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Posted in: KFC Japan suspends French fry sales after running out of potatoes See in context

KFC has the worst potatoes. McDonald’s and Mos burger are much better

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Posted in: M5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 32 injured See in context

Felt a drop straight down on the sofa right before my phone alarm started going crazy and the shaking then started. Ever since being in the earthquake to hit San Francisco in 1989, and Tōhoku in 2011, I get nervous when we get a decent quake, wondering if the shaking will subside, or continue to build stronger and stronger as happened in those two huge earthquakes.

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Posted in: Truck driver goes on trial over accident that killed 2 children, injured 3 others See in context

@snowymountain. I think it’s pretty clear that ”they” means the coworkers.

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Posted in: Reopening of 'Aladdin' on Broadway halted by COVID-19 cases See in context

The point of the vaccine is:

To make it less likely you will get Covid-19

To greatly reduce the chance you will need hospitalization and die if you get it

To reduce the spread of the virus, and therefore the possibility it will mutate into a more dangerous version

This is the point of all vaccines. Few vaccines give 100% protection. It all depends on the virulence and mutability of the virus, and how widespread it is in the population among other factors such as personal underlying conditions, sanitation etc.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 302 coronavirus cases; lowest number since July 5 See in context

Of course the number is low because the number of tests done are low.

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for assaulting 87-year-old nursing home resident for ‘not going to sleep’ See in context

No spontaneous striking out of frustration here. The fact that he has photos shows a deliberate act of violence that he wanted to “savor” afterwards

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

I had side effects after my second Moderna. So what? I have side effects after getting the influenza vaccine every year. I’d rather have aches and pains and feel crappy for a couple of days then get Covid and possibly die.

Conspiracy theorists with their ideas about drug companies making money off of extra vaccines makes me laugh. On average it costs over US$150,000 to treat every hospitalized Covid patient. Much more than giving a vaccine away for free. Just take your free vaccine and be happy you most likely will never be hospitalized for Covid

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Posted in: Japan business lobby seeks to end quarantine for vaccinated arrivals See in context

It mentions overseas arrivals. Does that mean foreign tourists? Or just residents of Japan who are returning from overseas. Doesn’t seem clear to me

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Posted in: Rah-rah Rosie See in context

Mask please!

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Posted in: Moderna's contaminated vaccine only shipped to Japan: Spanish maker See in context

@wa4tkg. Most people in the world want to get vaccinated because they don’t want to take a chance of dying from Covid, suffering long-term side effects of Covid, or want to protect others who are at high risk of dying.

Look at the source of anti-VAX lies on the Internet. These charlatan “superspreaders” are all selling their own “cures”, books, videos etc. just trying to make a buck. They tell people not to get the vaccine, but buy their products. Entrepreneurship is fine but not when it leads to unnecessary deaths and misery.

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Posted in: Toddler fatally shoots woman during work video call in Florida See in context

I feel so sorry for this kid growing up, knowing that they killed their mother. Of course it’s totally not their fault but I am sure they’re going to have some kind of screwed up psyche thanks to the idiot who left the gun.

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Posted in: Burger King releases 100% plant-based Version 2 Whopper in Japan See in context

Wish they would sell the Impossible burger whopper. I wanted to try that in the States but can’t get there. Supposedly you can’t tell the difference between that and beef due to plant heme

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Posted in: Ariana Grande to appear and perform in Fortnite video game See in context

@spinningplates. When her concert in Manchester got bombed by terrorists, the main demographic was as I said. Maybe it has changed in the last few years

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Posted in: Ariana Grande to appear and perform in Fortnite video game See in context

I thought her main demographic was 15 or so year old girls, not fortnite players

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Posted in: CNN fires three employees for coming to work unvaccinated See in context

@vic.m. High fever and headaches? Lol. Try COVID and possible death to the infected and all those around them. I’ve had both shots of Moderna, had a headache and fatigue for 1 day. I’ll take that anytime

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Posted in: CNN fires three employees for coming to work unvaccinated See in context

Companies have the right to set rules for employees. What’s so hard to understand about that? Companies have rules for dress, associating with customers, language/manners to be used, times to report to work, etc etc. You want to keep your mustache or beard, don’t work for the Yankees or Disneyland. Requiring an employee to be vaccinated is no different. If you don’t want to be vaccinated you have every right to leave and get a job somewhere else.

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Posted in: Women get Olympic track off to a sizzling start See in context

A clarification from the article is needed. Richardson is not banned due to doping, that implies cheating. She is band due to having smoked marijuana

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Posted in: U.S. pole vaulter's positive test sends entire Australian track team into isolation See in context

@justasking The vaccine has been available in the US for all since at least February or March. There has been plenty of time for them to get a single shot of Johnson and Johnson

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Posted in: Olympic champ Biles withdraws from all-around competition See in context

@reckless. I think the only comparison to the pressure Simone Biles was feeling from the media and her country was that of Naomi Osaka from Japan. See how that worked out

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

While I totally agree that it was a mistake to hold the Olympics, I think the overall numbers are indicative of just people in Japan ignoring what they should be doing which is staying inside.

Looking at the age groups that are infected the most, this totally coincides with those who are going out the most.

It’s hard to blame the foreigners of the Olympics, when even the Olympic related Covid numbers are overwhelmingly due to people from Japan

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Posted in: Japan’s honor system unstaffed produce stands get a stylish upgrade See in context

Surprisingly there is an unmanned fruit stand on Nakano Dori between Nakano and Shin Nakano station in non-rural Tokyo. I bought the most delicious plums I’ve ever eaten, seriously, there last week. Now we have an unmanned frozen gyoza shop and this

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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

Total is 46 residents in Japan, 33 non

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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

You can go to the official Olympic website, and get an updated list every day of all Covid cases. It lists when they tested positive, whether they are a resident of Japan or not, what is their role in the Olympics, and what is their current quarantine situation among other data

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Posted in: France launches vaccine pass for cultural venues See in context

Every time the virus moves from unvaccinated person to unvaccinated person there is a chance it can mutate into a more virulent (like Delta) or more deadly version (thankfully not yet). It is this reason that people need to get vaccinated and even vaccinated people care about the unvaccinated. If a new version appears that is immune to the current vaccines, it affects all of us.

I can’t stand people with obviously no knowledge of biology trying to equate getting a vaccine for Covid with something like a seatbelt mandate. You don’t want to wear a seatbelt, fine, you alone will die in the crash, but not getting the vaccine will affect everyone

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Posted in: Foreign athlete in village among 9 new Olympic COVID cases reported See in context

@enolagay “Foreign ATHLETE”. Could be foreign staff etc

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Posted in: Pandemic Olympics: How the Tokyo Games will be different See in context

Just to be clear, there is no requirement for anyone related to the Olympics either Japanese or foreign to be vaccinated. Also there is no 14 day quarantine. It’s 3 days for them and 14 days for normal plebes like us

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Posted in: How organizers hope to manage coronavirus at the Olympics See in context

This article doesn’t mention anything about the majority of people coming who are not athletes but people working for the media, the IOC etc. this woman has found several of those people with profiles on the dating app bumble.

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Posted in: Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city See in context

I can’t verify it, but on another site I saw that he is supposedly staying in the Imperial Suite at the Hotel Okura which goes for a price of ¥3 million per night. According to the site I saw, the IOC is paying ¥50,000 a night, the organizers which of course means taxpayers, are paying the rest

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Posted in: Richardson will miss Olympic 100 after marijuana test See in context

I really don’t think there’s a big deal here. She smoked marijuana in a state where it was legal after finding out about the death of her mother. She knew it was against the IOC rules, and she has accepted the one month penalty without complaint. End of story

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Posted in: Behind the counter: What it’s like to work as All Nippon Airways ground staff See in context

One of my cousins is a trainer manager something at Haneda. Watched both videos on the odd chance I could see her in the background of the offices, but everyone’s wearing a mask so it’s pretty difficult LOL, anyway interesting

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