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Posted in: Japanese man accused of fatally stabbing girlfriend at Airbnb in California See in context

This guy is a Japanese NATIONAL, he's screwed in a USA ruthless prison, he better hope he gets solitary confinement.

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Posted in: Air Self-Defense Force base worker arrested for molesting woman See in context

"lifted up her dress and then groped her bottom"

on a public road too.

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Posted in: Nissan files ¥10 bil damages suit against Ghosn See in context

back and forth:


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Posted in: 8-year-old-boy dies after being hit by car on crossing See in context

Back in the day I almost got severely hit by a j man on a bicycle as I began to cross the street , the clown had plenty of room on my right side but he wanted to shock me with his daring closeness of damn near bruising me. The miserable loon knew exactly what he was doing. If you inform the kobanites , they most likely wont do nothing, but if yio do something they'll be on it like stank on do do.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy arrested for stabbing mother with scissors See in context

"The boy then called 110 and said he had stabbed his mother"

That was thoughtful.....I guess.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for groping woman on train See in context

"Again, a mug shot and a sex offenders list would do wonders here."

They'll never figure that one out. Saving face is the order of the day for them.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for abusing wife See in context

back in the day I watched a kobanite do the funky chicken in Shizuoka near his station , and on another occasion I called their office and received a belligerent response cause my Japanese language was not so good, and was told I would be censured.

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Posted in: Man shot dead in Gunma Pref; suspect on the loose See in context

a man's angry voice. a man's angry face, a man's angry stare, see a lot, these days on the streets day and night wondering if something is about to pop off, and get cracking.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing downstairs neighbor See in context

"Police said there had apparently been trouble between the two men for some time'

There was a case where an downstairs neighbor had got into a conflict with the upstairs neighbor over leaves in the downstairs balcony. An evil quarrel resulted, with a menacing face kabuki balloon placed in the down stairs patio. Subsequently police were called because the upstairs neighbor started bang on the downstairs ceiling , at late evenings and early mornings. Apt management and police did VERY little. Then it was said that the upstairs wife started working some black magic on the downstairs guy, sending him to a hospital for a slight case of heart failure. Moral to this story never get into it with somebody living above you or below you in Japan. Cause the system will fail you, especially if you are not native

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Posted in: Nissan bolsters taskforce to prepare for Ghosn onslaught See in context

Japan buys a lot of the forbidden Iranian oil, lets see how that pans out under stronger US bans on Iranian products.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after slashing tourist in Osaka shop See in context

"Japan really needs to address the number of b cluster personally disorders it has walking the streets."

a lot of foreigners like Don Quijote’s "“I bought a kitchen knife to kill someone. " oh boy better not do that near the US embassy..with Donald trump in office.

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Posted in: Man fined ¥300,000 for online hate speech See in context

"a local ordinance in Kanagawa Prefecture bans troublesome behavior"

What about other prefects in Tokyo, i.e. Bunkyo-ku?

"It is the first time a criminal punishment has been imposed for hate speech under such an ordinance"

aint that the truth

The criminal penalty serves as a deterrent to an extent,

"There needs to be laws to punish discrimination itself,"  Especially in Public places in Tokyo.

There also needs to be more coppers that will follow through on such a complaint

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of sister and her 3-year-old son in Saitama See in context

"resisting arrest after he tried to leave the scene of the crime, carrying a blood-stained knife."

yep he lives in a lucky country.

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Posted in: Japan plans harsher road rage penalties after high-profile incidents See in context

They also need harsher sidewalk cyclist rage penalties. Saw 2 get at each other over the bike lane on the sidewalk. It sounded from their screaming voices like serious bodily harm was in the air, mind you this aint the first time I saw this in Tokyo. And as stress rises and other tensions the frequency will increase.

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Posted in: Man pleads guilty over deadly knife rampage on bullet train See in context

"social infrastructure" great terminology in this case!

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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context

back in the day in toshima ku, it was an old jn joke doing such, and them Iranians got hold of him and that was all she wrote.

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Posted in: Diamonds, precious metals valued at hundreds of millions of yen stolen from Tokyo residence See in context

the front door had been forcibly opened by some sort of tool

If it was a "luxury apartment" the noise was made, and you're saying nobody heard or saw the ruckus in a "luxury apartment" with all those inquiring minds?

Well I guess Police said street surveillance camera footage may provide facial details and a ID on the vehicle.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed while walking home in Chiba See in context

"Random crimes may be down, but planned ones are definitely same or even increased in recent years, "


I remember in the 70's Singapore, had a rough time with crime, but when the police population began to be mixed with other nationals, and their laws became stricter, crime dramatically reduced. Now Singapore in 10 times safer than Japan and now the Japanese yen is very close to the Nepalese rupee, and Nepal does not make any name brand vehicles.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting, robbing woman on her way home See in context

"The woman hit the ground heavily and was seriously injured, police said, adding that one of her teeth was knocked out by the impact"

very messed up

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Posted in: Gang member arrested over murder of woman in love hotel See in context

"it's sad to see men at ages approaching mortality behaving like drugged up young psychopaths"

Yeah here its never to old to be a syndicated thug life.

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed in separate incidents in Yokohama; suspect arrested See in context

"Two men were stabbed Friday evening in separate incidents in Yokohama with a male suspect on the run, police said."

That sounds like attempted murder. But the spin says: The injuries of the two victims are not life-threatening, the police said.

and what about the concealed weapon charge duh?

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

"I'm telling you, things have changed."

and that heat wave is on the grind.... nothing but confrontation is on the horizon

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Posted in: U.S. Marine, in custody for assault, also charged with attempted murder of woman See in context

Not again...

"Police said Hill was in Japan to undergo training and was staying at Camp Fuji Marine Corps in Shizuoka Prefecture." Sounds like he needed more host country behavior training

I noticed with the quickness, all those wing-nut guys with microphones and loudspeakers parked on corners, now vehemently clapping back at the incident. Well maybe they should go to the marine bases, and express themselves there, instead of stirring up the locals with loud speaker, megaphone rhetoric.

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Posted in: Knives found near Prince Hisahito's desk at Tokyo school See in context

"disguised as a construction worker"

some of them non disguised construction workers could use a free vacation to compton or long beach california.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating girl after she helps woman who vomited on bus See in context

"Yuta Taguchi, a self-professed company worker,"


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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

Hey, Disillusioned

Back in the day, I lived in an apartment bld in tokyo, on the fourth Fl near the end of a long dark hallway. There this creepy old rt wing nut a couple doors down, from me who would be hatin like a mad hatter, giving me the mean mug , whenever he saw me , ohh I wanted to serve him up something proper, but my hand s were tied in J-land. Anyway the only small light/lamp near my apt mysteriously came up broken with its pieces on the floor near my door one day. I could barely make it to my apt because it was dark. I called the j-stones, and they reluctantly came and took pictures. They told me to come with them to the cold ban, and they finger-printed me. I was like wtf, but complied cause its j-land, I wish they had cameras like now.

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Posted in: Right-wing activist arrested for attempting to free friend from jail See in context

In recent month's there's been a lot of "them" clustering around that kojimachi area , which is the vicinity of the yakusuni shrine. What are they planning to do, stirring up all those "good Japanese" folks with those loudspeakers and propaganda. Some say they are trying to recruit, and get at the okinawa agenda.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for injuring passerby who caught him filming up woman's skirt See in context

@Do the hustle

" I was told by the flops, in English, “Stay out of Japan business.”

I once informed the flops in about 2 gaigins fighting, they asked "are they Japanese? , I said no, they said dont worry about it.

Hold your own nutz!

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Jimmy N Today  01:21 pm JST

This again. I think the Japanese cops should fire guns more often so that there would be less people trying to attack them. Like the us cops, for example.

Some have suggested that they need to integrate the police depts with non japanese like in Singapore, thus creating a balance , and minimizing the nationalistic mind set of criminals.

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Posted in: Japanese boxer on death row keeps up the good fight See in context

made it to 82 under those conditions, I wonder 's what his longevity secret

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