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Posted in: Abe pledges to seek to eliminate nuclear weapons See in context

History is for remembrance. We should not forget the horrible happening on this day. More importantly, history is for learning. We should learn why the war was fought. Invading other countries invites war and war has its consequences. To stop nuclear weapon means to stop war. There will be conflicts but admitting the conflict is the first step towards peaceful resolution. I hope all parties should, after paying respect to the dead, drill deeper down for the root cause of the happening. Only thru such effort, would we see hope.

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Posted in: Tai chi: Getting there more slowly, but gracefully and intact See in context

Taiji is an exercise of the whole body when taught properly. All motion derives from the core muscle group in a coordinated manner. Unfortunately, too many taiji were taught like dancing graceful look but hollow.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

Japan may have a glorious history but not WWII. The Japanese military flag was a symbol of aggression and relentless killing of innocent civilians of Ear Eastern nations. Koreans, Chinese ...... including Australians. See: http://i.imgur.com/hpCA8.jpg

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Posted in: Google launches Internet-beaming balloons See in context

What a wonder service for millions of people in remote areas! Clearly, it will upset the establishments. That would make the technology looks easy in comparison with fighting the establishments.

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Posted in: Gov't - but not Ishihara - backs away from Hashimoto's comfort women comments See in context

*"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"**

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Posted in: Gov't - but not Ishihara - backs away from Hashimoto's comfort women comments See in context

This is certainly a Japanese internal problem. Japan is a democracy. Should her people united together to show their will through public opinion and voting? Looking from outside, these extreme right wing politicians are showing that they can run over the Japanese citizens just as their imperial militarists ran over Asia in WWII. Yes, worldwide opinions mean nothing, as long as Japanese people continue to elect their officials with such leadership. *"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"**

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Posted in: How Japanese soldiers helped the British in 1944 Java conflict See in context

One should never stereotyping people. There were and still are decent Japanese people. It was the imperial militarists who engaged in inhuman war crimes during WWII and after the war still try to deny what they did. Unfortunately, the Japanese society seems remain quiet about such behavior. The recent rise of the extremely right wing political party plans to revise the Japanese constitution. If the wisdom of the Japanese society at large support such actions, we can only hope that the nation will not re-visit it's devastating defeat.

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context

Add in all the other stupid Chinese claims around the far east & SE Asia & if China ever starts up its military the rest of the world will need to be ready to put China out of our collective misery!

Perhaps that is what Mr. Ishihara had in mind when he stirred up the islets issue and secretly wishes U.S. would be dragged into war with China through the U.S.-Japanese Joint Security Act and drop two nuclear bombs like she did at the end of WWII except this time on China. That would be wishful thinking, us Americans do have world peace in mind and are not that stupid.

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context

If the willing Japanese will remember that it was the militarists who led Japanese to WWII and the un-happy ending of un-conditional surrender. Mr. Ishihara, the self-proclaimed leader of present day militarists, is leading Japan, unwittingly, down the similar path. Historical lessons are meant to serve mankind. I hope they still do in Japan. That said, it is really stupid for both China and Japan to drop the warm relationship that resulted in booming trades for the past 30 years with benefits to both nations. Only statesmen from both side can make it work again - but Mr. Ishihara is not one of them.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to cancel drill to retake island See in context

The independent thinkers in Japan should raise protest against this on and off drill. It is not enough stopping the drill just to cool off the tension. One should think for the longer term. Getting back to normal trade relationship is win-win-win for all parties. It should be clear to independent thinkers that the extreme right wing is not good for the nation nor for her neighbors and her ally.

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Posted in: 'Food terrorism' a new concern in China-Japan rift See in context

Article like this without stating its source of accusations or suggestions is out of character of Japan Today and the author. In this particularly sensitive time period of Japan-China relationship, responsible reporting should be the responsibility of worthy newspapers lest they become tools of manipulating parties.

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Posted in: Japan won't prosecute Chinese diplomat over espionage See in context

Classified information does not leak by itself. There is a leaker and a receiver. The alleged Chinman is gone. How about tracking down the leaker!! He is 50% of the problem. Of course, this might dug up too much to suit the prosecutors.

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