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Posted in: Japan cracking down on illegal taxis as tourism boom drives demand See in context

Mmmmm this should’ve been done when legit taxi companies were struggling in the pandemic period

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Posted in: India lands spacecraft near moon's south pole See in context

Geez! The live video was like a bad CGI version of the 1979 Atari arcade game Lunar Lander.

LOL yes. But it wasn’t really video. It’s a graphic created that moves based on acquired data. It’s called mimic display.

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Posted in: Kurobe Dam begins water discharge event See in context

OMG! Fifteen Thousand Tons of Water per second !

OMG!! Till October 15th !! How many seconds are there in 3 1/2 months?

A Trillion Times a Trillion Times a Trillion Times? 

I do NOT believe it!!

I like your enthusiasm but it’s not 15 thousand tonnes, it’s 10-15 tonnes per second, probably par for the course for valves of that bore size. Moreover, I do not suppose it will be continuously released 24x7 at that capacity.

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Posted in: Emperor to visit Indonesia in June See in context

Sorry, Badak is still operational

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Posted in: Emperor to visit Indonesia in June See in context

For Japan, the largest importer of LNG in the world, the first shipment came in from Indonesia late eighties, I think. Indonesian LNG powered Japan for decades till the Arun and Badak projects ran dry.

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Posted in: High school student excluded from graduation ceremony for cornrow hairstyle See in context

Absolute lunacy. School robbed poor kid of one of his proudest moments (that could’ve been). I’m guessing one of two rotten apples in school management and the rest too scared or shy to support the boy. Sigh.

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Posted in: Japan’s school backpacks keep getting more expensive, so now parents can rent them See in context

Oh those hideous looking things, if you say you find them comfortable you’re either lying or haven’t ever had a good quality backpack rest on you. They’re in use only because SOME schools require that design. Else there’s no reason for them to exist.

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Posted in: Japan aborts launch of 1st H3 rocket after booster engines fail to ignite See in context

It was heartbreaking to see Okada almost break down after every word he said at the press conference. These guys work very hard throughout the project and it must really crush them to see the whole thing bomb for a minute error.

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Posted in: Operator of missing Hokkaido boat apologizes for causing fatal accident See in context

"I made the final decision to depart on the condition that the captain make the decision to turn back if the seas got rough,"

I’m 100% confident that’s a lie. The Master (skipper) is the one ultimately responsible for all lives on board and to think that he wanted to sail out while the office boss putting a condition on this would be ridiculous. It would be conflict of interest for both parties. They killed the master, crew and passengers out of greed and negligence.

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context

The school that my child goes to has a few rules on the “don’ts” and that’s just about it. No uniform, no draconian dress codes or hairstyle restrictions that make kids feel like robots. HE LOVES IT !!!

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of show of force with Taiwan Strait passage See in context

China needs to sit down and take a look at the UNCLOS.

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Posted in: Police assist local Kurdish community with Turkish-language newspaper See in context

Well done Kawaguchi. Really nice to see the word “welcomed” here.

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Posted in: Ex-transport minister Hata, 53, dies from COVID-19 after falling ill on Dec 24 See in context

Rest in Peace, Hata. Poor taste to use a picture that includes a controversial visit when the bloke’s just passed away. Seriously. This is not the time, Japan Today !

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Posted in: Big carbon? Oil majors turn to nature to help plug revenue gap See in context

The Californian firm expects to generate $1 billion for landowners over the next 10 years

Unless you’re referring to a BP operation in the USA, it’s basically a UK firm headquartered in London.

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Posted in: Japanese anti-sexual violence ad, #ActiveBystander, becomes online hit See in context

Sorry, as a foreigner, I know better than to get into this but hope the locals pick it up well!!

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Posted in: Hamilton poised for record-equaling 7th F1 title in Turkey See in context

Love the sport and yes it is exciting that someone will equal someone’s record. At the same time, it is not exciting too. There’s way too much difference between the top car and the last one on the grid.

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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, 'Torch Tower,' to be built in Tokyo See in context

Was not impressed with the name and then the background explanation made it worse. Sigh.

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Posted in: Chinese authorities take control of U.S. consulate in Chengdu See in context

As one who’s a big fan neither Of China nor of the USA (please don’t confuse USA with American people), I’d like to see China receive a nice diplomatic whack this time around. Their bullying has now reached vulgar levels when they should be apologizing, correcting and preventing !!!! Chinese people, this doesn’t mean you, more the CCP.

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Posted in: Yamato becomes Japan's 1st city to 'ban' use of phones while walking See in context

Good start. Please understand this is not an airtight control measure. It’s about litigation when such use of phone is involved. People will still do it as it says there’s no penalties just for doing it. But if doing it leads to the next offense, becomes easier to sue. The ban for now is probably for litigation purposes. I’d have been sued several times by now for intentionally bumping into zombies.

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Posted in: Cloth mask deliveries to begin Friday under controversial Abe initiative See in context

Look, I’ll take it. Before the emergency was announced in Tokyo, I had been teleworking for a month already. I had no family that I could send to the drugstore to hoard the masks that were there at the time. So whatever I had from influenza 2 years ago, I’m using now and down to my last 2. So could’ve been good if at least these masks were any good instead of a cloth that’s same as the hankeys that I already have. Feeling like the last gazelle in the herd with the lion closing in.

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Posted in: Mayor admits to accepting cash from scandal-hit lawmaker Kawai See in context

Is the amount correct? 200k? I’d sue him for humiliation.

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Posted in: Japan struggles to get a grip on social distancing See in context

Social Distancing: how ironic that it’s always been there mentally, just if the physical aspect could be addressed, would go a long way to help.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

prevention is better than cure. Send out instructions not requests for cooperation

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Posted in: For some Fukushima evacuees, Olympics no reason for cheer See in context

Sucks for Japan, the timing of this. Really bad luck. But hope the authorities will do the right thing, for everyone’s safety.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for abusing wife See in context

It should be 0.05 g/dL and not mm. And that’s super drunk.

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Posted in: Injured badminton star Momota to return to Japan on Wed See in context

The driver was killed. Did you not read the article?

apologies. Missed that part.

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Posted in: Injured badminton star Momota to return to Japan on Wed See in context

World No. 1 men's badminton player Kento Momota, who was injured in a fatal crash in Malaysia, 


anyway wishing the hero speedy recovery.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape breaks up legal 'dream team' See in context

Ghosn is a nightmare.

not yet. Wait for it :-)

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Posted in: England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup See in context

Could’ve been anything from jealousy out of not having something of their own (or maybe intimidation). But seriously whatever formation you make, you’re just an onlooker and the little English felt exactly that for the duration of the kiwis’ limelight.

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Posted in: Japan rugby captain Leitch still dazed after emotional night See in context

I don't think so. Rugby is a physical contact sport, and isn't really suitable with Japanese style of playing sport; just look at how Japanese play soccer. Japanese soccer players use technical skills to pass ball around and avoid physical contact.

Even the current Japanese national rugby team is dominated by foreigners.

After the rugby world cup is over, the rugby fad in Japan will pass.

You’d be a finalist in the “missing the point” World Cup. The idea is that Japan doing well in this sport will generate interest in young sportspersons. By your logic, there’d be no Japanese in the national team. What are judo, wrestling, boxing? Japan is in them all!

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