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Posted in: From beef bowl to beef pouch? Taste testing Yoshinoya’s instant gyudon packs See in context

Actually these are delicious. I like the in-store version and these are just like it.

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Posted in: Idris Elba test positive for coronavirus; filming halted for 'Matrix 4' See in context

They just wrapped up doing a ton of filming in San Francisco

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

Scheduling it without spectators is more of a no brainer than delaying it a year. Better for athletes who are peaking and broadcasters who can go on as planned (this is where the big money is).

How can they delay it if they’ve already sold the condominiums for the athletes village? Seems to be a big problem in that area, besides there’s no guarantee next year will be any different.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

I am betting that it goes ahead on the exact dates but without spectators. The broadcasters can still broadcast, letting the IOC keep the money from the most lucrative stakeholders, athletes can compete on the dates that they have aimed to be at their peak condition, but tickets will have to be refunded, leaving the JOC with a big loss, however compensated somewhat by the insurance.

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Posted in: Japan to send chartered flight to Wuhan to bring back its nationals See in context

According to the last part, they will be asked to self-monitor and report to a hospital if they develop symptoms. Ridiculous. They should be kept in quarantine for two weeks. Apparently the US government is bringing back citizens who will then be kept at a military base in quarantine. They should be doing something similar in Japan

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Posted in: Japan confirms third case of coronavirus virus See in context

In other news, tens of thousands have already died this season from influenza in the world.

Just take precautions like good hygiene and don’t panic

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Posted in: PayPay announces 40% bonus points campaign See in context

@reckless. This is PayPay, not PayPal

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Posted in: Famed Tokyo sushi restaurant Jiro dropped from Michelin gourmet guide See in context

Better to go to Kyubey in Ginza

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Posted in: Beyond Meat shelves plans for Japan push, Mitsui says See in context

Can’t wait to go back to the states and try the Impossible Whopper at Burger King. Hopefully the Impossible company will bring their products to Japan if Beyond Meat is unwilling to do so

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Posted in: In three shaken U.S. cities, Lady Gaga tries to channel 'fury into hope' See in context

It’s great that she is doing this. I visited the website and found it shameful that teachers at public schools have to basically beg for money for some of the simplest things. The American government is wasting money here and there while not focusing on what’s really important, the education of kids. Good for her to shine a light on this website, and good for her fans for adding to her original donation.

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Posted in: Japanese collector returns ancient artifacts to Cambodia See in context

Very complex issue. Just go to the British Museum and see all of the items that were originally stolen from their respective countries. The Elgin Marbles, Rosetta Stone, mummies etc etc.

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Posted in: Airports in Japan to introduce facial recognition for foreign visitors See in context

From the Japan Times which is a bit clearer than the above article:

”Japanese nationals have been able to complete immigration entry and departure processes at unmanned gates using facial screening technology at some of Japan’s airports since fall 2017.

But foreign travelers can only use the system when they leave Japan, as non-Japanese, including residents, get fingerprinted and photographed upon entering the country as a measure to prevent terrorism and other illegal activities.

The immigration agency official also said that only travelers staying in Japan up to three months will be able to use the system. He explained it can’t be utilized by residents of Japan and those with other visa statuses, as their immigration procedures require verification of their residence status.”

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Posted in: Airports in Japan to introduce facial recognition for foreign visitors See in context

@disillusioned. You are the one with the poor comprehension. Japanese CITIZENS/NATIONALS incoming to Japan yes, and foreign citizens DEPARTING Japan. Foreign citizens entering Japan cannot use this. That’s what we are talking about.

Rhaegar above mentioned that as well-only works coming in on Japanese passports.

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Posted in: Airports in Japan to introduce facial recognition for foreign visitors See in context

the article says DEPARTING short-term visitors, so many of the previous comments are irrelevant. Doesn’t matter what your face looks like after a long flight since you are getting on the plane, no it doesn’t replace fingerprints since those are taken when you enter Japan, and it's not going to affect customs since this is departing immigration.

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Posted in: Abe criticized in Diet after pension report highlights income-savings gap See in context

I don’t know, but coming from the states and being born in the 60s, I have never even thought about having a pension that paid for my full retirement. I have always assumed that I have to save my own money. I’m surprised there are people who actually thought a pension would provide for all their retirement needs

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Posted in: Ban on ticket scalping comes into force ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

It says tickets distributed for free are not subject to this ban. So that means IOC officials that get their tickets for free can scalp them for as much as they want?

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Posted in: Japanese tourist, husband charged in Hawaii sex assault case See in context

As was said before, the only good thing is this happened in the States. They’ll actually get a real sentence

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart celebrates young stars redefining sexuality See in context

@kestrel You take the time to complain. Straight people talk about their lives every day. If you complained about that it would be never ending.

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Posted in: 2 Narita airport workers confirmed as having measles See in context

@serengoza. Dying of smallpox, getting polio etc used to be “normal”. Doesn’t mean we want that now.

Don’t push that big pharma BS. Vaccines are cheap. If there was some big conspiracy, they would want you to get sick and hooked on treatment forever. Lol, you probably think obesity with it’s related issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint degeneration, high cholesterol etc is a big pharma plot.

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Posted in: Japan slowly buying into cashless future despite widespread misgivings See in context

The advantage of PayPay from inception through now is the 20% you get off any payments. Now is capped at ¥1000/transaction, but was ¥50,000. I’ve saved a lot so far. Can also double dip with T-points, bic points etc. You get nothing shopping with suica

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Posted in: Woman dies after being stabbed in back in apartment See in context

@expat. I imagine the landlord and the mailman were there and the landlord yelled out to the other to call the police while he dealt with the discovery. Something like that

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Posted in: Amid hoopla around Ichiro and Mariners - A's are here, too See in context

Going to Wednesday’s game. Let’s go A’s!

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Posted in: MtGox founder gets suspended sentence for data tampering: acquitted of embezzlement See in context

Educator60 you are correct. He lost the weight while in detention. I remember him fat when he was arrested

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Posted in: Japan looks to allow NHK to start simultaneous online streaming See in context

So what does this mean for fees? Does that mean everyone with a computer or a smart phone will be forced to pay?

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Posted in: Marunouchi line gets new train See in context

It’s got charging outlets lol.

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

Definitely a good chance to buy more exotic chocolates for myself. No giri choco in my office

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Posted in: Flamboyant 'Prince of Green Juice' arrested for alleged tax evasion See in context

Lol. His Instagram is still up. Looks like one of those “rich kids of” wherever.

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Posted in: Japan to require casino resorts to have unprecedentedly big hotels See in context

@Yubaru- Macau casinos cannot advertise the gambling aspect AT ALL. Check out their websites, no photos or mention of gaming. Just restaurants, spas entertainment. Of course everyone knows there are gambling areas.

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Posted in: Applications for Tokyo Olympic Games tickets to open as early as April See in context

I assume the tickets will be allocated as has been in the past for Olympics. The host country receives about 70% of the tickets. The other 30% are sold around the world at a later date

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Posted in: French tourist killed in avalanche while skiing in Niigata See in context

Off designated area, so basically his fault. Not the first time of course.

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