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Posted in: What do you think is the best plot twist in movie history? See in context

Hide and Seek and Orphan really took me by surprise. Did not see the endings coming.

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Posted in: What advice would you give to someone who shows signs of becoming a stalker to help them stop their obsessive behavior? See in context

Seeking counselling ASAP and/or turn yourself into the police if you feel that you're going to be a danger to others and/or yourself.

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Posted in: People used to dress up when they traveled on planes. What do you think about the way passengers dress today? See in context

As long as you're not trying to scandalise or indirectly the passengers via t-shirts with rude sayings or scraps of material pretending to be a t-shirt, I honestly couldn't give a toss what people wear onboard an aircraft. Personally, I always wear jeans or cargo trousers (because pockets), sneakers, and a hoodie. For long-haul flights, I pack a pair of sweatpants to change into once the seatbelt sign has gone off. Sitting for hours on end isn't comfortable or healthy so I always dress with comfort in mind.

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Posted in: If a job applicant is not sure how to dress for an interview, what should he or she wear? See in context

Can't ever go wrong with a suit.

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Posted in: When you were a teenager, did you think much about issues concerning the environment, such as climate change, pollution, recycling, energy and water conservation and so on? See in context

Yes, my school made great efforts to involve its students in local environmental conservation organisations and events by tethering it to school projects, extra curriculars, school trips, working with said organisations to enlist volunteers, and scheduling days where students could raise money and awareness for XYZ charity or cause. I also feel like a lot of cartoons and TV shows revolved around environmental and pollution issues and its consequences when I was a teen (Captain Planet).

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Posted in: Different sorts of activities lead to learning. We hope this new system will enhance family interaction. See in context

Allow? Is this a joke? When my folks wanted to pull me out of school early, they'd scribble a note to give to my teacher and that was that.

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Posted in: Bowing is an important outward sign of contrition by Japanese company executives and politicians caught up in a scandal. But how sincere do you think the act of bowing is in such circumstances? See in context

It's kind of like reflex / habit for them, isn't it? Whether the intention behind it is sincere, we'll probably never know for sure.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work across Japan as fiscal 2024 begins See in context

Talk about a dystopian looking photo. Creepy how you can't really tell one person from the other.

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Posted in: Man says ‘Sorry, I’m hungry,’ before robbing Gunma convenience store See in context

No soup kitchens in Japan?

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Posted in: 52-year-old man indicted for raping teenage daughter between 2013 and 2016 See in context

This disgusting PoS should be castrated for what he did to his daughter. She'll have to live with the emotional and psychological trauma of this for the rest of her life while he gets to live out his days in a cell with 3 square meals a day. She was brave to speak out and seek justice. Hopefully it'll pave the way for more victims of sexual abuse to come forward and make their abusers pay. Heaven only knows how many of these cases go about unreported in Japan, a country that just doesn't take sex crimes seriously.

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Posted in: Man dies after his jacket gets caught in escalator at Mito train station See in context

How did this happen? Also, how come nobody pushed the emergency stop button? 9pm in Japan at a train station is usually still milling with people, no?

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Posted in: Q&A: How Shakira turned pain into art on her first album in seven years, 'Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran' See in context

Glad she's back. The new album is banging.

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Posted in: Gov't to require sex offense checks for those applying to work with children See in context

The fact that this was not already a requirement is extremely disturbing and a huge failure on the part of the government. Also, the fact that a sex offender's criminal record can be expunged after 20 year is actual lunacy. One they commit such a heinous crime, it should be permanently on their record, for the awareness and safety of those around them if nothing else.

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Posted in: ‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ repeats at No. 1 on North American box office charts See in context

Kung Fu Panda 4 was surprisingly entertaining. No Furious 5 but I liked that they expanded the universe out of the Valley of Peace. The film was well paced and the hour and half passed swiftly.

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Posted in: What health risks to your skin do you need to know before getting a tattoo? See in context

Allergies from the ink may arise months to years after. In particular, people are pretty susceptible to the chemicals in the red ink. Aside from that, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, do your research, scope out the studio, and chat with the artist before making a decision. Proper tattoo studios are licensed, follow health and safety protocols, and will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure your tattoo heals correctly. Some will even schedule a follow-up appointment to check how your tattoo is healing and if it needs any touch-ups.

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Posted in: The noise problem in conflict averse Japan See in context

I find it really ironic that Japan has all of these "please keep quiet" signs and reminders when in reality, so many public spaces there are some of the noisiest places I've ever experiences. They mostly come from their incessant advertising - speakers everywhere in shops and supermarkets. Sometimes it's the staff that's doing the advertising at the top of their voices. It's overwhelming to be constantly bombarded by that wall of noise while you browse around and I am not a fan. I'm also still traumatised by how the staff all scream at you when you enter an establishment. The first time it happened, it almost made me bolt; I was so shocked.

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Posted in: Godzilla awaits See in context

Hehe - does his eyes look a bit strange though, perhaps just this angle?

Yes, his eyes make him look like he was startled or surprised by something. Lol.

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Posted in: Would a Trump return to the White House after the November election be good news for Japan? See in context

It's bad news for everyone if this ridiculous orange clown manages to weasel his way back into the White House. Fingers and toes crossed voters across the US make sane and sensible decisions come voting day.

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Posted in: What do you think of home schooling? See in context

It really depends on how the parents structure the schedule and syllabus, and how they implement it. I knew a few kids who were homeschooled when I was in school - they participated in some of our extra curricular activities clubs - and they seemed well adjusted enough. I think perhaps that's the key - they get their academics at home but then go to aforementioned extra curricular activities clubs for social interaction with their peers and sports. It also helped that one of their parents was a former educator themselves.

Like with most things, there are pros and cons to homeschooling. Kids are afforded more flexibility in what they want to study and a curriculum can be tailored to their needs and interests if they are homeschooled. However, if not executed properly, they can potentially lag behind their peers; and I'm also unsure of how they may enter university without having taken the standardised exams.

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Posted in: 'Oppenheimer' wins best picture; Murphy, Stone take acing honors at Academy Awards as protests for Gaza rage outside See in context

MilesTegToday  03:46 pm JST

Asiaman7Today  10:32 am JST

The gloriously, dementedly alive “Poor Things,” featuring smart and obscenely funny dialogue, ambitious production and costume design, and a visionary performance by Emma Stone, is an instant classic! Highly recommended.

It's hilarious and witty with stunning visuals. Was never much of a Stone fan but she was mesmerizing in it and so were the supporting cast especially Ruffalo. My fave of 2023 as I haven't seen Oppenheimer yet. Lanthimos is an up and comer. Loved the Lobster too.

Agreed. Poor Things was one of the best films I've seen in years so while I'm disappointed it didn't nab Best Picture, I'm glad Emma Stone got Best Actress. She knocked that performance out of the park and then some. Yorgos Lanthimos is definitely one to watch - his films are arresting and visually stunning. They're definitely not for everyone but if you can get into his style of narrative, it's quite the adventure.

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Posted in: Winnie the Pooh slasher film 'wins' Razzies See in context

I'm just perpetually baffled that the project got the green light. Who was its target audience? I watched it, partly out of curiosity and partly because I'm partial to the horror genre but it doesn't even have that B-movie quality to it that could turn into a cult classic somewhere down the line. It was just...bad. And nonsensical. It was not a good home invasion horror flick. It was not a good horror flick.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run of 23-month-old boy in Saitama Prefecture See in context

The truck driver should be charged with vehicular homicide and the parents for child neglect. What fools leave a barely 2 year old child home alone?

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Posted in: Teacher suspended after threatening to kill junior high school student See in context

He should have been fired and had his teaching license revoked. He clearly has some serious anger management issues.

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Posted in: What are some countries or places in the world that are on your travel bucket list? See in context

Greenland and South America. I also have always wanted to visit Russia and Siberia but well, it's not exactly an option now.

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Posted in: Doctor gets 18 years for consensual killing of woman with ALS See in context

I have never understood why euthanasia and assisted suicide is not an option in the majority of countries. We put our pets down if they're in pain and there's nothing more we can do for them; so why doesn't this mentality apply to humans? Why prolong a patient's suffering and pain when they can go peacefully and with dignity? Moreover, it's your life and you should be able to decide if and when and how you want to die.

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Posted in: The perception that caregiving work is tough and poorly paid has taken root, leading high school students to be discouraged from enrolling. See in context

Caregiving is tough, and it's thankless, and it's poorly paid. It's also one of the jobs that'll lead to stress and burnout fast and in Japan? I bet they'll burn out faster. Not surprised there's little interest in the field.

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Posted in: What do you think of school uniform dress codes in Japan? See in context

I'm all for a uniform but too many schools in Japan take the dress code too far. Uniforms are there to act as equalisers, not to turn each student into a carbon copy of each other. I went to one school where we had a dress code that was simple: you could wear, navy, black, or khaki trousers, either a polo shirt, blouse, or shirt (tie optional) in any colour, and dress shoes or sensible black boots. In winter, you had a choice of blazer, sports jacket, or suit jacket. The purpose was to somewhat mirror how people would dress when going to work - some guidelines but enough leeway to allow for some individuality and customisation to come through. No student to my knowledge had issues with the dress code.

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Posted in: S Korea to take steps to suspend the licenses of striking trainee doctors See in context

So the South Korean government's answer to the doctor shortages in hospitals is to...suspend the licenses of trainee doctors? That makes sense...not.

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Posted in: Woman returns home from work to find man hiding under her bed See in context

So many of this woman's actions baffles me:

A) she comes home to an intruder hiding under her bed like something from a childhood boogeyman story...and she calls the property management company to sort it out???

B) who in this day and age doesn't lock their doors? Locking your door behind you shouldn't even be conscious thought; one just does it when leaving the house.

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Posted in: Smartphone makers charge ahead to make better batteries See in context

I just want them to bring back phone models that allow us to easily replace the batteries once they've been wrung out. Remember when the back of your phone was actually removable? And laptop batteries could also be removed? Why did they dispense with this? Oh right, because it's a ploy to get us to buy another phone or laptop, never mind that it's forcing us to contribute to the alarming heap of e-waste at landfills.

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