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Posted in: Int'l probe demanded after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine See in context

sended comment twice m(= =)m, it seem i will get more "-" then, huh

It so sad that this happen, all this people die with no reason. Else, i wish that war in Ukraine stop, there are no reason to killing each other, they are same people. Why they ever start it. But till west will support aggressive politic of government in Kiev, it can't be.And this is not Russian fault that war there not stop. Government killing kids, women, old people, how this can claim down "rebels?" Few days ago some Ukrainian army come to Russian territory and begging for healing them cuz they are damaged, so Russian healing them now, even if they are anti-Russian, Russian not hate them because Ukraine is same with Russia, people are same... Many people run to Russia now from there and Russia not kick out them. But what west countries did for solve this conflict, at last help civil people? Army simply killing all who being there, they even kill one Russian man at Russian territory few weeks ago by "mistake shoot". There no such news in western press, but it doesn't mean that this is not exist.

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Posted in: Int'l probe demanded after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine See in context

to LHommeQuiMent: I mean flag colors at airplane, it look Russian flag 100%. 3 huge line white-red-blue. American don't paint their airplanes like this, when some Russian airplane have such paint. Yes, flag of country not look Russian, but paining of national color at airplane did look like Russian flag. Did you see photos of this plane?

to jerseyboy: i did read...and in few languages, all "anti-russian" sites said same things, all "pro-russian" different thing. anti-russian said that it Putin fault, it Russia guilty and etc. pro-Russian said that it happen cuz Ukraine conflict and conflict should be stop, fight should be stop. Else that this is not Russian business, because this is not Russia (territory). It same like blame USA for something what happen in Canada or blame Italy for something what happen in Spain. If it independent country, then why everything bad what happen there is Russian fault?? pro-Russian shoot down fighters who flight more close to earth, at last as i remember from news before. Else pro-Russian said that NATO did see how plain was be soothed, but they can't say anything sure now, only that this was be not from Russia. What anti-Russian said you can read here or almost other sites in English language.

And what you think about words of those Spain worker in Kiev, why he blame Ukrainian army for this?? He is not competent when he check airplanes by his eyes??

And once again, it was happen before, Ukrainian army did shoot airplane with civil people who back home form vacation, in 2001. So please not tell me about skilled and good trained army in Ukraine, they are not

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Posted in: Int'l probe demanded after Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine See in context

In 2001 Ukrainian army by mistake hit plane, those time 78 people die (check at wiki "Siberia Airlines Flight 1812" or "シベリア航空機撃墜事件"). Why no one in western press don't remind this case??

Other thing, Spain worker of Ukrainian airport(air traffic controler) in his twitter wrote those text:

"Los cazas volaron cerca del 777, hasta 3 minutos antes de desaparecer de los radares, solo 3 minutos"Carlos. (@spainbuca)

"Nada más desaparecer el avión B 777 de Malaysia Airlines la autoridad militar de kiev nos informo del derribo, como lo sabían?"Carlos. (@spainbuca)

So...it seem Ukrainian army was be those place and they are first said plain be soothed, too fast, huh?

One more: pro-Russian in Ukraine doesn't have such weapons for shoot such high flying, when Ukrainian army have many options.

Imo, Ukrainian army guess this Russian plane, cuz Malaysian flag look so similar with Russian, or they are just mistaken shoot, or they wish to shoot rebel territory, but those time unlucky plane be near...something like this.

This is European country -Ukraine and this is European mistake only.

There nothing about Russia or Putin in this case.

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Posted in: Fair pay sought for fast food workers See in context

My initial reaction to this was "Hey, why don't you guys get a better job since fast food jobs are known to be dead end jobs " but I guess some people are not qualified enough for other jobs so all powers to them for claiming more!

And who then will do this job? This is good that people not want quit. And why workers can't request for "better working conditions"???

Why do those Ronald McDonald masks have a tear under his right eye? That's a Russian Mafia symbol showing that they've killed someone... what? mafia? what? as Russian i have no idea what you speaking about, there no mafia out of here since 90's, but there are some government corruption, as it be at many countries in world as well and i never ever in my life see anyone out of those mafia day's with such tattoo, but maybe you know better...but anyway i have question: this is already 5th topic for today where i found out some comments about "Russia" in topics where there 0% of information somehow connect with Russia...is this Japantoday paranoia or something else?!

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will stick to peaceful path but security policy must change See in context

I guess Abe point: Japan depend of US-> US get credits by China -> US depend of China -> Japan not safe anymore. Make army for self protect is not bad, because China never ever will start war with someone who have power, they always teasing countries with no power, but if Japan will not care self, then who will? Abe seem really care Japan, at last i start believe in this after he not agree with TPP under such strong US pressure. And that he try to be friends with Russia(because resources mainly and market as well and Russia not depend of China as US now), before US didn't start teasing Russia, like China wish to tease Japan. But Japan is not Russia, Japan have no resources and have no army, now there are still some support by US to Japan, but China already start show to US who is pay money...few topic upper at this site it shown clear" China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions"... So, guess Abe is really care Japan and he trying his best.

Unfortunately, at this planet country with no army power have no voice.

I hope Japan will no need army every, but it seem Japan have not so big choice. But if it be so, army should recruit only those who want go there by themselves. Else Japan should support family and family with kids more then now. And Japan should make young Japanese be more patriotic, not by hating others, but by loving own country and trying to make it better. When Japanese care own country and love it, Japan became being much better and progressive. Japanese people work really hard if they have reasonable motivation, but now entertainment and internet a lot destroy level of morality and make many people being lost. Wish Abe will care such things too. And family should be PR in Japan, not feminism. Be alone and independence it so sad, be same with man is wrong and kinda selfish, be with family is much nicer. Care people around you nice too. Abe do you best for Japan, please, but no need war anymore at world, at last at Japanese world.

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

1) main complain for me is: why i must pay for overweight of my suitcase, if my own weight is lower, then almost other passengers?? For example, free luggage weight is 20kg, mine will weight 25, so i must pay, at same time my own weight is 42~43kg(now even 40kg), so summary weight which i take on board is ~63kg... then after me go other person, who's own weight is ~80kg and who's luggage free weight is 20kg, but summary weight what he/she take is 100kg, when mine is only 63...and i must pay more then those "fat" person (well, if compare to me 80kg is like 2 of me). Same time price of air-ticket depend of how many passengers airplane can borrow and price of oil for flight depend of how heavy airplane will be...sooooooooooooooooooo....why i can't take few more kg free, when my personal weight is such low?? THIS IS NOT FAIR and i hate it. I guess free luggage is not good system, when people can have such big difference in their body weight, maybe all who heavy one will hate me now, but other point why i must pay more but be able take less, they should made weight category like summary free weight on board, then it will be fair to people like me.

2) food not yummy but this is not really big complain, because i'm just too picky and this is my fault that i don't like food (^ ^*).

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Posted in: Hundreds of Chinese families seek wartime compensation from Japan See in context

Chinese family too greedy and too spoiled, why Japan should pay this...again? They must complain about it after war, but after almost 70 years of this, isn't it too late??

Or if Japan can pay, then only to those one who survive, and not to their greedy family. Victim who live still should be older then 85(90?) guess...so, Japan can pay to their food/care (not vip level care, just same as other pensioners get) till they die, if Japan really need to pay some. But pay to family? For what? Japan didn't do any to families...but those families members will probably kill each other for money, what they request, or this request is China government brainwash propaganda against Japan again. Even USSR didn't do such to their own people. USSR people not hate Germans, even Nazi government plan to kill all of them, but Chinese hate Japan, even Japanese not plan to kill each Chinese, this is weird.

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Posted in: Nap time See in context

I'm wondering, is this man agree that his photo be here or any other place?! It kinda disgusting...

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Posted in: Ministry outlines Japan's preparations to mobilize for 'propaganda war' See in context

If Europeans with American friends came to China and Korea, if Asia (Japan) didn't fight against them at (sadly for Chinese) China territory, those guys from west never respect Asia or any Asian and people have more low level life then now, die cuz hunger (look at North Koreans who not agree to listen Europeans/US, they are eat not more then 400g of food in day and of course this is not meat). If not massive Japanese help before and after war, now this two so noisy country never have such pretty good life, and working for food and survive. In Philippines/Indonesia/etc. Asia many place still have no electricity, this is who Korea was be before Japan came or even more bad, and all good life in Korea now not thanks to Korean hard work or America help, it thanks only to WWII and to Japanese help only, same with China. Other Asian can work same hard with you, but they are live more poor, because they get less help and without help of Japan, Asia was be slave of white europeans/americans people still.

Even before WWII Japan had good life if compare to other Asia, Japan have high level of education and morality , if compare to other Asia and Japan wasn't be slave of others, as it was be almost of countries in Asia. But now, Japan have less power and independence, but all Asia live better then can. Japan lost a lot in those fighting and Japanese sorry about this war is help to those countries, who was be involved. Actually, Japan start suicidal war against white world, but Asia win, even if Japan lost. So Asia must say thanks to Japan for this and to those people, who die, for today better life. War never fair and those war in Asia not same with those, which was be in Europe, motivations and way was be too different. But people die, for their grandchildren peace world now, but grandchildren wish to fight again?! Then all those death are just waste.

What S.Korean and Chinese government doing now, it just dirty economic war and way to hide their own countries troubles by hating/fighting Japan. Japan should stop be such soft and fight against with positive Japanese propaganda, China and S.Korea too spoiled and it really not fair after all. You two get too much help and stop using war for getting everything, what you wish!! It wrong to use war for get what you want after many years and for many years. War we must remember for never repeat war again, not for tease each other or get what you want by others.

But i guess my words is just waste for brainwashed people, so will try represent Japan better and pr Japan as i can, because i love Japan, even if i'm not Japanese, Japan is best in Asia and one of the best in world, because smart Japanese care other people in their country and in other countries around them, not always be selfish.

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Posted in: S Korean president says ferry captain's action 'tantamount to murder' See in context

Is she have any kid? crew and captain is guilty for sure...but she is same level of guilty for killing all of those kids who waiting for their death inside those boat, they even speaking with their families from there. I hate this women so much. This woman must sit i jail, how she ever can speak about any issues of wwii, when she killing so many young Koreans, when they can be saved?? At last half of them...War sex slaves??? You did take 500 korean kids and put them under water, till they are not die and it even not the war time! And so many parents and those who now working there!! She must going to look for new bodies by herself now, at last found few of those who she killed, other way go to jail. Hope parents will be able to do something with this...women.

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Posted in: Russia says it will respond if Ukraine interests attacked See in context

1) If Russia really wish/did lead those country, then all of this, what going there now, never happen! They can just help to stop demonstrations without any death like they did in Moscow btw... 2) Why Russian need to kill anyone in Ukraine, if they do, then why they didn't do same before???? In Ukraine revolutions happen every season... But people die when anti-russian revolution need more support. From history, this is most loved Western method "for change country politic - you need some blood"! 3) Who's the noisiest country in this story and who get all of profits? Who's made new contracts?? Who's economic became better of this all story???

When Lavrov speak about Russian citizens, he mean only Russian at Crimea, not Russian at Ukraine. Ukraine is other country and Russia wish to be friends, but fight in other country without request by legal government of those land, it not Russian way. Crimea people decide what they want, back to Russia where they suppose to be and except low % of Muslim people there, almost of all Crimean happy to back. And yes, there was be Russian army in Crimea, as it always was be at last 300 years(almost same time with USA as exist)... World politics agree with Republic of Kosovo, so why then not agree with Republic of Crimea??!

Ukrainian army did not killed any "terrorist" in Donetsk, because there no terrorist, there civil people, who tired of all this revolutions in Ukraine, and they not want to be case of civil war, especial when they not hate each other (at last someone be more smart and this is army people, nice). If Kiev want some, it doesn't mean that all country wish the same. And for other Ukraine (like those in Donetsk), Kiev government same terrorist with those one in Donetsk, just Kiev have support by many countries, but Donetsk fight by their own with hope on Russiabut Russia not support this. And many Ukrainian just fear to became terrorist for whole world by trying to tell what they really mean, so they are keep silence, but to be honest...

Russian and Ukrainian are same people, there are some difference, but even so, almost of people of both countries not hate each other. Why western media too paranoid that Russia wish to do some with Ukraine??? Actually, Ukraine gave Russia too much troubles all time of history and if Ukraine will run to Europe, again(!), Russia not lost a lot from this. So why everyone keep blaming only Russia??? This trouble only inside Ukraine political trouble and world shouldn't be involved in this, but where we will go without our favorite Avengers??? Hm, i can try to explain more issues, but guess no one really care to hear anything, what going out of their standards.

So, hope Europe will have fun with Chernobyl and if they wish to complain, they need to looking for Gorbachev.

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