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Posted in: Japanese travel agency reveals summer 2022’s most popular destinations domestically and abroad See in context

Lol. The numbers and comments in the article don’t make sense. If it has a rank of 1-5, or 1-10, I expect 1 to be the highest/most popular, but the article refers to #5 or #10 as the best.

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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

@Ass. People who have relatives in China but live in Japan. So many of them here

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Posted in: Rock star Randy Bachman reunited with beloved stolen guitar See in context

I had never heard of BTO, or The Guess Who, but I and probably anyone else who is a rock music fan has heard the song American Woman

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Posted in: Thailand betting on 'boys' love' tourism boom, especially among Japanese travelers See in context

I remember a former student of mine maybe two years ago, who worked for a video importing company in Japan, told me that her company was switching from importing Chinese TV dramas to importing Thai BL videos. I didn’t understand what she was talking about when she said the name, so she had to explain it to me. I guess her company must be doing pretty well now

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Posted in: R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in sex trafficking case See in context

Unfortunately it happens again and again with powerful people. Of course just look at the Catholic Church scandals or Jimmy Savile. If you don’t know who Jimmy Savile is, he was like a kids entertainment specialist in the UK for decades. I grew up watching his program “Jim’ll Fix It” on TV. Check out the Netflix documentary about him if you want to see another horrific story of abuse lasting decades without any action

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Posted in: Price of air tickets set to keep climbing See in context

Interested in new Zipair flights from Narita to San Jose California. A cheap nonstop to the SF Bay Area

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Posted in: 'The world's gone mad': Kate Bush on 'Stranger Things' and chart reprise See in context

I was lucky enough to get tickets to her 2014 residency. Flew from Tokyo to London just for that chance of a lifetime since I’ve been a fan since she debuted but was too young to see her one and only tour at that time. Amazing to meet fans from all over the world, USA, South Africa, Europe, Asia all in London to see her. Bjork was in attendance at my show, as were several celebrities.

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Posted in: Bitcoin drops below $20,000 as crypto selloff quickens See in context

Anything has value if you can find an idiot willing to pay you more than what you paid. All these bitcoin evangelists are just doing the old pump and dump I’m sure

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Posted in: Residents of Fukushima village allowed to move back in after 11 years See in context

Of course everyone feels sorry for what happened to these people, but wouldn’t the money the government is spending to “decontaminate” the area be better spent giving it to those displaced families to set up their lives somewhere else? I think it’s highly unrealistic to think that the government can really decontaminate and bring these towns back to life. Sometimes you just have to accept reality and cut your losses.

I suspect the few people who will actually move back are very elderly and will simply go back to die in their hometown eventually.

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Posted in: Beijing warns of 'explosive' COVID outbreak; Shanghai conducts mass testing See in context

China’s policy was good in the pre-vaccine days, but now with good vaccines available, and the omicron version being less deadly, they should switch tactics.

Unfortunately instead of vaccinating their population with Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, AstraZeneca, they are relying on their homegrown vaccine which is not as effective, in combination with total lockdowns. Obviously this is not sustainable.

The government has got themselves in a bit of a pickle. They don’t want to admit that their vaccine is less effective than foreign ones which are not approved in China, so to avoid that being exposed, they are trying to keep Covid out by force. Omicron is just too difficult to control.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for leaving 2 children unattended while they played pachinko; 1 child dies See in context

We don’t know what age she was when they actually got married, but we can calculate she got pregnant with her first child at age 14/15 max, with a guy who was 32/33? Isn’t there something wrong with that? If that is legal, it shouldn’t be.

Now at most she is 17, which is legally not an adult. He should be fully responsible for the death of this child.

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Posted in: 'We must change': Japan's morning-after pill debate See in context

Unlike the US where it is a religious issue to allow women access to any form of abortion methods or not, in Japan this debate is simply about money.

Surgical abortion is not being debated. This is available even late term. The issue is about allowing women to take the morning after pill, which then would negate the need for surgical abortions, therefore reducing a huge financial stream for gynecologists.

Gynecologists simply want to keep abortions under their control so they can get financial benefit. Their excuses for not promoting the pill are laughable.

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Posted in: Japanese man jailed for attacking Thai dissident See in context

@Michael Machida. 20 MONTHS, not years

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Posted in: 2 Japanese die in Shanghai during COVID lockdown; causes unknown See in context

A couple of my Chinese friends in Shanghai are on day 54 or so of lockdown. It’s like prisoners scoring on the wall each day that passes by.

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Posted in: Japan starts 4th COVID vaccine shots for seniors, at-risk groups See in context

People need to remember the point of the vaccine is to help avoid serious complications, hospitalizations and death. It has never been to protect 100% from catching it. No vaccine does that.

My 84 year old mother was diagnosed just 4 days ago with Covid in the San Francisco area where cases are shooting up now, but hospitalization numbers are flat. She got 4 doses and says she just feels a little fatigued with a sore throat. Without the vaccines I fear her condition would be much worse.

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Posted in: Ohtani's Fenway debut a success with 11 Ks, RBI in 8-0 rout See in context

@gogogo. If you watch a game you can also see a backwards K. That indicates a strikeout looking (no swing on the third strike), as opposed to a regular K

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Posted in: 7-Eleven now has make-it-yourself smoothies in Japan, and they’re amazing See in context

I’ll definitely try it at least once

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Posted in: Get ready to pay more: Over 40% of Japanese firms to raise prices within a year: survey See in context

How ironic that the Japanese government has been hoping for inflation for decades to combat the deflation we’ve had.

Unfortunately it’s bad inflation now (prices of necessary goods go up due to supply issues - Covid lockdowns in China, backlog of supply chains, war in Ukraine etc ) as opposed to good inflation (wages go up, demand for goods, companies hire more workers, people have more spending money etc)

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Posted in: Japan should ease COVID border controls for foreigners: panel members See in context

For those who do not live in Japan and are hoping to come when the borders are open fully, I think the main mindset of Japanese people is that foreigners are welcome as long as they try to follow the way of life here.

Remember Japan has NEVER, throughout this pandemic, imposed government mask mandates or lockdowns, only requests. These requests have been followed dutifully by the vast vast majority of those living in Japan. It is credited with keeping Covid cases low compared to those of the US and Europe, taking into account population size.

When the borders open, people shouldn’t expect to be able to come to Japan maskless and not be met with some distain.

Some people have commented to me that before Covid, they found Chinese tour groups to be irritating due to their loudness and pushiness. Ironically they expect post Covid Chinese tour groups to be much better, regarding Covid policies such as masking, than US or European visitors.

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Posted in: Japan should ease COVID border controls for foreigners: panel members See in context

Funny. I would guess a lot of the posters here are not actually living in Japan. Absolutely none of the Japanese people I come in contact with here are excited about opening the borders to hordes of foreigners. Some comments told directly to me:

“they won’t be able to follow the rules”

“I’m afraid foreigners will refuse to wear masks”

“covid will increase”

“I don’t want Kyoto to become so crowded again”

“it’s been so nice traveling without crowds in Japan”

“look at the number of Covid cases abroad compared to Japan”


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Posted in: Padres 1st MLB team to reach uniform ad deal, with Motorola See in context

Sounds like it’s optional. I wonder if teams like the Yankees, Cardinals and Red Sox, who have been so traditional with their uniforms over 100+ years, will go for it as well?

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Posted in: Fox News star Tucker Carlson widely mocked for show on masculinity See in context

I’d love to see all these Trump supporters with their beer bellies getting naked tanning their testicles like the guy in the video. Lol. You really have to see it if you haven’t, so funny

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Posted in: 7 in 10 Japanese support Russia sanctions even if they feel impact: survey See in context

These price hikes and shrinkflation have nothing to do with the sanctions on Russia. Even if Japan refused any sanctions on Russia prices would still go up

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Posted in: Average value of Japanese lawmakers' assets grows to ¥29 mil See in context

Of course the numbers in the article are probably way understated, but people saying that Aso and Abe have 4 or $5 billion is laughable. Somebody wrote that in Wikipedia and there is no source. According to Forbes etc. it’s in the tens of millions of dollars. Nowhere near billions

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Posted in: 'Drive My Car' wins Oscar for best international film See in context

I’ve watched Drive My Car. I don’t know but I didn’t really get it. The three hours went by pretty quickly but I found it rather underwhelming personally. I loved other Japanese nominated movies like Departures and Shoplifters much more

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Posted in: 2nd black box of crashed China Eastern plane recovered: state media See in context

The way the plane dropped out of the sky but still in one piece (not blown up by a bomb etc) is most like the silk air crash which was eventually deemed to be a pilot suicide. Wonder if that was the case here too.

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Posted in: Should you place miso soup on the right or the left? See in context

I’m right handed and always move the miso soup to the back left. I hate it in the front right

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Posted in: 2 dead, over 160 injured after M7.4 quake hits northeastern Japan See in context

Seeing that last night‘s earthquake happened in roughly the same area as 2011, according to an online magnitude calculator, you can imagine what 2011 felt like if you take yesterday’s quake and multiply it by 39.8.

For those of you who weren’t here in 2011, you might wanna take time to think about what you would do in that situation, prepare what you would grab and where you would hide.

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Posted in: FamilyMart to ban plastic forks ahead of ordinance enforcement See in context

When I go to the supermarket now, overwhelmingly people have their own bags. A big change from 20 years ago

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Posted in: ‘Lost Daughter’ wins top prizes at Independent Spirit Awards See in context

So far I have watched Power of the dog, The lost daughter, Drive my car, Being the Ricardos, House of Gucci. None of them were bad but only House of Gucci was actually entertaining. Looking forward to The Batman

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