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Posted in: Japanese firms must address human rights in supply chains: UNDP director See in context

Asking a country that literally works their employees to death - so much so, they invented a word for it - to address human rights seems laughable at this point.

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Posted in: What are some of the most disturbing movies you have seen? See in context

On a separate note, Miike's Audition (1999), especially it's finale, was very hard to stomach (3 quarters of the viewers left while I was squirming in my seat...)

The tone of this movie make it all the more jarring - it starts off almost like a boring drama with romantic inklings then goes a very, very disturbed rabbit hole. The change in tone and pace almost gives viewers whiplash. It's one of my favorite movies of Miike's.

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Posted in: What are some of the most disturbing movies you have seen? See in context

Oh boy, as an avid horror movie fan, the list could go on but off the top of my head:

Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood 

Tetsuo: The Iron Man



Human Centipede

A Serbian Film

Dans Ma Peau (In My Skin)

Cannibal Holocaust

I Spit On Your Grave

I mean if these type of movies are your bag, the New French Extremity category is where you should go.

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Posted in: Aide to Kishida says he would hate to see LGBT couple See in context

Oh look, another homophobic, close-minded bigot in a position of power. How...unsurprising. And people wonder why the world is on fire.

Japan remains the only Group of Seven country that does not recognize same-sex marriage or civil unions*

Such remarks about Japan is brought up time and time again when it comes to issues regarding society. For a country with such a "saving face" mentality, does this really not bother them that they continue to fail and drag behind their international peers?

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Posted in: Ex-UK leader Truss to urge tougher China stance in Tokyo meeting See in context

Truss, sweetie. Your only legacy is lasting 49 pitiful days in office as UK's PM. Your words hold no weight. Please vacate the premises and let the adults do the talking.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching wife's face in Sapporo restaurant See in context

Publish his mug shot and name in the papers so everyone knows about the wife-beater in their neighborhood. What a disgusting PoS. I hope the wife divorces him and files a restraining order, or whatever the equivalent is in Japan, against him.

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Posted in: King Charles III won't appear on new Australian bank notes See in context

I’ve always thought getting your face on a banknote should be reserved for those who made outstanding contributions in their particular fields.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen Newton, Darwin, Shakespeare, Adam Smith, Nightingale etc. on UK banknotes.

I don’t know what Charles has achieved.

Hear! Hear! The man hasn't done or achieved anything worthy of having his face plastered anywhere. It's a waste of taxpayers' money to print out new banknotes. Leave her late Majesty's face on; she looks more distinguished anyway.

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Posted in: An American world champion freestyle skier and an Austrian man died, while several other skiers were injured after being hit by an avalanche while backcountry skiing in Nagano Prefecture last weekend. What makes the backcountry so appealing to skiers and snowboarders despite the danger? See in context

The thrill of the unknown and the danger of moving at such speeds on unpredictable terrain is attractive to some. It's one of the closest ways to feeling like you're flying when you're moving down the mountain at those speeds. Then there's being in pristine nature and having the vast outdoors yawning before you. It's gorgeous and humbling.

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Posted in: UK braces for chaos as half a million teachers, civil servants, train drivers walk out See in context

More power to them.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man robs woman of ¥2.3 million in Kanagawa parking lot See in context

This is suspicious on so many levels. Who walks about with that kind of cash on hand nowadays?

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Posted in: Woman who served in SDF sues gov't, assailants over sexual harassment See in context

Good for her for taking a stand. Japan has always done poorly when it comes to sex related crimes and it's about time someone called the government and all its associated bodies out on it.

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Posted in: Apartments with no bath or shower rising in popularity among young Tokyoites, report says See in context

Stop romanticizing unsuitable accommodations. It's an apartment if there are lavatory facilities, shower or bath, a properly kitted out kitchen and decent amount of space. Even prison cells have toilets nowadays. This is just a shady way to lure gullible (first time) tenants into renting a place that will end up being more hassle than is worth the rent.

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Posted in: Woman decides to go for a walk on the busiest train tracks at Shibuya Station See in context

What a peculiar response to receiving poor directions. A follow-up to this article would be nice if and when she reveals the actual truth.

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Posted in: Japan to decide on abortion pill after panel's agreement See in context

Abortion is legal in Japan up to 22 weeks, but a surgical procedure is currently the only option and consent is usually required from a spouse or partner.

What kind of draconian, backwards rule is this? What about in cases of rape - does the victim have to ask their rapist for consent to abort a baby they didn't even ask for?

Emergency contraception cannot currently be bought without a doctor's approval in Japan.

Not being able to buy Plan B over the counter makes the entire pill null and void. The word is in the name - "emergency" aka ASAP. If you have to make a doctor's appointment to get access to emergency contraception, you're already at higher risk of getting pregnant. What asinine lawmakers thought this way the way to go?

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Posted in: Japan decides to ease medical rules on COVID-19 on May 8 See in context

I thought they wanted to boost Japan's economy. Classifying it the same status at the flu before a big holiday makes more sense, financial wise anyway but it seems as per usual, they need to hum and haw needlessly before actually making a move.

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Posted in: Heavy snow continues across much of Japan as cold snap maintains grip See in context

Saw a video on Twitter of how it was snowing inside Kyoto Station. That got a good laugh. It's the perfect example of design over function.

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Posted in: 'Everything Everywhere' tops Oscar nominations with 11 See in context

Ireland has 14 nominations!!.

> The Irish language movie the quiet girl is a nice one.

This movie devastated me in the best way possible. It was gorgeous and beautifully shot.

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Posted in: 'Everything Everywhere' tops Oscar nominations with 11 See in context

Last year was a good year for cinema. The Banshees of Inisherin and Everything Everywhere All At Once were excellent and I hope they win big at the Oscars.

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Posted in: Much of Japan to see heavy snow from Tuesday as winter storm arrives See in context

I do so adore snow.

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Posted in: For those of you with young children, how are you dealing with their requests to have cell phones? See in context

Not a parent but I'd emulate what my folks did, which was to give a secondhand basic cellphone when the kid turns 12. Kids under 12 don't need a phone; certainly not a smartphone anyway. If need be, one of those simple phones for calling and texting if there's an emergency would suffice. No need for a smartphone with access to the internet and social media.

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Posted in: Some fear COVID downgrade may cause more infections See in context

Fear is what's keeping Japan stuck in 2020 when it comes to Covid. Much of the world has moved on and resume normality and people in Japan are still strapping cloth diapers to their faces even when outside or alone in their cars. Downgrade the virus, remove the restrictions, and get on with it already.

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Posted in: Japan to roll out plans to back Ukraine at 'appropriate time,' U.S. official says See in context

The war in Ukraine has been raging on for a year. Exactly when does Kishida think is an "appropriate time"? When the war is over perhaps? Unbelievable.

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Posted in: College student admits he robbed taxi driver; denies in court that he was rude about it See in context

The man clearly cheated his way into uni if he thought "politely" robbing someone who get him off the hook. SMDH.

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Posted in: Japanese passport ranks yet again as most mobile in the world See in context

Ironic considering many Japanese citizens never step foot out of Japan. Not many even hold passports apparently:

In 2019, only 23% of Japanese citizens held passports — the lowest rate among G7 nations, according to Nikkei Asia.


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Posted in: Tokyo hospitals and clinics welcoming birth partners See in context

When I started my original research, I was alarmed to see that many ladies’ clinics and hospitals in Japan did not allow for tachiai bunben (delivery with the father/birth partner present).

I'm confused. Is it typical in Japan to not allow partners, parents, doulas etc. in the birthing room?!!

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Posted in: What are some things that travelers do, consciously or subconsciously, to sabotage their comfort and overall experience on long-haul international flights? See in context

1: Being wholly unprepared like for example, if you've got a sensitive stomach, not packing some anti-acids or failsafe foods to eat on the plane.

2: dressing for looks, not comfort. The last thing I want is to sit for 12+ hours in clothes that aren't movable, adaptable and breathable. Wear comfy, breathable layers and loose jeans, sweats or pants.

3: packing your own entertainment. Yes, there is in-flight entertainment on many carriers but sometimes they do run into problems; so just in case, bring your tablet, Kindle, laptop, Switch etc.

4: choosing your seat. This can really make or break your flight. I also choose the aisle so i have easy access to the bathroom or to get up to take a walk to stretch my legs.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for abusing 2-year-old daughter of girlfriend See in context

Drunk at 7 in the morning. What a stellar father figure he's turning out to be. I hope they lock him away and the mother keeps him out of her and the baby's life for good.

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Posted in: What are some TV series, old or recent, that you can binge watch over and over again? See in context

The Golden Girls. I don't even remember how many times I've cycled through the entire series but it's always re-watchable.

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Posted in: Which streaming service do you think is the best for movies and TV shows? And with competition so fierce, do you think they can all survive? See in context

Really depends on what you like to watch. Netflix and Disney+ does me a treat as does BBC iPlayer.

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