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Posted in: Nagasaki atomic bomb left man scarred for life See in context

For one moment, for one week, can we stop comparing atrocities please? Everything that happens during war is usually done in cold blood and is an atrocity (not saying it is a good thing btw!). So instead of minimizing one thing whilst focusing only on another thing. Instead of hating on a group of people, why not hate on the systems and philosophy/politics that caused the war (all wars), no matter who caused more damage for you? Afterall, usually, one sees his/her/family's/country's/ pain as the biggest and therefore will never see eye to eye.

Also, let's take the chance to really reflect on the cruelty of war, all of it, not that perpetuated by one side or other. Afterall usually war is caused by small groups of people, whilst the pain is suffered throughout countries. If you believe, pray for all victims; big, small, soldiers or not. Every one and every side has lost family members, has had large death tolls.

And, hopefully, hopefully remember history so that it doesn't ever get repeated.

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Posted in: Mission at Hiroshima's dome: Saving blasted bits of history See in context

Killing human beings in that way, ensuring that those who did not die will never be able to live without the shadow of it on their minds, the repercussions of an atom bomb..let me remind you that the aftereffects of an atom bomb are not like that of any normal bomb.

Knowing all this, some people still agree with its use. Humans never learn, do they, and the winner always wins history!

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Posted in: Pixar alters 'Inside Out' visuals for Japanese release, removing broccoli See in context

I love broccoli, but do hate green peppers! I am neither American nor Japanese though.

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Posted in: Retired Japanese man who saved over 500 from suicide to be featured in documentary See in context

Good, selfless and kind person!

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog says safety culture not good enough after documents falsified See in context

really now? "not a violation of the law"?? HOW?! falsification of documents is legal?? I fail to comprehend!

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor in Shikoku gets OK to restart from regulator See in context

So, where money is involved, the cost of future human lives do not count, do they? Do humans ever learn?

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Posted in: Man set fire to house because wife didn't see him off properly See in context

A lieutenant who has no self-control? That's exactly what the military doesn't need.. Poor children that died due to his selfishness, may they rest in peace.

I hope they will probe on how he behaves at work. I agree with @Smithinjapan , I too had read about suicides and unhappiness in the military. It does worry me. It is well and good to respect, but higher ups also have to respect, both their subordinates and their family...

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Posted in: Mega-important debate: Do you shower before work or before bed? See in context

both morning and before sleeping. In summer I also freshen up throughout the day.

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Posted in: 5 break MERS quarantine to return to Japan See in context


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Posted in: Cost-conscious males make for stingy relationships See in context

Tell me one thing that ruins relationships, or the possibility of a relationship in the world.. Egoism :) At least he realizes that he wouldn't be comfortable in a relationship.

But..wow, 23 year old and not interested in sex? Are you kidding me???? Maybe I get it! He gets so worried about ending up having to pay all his life if something goes wrong that it killed the pleasure for him. Still too young though.

To me, he sounds like a very old man, stubborn and unable to open up his heart. It is a pity. When you are really in love, money won't mater for quite a while. Wedding? Do a simple wedding!!! The wedding is for you and your spouse, not for the guests to "ooooh!" at!!!

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Posted in: Dogs snub people who are mean to their owners: study See in context

Yes it is true. They also realize when their owner doesn't like a particular person, or if their owner is scared or feels threatened. On one occasion my dog chased away a person who had been stalking me for some time and every time he comes near my house, car or me, the dog will bark its head off and show its teeth. P.s.- my dog is a VERY gentle, quiet dog.

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Posted in: Airline industry proposes perfect-size carry-on bag See in context

I just bought two carry on size backpacks that cost me USD280 in all, they just arrived yesterday. I was so happy!! Now I read this!! I wanted to save money too!!!!! So pissed!!

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Posted in: Plum job See in context

@Nakanoguy - someone needs a briefing on kimono throughout the years... The hat was worn when travelling, specifically by women as far as I know. It is known as " Ichime gasa". If I'm not misaken, it started in the Heian era. See the red 'sash' over the kimono? It is because the robes are tied up to ease travelling. Sweeping the floor wouldn't be a good idea. Sorry, I couldn't resist, I just love traditional clothes too much.. sorry for the mini lecture.

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Posted in: Hero lady apparently saves guy from groping accusations by posing as girlfriend See in context

Magnus Roe: right hander here: I used to keep my mobile phone in my left leg trouser! Now the phones are too large and I have to keep it in my bag :(. Anyway, yes it can be awkward, even as a woman to try and get your phone out of your pocket on a full train or bus. Once I dropped my phone, another time I did brush against a guy's leg and he wasn't happy at all and accused me of being many things I'm never going to be. Saying 'sorry' only made him angrier and it was only thanks to an old lady who happened to know my family that he stopped accusing me. Whenever I meet the guy on the bus I make sure to avoid him.

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Posted in: Teacher reprimanded for taking fingerprints of 6th grade class See in context

School logic: Everything to make parents happy!

Ebisen: Really? I'm also from the EU!! I don't share your PoV! As I see it, nowadays most students have no concept of respect neither for themselves nor for their elders. They don't fear punishments because most students know that if they cry to mommy, mommy will run to school and all hell will break loose. Also, mommy and daddy will threaten the teacher in front of kid, which makes kid feel powerful..

Then, we wonder why the crime rate is increasing. When kid hits 18 and ends up in jail, the parents blame the education system..

I've experienced this both as a student and as a teacher. I hope you will never experience being humiliated by students in your class who openly tell you that you have no rights as a teacher. Why do you think teachers are scared to be alone with students?

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Posted in: Nintendo reports Y41.8 bil profit See in context

3DS forever!

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Posted in: Japanese man leaves $100,000 watch behind at Newark airport See in context

Lucky to get it back! In this part of the world, I couldn't get back a handmade item!

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Posted in: Marshmallow girls want to cosplay too See in context

@flash_gordon Sexual attraction comes pretty much at the end of my list. One can always find something sexy if one looks well enough :)


I don't need to date a man because I'm happily married. Anyway, no, I didn't choose my husband based on looks like he didn't choose me for my looks. Looks don't last, why should I bother? I fell in love with his personality, kindness and heart.

To be completely honest, my first impression of him was during a presentation when he talked about his hobbies, and I can freely say that is what made me interested. Seeing a guy talking passionately about what he likes doing best, it sent my heart fluttering (@CGB Spender). It was only after we started talking that I did start noticing things I find cute about his physique.

@Strangerland - That is true for me, and I learned from a young age that most men who go for the 'most beautiful/sexy' women (based specifically on looks) are not the kind of men I would want to build a family with. Also, many horror stories about men who left their wives when they didn't look as beautiful anymore (I also heard stories the other way round). In fact, when dating men, I made sure he'd see me in gym clothes and no make up before he makes up his mind he wants me.

All in all, I think, what's most important is that a man/woman fall in love with who the other TRULY is, not on expectations or temporary things. A marriage should last forever, so I try to base it on things that will last forever :) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and anyway, doesn't last. Inner beauty can only shine more brightly.

@Mr. Noidall Girls are guilty of doing it too though.

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Posted in: Marshmallow girls want to cosplay too See in context

@CGB Spender I don't and would never date a man who chooses a girl based on her looks :)

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women what professions they don’t want to date See in context

Never judge a whole group of people.

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Posted in: Bon voyage See in context

@Globalwatcher- :) Emperor Akihito then! (My heart did stop for a second while I read that :P)

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Posted in: Bon voyage See in context

@Globalwatcher - um, are you sure you are referring to the present day Emperor?

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Posted in: Disney makes it official -- 'Frozen 2' on the way See in context

I just discovered "Frozen" last week. I had been resisting for a whole year!! ...I fell in love and have been singing the songs for more than a week.

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Posted in: Merkel reminds Japan to confront wartime past See in context

Angela Merkel always stirs waters, sometimes in good, other times in bad ways. This time in a good way I see, I'm glad that for once I don't have to feel angry about what she said. She's right about Japan having to atone for the past more sincerely. BUT, just as there are right wingers in Japan, there are right wingers in Germany, and there are right wingers in Italy.

at @Alex80... Well I think we southern European people like each other best from Europe, because we know what we are passing through and share common reasons for disliking the EU, despite our WWII past that is. Because, Europe pulled a chain together and we managed to move on, whilst (northern?) Asia still hasn't moved on, which is a pity.

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Posted in: Entrance exams: How parents ruin their kids' chances with misguided 'support' See in context

I have sat for my own country's uni entrance exams, twice. First time they landed me in hospital. My Japanese friends told me I wouldn't have survived the pressure of Japanese university entrance exams.. My personal opinion, regarding University entrance exams in general. Are we trying to build up people with creative minds or people who can regurgitate stuff? Because if it is the first one, then tests need to be more..creative and be more assignment-oriented, that way students can really prove what they DO know, not what they do not know. Just my 2c.

@NathalieB ...wow, I'm thanking God that our requirement is NOT a C in Maths. Would have taken me 2 decades to enter university!! Our system is different (but it is based on the British System); we leave secondary school with Ordinary levels ( I think they would be GCSEs... English, Maths, Social Studies, 2 subjects of choice, a science subject, our mother tongue..etc). We use O-levels to enter High School. Subjects (2 A levels and 3 Intermediates) in High School are a choice of Languages, Sciences, Social Sciences). If you get the complete A level certificate you can enter university. Ofc though to enter Medicine you need top grades, and other faculties vary in level). Anyway..my Mathematics grade was D, pass mark for High School..

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Posted in: Prosecutors indict vagina artist on obscenity charges See in context

Double standards ftw... as Thomas Miller said, isn't porn depicting rape more obscene really? It is pretty ridiculous to show certain um fetishes and stuff in porn/ H-manga yet then blurring out the anatomy. I don't know..Japan confuses me, a lot.

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Posted in: Emperor celebrates 81st birthday See in context

Happy Birthday Emperor Akihito! Growing up I always liked his messages of peace. I admire his and the Empress' going out of their way to reach people who are suffering too. Thank you for being a great role model!

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Posted in: Over 20,000 bras recalled due to injury fears See in context

Boob stabs are real (and very painful!). I stopped using underwired bras and I don't regret it! Breathing is easier and I can run without the worry of feeling a jab of pain in chest!

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Posted in: How much do Japanese girls expect their boyfriends to spend on Christmas presents? See in context

....30k yen?? Are you guys made of gold or what? .......... a dinner for two at my house is enough, romantic and personal is what I like :)

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Posted in: Sex is going public, but decorum is fighting a losing battle See in context

....let love take over :) (are some people just jealous or what? I think kissing in public is much more lovely to see than a half clad anime girl in an advert...)

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