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Posted in: Dog attacks 3 sheep in Nagano Prefecture See in context

@Laguna, That's NOT true. All dogs are predators and will chase anything that runs. Sheep excel at running. Some humans encourage their dogs to chase sticks, cats, other dogs, deer, bear, humans....because dogs like to chase things on their territory or because it is moving or because they have been trained to pursue. But the desire to chase is inherent in the species. I too hope the owner is located and fined. If it is surmised the dog was 'famished' it sounds as if the dog was dumped and starving. Owner should be fined for that as well.

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Posted in: Dolphin, penguins left at defunct aquarium spark concerns See in context

This is heartbreaking. Surely some organization would be interested in the dolphin. It would be nice if she could be 'soft' released (NOT Taiji! Although that may be where she was taken from as a baby). As for the Humboldt's, they are a long way from home. Perhaps some zoological society (better equipped) would be interested in the remaining birds. The video of the Shirotori Zoo in Kagawa is ....indescribable. While the pens are clean....they are TOO SMALL! Horrific for the Tigers and Lions. They shouldn't be breeding any large cats...what are they feeding them? The pigs? The donkeys? Zebra? Zebra is too thin. Owls are horrifically territorial....I cringe seeing multiple owls crowded in one aviary and wonder how many have died at the claws of their avian neighbors. What is with tethering animals? Monkeys? Birds? Too cruel. I do not believe all Japanese find this amusing.

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Posted in: Man arrested for drugging, raping over 100 women in fake clinical study See in context

He may have taken out an ad and arranged to have women meet him at a set location. If they saw other women signing up for 'testing' then they probably thought he was legit...same if he 'scheduled' them to meet him at a hotel for 'sleeping'. Of course, after the fact, they were probably mortified and embarrassed over what happened and I am certain he was LONG GONE...or he thanked them for their 'participation' and they were kind of grossed out and left. Too humiliated to tell anyone.

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Posted in: 'Remarkable' Australian economy steams ahead See in context

In addition, the population of AU compared to the U.S. is quite low, which is why mining is able to be done. Not so in the U.S. Corporations are now turning their sights to National Parks to destroy to mine...or farmland and our gov't is selling to the highest bidder at rock bottom prices.

US has almost 300 million more peeps than AU (288,665,780 to be exact).

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Posted in: Tons of dead sardines wash up on Chiba shore See in context

As for radiation scare. I believe that has been dispersed sufficiently so as not to be a problem unless the reactors are still leaking. It's true, radiation doesn't 'go away' and will remain in fish/mammals that encountered it initially or were in the area and exposed to concentrations of radiation. If those creatures survived, they will be contaminated by radiation for the rest of their lives, but if they are able to produce, the worst that would happen is they pass along progeny that might carry DNA defects. They wouldn't be irradiated. I suspect those sea creatures worst affected have died already.

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Posted in: Tons of dead sardines wash up on Chiba shore See in context

Has it been hot in Japan lately? This too will deplete oxygen in the water and cause the algae blooms that kill multitudes of fish.

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Posted in: Two sisters, aged 5 and 3, perish in Tokyo fire See in context

What happened to taking the kids with you?

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Posted in: Bodies of two sisters found in Sapporo apartment See in context

It's quite possible the one with the hematoma fell and hit her head. Possibly due to lack of food...possibly due to cold, worse she probably bled out internally (a la Natalie Richardson). Surviving sister may have thought she was dead or 'sleeping' depending on how mentally incapacitated she was. Dying of hunger and cold is not a kind way to die.

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Posted in: NZ police alarmed at breastfeeding motorists See in context

@Yagura...babies being breastfed, must be fed every 15 minutes for ~15 minutes. It's not like you can feed and strap the baby in the seat and drive on. Breastfeeding is dedicated feeding. Bottle feeding you can feed and strap and the baby sleeps. Hmmm...dirty diaper strapped to mom? That would be an immediate pull over.

I don't think breastfeeding has anything to do with single mothers. It is a choice made by many women, single or paired. The fact of the matter is, breastfeeding takes up a phenomenal amount of a woman's time and for many it's easier to multi-task and get things done with a baby strapped to you.

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Posted in: Spielberg 'honored' by 'War Horse' royal premiere See in context

SS: Apparently, you have never had pets, much less horses.

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Posted in: Australian tourism industry 'in crisis' See in context

I was surprised at how inviting Mexico was to Aussies when I visited in 2005 and 2006. Droves were flying there. I agree with Johannes, to fly over 14 hours, you really need to spend at least 2 weeks somewhere and few people have the time to take from work or the money to subsist for >2 weeks. I love to travel, but my wings have been clipped since the economy tanked. I was able to return to Japan in 2007 for a week, but haven't been able to go back. I love both countries. Fortunately, my friends in Japan are far kinder at putting me up part-time than my friends in AU, so travel is much easier and less costly.

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Posted in: 2-year-old Chinese girl left on street after hit-and-run dies See in context

I see China still holds females in low esteem.

What was this toddler doing out on the street by herself? Doesn't say if she was struck in broad daylight or night time. It's conceivable the second vehicle didn't even realize she was human, H&Rs are often struck a second or even third time after falling into the street. But why nobody who saw her struck (and it sounds as if there were plenty of people around by the article) didn't move her from the street....or even pull her from the street before she was hit....is definitely sad.

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in convenience store toilet trash can See in context

Hmmm. women have been birthing for a long time. If there weren't European toilets, but Asian, her squatting would have facilitated the birth. I thought adoption was stigmatized in Japan? Is is booming now? Plastic will retain what little warmth the baby had. Glad she made it, she's a fighter!

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Posted in: Radiation likely came from radium in bottles beneath floor of empty house See in context

Why would someone have bottles of radium buried under their home?

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Posted in: More body parts found in Hiratsuka See in context

I love Japan. It's one of the few countries I have visited where children can still safely walk to school. I think (certainly where I've been) the adults who live along the route oversee these youngsters and yet they march on alone and without adult supervision. This was in Tokyo. Didn't see elementary aged children enroute to school outside of the city...but have certainly ridden trains packed with teens enroute to schools in another town (Kitakami to Morioka).

The murder described sounds a bit personal. It's always possible, but unlikely, it was a random killing. Although crime happens anywhere, so it always behooves one to be aware of your surroundings, day or night.

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

I'm ready!

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Posted in: Walmart bringing real Japanese food to the United States See in context

THAT's not any Japanese food I remember. Sounds like Chinese food - Americanized. Where is okonomiyaki? Where is ginnan kushiyaki? Where is zaru soba? Where is amazake?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating 94-year-old father to death with iron See in context

Hmmm...she left the 'child' home with her husband? Gah, if I had a child at 61, i'd want to kill someone too. I think this woman was feeling overwhelmed. She probably was summoned to come take care of dad...while I don't condone her actions.....she sounds like she had a more than full plate.

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