access to vaccine distribution plans and pandemic data.

But Trump and his Republican backers don't care. They want to leave huge messes for Biden, some so large that they might not be able to clean them up.

Trump and the R's backing him are continuing to undermine the nation. How is this benefitting American people?

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Posted in: Wisconsin to hold partial vote recount as fuming Trump denies defeat See in context

the Republican Trump has persisted in venting his anger on Twitter, 

'Venting his anger on Twitter' and reinforcing his reputation as the most psychologically unstable politician in US history.

As Trump's losses continue to mount, he's also reinforcing his reputation as the biggest loser of all modern politicians.

Trump's burning bridges, doing as much damage to US systems as he possibly can. To the delight of his US supporters and other anti-Americans around the globe.

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Posted in: U.S., Europe plan vaccination schemes as second virus wave builds See in context

It's great news vaccines have been developed that could reduce the myriad problems caused by the pandemic.

It's a shame so many government leaders at all levels have done such a terrible job dealing with the pandemic. In countries with bits of democracy remaining and holding free elections, politicians who've mismanaged the pandemic need to be voted out.

It's a further shame that so many individuals, whether following their own anti-science beliefs or those of their leaders, persist in denying the existence of the pandemic or in minimizing its effects.

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Posted in: As U.S. Senate battle intensifies in Georgia, allegations fly See in context

 Senator Graham of South Carolina was pressuring him to illegally discard valid votes

Trump's Republicans continue their assaults on voting. Prior to Trump voting was seen as cornerstone to maintaining the democratic principles the republic was built on. Now Trump, his pro-authoritarian R's and their followers have damaged this most basic right.

Trump may have committed a crime

Trump continues to lower the long low standards associated with politicians. But that's to be expected when a corrupt businessmale is elected to any position.

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Posted in: Biden filling top White House team with campaign veterans See in context

After 4 years of Trump hiring his family and sycophants completely out of their element, people like little Stephen Miller who've pushed anti-immigrant, white nationalist policies, it's good to see Biden's appointing people more representative of the country's diverse makeup.

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