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Posted in: Woman using smartphone falls to her death from bridge in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context


Scrolling Insta or Tiktok at that timing ? I mean they went out in car and they're apparently just stopping by for a couple of minutes, and she just spotted a deer, it's unlikely she was scrolling, she could be in the process of posting on it, or maybe taking a photo or video of the deer, or briefly replying to someone, but chilling and scrolling, really not likely here. Anyway that's quite unlucky to be fair.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek nearly 3 years jail for Ghosn escape accomplices See in context


A Japanese prison is a walk in the park compared to Prisons in other Countries.

Definitely not. Sure Japanese prisons are well organized and not over populated. And it's not likely you ever get bullied in it. But in terms of privation of liberty and strict rules, Japan is one of the worst.

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Posted in: COVID-19 infections in Tokyo may have jumped nine-fold, antibody survey shows See in context


Tokyo prefecture is 14 millions inhabitants, not 37 millions. But yes it's 0.91% and not 0.19% so in the end you're right.

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Posted in: Fallen idol Nori-P emerges as survivor of 'bullying' culture See in context

The BS is that you can get up to ten years just for having marjuana. And private matters should have consequences in the private circle. I understand it's impossible for public persons like this, but this is not fair to say the least. In my country (France) there is not as much criticism about adultary and other private matters as there is in Japan and the US. Of course there will be a few comments but most French think that it is private and there is no reason it should influence the work of this person. Same for Italy (see Berlusconi...).

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Posted in: Execs arrested from scam dating sites that had 2.7 mil users and only one female member See in context

I used some Japanese dating sites 10 years ago for a short period when I was about 24. At the time I was new to Japan and kinda trusted Japanese things. Also I had never heard about scams in dating sites even in my own country. Of course I did realize some of the Japanese sites were suspicious, so I never used them, until a friend of mine gave me a Japanese magazine for my birthday with "Best dating sites ranking" as topic, and kinda oriented towards those who looks for a non serious relation (wasn't really my case though but u know, birthday joke + curiosity...).

Being a magazine, I thought it was more trustworthy and I seriously tried 3 sites from this magazine reviews, exchanged mails, used a bit of money (about 5000 yens overall), at least to be able to use the site and see that it was scam.

The reviews in the magazine were mentioning how likely it was to get "sakuras" (scam profiles) for each site (and other pros and cons). I didn't like how the sites were working from the start but having paid a bit of money, I did contact a few "girls" with whom I had some conversation. Being foreigner made it easier to detect very fast that these were scams. It appeared obvious that these whole sites were sakura, and therefore the magazine too.

What was the most surprising was how these sites seem to rely on the fact that male users should be really desperate and spend money to contact women, or give them money to meet them. As if in Japan women were a superior human being when it comes to love relations. From a foreigner point of view that felt really weird, but I know Japanese males pay everything to women when they try to date them so I wonder if Japanese males would fall deeper into these scams.

In my case I did pay a bit and regret it but it was more about the language/culture barrier and the site entry system than the scam women themselves. Although I have to say a few of them were really making a quite natural conversation and I had to ask for mail address to be able to see the trap. And even then, it wasn't that easy, because at that time I didn't know Japanese women well, and I was close to believe that Japanese girls didn't want to give their mail address before exchanging a lot of messages with someone.

In my case I mostly lost time, one or two email accounts, and about 5000 yens so not much of a deal but I must say I really don't trust Japanese dating sites, especially "adult dating" ones. I thought at least sites advertised in paper magazines would be serious ones, but actually not at all.

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Posted in: Abe to visit U.S. World War II memorial in Washington See in context

It's not about getting apologizes from Japan, it's more about stopping denying what happened and having a law in Japan to punish revisionists. In my country (France), revisionists can go to jail. In Japan, people stay silent about them, knowing that revisionism is not well considered in foreign countries, while being hypocrit and actually agreeing (therefore not willing to punish them).

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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context


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Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

For those who things this man is putting his own case as general, there are at least a few of those statements that are true most of the time with Japanese women. Now it's a bit harder to support him when he says "If the husband refuses the sexual advances of his wife, he becomes the perpetrator of DV [domestic violence]."

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Posted in: Teacher accidentally shows porn to students See in context

The kids must have a good laugh at this teacher ^^

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

From a latin point of view, this is even more ridiculous. In my country, even if it's the president we almost don't care (and it may even make the person appear more human and friendly to some of his citizens). At the very least I don't see how such private things can be even close to be a cause of resignation or public apologizes. BS

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Posted in: Merkel reminds Japan to confront wartime past See in context

I am French, and whereas I wasn't born during WWII, we French were able to forgive Germans about the war because they were able to call things by their name, as Merkel said. I think that's a cultural thing to be ambiguous in Japan but this clearly makes things worse.

Japan has often apologized but the apoligizes are always followed by denials. Japanese citizens may say that the denials are marginal. But the fact it that no one in Japan, even left wingers, blames these persons for their denials and there is no law to punish them neither.

In Germany, if someone denies the truth of what happened during WW2, he is blamed by the German public opinion AND punished by the law. That's what make a huge difference in my humble opinion, and that's why things don't move on.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist indicted in S Korea for defaming president See in context

There is nothing too surprising that the newspaper is sued. Pretty much every time this happens to an important politician in any country, the journalist and its employer are sued.

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Posted in: Rola plays Marie Antoinette in TV ad campaign for GU See in context

Speaking in English to play a French queen, typical Japan...

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Posted in: Arrest of Tokyo vagina artist sparks free expression protest See in context

I wonder what the Japanese law makers think about the Kanamara Festival and such "Phallus festivals". These are totally tolerated because they are supposedly "traditional" and organised by a Shinto sanctuary, but basically show penises and vaginas sculpture everywhere.

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Posted in: Arrest of Tokyo vagina artist sparks free expression protest See in context

Funny name though... Rokude Nashiko (means "bstard, asshle child" in japanese)

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Posted in: We ask Arashi fans why the boy band is so popular See in context

These guys are "geinojin". Music is only a small part of their job. Not that I like them too much but except for music, they are pretty good at what they're asked to do.

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context

"Lola is promoting the idea that dressing to advertise your sexual assets is the best path to landing a boyfriend." This video does not say that. Not even the sentence quoted : "hopes that her skimpy outfits will attract the man of her dreams." It simply means she hope it will help. There is nothing weird in saying that. It usually helps getting in touch with someone, before knowing him that is.

Also about shallowness of japanese girls. I think there is a difference between being dumb and shallow or just keep it simple. I do think most of the japanese women just keep it simple and don't try too hard to look like a sophisticated woman with deep thoughts.

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context

It really sounds like you did LFR. And wait are you actually complaining about the Youtube video here ? I've just watched the video. With the comments here I didn't expect something that much standard. I mean the clothes are not even really sexy.

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context

So much hate here. I don't even know her. But some comments are really dumb. It's like saying to a sportsman that he is dumb because he is doing commercial for sports equipmemt saying "with this equipmenf I will win". Obviously the guy doing the commercial knows well that the guy using it is the most important. It's commercial, wake up. And what's wrong with wearing sexy clothes to attract a boyfriend anyway ? Doesn't mean you need to be dumb or deny other qualities.

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context

Clothes and outfits are always a plus to find someone. I don't get why you would say the contrary. Your future boyfriend/husband will probably not choose you for your appearance only, but this will at least "attract" him, that is make him notice you, which is a big deal when you don't know each other yet. I mean how can he notice your other qualities if you have not even talketod each other ?

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Posted in: France beat Honduras 3-0 as goal-line tech makes history; Swiss down Ecuador See in context

Pretty good match overall for France but the thing is Honduras wasn't a really hard opponent, not to mention that half of the games it was 11 vs 10. Still the French team has shown that they have good chances to make it the RO16.

And yes, Honduras did a lot of dangerous plays.

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Posted in: Residents allowed to return to town near Fukushima plant See in context

YongYang> The sievert unit itself takes into account the way radiation is absorbed by the tissue (it is the main difference between sievert and becquerel).

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