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Posted in: 'Sesame Street' Elmo actor Kevin Clash resigns amid sex allegation See in context

Hmm other 2 guys were on gay chat lines. Not entirely innocent themselves. Who can tell the difference between a 15 and 17 year old? Sounds like a money/attention grab by them

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Posted in: Activists hope gay marriage debate will stir Japan See in context

@ubikwit. Civil unions do not suffice, since there are hundreds of laws and benefits given to "married" couples only. (US case). If those laws were all changed to say "for those married or in civil unions", then yes, civil unions would suffice, but they aren't.

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Posted in: Tattooist draws line between art and underworld See in context

*I hope when they die their bodies are not too wrinkled. Then they can be skinned and their hides crafted into lampshades or objets d'art, and their families can recoup some of the money wasted on this narcissistic indulgence.

Tokyo University has the largest collection (over 100) of skins from the deceased. It's a collection only open by invitation to view however

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Posted in: Facebook is as pleasurable as food or sex: study See in context

Which is more idiotic, posting all the time on Facebook or these Harvard researchers wasting time making studies like this?

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

Homophobic people always get hung up on the sex issue. Forget about the sex act, heterosexuals perform all types of sex acts too.

Don't tell me everyone only performs missionary style vanilla sex. S&M, BDSM,anal, group-heterosexuals do these. Of course you may not, but some do, so we don't ban all heterosexuals marrying right?

Some heterosexuals can't have children, don't wanna have children, we don't ban them right? Many heterosexuals have children in single parent families with no father or mother, we don't ban that right? So you may have a negative opinion of single parenting, interracial marriage, divorce, adoption, different religions etc but we don't ban those right?

Let homosexuals have the same legal rights as every other HUMAN BEING- marriage, divorce, adoption, immigration, inheritance, medical treatment, etc etc

You don't have to like it, just as you may not like a black man and white woman getting married (example- not my opinion), but you wouldn't try to make it illegal right? (if you would, then there is no getting through to you idiots)

So give all humans equal rights, not special rights for some

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Posted in: Software piracy costs record $63.4 billion in 2011: study See in context

Many people download stuff just because it's "free", but they never would have paid for them even if that was the only option. The companies are not really losing money. I might watch "The Hulk" online, but would never have paid to see it.

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Posted in: Pepsi brings back Michael Jackson on its cans See in context

His family trying to milk every last cent outta him

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Posted in: Young women interested in how plain-looking 'Black Widow' lured men to their doom See in context

yeah she's not a looker, but where are the pictures of the men she killed? I'm betting they weren't much to see either. They probably couldn't believe their "luck" when she was interested in them

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context

Heterosexuals "shove their lifestyles" down gay throats every single day. Kissing in public, holding hands, getting married, getting couples discounts, "flaunting" their sexual activities on tv. Disgusting!

Doesn't that sound ridiculous? It is. So stop saying these things about LGBT because we are all humans just trying to have an equal life. Why do straights get so bent out of shape over another person's desire to be with the person they are attracted to?

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context

Which is why many homosexuals in this country hate people like Tanashingo and characters like Hard Gay. They are used for entertainment purposes

Exactly. The heterosexual media love to focus on photos like the guys here because they get a laugh out of it. The majority at a pride parade are not dressed up like this, just like the majority of straight women are not dressed like hookers or men like pimps. Some do, but don't make assumptions that all LGBT look the same. You don't do it for straights, so don't do it for gays.

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Posted in: Scorsese says all his future movies will be 3D See in context

3D boom in USA in 1950's, 1980's and now. Every 30 years a new generation gets enamored for a bit then it fades

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Posted in: Mad cow disease found in California See in context

Only 0.04% of the cows are tested, and 4 cases have been found over the years. Well if you don't look, you're not gonna find anything! I suspect many more cases would have been detected if all cows were tested

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Posted in: Saudi boy, 4, kills father for refusing to buy him PlayStation See in context

The kid could easily have learned how to use the gun from tv, games and movies, but I'm sure he has no idea of the consequences. Probably thinks dad will just respawn and walk through the door tomorrow....

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Posted in: Pregnant woman, 7-yr-old girl killed after car hits schoolchildren in Kyoto Pref See in context

Where are their parents!?

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Posted in: Japanese woman kidnapped, raped in Sydney See in context

Nothing can justify rape, but I agree with those above who say too many Japanese women are naive when traveling abroad. Reminds me of a case several years ago when a group of about 7 women went to a guy's home in Italy for lunch and ended up being held at sword point and repeatedly raped.

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Posted in: Ichiro 1-for-4 in Seattle's loss to Hanshin Tigers See in context

Oakland 5, Giants 0. Oakland!!!!!

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Posted in: Apple fans snap up new iPad See in context

I only use my iMac and iPad now for computing. MacBook gathering dust and iPhone is only used for calls or when I go out without a bag. And my iPod is somewhere in a drawer. Once you get an iPad you will see how wonderful it is. Most of my apps are free and the most expensive one was $8

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Posted in: Ben & Jerry’s to return to Japan with Omotesando Hills store See in context

I'm happy, but don't know if it will be more than a fad in Japan. I remember their 7-11 tie up. Matcha with white choco chunks. Not popular with the locals. Though now with cold stone perhaps having chunks of stuff in the ice cream is more acceptable and familiar

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Posted in: Olympics minister says ticket demands unreasonable See in context

I went to the Beijing games. Got to see Michael Phelps win gold for $50 face value. Less popular events (judo) were $20, even $5 for shooting. Never considered trying to go to London, knew tics would be through the roof. At least the Chinese gave the public, both domestic and foreign a decent price

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Posted in: KDDI's 'au Smart Pass' offers unlimited app download at flat rate See in context

I wonder how many of those apps are free anyway. According to Apple, there are just over 100,000 free iphone apps in the App Store

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Posted in: Giants, Patriots advance to Super Bowl See in context

felt sick after the niner turnover in OT

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Posted in: Patriots, 49ers advance in NFL playoffs See in context

Niners!!! Great game

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Posted in: Iwakuma to get U.S. Majors chance at last; Nakajima misses out See in context

Seattle really wanted to get me,Iwakuma said. That was the most important thing.

They were maybe the only team that was interested in him this year after his injury. Blew off $15.25 mil last year (4years), got $1.5 mil this year (only 1 year).

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Posted in: Iwakuma to get U.S. Majors chance at last; Nakajima misses out See in context

Iwakuma is getting much less than the Athletics offered him last year, and only a 1 year contract, not the multi-year one he was demanding from Oakland. See what getting injured in your free agency year gets you!

Japanese media last year had reported that Oakland made a four-year proposal worth $15.25 million. In terms of annual salary, it is equal to what Iwakuma made with the Eagles of Japan's Pacific League. His agent Don Nomura said of Oakland, "Their offer was low and they weren't sincere".

As an Oakland fan I must say I'm quite happy how this turned bad for him after dissing the Athletics

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Posted in: Island overrun by rabbits, tourists See in context

For those in/near Tokyo, there is a rabbit cafe in Shimokitazawa which is cute

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim Jong-Il dead at 69 See in context

20 something son in charge of nuclear arsenal. Scary. Or military use him like a puppet. Scary too. Interesting to see the power struggle begin

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Posted in: Book by killer of British woman to become film See in context

I may be able to shed some light on an angle that may not have yet been explored. The forces in society that may have distracted this man to make him what he is..

Sounds like excuses for Ichihashi already. Of course there have been a ton of movies about true criminals/crime, but the big point here is that this movie is being made from Ichihashi's own book, therefore netting him some profits..Disgusting

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Posted in: Rakuten pitcher Iwakuma to file for free agency See in context

After rejecting oakland for offering him the equivalent of his Japanese salary he had a terrible year here. Ha ha ha. With darvish on the radar he's not gonna get close to oaklands offer. Matsui was ok. Hope we can keep him

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Posted in: Tokyo Apple store staff offer silent prayer for Steve Jobs See in context

A great innovator. I am a devotee with every iproduct, but some comments slamming Bill Gates are unfair based on his post-Microsoft philanthropy

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Posted in: After a half-century in Hiroo, National Azabu to close Oct 31 See in context

Not such a problem to find alternatives in Tokyo. Kinokuniya, Meiji-ya, Seijo Ishii..... All about the same.

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