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Posted in: Japan set to honor assassinated Abe at controversial funeral See in context

After security failed him so badly, they are trying to make up for it by pretending to protect this sham of a funeral, where no major heads of state are coming, and somehow it costs more than the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

Even if regulations for entry are relaxed from October, not requiring a visa anymore, tourism will get nowhere close to what it was pre-Covid until the Chinese tourists can come back. They can’t because of their own country’s strict restrictions.

As a resident of Tokyo, it’s going to be strange, having lots of tourists back again. Frankly, from my own domestic tourism standpoint, it was quite nice these past few years. Visited all four islands plus Okinawa. Did more traveling in Japan these last three years than I did in the previous 27.

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan goes full autumn with chestnut beverages and regional drinks lineup See in context

Autumn is great for chestnut everything in Japan, but it also means mushrooms which I hate LOL

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Posted in: Citing imminent danger Cloudflare drops hate site Kiwi Farms See in context

So for 10 years this guy has spent his life trying to harass people and getting them to kill themselves? WTF seriously.

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Posted in: We visit an awesome sauna in Tokyo that’s ladies-only on days that end in zero See in context

Expensive compared to other places

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Posted in: Angels owner Arte Moreno explores selling franchise See in context

Hopefully the new owner can make much better business decisions than him.

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Posted in: Japanese developer bringing bright ideas to 'smart homes' in U.S. See in context

After moving back to the US from living 15 years or so in Japan, my parents had to do a big renovation of their house anyway, since renters had been living in their home.

My parents installed floor heating in the kitchen/breakfast area, and every bathroom. They also dramatically changed the master bathroom to make it Japanese style, having a shower area together with a deep bath for soaking, and removing the toilet to a separate room of it’s own. They also had instant on water heaters installed to provide endless hot water.

These were certainly innovations that they had to import and teach the contractors how to design and install at the time. Sensor lighting is nothing

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Posted in: Back to the past See in context

Seems to me like these clown imposters playing dress up disrespect their own soldiers. Pretty sure they wouldn’t last long in a real war

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Posted in: Suspect in attack on author Salman Rushdie pleads not guilty See in context

Extremists in all religions and groups should be rightly condemned by the moderates in said group, otherwise the extremist thinking will become the accepted norm.

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Posted in: Nearly 370 mil disposable cups used by coffee chains in Japan in 2020 See in context

So if they used regular cups to serve the coffee at the stores, how much water would they have used to wash them, and dishwashing liquid to go down the drains? Seems to me there’s always going to be a problem

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Posted in: Relatives remember victims of 1985 JAL jet crash on 37th anniversary See in context

Boeing‘s faulty repairs after the tail had been damaged in a previous incident lead to the crash, but the refusal of the Japanese to accept American military help from Yokota base led to the deaths of some victims. The four survivors mentioned how there had been several other survivors, but they gradually died while waiting for rescue

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Posted in: Olivia Newton-John, singer and actress, dies at 73 See in context

Yes as everyone has said, she seemed to have nothing but an aura of positivity around her

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Posted in: Husband who helped wife leave Unification Church now supports others See in context

People keep talking like there’s only this cancer of the Unification Church in Japan with their link to the LDP. The Unification Church has a long history of connection with the Republican Party in the United States for the same reason, touting their anti-communism stance to try to get legitimacy and protection from these political parties.

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Posted in: WNBA's Griner convicted at drug trial in Russia; sentenced to 9 years See in context

People keep saying good thing she wasn’t caught in Singapore, but trafficking in Singapore for cannabis is over 15 g. The death penalty is for over 500 g. According to the government website, penalties lower than the death penalty (so having 0.1 to 499 g ) are from 24 lashes with a cane whip up to life in prison. Seeing that she had less than 1 g of cannabis oil, I highly doubt she would have gotten anywhere close to nine years as she did in Russia, if any prison time longer than the trial at all. Probably cane lashings and time served

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Posted in: WNBA's Griner convicted at drug trial in Russia; sentenced to 9 years See in context

Jesus everybody’s making her sound like she was a high-level drug dealer with tons of drugs in her bags. She had a vaping device with less than 1 g of cannabis oil left in it. She said she threw a bunch of stuff in her suitcase to pack in a hurry. It’s not that difficult to believe that this device was thrown/kept in her suitcase by accident.

It reminds me of the woman who came from the States to Japan with bullets (A few not boxes and boxes ) in her bag. Yes it’s illegal, but I think we can all agree it was a matter of forgetting it was in the bag when packing. That woman was deported back to the US when the bullets were discovered, same thing should’ve happened in this case.

Of course this was a political stunt by Putin to redirect domestic eyes off of Ukraine and to use her as a bargaining chip.

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Posted in: Japan reports 233,094 coronavirus cases; record high 40,406 for Tokyo See in context

The numbers are high compared to the rest of the world because the rest of the world stopped counting.

Certainly this new variant is less deadly than prior variants, but it’s also much more virulent. The real worry is not so much people catching this variant and dying, it’s people catching this variant which then can mutate into a more deadly form.

every time the virus enters a new person, there is the possibility of mutation. That is the real threat.

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Posted in: Angels rebuff calls to trade star Ohtani See in context

Ohtani has stated that his purpose of coming to MLB was to win the World Series. After his contract runs out at the end of next season, he’s going to see that the angels are a dead end and leave anyway. There are plenty of contenders that can afford him.

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Posted in: 50% of Japanese women think work hampers married life: survey See in context

How about a new headline: “Lack of childcare hampers work life” or “Unhelpful husbands hamper work life”

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Posted in: Do you think the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might have swayed people to vote for ruling Liberal Democratic Party candidates in Sunday's upper house election? See in context

I don’t think so. The result would’ve been the same either way. The opposition are in such disarray, the LDP would have won regardless. There was no bump in people voting.

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Posted in: Wheelchair tennis champ See in context

Congratulations! I learned about him through the paralympics. It’s amazing this was his first Wimbledon men’s singles title considering how many other grand slams he has won

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Posted in: Abe's killer tested homemade gun at religious group's facility: sources See in context

It’s not just the LDP connections to the Unification Church that is dangerous and shady. The Unification church has a long standing connection with the Republican Party in the United States due to its image of being staunchly anti-communist.

This is an article based on the investigative reporting done by the LA Times in 1997, but the influence buying continues. There is a decades old relationship between the two groups and the LA Times estimates donations to the GOP are in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars over those decades. In addition, their purchase the Washington Times (not Post) gives them considerable voice to push their right wing agenda.

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Posted in: Facebook, Twitter remove Abe assassination videos See in context

Videos shown on TV the most showed the first shot and the second shot but the camera was not focused on him during the second deadly shot since the camera was facing the ground or was blocked by something, so only the sound was heard.

However there is one video in particular taken from Abe’s left side, presumably on a tripod, since the camera didn’t flinch like other videos, that shows very clearly both shots and Abe‘s reaction.

That one particular video I saw on Japanese TV, but they cut away right before the second shot. This is the video that is online, showing the second shot clearly and actually showing Abe being hit and falling to the ground.

After the first shot, Abe didn’t even flinch like most people, only turning around after a couple of seconds. At that moment when he turned around, the gunman shot the second shot and Abe is hit and collapses to the ground.

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Posted in: Former Prime Minister Abe dies after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

@kaimycal. There didn’t need to be draconian American style security since gun violence is so rare. 10 gun deaths last year (8 were yakuza internal affairs) in a country with roughly half the population of the US.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Basically they waited for his wife to come from Tokyo to the hospital. Then they officially declared death

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

It is because we live in a society where guns are so rare and strictly controlled here in Japan, that prominent politicians can always stand by the side of the road and give speeches without any vetting of the crowd around them.

Unfortunately there are always going to be angry disturbed individuals in any country, and in this case one of them seems to have made a homemade gun from the Internet I suppose.

Being that it’s Abe, it’s international news, but any shooting is big news in Japan.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Looks like a sawed off double barreled shotgun to me with the barrel wrapped in black tape to hide it. Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, of Nara City is the shooter. Didn’t resist at all.

For people who don’t live in Japan, it is usual for politicians to campaign in public with basically no security. I was within 2 feet of Abe several years ago in Tokyo. I imagine campaigning will be somewhat different in the future, especially for high profile politicians

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Posted in: Apple tracking device found on unmarked police vehicle in Aichi See in context

@ citizensmith The range on AirTags is infinite. As long as there are iPhones around the AirTag belonging to anyone, not only the user of the AirTag, they will indicate the location of the AirTag anywhere in the world

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Posted in: 'Guerrilla' sales, crowdsourcing: Japan's game console crunch See in context

I paid ¥69,000 on Mericari in April 2021 brand new (list is ¥55,000), and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Certainly worth the extra money to get it with no stress 15 months ago. Just starting to become pretty easy to buy in the US, but airline tickets are through the roof LOL

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Posted in: Japanese travel agency reveals summer 2022’s most popular destinations domestically and abroad See in context

Lol. The numbers and comments in the article don’t make sense. If it has a rank of 1-5, or 1-10, I expect 1 to be the highest/most popular, but the article refers to #5 or #10 as the best.

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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

@Ass. People who have relatives in China but live in Japan. So many of them here

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