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Posted in: 1 dead, 10 injured after ex-Mazda temp hits 11 plant workers with car See in context

Laws are changing in Japan... in the near future, companies won't be able to hold on to temp workers for too long without hiring them as permanent employees (sorry, not sure of the exact length of time).

That'll probably make things worse, since companies will just fire workers after 3 years instead of hiring them permanently...

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Posted in: Man saved after falling onto tracks at Shinjuku station See in context

Easy solution. Get the station staff or cops to block entry through the ticket gates to anyone who is too hammered to walk straight. Allowing extremely drunk people to walk into your train station is asking for trouble and lacks responsibility for safety regulations. Train stations are not public places, they are privately owned.

They should install breathalyzers next to the Pasmo/Suica pads.

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Posted in: Nikkei employee punches man, steals bag See in context

I'm surprised they don't call him a former employee.

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Posted in: Cyberdyne shows off new robot suit in Tokyo See in context

I wonder if it will tear your legs off if it short-circuits.

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Posted in: Clawing back tenant rights See in context

Where are these gaijin apartments that are supposedly cheaper and larger than the Japanese ones? All the gaijin apartments I've seen were more expensive than the Japanese ones of equal size in the same neighborhoods. That's how they make up for the lack of move-in fees- by charging higher rent.

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Posted in: Which office jerk bothers you the most? See in context

Their excuse - "I was expecting an email from a client". Sod that - I was expecting some beer at a nomihodai, but you put the mockers on that, didn't you? Go home and feed your cats.

Had that experience before with a catlady. I wonder if it's the cats that make them lag behind everyone else.

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Posted in: Privacy-protection film for netbooks See in context

portable DVD players

Will people use those to watch adult videos on the trains?

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing sister in Tokyo See in context

Is Hachioji going to become a "Little Saitama?"

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Posted in: 61-year-old man arrested for kidnapping three kids in Yokohama See in context

Suspended sentence?

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Posted in: Murder suspect arrested in Obama See in context

First it says she was 47, then 46. Not only did he kill her, but he also made her one year younger?

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run death of 82-year-old cyclist in Funabashi See in context

Maybe he was drunk and wanted to sober up before going to the koban? If your choices are: a)sticking around the crimescene when you're pissdrunk b)showing up sober the next day and admitting to the hit-and-run and apologizing/bowing many will go with (b)

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Posted in: Newborn baby's body found in bin in toilet at aviation academy in Yamanashi See in context

a baby being found in locker at a train station.

Great book, but terrible real-life event

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Posted in: Mother who gave new smoking smart card to teenage son may face charges See in context

At least she's responsible enough to make him smoke in their own home >instead of outside in public. And that's better because...? And I don't have to inhale his second-hand smoke!

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Posted in: Asian airlines cut flights, hike surcharges to cope with soaring oil prices See in context

I've been on flights where I paid hundreds more than the guy next to me,

So you're the sucker on all those commercials!!

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Posted in: Man leaps to death from Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge See in context

Much better than the gas suicides/jumping off buildings onto crowded sidewalks.

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Posted in: Juno See in context

June 12th? That's almost 9.5 months after the US. What took so long? It's getting harder and harder fight the urge to download movies for free when they come out so late here.

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Posted in: Two women, tied together, leap from apartment to death in Maebashi See in context

There is just way too much suicide here. It is the most selfish thing a person could do.

I think murder/rape is more selfish.

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Posted in: Putting discarded umbrellas to good use See in context

I mostly carry an umbrella for self defense- to protect my face from other people`s umbrellas.

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Posted in: Porn producers arrested for filming at McDonald's in Saitama See in context

Why did it take 3 months for them to report this?

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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by two cars on Ibaraki street See in context

The second car should have stopped since he was probably already dead from the first car.

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