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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context

Why not?

Uh did you not read this article? Kid took a nosedive from his balcony. Conclusion - he should not have been home alone.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 83-year-old father See in context

a 51-year-old unemployed man living with his parents - that about sums it up. Maybe with the rise of such incidents, Japan will finally wake up and realize that prolonged living with your family is just not a great idea mentally and emotionally. And physically since family members seem to be getting all murder-y.

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 2 people at Ueno Station in Tokyo See in context

I wonder about the thought process that goes behind someone wanting to stab people at a train station. Why a train station specifically? Easy pickings? You'd think starting such a commotion would be better done on a busy street where the perp has less chances of getting caught. But perhaps they want to get caught? Hmm...

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Posted in: Gov't to boost hospital capacity to treat more COVID patients See in context

Almost 2 years into the pandemic and J-gov finally comes to this conclusion. Where was this potentially lifesaving idea when numbers were over 1000 and people were dying at home? As usual, Japan jumps into action when the time to act has long passed.

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Posted in: Japan media watchdog organization responds to complaints about 'Demon Slayer' See in context

Why can't these whingers stick to the old adage of, "don't like it; don't watch."? The anime is literally titled "Demon Slayer" aka. slaying of demons. Did they expect to see unicorns and rainbows instead?

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context

Another one? How unsafe are balconies in Japan that this is becoming a disturbing occurrence? Also, what is an 11-year-old doing at home alone? Far too young. RIP, kid. I hope wherever you are now is a happy, stress-free place.

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Posted in: Woman gets 3 years in jail for starvation death of 10-month-old daughter See in context

3 years for starving her own baby to death? The Japanese justice system is a colossal joke. This woman should get life and half a meal every other day so she knows the agony her child went through. The husband should also be held accountable for leaving the mother to deal with 3 kids under the age of 10.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after falling from 25th-floor balcony in Osaka See in context

This is horribly tragic but also, why was there a chair on the balcony?? Also, why wasn't the balcony door locked and childproofed? You can't watch kids 24/7; the least you could do is to minimize danger and risk in the home.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 75-year-old father See in context

Two days later, the hospital contacted the police about a suspected case of abuse.

Took that long to come to the conclusion of abuse huh? Typical Japan.

Police said he has admitted to assaulting his father and quoted him as saying, “I resented him because he would repeatedly leave his dirty clothes lying around without washing them.”

Herein lies the problem - filial piety runs so deep in Japanese society that even when the child becomes an adult, they don't try to stand on equal footing with their parents. Instead of trying to communicate his frustration here, he kept mum and let his resentment pile up until it exploded in violence. Here's some insight: children don't owe their parents anything. They did not ask to be born; this was entirely their parents' doing and choice. They made the choice to make, birth, and raise a human and take on all that entails of doing so.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for attacking girl; hints at involvement in fatal arson See in context

This 19 year old is neither a "youth" nor a "minor" despite whatever the silly Japanese laws say. At this age, he should be able to tell right from wrong. Assaulting someone? Wrong. Committing arson? Wrong. Conclusion - throw the book at him and charge him as an adult.

It's no wonder so many university students and fresh graduates here remain so immature and unfit to start adulting and stand on their own two feet. Their parents pamper them by letting them stay at home well into their adult years; society pampers them by perpetuating this ridiculous notion among other things, and even the government pampers them by having the official adult age be at 20. Seriously, GROW UP.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over sexual assault in classroom See in context

Castrate this PoS and throw him in jail. What's it going to take before J-gov gets off its butt and creates a sex offenders registry? These kinds of crimes are becoming an epidemic in Japan. At the very least, tighten the screening procedures for potential educators.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context

Absolutely not. Especially in Japan where unconscious bias has already led to casual xenophobia, racism, and just general all-around discrimination of anything and anyone not Japanese.

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Posted in: 6 injured after wooden maze floor collapses at Hyogo amusement park See in context

I saw the structure and thought it was still under construction. This thing looks ridiculously unsafe, not to mention a huge fire risk. Are Japan's building codes not up to scratch?

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Posted in: Japan's 1st typhoon research institute opens in Yokohama See in context

I'm a bit stunned that Japan doesn't already have a dedicated typhoon research institute. I mean, they are guaranteed typhoons every year! Well, better late than never, I guess.

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Posted in: Fire-caused power outage hits trains in Tokyo area; 236,000 affected See in context

Don’t Japanese rail companies put on emergency buses or provide taxis for ticket holders in these situations as the train companies do in the UK?

Bahahahaha!! Japan? Making contingency plans that involve free services? Or making contingency plans at all? Ooh that's good. I really needed a laugh after the day I had.

Yeah, no. This power cut that affected so many key trainlines today basically meant that people were left to their own devices.

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Posted in: 'Squid Game': South Korea's latest cultural phenomenon See in context

A truly excellent series, especially from a psychological perspective. Binge watched it in 2 days and was left hungering for more. I love the sets on this show - the juxtaposition of these bright colors of the game rooms and halls with what's really going on - blood, torture and death - is quite jarring in a good way. It also proved quite educational - learning about what kind of schoolyard games Korean kids play.

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Posted in: Japan has lowest share of women studying science: OECD report See in context

Japan? Behind on gender equality and equal opportunities for women, and just behind in general? Color me shocked...

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Posted in: Gov’t panel recommends GPS devices for suspects out on bail See in context

Are ankle monitors not already in use in Japan? Wait, what am I saying...this is Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to young girls in park See in context

Apologized? Fire this pervert and compensate the families. I hope they lock him up for good. Absolutely vile behavior.

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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

Lol, on top of the horrific overtime many Japanese employees are already forced to do without pay, they now want to encourage them to take on another job to address labor shortages?!! They do realize that there are only 24 hours in a day right? Instead of asking people to work a second job why not streamline the awfully slow business procedures that plague Japanese companies, digitize their paperwork, and stop being so risk adverse? Japanese employees work the hardest and longest and yet have some of the lowest productivity rates in the world.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally abusing 2-month-old son See in context

I swear you need a license and a sign off from a shrink before you can become parents. I hope they throw the book at this piece of trash then throw him in a dark, dank hole for the rats to feast.

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Posted in: California makes it illegal to remove condom without consent See in context

Good law but unfortunately, it will be hard to prove and open to abuse. However, the general rule should be "no glove; no love" because unless you're willing to bear the responsibility of an unwanted pregnancy and suffer the consequences of an STD, contraceptives - from both parties - is the best way for some bedroom fun. Men who try to remove their condoms during sex are essentially committing sexual assault, which last time I checked, is illegal.

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Posted in: 20 emus escape from farm in southwestern Japan See in context

Run ems, run! Be free!

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Posted in: M5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 32 injured See in context

I was in the middle of watching a very tense scene on Squid Game when it happened. Is it bad to say that I was more annoyed than anything else because it cause my Netflix to glitch out? In the middle of said aforementioned tense scene! Lol.

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Posted in: Uniqlo outfits might become Saitama high school’s official uniforms See in context

School supplies and uniforms in Japan is highway robbery. I mean those bags that elementary school kids have to buy cost what, 800 bucks or so? That's lunacy. My parents would have laughed themselves sick then pulled me out of the school if the teacher or whatnot told them that I had to buy such a bag.

I got my school bag, supplies and uniforms from my local hypermarket. The uniforms were all generic shirts, slacks, blazers etc. without the school logo and all you had to do was iron the logo onto the clothes. My school bag cost 10 bucks at most and it lasted me years.

Parents and students are being ripped off in Japan. Here's hoping that with the start of cheaper alternatives, prices for school stuff become more economical.

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Posted in: Japan's largest labor organization Rengo gets 1st female chief See in context

Congrats but will she actually be able to speak her mind and exercise the authority that comes with this position or is she just another puppet with someone else (male) pulling the strings?

Also, unions in Japan don't have much power behind them so I don't see how much progress and change can be made.

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Posted in: Daniel Craig on bidding Bond goodbye in 'No Time to Die' See in context

Craig's portrayal of Bond was excellent and I will miss him. I loved Casino Royale and Skyfall the best. Brilliant films, they were.

Whoever they get to play the character next has some big shoes to fill.

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Posted in: As the long-delayed James Bond film "No Time to Die" debuts in cinemas worldwide, here are some questions for 007 fans. Which actor is your favorite James Bond? Best Bond villain? Best henchman/woman for a Bond villain? Best Bond title song and last but not least, the best Bond film? See in context

It's a tie between Sean Connery and Daniel Craig for best Bond for me.

I loved Adele's Skyfall for title song. It sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it. That combined with the opening credits for this Bond movie was just chef's kiss.

For the best Bond villain, well Blofeld is just iconic. I also like Le Chiffre but mostly because Mads Mikkelsen played the character so darn well.

Lastly, for best Bond film...can't really choose. There are some great gems in this franchise.

I will miss Daniel Craig as Bond. Best of luck to whoever they get to replace him.

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Posted in: We try out a revolutionary product: long Japanese sandwich bread See in context

Yeah...no. Just make some quality bread that I don't have to fork out an arm, leg and kidney for. Bread in Japan is...well it ain't great.

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Posted in: 2 men wanted for home break-in and robbery of ¥110 million See in context

Clearly he obtained that money from less than legal means. I mean who keeps that much cold hard cash in their house? We have banks for a reason.

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