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Posted in: One Japanese man tells why he wanted to fight in Syria See in context

I agree @Thunderbird2 Thunderbird, I hope you managed to move on fast from that kind of bullying.

I was bullied also, but most was emotional/verbal abuse. Bullying,if anything, it made me realize just how precious life is, and how any kind of trauma can leave so many signs Ergo, I ended up being a person who avoids all kinds of arguments or fighting and strives for peace.

much more to it than being bullied. Thrill seeker..

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Posted in: Empress Michiko celebrates 80th birthday See in context

I always wanted to meet her, she always seemed so humble and nice. Happy Birthday Empress Michiko sama!

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Posted in: Esquire names Penelope Cruz 'sexiest woman alive' See in context

What is sexy for one, can be "meh" for the other...

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Posted in: New daycare centers held up by residents opposing noisy kids See in context

Thing is, if society does become increasingly less child friendly, it will produce less children and then in the end there will be no society left at all!

When I was growing up, the old timers would actually set up a corner in the street in the afternoon and gather us all there. They would tell stories to kids age 3 upwards. That stopped us from being 'noisy' (just an idea, it was a time when we were still very trusting). I do remember some 3 or 4 old folks who hated us still, just for being young and energetic.

I do like the idea of building kiddie facilities- old timers facilities in the same amount and therefore maybe getting it across that both are needed in a healthy society.

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Posted in: 10 types of Japanese men, according to Japanese women See in context

....stereotypes! All people, men and women are individuals!

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Posted in: Japan's sozzled salarymen: the lost tribe in a modern pickle See in context

A friend of mine, a Japanese businessman calls me lazy for NOT working my life away, for leaving the office and getting a career that allows me to have stable working hours. He told me I could never understand the Japanese way of life and that I'm lucky because I'm a woman.

I gave up on getting my view across after a while, and getting him to understand that I actually work as seriously and as hard as my husband would do, in that way dividing the cost of living between us and actually be able to enjoy each other's time.

Then, I have a much younger friend of mine who quit his salaryman job and travelled all the way to my country and now works also at another company but he said he feels free from "japanese judgement".

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Posted in: Virtual boyfriends (cat ears optional) at Tokyo Game Show See in context

But too good to be true is not even fun! :(

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Posted in: Japanese male porn stars rarer than Bengal tigers, actor says See in context

Because most porn is made for men I guess. I dunno how many straight women will want to watch porn that has uh.. vital parts um, censored (J-porn at least). I haven't seen enough porn to actually talk much about it (I honestly don't like it), but I am familiar with Japanese porn actresses and I never heard anything about male porn actors :(.

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Posted in: Female bosses not averse to sexual harassment See in context

@CGB -might have landed him in her trap though!

Some people in 'superior' positions (women and men) need to get a cold shower sometimes. It is either they're too frustrated or idk. Maybe they like the power trip and the troubled looks of their employees. Thankfully, superiors have always been very good to me, but colleagues (considering I was a newbie, they'd be my senpais) not. I've been told I look too 'cute and innocent" countless times, and warned by both men and women that I'm considered "easy prey". Indeed, both men and women can and will do passes, and sexual harassment is very uncomfortable. Sometimes it can be ignored, other times not so, especially if it goes from "passes" to "too obvious". If push comes to shove, I either report that person or will somehow try make him/her understand that my life is complete without their nagging and their harassment is unwanted and making them look idiotic. .... tbh, I wish I had the guts to just slap some of them..but work ethics prohibit that I guess!

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I have lived most of my life in a nearly-sticks environment. My mother's family are farmers, so I was brought up to love the lush green and hate on concrete. Japan, like my country, seems not to appreciate or sustain farming too much, or other agricultural activities. What you put into Tokyo will stay into Tokyo, I mean if you invest in only one area you will get people going there only not people spreading out. I have friends from countryside areas in Japan and they all have apartments in Tokyo and tell me they had to go live there to make a living. Furthermore, yes, young people will usually prefer cities (unless they're claustrophobic and farm-life loving like me) because they will meet more people, more possibilities of good-paying work and more chances of life-changing encounters etc. What can you do in a farm area? Well, if you have the money, try farming or raising animals and selling organic products (making wine also maybe! THAT sells!), organic products should fetch a higher price, but also need more money and time invested ofc. Maybe, work from home, translation work for example, or actually opening up an online business.. well not much money for the start, but eventually, hopefully. But, I still think that you move to a rural community when you're still without children. I mean, you need resources to build up and be secure and able to maintain a family before adding members. Sorry for the long post.

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Posted in: Women who attract 'chikan,' and women who don’t: An illustrated guide See in context

.... if perverts are groping 10 year olds, then, I really am sorry for this world's future. It is a trauma for a 20 year old, let alone for a kid.

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Posted in: Tensions surface between middle-aged men, daughters-in law See in context

..... I cannot get my mind off the last story. It is so twisted! Anyway, uh I at leisure at own house, but not in law's house! I honestly am a bit put off even of kissing hubby on cheek there because I feel like I'm bending some unknown rule. In laws' house= best behaviour for me! Now, I really wonder what his dad thinks of me..hmm.

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Posted in: Hello Kitty not a cat, has never been: Sanrio See in context

...what?? How can it not be a cat? Is it a human in the body of a cat? O_O

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Posted in: Special English zones proposed as part of Cool Japan tourism initiative See in context

When I go abroad, I usually try and avoid anything to do with my own country, and avoid at all costs ending up in a tour made up of my fellow countrymen. I want to experience something with a fresh mind and immerse myself totally. Japanese is not that much of a problem, facial expressions, pictures, mannersims and gesticulation help get the message across (like pointing at a written address, your face confused, usually means "hey help me find this place please"). It then all depends on whether other people want to help you even if you cannot express yourself in their language. It is an adventure though.

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Posted in: Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art forced to cover up 'obscene' photos following complaint See in context

What is exactly obscene? So pubic parts are obscene, but pornography is not obscene? I'm confused?

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Posted in: Interpol seeks clues to Thai 'baby factory' See in context

Yeah...I was also thinking on the same lines as Gloria, the guy took to heart the aging population!

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context

She has responsibility as a role-model. I hope none of the teens who like her follow her advice!

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Posted in: Cop sends stalking letters as ruse to date woman See in context

I somehow pity the guy a little, he payed for his cowardice tho.

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context

I don't understand some of the comments here. What is wrong with being LGBT? Aren't you enjoying your own freedom as a straight person (I presume)? Than what's wrong with letting LGBT enjoy theirs?? My gay and bisexual friends suffered so much till they could calmly come out, and they're always weighing their options..see if they can trust people and stuff, always meeting blatantly rude comments and dirty jokes.

About evolution: Evolution is a machine that works on its own, let it do its thing without you saying what is right or wrong. By your reasoning @CGB Spender- a hetero couple cannot even choose whether it wants children or not, it HAS TO have them, because that's what evolution wants. Also, homsexual people would be forced to be in hetero relationships just for the sake of 'evolution'? . That, goes against human rights and also against the power of mutual love and respect. I don't like your ideal world.

For people who are saying "gay is not normal"- you have your own image of yourself as normal, which is automatically warped and self-centered!

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Posted in: Gov't announces 'zero stray dogs and cats' action plan See in context

What blame do the pets have?? I say, it is the humans'/ex-owners' fault :(! How awful it is. I never knew Japan had a stray animal problem before a friend told me about it, and I was shocked, because Buddhism is very concerned with animals, or so I feel..not to mention, there's reincarnation too. Not that people should need the concept of reincarnation to take care of animals..but whatever.

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Posted in: Does porn affect the brain? Scientists urge more study See in context

Both men and women watch porn, like both have sexual fantasies. Now, I don't know where intelligence comes into line, but um, I know men that to my face say "I wouldn't dream of watching porn", then give me dirty I don't know whether to believe them or not.

Just, balance, life is good only when there is balance..too much is too much, nothing is bad too. "A little of what you fancy, does you good!"

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for throwing eggs at foreign students in Saga See in context

Maybe, MAYBE, doing it once, maybe I would close an eye, only one. But repeating the pelting on a number of times? Action should be taken! 18 and 19? Responsible enough to know what is right from wrong, to know the difference between 'innocent fun' and "making fun out of people, repeatedly, and probably even hurting them "

I don't know, the bullies seem to be needing some lessons in anthropology and respect for different cultures. Probably, their self esteem is also in bits if they need to pelt people with eggs to feel better/have fun.

Furthermore this ", as well as being hit with gravel fired from an air gun " really? That's taking it even further...

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Posted in: Princess Noriko to marry son of Shinto shrine's chief priest See in context

Spring in the air? Congratulations! :D They look very happy, so let them be happy!

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Posted in: Feeding time See in context

The pigeons seem to be on a diet, or maybe they're hoping for something more to their liking!

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada marries Italian bartender See in context

Auguri e felicitazioni di matrimonio! :)

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Posted in: Two AKB48 singers, 1 staff member attacked at handshake event in Iwate See in context

:( I hope that those involved will get well soon and manage to recover soon from the shock. It would take me years to be able to approach a stranger again after something like that... 19 and 18 years old and now with scars which might physically and emotionally never disappear, just because of a loon. Makes me pretty sad. I don't care if they are AKB or anything else, it shouldn't happen to ANYone.

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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

I didn't get the Fukupuppy until someone literally pointed it out haha. I don't read it in the same way as most do I guess. About Kinki, hey, it can be used as advertisement!!

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Posted in: What type of girlfriend are you? Wait a minute, let me check your bangs See in context

hmmm if I am wearing "Bangs that sit above your brows" means I cut a little bit too much!!

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban sales of incest comic to minors See in context

oh FINALLY! But, honestly, it should be banned for both young and adults alike. Some hentai (and even milder forms..) is definitely terribly twisted! I am all for imagination and fantasy..but come on!

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Posted in: Shark shocks Ibaraki aquarium staff by swallowing another shark See in context

I know, I was making up a story :P I teach small kids so I have to be imaginative! :)

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