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Just wondering how many of the haters have the right to vote? Show of hands? And I’m guessing from seeing one thread after the next, that the way to get likes is to post something negative towards the government and Japan. Broken record moment... if you don’t like it... you don’t have to stay.

I didn’t agree with everything he said or did, but the man just resigned today and the reports from different media outlets have painted differing stories on how Japan fared during his tenure.

For those of us who have been here for a while, remember that era of changing one prime minister after the next? Hope it doesn’t come back.

Abe wasn’t the devil some people here seem to be hellbent on painting him as. Anyone have any suggestions of better candidates to take over?

He lead Japan during a period of a rising China, North Korean missiles threats, Brexit, and the Trumpster, and of course Covid. It was quite the time to be prime minister of Japan. Hope he gets well.

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@ i@n. Maybe, so. I'm not sure to be honest how it flew by like it has. But it has for the most part been hard work, being upfront and honest, trusting my gut, and treating people how I would like to be treated back. It has held me in good stead. I've never groveled or kissed butt, it just isn't in my makeup. I've had heated arguments when I've felt someone was treated me unfairly, and haven't suffered as I knew I had others in my court because it was just a case of right and wrong.

@Reckless. I hope you can get back soon, and are able to return to how things were before you left.

@drlucifer. I think I had read so many horror stories, and a lot of complaints of life in Japan (especially up in the large urban areas) I came out here a little bit apprehensive. I knew others who had lived here before I came out who had said that they had been reminded of their place as "outsiders" but on reflection, a lot of that was their own personality issues. Heck, they clashed with people at home. I suppose if I had people coming up to me saying "gaijin go home" if I lived in a community were not being allowed into facilities because I'm not Japanese was a regular thing, I suppose if I was made to feel uncomfortable while out and about, then those things would have made me think it was time to leave. I haven't had that. Maybe a few small minded people have made dumb comments, but I've never shied away from giving it right back.

The current setup isn't ideal for a lot of people. But we aren't in ordinary times. People are losing their jobs the world over, and if I'm being honest, people claiming they're leaving Japan and are off to greener pastures - good luck. Tell the rest of us which countries are looking for workers so we can share the good news. All I keep reading overseas is of redundancies and rising unemployment which Japan stands to benefit from because desperate people will move anywhere.

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People have always been threatening to pack up and leave, and are always free to do so. I'm not sure how much Japan will really miss out on seeing people go? If you want to be valued, become a citizen. We tend to have rose tinted glasses on in terms of how immigrants and permanent residents are treated in other countries. I'm not a citizen, I'm a permanent resident on Japanese terms. I have never been under any impression that I was going to be treated like a Japanese person would be, but as an ethnic minority in my own country, I would say I've been treated pretty well. Going into my third decade in this country, I always promised myself that if it treated me horribly, I would go. A house, a tenured position in a good educational facility, a decent salary with decent holidays, maybe I'm just lucky? Or maybe like others I know here in similar situations, we just accepted a long time ago, that this is Japan, it isn't out to make my life better. The onus is on me to do that for myself. And for the record. I know foreigners who have been able to come back during this period after applying to the authorities. They waited and followed instructions. They also were back at work soon after completing quarantine. Different strokes for different folks. I wish those heading off overseas well. Hope the new countries treat you well.

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