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Posted in: Need to learn to launch a BUK missile quick? Look online See in context

Give the simulator a go and make your own mind up.

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. 37-29 in Pacific Nations rugby clash See in context

Yes, Roosterman, I'm sure all those Welsh coal miners who play are absolutely loaded ;)

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Posted in: London’s Sumo Run has Japanese confused See in context

Its just a bit of fun. There is no stereotyping or any "point" to it than to raise money for charity for a good laugh.

Thats why you also have people dressing up as gorillas, in pink and other costumes for other similar events :)

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I think those critics of this idea down under need to put their big boy underwear on and man the hell up.

The precedent is already there. NHL and MLB teams already travel more and farther overall than the S15 franchises ever did. And they play far more games multiple home and away play offs spanning five or more games. LA to Montreal and back five or six times in two weeks, anyone?

Adding an Argentine and Japanese franchise won't be the end of the world and let's face it, the Aussies need every penny they can get right now in revenue!

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Posted in: Rooney 'gutted' after injury ends Asian tour See in context

No single man has done more to fuel exponentially the mistaken belief in Asia that Europeans are all fat, sweaty neanderthals than Wayne "Shrek" Rooney.

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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

At least the Chinese and Koreans got some kind of apology. Almost 70 years and the British POWs of the Far East are still waiting for their apology. All they got was a bit of compensation.

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Posted in: Japan to make F35 parts under relaxed arms ban See in context

Japan has already signed up to the F-35 program back in December 2011.

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

I'm sorry Presto345 but the fact that all of my words were in bold and you didn't type response correctly means I win the debate! Nyer nyer nyer!

Only joking :) good point btw.

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

Just adding to the above post (this time without going OTT on the bold). One example of an awesome personal touch are the platform staff on London Underground who add comedy to their platform announcements. One member of staff was so eager to get people to move down the platform that he started singing "move on down to the front of the train.." to the tune of Monty Python's "Always look on the bright side of life". Complete with the whistling. Beats the ultra-politeness and annoying keyboard jingles of JR and Tokyo metro any day...

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

While I think there are bad points in both British, European and Japanese customer service but both have their good points too. Service in some British chains such as BHS or the big supermarkets like ASDA or Tesco can be a bit surly and rude but then service in chains of John Lewis, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer are polite, responsive and for the most part are agile to "out of the box" requests. Also I have never, ever, seen or heard of a case of men following women into female changing areas at any UK clothes store. All the big chains like H&M, Topshop, etc operate strict policies segregating changing areas by sex and treating harshly anybody who dares cross that boundary. Case in point I was in a branch of River Island with my girlfriend who went to try someone on. I sat down outside the female changing area and overheard one shop assistant enter and say to my girlfriend: "Sorry to disturb you but theres a man hanging around outside, want me to move him on?" At the end of the day if Reiko had seen such a thing take place she should have reported that promptly to the store manager because that kind of thing is absolutely, positively, completely not allowed. Another area which appears to be a massive cultural misunderstanding is gift wrapping. In the UK, unless you're in a big department store and its a very special gift then you gift wrap it yourself. No exceptions. In the UK if you give someone a present that looks like its obviously been wrapped in store or via amazon.co.uk, etc then that shows that you're pretty lazy on your part and can't be bothered to make the effort. So, what may seem like excellent customer service in Japan might lead to relationship issues in the UK!!! I think Japan beats the rest of the world on up front customer service and politeness. They're happy to see you, happy to help you and so on. They go the extra mile so long as what you ask for falls within the exact parameters of their job. Ask them to do something out of the box and they panic. Some panic at the very sight of you which is embarrassing to say the least not least for the company they represent. So the one major problem with Japanese customer service is that you always feel like you're on rails: stuck for the duration of the ride with no opportunity to deviate or change course.

Also another problem is that you don't get to banter or have fun with staff like you do in the UK, Europe or the USA. Japanese staff either completely panic and go all mute (cutely of course) or completely blank you when you crack a joke or try and strike up conversation. Of course many will argue that you're there to buy stuff and not make friends but its that personal touch that makes many a shopping experience in the UK, USA or Europe such a joy.

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Posted in: Sonny Bill keen to delay Japan move to play in Rugby Championship See in context

He certainly makes it hard for his fans in Rugby, League and even Boxing to pin down properly!

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Posted in: Britain outside the EU: Switzerland with nukes? See in context

@Lucabrasi: Yet more rubbish assertions that fail to consider the power of shared culture and heritage and its power over pure demographical changes. Just because immigration to Australia has changed doesn't mean that Australia itself has changed or deviated from its core roots of Britain and Ireland. So the "Young Australian of the year" has an Asian name. Big deal. He's signed up to an Australia that believes in values completely alien to those of the country whence his predecessors had come from.

Is Australia subservient to the UK? No! And it shouldn't be but it will never ever fit in with the rest of East Asia (which views booming successful Australia as trailer trash which to me sounds like severe sour grapes from the Chinese, Indonesians, Japanese and Malaysians) and that is down to its culture, history and institutions. Ditto New Zealand.

When you have sporting institutions like Cricket and League and cultural ones like the Royal Canadian Legion with war memorials in small Canadian towns like Kelowna built portland stone for portland stone like their British equivalents with the Canadian and British Columbian flags taking second place to the Union Jack flying in the middle high above and when you see the Queen celebrating a fantastic diamond jubilee and being received with full honours by the countries she is still head of state you see just how silly your little baseless assertions are.

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Posted in: U.S. sending Ospreys to Japan despite local protests See in context

If I were there I'd be protesting against the Osprey deployment too...not because I'm anti-military, American or anything but because those damn Ospreys are so accident prone they're virtually widow makers!

Seriously hope Osprey pilots get extra danger money for flying those death traps!!!

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Posted in: Britain outside the EU: Switzerland with nukes? See in context

I find it amusing that this article doesn't quote one Eurosceptic viewpoint bar Open Europe, doesn't talk to any Eurosceptic figures in the press or political class or seriously conducts a review on the chances of the UK surviving outside of the EU.

This is the same bully boy tactics that are currently scuppering the Unionist effort to keep Scotland part of the UK: all negativity and threats and no positivity. How the hell can Pro-Europeans expect the UK to "feel european" if they endlessly bash it with a stick to keep it in line.

And @Lucabrasi - what a load of tosh. Australia and New Zealand have a lot in common with the UK in terms of culture. Its Prime Minister was born in Wales for example, its craft beer (Coopers & Little Creatures) is some of the best in the world (and inspired by Britain's real ale) and has generous links back to British & Irish culture in its food, its sport and and entertainment.

The idea that Australia has nothing in common with Britain is utter tripe and is usually pedalled by the supporters of Paul "we've more in common with Asia even though Asia hates our guts and wants us dead" Keating.

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Posted in: Craft beer finds growing U.S. fan base See in context

If there is one think about the Yanks they are a very curious bunch and once they get ahold of something they'll try every iteration of it before shaping it into something that is very All American. And so it should be too.

I'd dare say its the energy coming from America's craft beer revolution that is revitalising craft beer across the globe. The UK has over 980 real ale breweries - a number not surpassed since before WW2 - and that is partly down to whats been happening in North America. I regularly go to Chicago on business and having Goose Island there is a delight and a definite boon to the City's tourism I think. Dublin has Guinness and Chicago has Goose Island :) I even found a brew pub there that did their own cask conditioned ale and had even imported the hand pump from the UK. Tasted deliciously malty and I was in heaven :)

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