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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

The head of NBC Sports said this is probably going to be their most profitable Olympic games ever. They are going to have over 7000 hours of total broadcasting. Of course they get the money from the advertising that goes in between all of those hours of broadcasting. I think somebody actually calculated roughly the number of hours of actual sport happening in the Olympics is about 700 hours. what a bloated mess on US TV

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context

Nakano ward sent vouchers to everyone 18-64 on June 9-10. Over 65 had theirs earlier. Got my Otemachi reservation this Sunday! Don’t know why other wards are slow compared to Nakano. Anyone know?

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Posted in: More than 2,300 companies to vaccinate 11 mil employees, families See in context

Asiaman. I’m in Nakano and under 65. As long as you have the tickets you can easily make a reservation. Did it in under five minutes. Just put in the code numbers from the stickers, your birthday, then choose a date and time. On that date, just go to Tokyo station and there is a free shuttle bus that leaves every five minutes that will take you right to the place. The shuttle will take you back as well. The website is all in Japanese, but if you use chrome you can translate into English

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Posted in: More than 2,300 companies to vaccinate 11 mil employees, families See in context

I just went to this website and made a booking for the Tokyo site in less than five minutes. This Sunday! Note that you need to have the ticket already in your hand to input the data from it

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Posted in: Djokovic, Federer, Nadal: Who's the greatest of them all? See in context




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Posted in: Microsoft bolsters video game line-up as Xbox turns 20 See in context

Love my Series X and Gamepass Ultimate. What an upgrade from my XBOX 360

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Posted in: Main Tokyo vaccination center to offer shots to younger people See in context

Hmm. Those of us in Nakano already have the tickets for under 64. I wonder if we can apply tomorrow. I’ll just call and find out I suppose

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Posted in: COVID vaccines to be available to all under 65 in Japan at same time See in context

There are legitimate complaints to be made, but many here seem to be complaining about things they don’t know anything about.

Someone above complaining “ we don’t know what the price is going to be“-It’s FREE

Complaining about only 10,000 people capacity at the mass vaccination sites-You totally don’t seem to understand that there are numerous other places to get the vaccine depending on where you live. I live in Nakano ward in Tokyo, just here, we have 162 clinics and centers for you to choose from.

How are we going to get the vaccine?-The local governments will send your ID number then you make a reservation. Again speaking for Nakano, they will be sent out by June 10. Vaccines for those under 65 years old will start June 28. 65 and older and has already started

Of course every local area is different. Make sure you don’t just dump the stuff in your post box. Information will all be coming through the mail.

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Posted in: Japan opens mass vaccination centers in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

Nakano ward in Tokyo already sent out info for 16-64 year old vaccinations. Starting June 28 can apply for a reservation at any 1 of 162 clinics/centers in the ward.

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Posted in: Regulators explore new methods to evaluate vaccines for latecomers See in context

My friend’s company (in the drug field) had a meeting, where five people were supposed to “volunteer” for the shionogi vaccine trials. Nobody did….

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Posted in: Xbox cloud game world extends to Apple gadgets See in context

If only I could find a Series X in Tokyo....

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Posted in: Ohtani's 2-way play, Walsh's walkoff HR lift Angels over White Sox See in context

Well he basically went 5 innings. Got the strikeout that the catcher dropped, misthrew to 1st and then another misthrow back to Ohtani at home getting him injured. Hardly his fault. Fastest pitch this year and hardest hit HR in the same game/inning pretty awesome

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Posted in: Overseas Tokyo Olympic ticket holders may get only partial refunds See in context

I don’t understand why people are complaining about Japan here. They are refunding the full price of the ticket. It’s not the Japanese organizers job to refund the various IOC approved tickets sellers surcharge. By the way this is not a Tokyo Olympic only thing, this has always been the case regarding approved ticket resellers.

The approved reseller for the UK is refunding all ticket prices and surcharges, it’s the American company that refuses to refund the surcharges, even though they have received US taxpayer money as described in the article. Cosport is the problem here, not the Japanese organizers

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Posted in: Lady Gaga sends message of support to Japan See in context

10 years ago when the foreign media was scaring everyone with how dangerous Japan was, Lady Gaga made a point to come to Japan right away to show support for the people of Tōhoku. She also raised millions of dollars in a fundraiser. Today’s video shows not only she hasn’t forgotten, but she also realizes the mental stress that many survivors and victims have still. A lovely woman!

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Posted in: Twitter's Dorsey auctions first ever tweet as digital memorabilia See in context

Some people have too much money to buy all sorts of useless stuff. Hope that money will eventually go to charity

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Posted in: Digital authentication opens new doors for art, sports collectors See in context

Hmm okay, I don’t get it lol.

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe moving to U.S.; switching base of operations to outside Japan See in context

Her parody of Lady Gaga’s music video of Rain on Me was great.

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Posted in: Rising Sun removed from 'Street Fighter II' background in game’s latest rerelease See in context

@erik morales. Street fighter, along with Mortal Kombat, are probably the most important video games heralding player versus player gaming. You must be young or not into gaming.

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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

Squirt shaving cream on the glasses and wipe clean with a cloth without washing. No fogging anymore

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Posted in: An increasing number of remote workers are suffering from stress due to a lack of communication with others or difficulty distinguishing between work and private time. See in context

Difficulty distinguishing between work and private time

Lol. My partner spends her 2 work from home days watching Netflix, doing laundry, sleeping etc. Seems to be handling it just fine.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 856 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,571 See in context

Forget about total positive numbers and how that is a fraction of the total population. What’s important is the test positivity percent. This is getting higher and higher. Dr. Fauci said anything over 3-4% is worrying. 16% positivity means they are missing a whole heck of a lot of people.

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Posted in: Japan developing tracking system for travelers from overseas as anti-virus measure See in context

Why develop a new system? Use what they do in Taiwan. Need to be strict with penalties too.

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Posted in: Ginza shoppers clean hands, phones with high-tech wash stations See in context

I saw a feature on this company about a year ago. They use their system to set up showers at various locations where there are emergencies. It’s really amazing, the water can be completely filtered and recycled so that so many people can take hot showers using just a small amount of water

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Posted in: No 'bonenkai' this year ... and many employees won't miss them See in context

Friend’s company cancelled theirs and sent all employees a gift book instead. They seemed to like that better

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Posted in: A guide to onsen in Japan: Recommended hot spring destinations See in context

Kurokawa onsen

Beppu onsen

Arima onsen

Bessho onsen

Hakone onsen

Minakami onsen

Ginzan onsen

all very nice

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Posted in: Halloween revelry subdued in Japan due to pandemic See in context


like it isn’t commercialized in the US? Lol.

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Posted in: First-ever foot-operated vending machine appears in Japan during pandemic See in context

I use coke pay on my iPhone and the drink falls out. No touching at all

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Posted in: Netflix woos Japan with new original series about a reporter's exchange with Suga See in context

As I was reading, thought it would be a good role for Yonekura Ryoko (DrX, Legal V). Then I saw she is indeed going to play the main role

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Posted in: Go To fiasco may see gov't paying Tokyoites' cancellation fees See in context

Sorry @klausdorth, masswipe is right. The katakana is always read as travel, not trouble

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Posted in: Twin towers to be built around Tokyo's Shinjuku Station See in context

It says a new underground passageway is opening Sunday. Today? Anyone know whereabouts it is? North side has a passageway already, following the Marunouchi Line, so I’m guessing it’s around the south side?

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