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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

It is simple. The world either adopts sustainability as the prevailing model, or we will exterminate our species in our garbage. The yardstick must be: will it ultimately benefit mankind and the planet?

The developed world has become addicted to too many labor saving conveniences.

If as much research was put into alternative energy research as we spend on war, the problem would be solved already.

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Posted in: Obama calls for $4 trillion deficit reduction See in context

Obama has been a crushing disappointment from Day One. He is more of a Republican than the Republicans. As for the Democrats, they are more like Republicans today, too. In fact, there is no party standing up for the working class in America. The Repubs and their brainwashed minions are working as hard as they can to destroy the middle and working class, to make women chattel and deprive them of basic human rights, and use the bodies of the poor as stepping stones on their path to their greater greed and consumption.

The big bankers and the drug cartels run the government in the US and other countries now, thanks to to the insane war on drugs.

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Posted in: How would you compare the roles of Prime Minister Naoto Kan and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano in terms of showing leadership ability during the crisis of the past five weeks? See in context

I did not observe very much in the way of leadership from either of those two individuals, although Edano got the most on-camera time. It seemed that his role was to reveal the tiny bits of data that TEPCO permitted to be released for public consumption.

A month later, I am still wondering why the word Plutonium is never mentioned anywhere, as I believe it is being released into the environment as a result of the meltdown.

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Posted in: What do you think about the current disclosure of information by the Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) concerning the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant complex, comp See in context

It is difficult to have confidence in their information now. I am wondering why the word 'Plutonium' is never mentioned. All the nuclear plants need to closed immediately, as the likelihood of continued big quakes and volcanic eruptions as result is very real, and must be given serious consideration.

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Posted in: Japan should change its outdated, U.S.-imposed medical marijuana laws See in context

Most people do not understand what is really happening in the world. The reason pot is still illegal everywhere has nothing to do with whether it is harmful or not.

No drugs anywhere, should ever be made illegal. The minute you do that, you create a pent-up demand, the price goes up, and violence results.

I want to make several points: first, it is an abomination that any government, anywhere, would attempt to criminalize the use of a plant.

Realize that our relationship with plants, both edible and medicinal, is our most primordial and inalienable birthright as human beings on the earth. For eons human beings were living in harmony with nature and learning which plants helped them survive. Cannabis is the safest, and most valuable plant on earth, providing many of life's necessities.

The black market cash from sales of plants and their extracts that have been deemed illegal, is what keeps international banks liquid, goes into politicians pockets, buys arms for terrorists. At the same time, at the local level, illegal drug sales are often the only economic opportunity for poor people in any given area.

So, we waste billions of dollars every year, jailing good people who want a safer, more natural medicine. Isn't that clever! Because usually those are the most liberal, creative,and free thinking people, the ones the governments see as a threat to their status quo.

So, with these unjust laws in place, the conservatives can simply felonize and lock up a growing number of their political opponents. Great way to suppress true democracy.

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Posted in: Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn't violate law See in context

They don't have much choice, but that doesn't make the situation any better. What I find conspicuous in it's absence is all reference to the Plutonium levels...why are they keeping that a secret?

I was so happy today to see many in the streets demanding immediate closure of the nuclear plants in Japan. That is the path toward sustainability,and a viable future for our descendants. Nuclear energy was a Faustian deal, and mankind has traded the health of future generations for a bunch of junk.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai in China for anti-drug campaign See in context

No one should ever be imprisoned for drug use. That is barbaric and inhumane.

What is never mentioned in these type of articles is that the cash money from the huge black market in illegal drugs is what keeps all the big banks of the world liquid. When the drug cartels stopped laundering their cash,they crashed the banking system in 2008, that is a matter of public record, and recorded in comments by Antonio Maria Costa, who was Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

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Posted in: Four weeks after the March 11 quake and tsunami, on what areas would you like to see the media focus their reporting? See in context

The evacuees - how are they being helped? Aren't there any nice hotels or dormitories somewhere that they could be housed in? I thought that the US treated the Katrina survivors poorly, but I see that the Japanese survivors are being treated just as badly. Pretty much just left there,on the floors of gyms, laying on cardboard boxes, while the TEPCO executives live in luxury.

I would like to see stories about Japanese activists in the streets, leading a movement toward sustainable energy. I believe this is a chance for Japan to become a showcase for alternative energy use.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for growing hemp in Tokyo park See in context

Cannabis is the safest medicine on earth. It is the world's most popular recreational drug, because it the safest, and most pleasant, with no hangover, like the killer alcohol. It should be legalized worldwide immediately.

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Posted in: Should rumor spreading be a prosecutable offense? See in context

Should "rumor" spreading be a prosecutable offense?


We don't need any more laws. What we need is the laws in effect to be enforced.

The info released by governments is always propaganda crafted to keep the people in the dark about whatever topic is being explored.

Info spread by individuals is always an attempt to ferret out the truth. That is why they want to staunch the flow of info between citizens.

Saying a rumor isn't true simply because someone denied it, is laughable.

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Posted in: Absorbent yet to soak up radioactive water at Fukushima plant See in context

San Francisco and Berkeley already have thousands of times the safe level of radioactive iodine in the rainwater. The Governor of Virginia is telling people not drink the rainwater. Philadephia also has high levels. Yet, the US federal government, like the Japan government is more concerned with crowd control, than getting the true data out to the people.

The toxins from these nuclear plants will affect everywhere the jetstream goes around the world, poisoning our food and water.

This is the time in history when people need to stand up, and demand the abolishment of all nuclear industry.

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Posted in: What's behind our conflicted feelings on nuclear power? See in context

People need to scale their power use way back. We lived just fine for eons before the nightmare of nuclear energy. This way we live now is unsustainable. Part of the world lives like royalty, wasting resources as fast possible, while the rest of the world struggles to get by on two dollars a day.

The economies of the world are not what is important. It is not the stock exchange that is important. What is important is living lightly on the earth so our great-grandchildren won't be breathing, eating, and drinking toxins, and be covered with tumors.

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Posted in: Edano criticizes TEPCO for series of mistakes on nuclear plant See in context

It is hard to have confidence in anything emanating from the TEPCO management at this point. From falsifying safety data, to sending workers in to work in their street shoes, to publishing incorrect radiation readings - TEPCO takes the cake. They are, sadly, a living, ongoing tableau of Murphy's Law in action.

In Germany now, a quarter million people took to the streets to demand an end to all nuclear plants. I would like to see them joined by people around the world, who want to see a sustainable future for the human race.

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Posted in: In the future, what should the government do about Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO)? How do you think that company should be run? See in context

The present management seems to be incompetent as well as corrupt. The plant should be closed, buried under tons of concrete forever. The executives should be put in jail for stonewalling about the dangers. I believe they have known all along that reactor 3 was leaking plutonium, the deadliest substance on earth. The full extent of damage this substance is causing won't be known for generations.

I can see why the government wants the people to 'stay calm' - they want people to keep working away, paying taxes, as if nothing was wrong. But something is very wrong, and if I were a resident, I would be planning to relocate at the earliest opportunity.

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