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Posted in: Japan slowly buying into cashless future despite widespread misgivings See in context

The advantage of PayPay from inception through now is the 20% you get off any payments. Now is capped at ¥1000/transaction, but was ¥50,000. I’ve saved a lot so far. Can also double dip with T-points, bic points etc. You get nothing shopping with suica

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Posted in: Woman dies after being stabbed in back in apartment See in context

@expat. I imagine the landlord and the mailman were there and the landlord yelled out to the other to call the police while he dealt with the discovery. Something like that

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Posted in: Amid hoopla around Ichiro and Mariners - A's are here, too See in context

Going to Wednesday’s game. Let’s go A’s!

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Posted in: MtGox founder gets suspended sentence for data tampering: acquitted of embezzlement See in context

Educator60 you are correct. He lost the weight while in detention. I remember him fat when he was arrested

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Posted in: Japan looks to allow NHK to start simultaneous online streaming See in context

So what does this mean for fees? Does that mean everyone with a computer or a smart phone will be forced to pay?

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Posted in: Marunouchi line gets new train See in context

It’s got charging outlets lol.

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

Definitely a good chance to buy more exotic chocolates for myself. No giri choco in my office

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Posted in: Flamboyant 'Prince of Green Juice' arrested for alleged tax evasion See in context

Lol. His Instagram is still up. Looks like one of those “rich kids of” wherever.

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Posted in: Japan to require casino resorts to have unprecedentedly big hotels See in context

@Yubaru- Macau casinos cannot advertise the gambling aspect AT ALL. Check out their websites, no photos or mention of gaming. Just restaurants, spas entertainment. Of course everyone knows there are gambling areas.

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Posted in: Applications for Tokyo Olympic Games tickets to open as early as April See in context

I assume the tickets will be allocated as has been in the past for Olympics. The host country receives about 70% of the tickets. The other 30% are sold around the world at a later date

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Posted in: French tourist killed in avalanche while skiing in Niigata See in context

Off designated area, so basically his fault. Not the first time of course.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers settle on 6 a.m. marathon starts See in context

@Tigers you are forgetting the influence American TV has on the event. Your time would not be good for viewing back in the USA.

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Posted in: Pink bus offers shelter to vulnerable girls in Tokyo nightspots See in context

Yubaru didn’t you read the article? Some of them suffer sexual and physical abuse from parents or other adults in the house. They don’t want to go back there, and I don’t blame them.

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Posted in: 53-year-old man didn’t report mother’s death so he could keep collecting her pension See in context

I have a feeling this kind of thing is going to keep happening more and more as the hikikomori grow into middle age etc

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Posted in: The first ever pizza-dispensing vending machine in Japan now operating in Hiroshima See in context

The point of these machines is that it’s not frozen pizza! If it’s the same as the machines I’ve seen in Europe, it makes the pizza from scratch. Pretty cool

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Posted in: Hot fuss: 2 years out, fears linger over Tokyo's toasty Olympics See in context

They are being held those dates under pressure from US broadcaster NBC. Other dates will crossover with rival sports events in the states. Same reason the swimming finals have been set for the morning instead of evening, to be shown prime time in the US. Money talks. Not really fair to criticize Japan, ire should be directed at NBC

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Posted in: IOC adds 7 medal events to 2022 Beijing Winter Games program; Tokyo 2020 swimming event times undecided See in context

Yeah I went to those Beijing swimming finals. Held in the morning for US broadcasters over the protests of swimmers who prefer heats and finals to be held all in 1 day, morning to evening.

Same reason the 2020 games are on the dates they are, better for US broadcasting. Too bad money is power, they need to think what’s best for the athletes and the host country fans instead

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Posted in: Free housing to be offered to impoverished LGBTs in Tokyo See in context

Legally you cannot discriminate based upon sexual orientation in the US

This is absolutely untrue. There are no protections federally in the constitution, some states and some cities have their own protection but in most states it is perfectly legal to fire someone, or kick them out of their job just because they are LGBT

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Posted in: Robbie Williams kicks off World Cup with obscene gesture See in context

What?! Is he still around?

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Posted in: Man, presumed dead, returns home a year after family cremated wrong body See in context

So I want to know what his reason for disappearing was!

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Posted in: Murder suspected in death of rich man dubbed Japanese 'Don Juan' See in context

Yeah got married to this woman after he met her at the airport. Left all his money to his dog. Seems he and the dog were killed. Pretty suspicious, wife and the housekeeper in on it together

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Posted in: Trump rebukes Japan over nontariff barriers against American cars See in context

I wonder how many Japanese citizens are actually interested in buying an American car. I certainly am not, and I’m American

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Posted in: 7 women caught smuggling gold from S Korea concealed in their bodies See in context

Yeah Japan imposes 8% tax on gold. They bring it in avoiding the tax, then resell it and make the 8% profit because the tax gets paid by the buyer. Also the current penalty is just a fine, the gold is always returned to the person who was caught, so not a big disincentive

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Posted in: 2 students dead, 13 wounded in shooting at Kentucky high school See in context

Yup. As usual the government and politicians etc. etc. will send their “hopes and prayers”, then move onto lunch and the golf course

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Posted in: Tokyo to encourage foreign tourists to splurge on nightlife See in context

I believe the drop in Chinese spending has much more to do with the Chinese government's recent crackdown on how much their citizens can spend and take abroad. Currency flight is a huge problem for their government. Totally out of the control of Tokyo.

Nevertheless, for the general tourist:

non smoking indoors

late night transportation

credit card acceptance at more places

Shows other than robot restaurant at night

no touts

more promotion of delivery services to hotel and airports

cheaper hotel rooms

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Posted in: Search resumes for missing 3-year-old boy in Fukui See in context

Well I certainly have suspicions about the father. No video around showing the boy. Hope the police check him out and don’t just believe his story

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Posted in: Police find cyanide at home of 'black widow' suspect See in context

@SauloJpn No, HUSBAND #4 was in Dec. She had some "boyfriends" too

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context


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Posted in: Japan’s PR battle for U.S. hearts and minds See in context

Totally agree with Harvey Pekar above. The vast majority of Americans don't care. Asia is about as well-known as Africa.

As far as they know, Japan is where Godzilla, PlayStation, Nintendo, some baseball players, sushi and sumo come from. South Korea has a bunch of people who do plastic surgery and the crazy leader in the North, (though I suspect they still think the guy with the big hair and platform shoes is that leader)! China makes cheap stuff, takes our jobs away, and makes good cheap food.

Island disputes? Who cares? Average Americans have always been rather insular when it comes to politics. If it doesn't affect jobs, my quality of life, etc then why should I care? I've lived in Japan for 25 years and go back to the states at least once a year. Nothing has changed in regards to knowledge about Asia, so all these countries are just wasting their time trying to influence Americans.

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Posted in: Justice minister undone by cheap paper fan See in context

These GUYS will nitpick any everything these women do until they all resign. I say hang in there and prove you are strong enough to handle the job. Stop being weak and destroying my daughters future.

Actually it was Renho, the female polititcian from the DPJ that was leading the attack,and it was quite humorous on tv

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