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Posted in: Azabudai Hills complex opens in Tokyo See in context

@Chico3- Mori uses “Hills” (Roppongi, Omotesando, Toronomon, Azabudai Hills) while Mitsui corporation uses “Midtown” (Yaesu, Hibiya, Roppongi Midtown). Just branding for them

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Posted in: 1,590 kgs of newly harvested rice stolen from two Ibaraki farms See in context

This has nothing to do with hungry people. This is some criminal organization making money.

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Posted in: Mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward again asks Halloween partygoers to stay away See in context

They should just create a big event at Yoyogi Park. Have lots of portable toilets, food trucks etc.

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

People have to understand there are two completely different scenarios. It’s interesting how much false information has been claimed in previous comments.

If you were born a Japanese citizen, and later in your life take another nationality, you are automatically stripped of your Japanese citizenship whether or not you tell any authorities. Sure, you can hide this situation, but the moment they find out, you will have your Japanese citizenship automatically removed. This has been tried in court several times including by the people in this article.

If however, you (or your children) were born with Japanese citizenship and another citizenship, you can effectively keep both. Yes you are requested to make a decision as to which one you will keep by the time you are an adult, but in that case, you just tell the Japanese government you will keep your Japanese citizenship.

They will ask you to “endeavor” to renounce your other nationality. You say something to the effect of “sure I will”, and then do nothing. There is no requirement to show any proof. In the future when applying for Japanese passports etc., there is a question asking if you have other nationalities. It is important to tell the truth and say yes. Again the most that can happen is an official asking you to “endeavor” to renounce your other nationality. Give the same response and rinse and repeat forever

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Posted in: Ohtani to keep playing, his future and impending free agency murky after elbow ligament injury See in context

Ohtani already showed by coming to the US at age 23 that he valued playing in the MLB more than money. If he had waited two years later he probably would've gotten $200 million more than he did.

He showed disregard for money again these couple of months by pitching while injured, jeopardizing his free agency contract. Great players are like this. They want to keep pushing, but it's the team's responsibility to protect the players from themselves sometimes.

The Angels, knowing that he has free agency looming, just allowed him to pitch as much as possible, when they should have told him no, protecting him.

If anyone can come back from a second Tommy John surgery it's Ohtani, but it's sad we won't see him pitch for a while.

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Posted in: Take craft time to new heights with this sewing machine made for children See in context

Saw a documentary about this company. To keep up with the times and drop off in general sewing, they made this kids sewing machine, another sewing machine designed for seniors which runs slower and makes it easier to thread the needle, and they made a special one targeting men who like to make leather crafts. Interesting.

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Posted in: Pilot, 4 passengers of Titan submersible are dead, U.S. Coast Guard says See in context

@sven. There was never any definitive connection between the "knocking" sounds and the submersible. It could have been anything around there. There was one sound, then another one a few hours after.

Finding that sound was compared to hearing a snare drum in a stadium full of cheering fans

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Posted in: GSDF shooting suspect says he planned to get hold of ammunition See in context

So he was trying to join the GSDF because he was trying to get his hands on some ammunition? Maybe he was trying to pocket some and got caught? Another person who can't tell what is reality.

Reminds me of that guy who killed the ANA pilot in the cockpit because he wanted to take the controls of the plane and fly it under the rainbow bridge like he did in the flight simulator video game back in 1999

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Posted in: Awa Odori dance festival to sell premium seats for ¥200,000 See in context

Nobody posting on here has to buy them. Good for the organizers that they offer a variety of options. There's always going to be someone to buy these. Cheap compared to that submersible ride to the Titanic for ¥35.5 million. I guess people get angry when they read these things because it reminds them that other people have more money than them

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Posted in: 5 dead after bus collides with truck in Hokkaido See in context

The video's already been out for 12 hours at least. The car behind the bus had a dash cam. Clearly shows the truck going straight into the side of the bus


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Posted in: SDF recruit sent to prosecutors over shooting that left 2 dead See in context

Obviously not suitable for the military when he can't take even any ounce of criticism. In the military more than any other organization, you have to accept that you are going to get orders or yelled at from superiors

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Posted in: Speed demons: The 'uriko' beer vendors of Japanese baseball See in context

I wonder if the people on here complaining about the head of beer are British? In Britain the beer is served much warmer, and barely has any head at all. Not acceptable in Japan or in the US. Of course nobody wants a half filled glass of foam, but two or three fingers worth is appropriate. Different beer, different style.

I wonder how many calories they burn every game? Definitely a good way to get a work out

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Posted in: Can't get no satisfaction from now-mandatory My Number cards See in context

Besides adding health insurance information to this stupid card, there are talks of incorporating drivers licenses to this, and for foreigners our ID cards.

For those of you saying you are going to avoid having this card, you're going to end up having to get it anyway. I totally agree, it's ridiculous.

How can we protect our "my number/new my number" if we have to carry it around with us as our ID, and rental car companies make photocopies of it when we rent a car!?

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Posted in: Capcom says 'Street Fighter 6' sells over 1 million units worldwide See in context

Diablo 4 for me now. I could never get into these fighters when I was younger at the arcade. Too many button and joystick combos to remember. My partner used to play Streetfighter, I used to play Qbert or pinball

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Posted in: At least 130,000 bank accounts affected by latest My Number ID card issue See in context

Already a mess and the government wants us to put our health insurance information, drivers license, and for foreigners our ID cards on there too. Ridiculous

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Posted in: Musk's Neuralink says it has been cleared for human test of brain implants See in context

Well like any technology there are good and bad uses. Good uses of this are for example to allow mobility to people who are now paralyzed, a bad use would be a divide in society between those who have implants and those who don't. I'm not sure which would be a better group to be in

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Posted in: Paris Olympics ticket prices mar image of Games for all See in context

I made sure to go to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing because tickets were set unbelievably cheaper than those before and since. I went to 16 events, mostly finals. For example, my swimming final's tickets were about the equivalent of ¥5000 (face value), whereas for the 2020 Tokyo games they went on sale for ¥108,000. I saw finals in judo, track and field, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. Table tennis was impossible due to huge demand understandably

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Posted in: Tokyu Kabukicho Tower backtracks on its gender-neutral toilets, rejigging them to appease public See in context

Calm down people! No matter what the reasoning for building these toilets, the problem was not with transgender people, it was with straight people, mainly due to prostitution.

Most of you wouldn't be able to recognize a transgender person in the first place. Many transgender people exist in our society and go to whichever toilet fits their identity without anyone knowing with no scene being made.

The main problem with these toilets from my own personal viewing experience, and from what I have read in Japanese media, was that straight women and men were mixing in the toilets. Because anyone can walk in, and there are so many stalls, it became a very convenient location for prostitutes to do their business. Men and women going into a stall for a quick one. Add to the fact that it's in Kabukicho and there you go

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Posted in: ChatGPT makes its debut as a smartphone app on iPhones See in context

Regarding the website version, I found it quite helpful to plan an itinerary for my upcoming trip. I told it the exact dates I was going and the location and asked it to plan an itinerary for me. Of course I will make adjustments, but it was an excellent base for me to build on.

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Posted in: French gastronomy facing huge logistical challenge for Olympics See in context

3 million bananas and 15,000 athletes. That's 200 bananas each! Wow that's a lot of bananas

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Posted in: Four minors detained after Rolex store heist in Tokyo's Ginza district See in context

Probably like the Luffy case previously, ringleader recruits idiots to commit the crime and the ringleader benefits. That guy is somewhere with the watches, meanwhile the idiot teens are in custody

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Posted in: Tokyo massage parlor robbed by customer See in context

People need to read a bit better. It never said that he paid ¥20,000 for a massage, it says he demanded money and she handed over ¥20,000. Stop insinuating it was something sexual.

The standard hourly price for a massage is ¥6000/hour. It's easy for a place to have ¥20,000 in cash. The legit place where I go has an average 4-5 customers at a time. My partner and I have a 2 hour foot and body massage each 1/month, that's ¥24,000 right there, though we usually pay with a credit card.

The benefits of cashless are clear for shops in this case

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Posted in: UK blocks Microsoft-Activision gaming deal, biggest in tech See in context

Activision hasn't been "saved", they wanted the deal to happen. This is due to heavy lobbying by Sony. We're talking about Sony's protectionism here

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Posted in: Freddie Mercury's private collection to be sold after exhibition See in context

When Michael Jackson's things went on sale, Lady Gaga ended up buying dozens of items including thriller jacket, sequin glove etc. She keeps them in a temperature controlled facility with her own items. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to get some of Freddie Mercury's outfits as well, particularly seeing where the profits are going

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Posted in: A's move Japanese rookie Fujinami to bullpen See in context

@3Rensho pitchers and catchers all use Pitchcom now. It can be set for various languages including Japanese, so there's no language problem on the field

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Posted in: Massive price increase announced for Japan Rail Pass; cost to jump by up to 77% See in context

There are lots of regional only passes that are still available. Some of them for foreign residents but most of them still for tourists only. These will not have price increases at the moment

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Posted in: 4 million apply for tickets for Paris Olympics in lottery See in context

@zizi. Paris not looking very nice at the moment, and the Olympics and corruption always go hand in hand no matter the location

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Posted in: If the new bicycle helmet rule isn’t mandatory, are there penalties for not following it? See in context

Yesterday as I was out for a walk I saw the police, wearing helmets, had stopped a delivery guy, who was also wearing a helmet. Therefore I assume it was for something else, but as they were talking to him and I walked by, I counted six cyclists riding by without helmets including a young girl by herself. No cyclists were wearing a helmet

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Posted in: 'Danjiri' float topples over, injuring 11 in Osaka Prefecture See in context

Well that's what makes this festival one of the more popular festivals in Japan, the danger. Just like that one in Nagano where they ride the giant log down the hill.

The participants know what they are getting themselves into. Hopefully every year nothing more than broken bones, but there are occasional deaths unfortunately from time to time

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Posted in: Yellow sand blankets parts of Japan See in context

First of all the Gobi desert is in Mongolia and China, and Chinese cities suffer just as much if not more from yellow sand each year.

The Gobi desert is expanding in size every year due to climate change, deforestation and animal grazing. Since world leaders don't seem to be able to get anything done about climate change, it's just going to get worse and worse

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