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Although I'm not sure if cutting blue light will reduce eye strain, there is evidence that blue light is actually damaging to the eyes, which will not be eliminated by reducing the brightness


I actually have a pair and although I never got eye strain even before I bought the glasses, I find that now I find the screen "too bright" when I look at it without the glasses (and my brightness is set lower than most people).

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Most tablets use flash drives which are, for the most part, unaffected by magnets. But 5229 yen? I could probably find something that would do the same job at the 100 yen store...

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So why do they keep on raising rates? Why aren't they paying all the victims of Fukushima? Why are skimping on decontamination and clean up? Why? Because they're corrupt and criminal.

The problem here is that they stopped paying bonuses to TEPCO executives, it has been in the news numerous times! They just paid a 100,000 yen bonus to ALL of its managers this April. Plus, there was a news story just last month that they were actually going to raise salaries.

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Posted in: TEPCO says it was reluctant to worry public over toxic water leak See in context

these people are nothing but a bunch of lying criminals and should have been put behind bars ages ago

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The US and Japan are two of China's largest trading partners and vice versa. If you ignore for a moment who the islands belong to, anyone can clearly see that the provocative actions that Chinese are taking show that they seem too blind to realize that they're just tightening the noose around their own neck.

Not to mention the fact that even though China and South Korea are so worked up about "japan is becoming more militaristic!" they're too blind or ignorant to realize that their actions, like this, are just adding fuel to the fire.

Nonsense. The Allies actually decided that Ryukyu islands, South Kuril islands and Diaoyu islands were all not part of Japan. That's the reason why they declared the following: "The terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out and Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and such minor islands as we determine."

Umm, so why is Okinawa part of Japan? And if "such minor islands as we determine" doesn't cover the Senkakus why did the US Senate pass an amendment to reaffirm its commitment to Japan over them?

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Posted in: We have decided on the payment, despite its extremely unusual nature, to boost spirits and motivate the managers to do their jobs. See in context

so all of this radiation seeping into air/land/sea and contaminating the food we (and they) eat isn't motivation enough? these useless managers get paid a heck of a lot more than the average japanese person already. plus tepco is constantly fighting those in the areas affected by the fukushima disaster who are seeking rightful compensation for all that they lost.

in my opinion, all of these managers and those in the higher ranks of tepco are criminals and should be treated as such.

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You are also in a rush to forget that Japan hosts the U.S. military which does do selfish invasions

i know what the US. does, but we're talking about a "squabble" between japan and china. not the US/japan and china.

Vietnam, the Philippines, Bahrain, Indonesia, etc are doing the same.

i admit i didn't know this. do you have examples? as for china redrawing its maps, here are some examples



This one probably read the adulterated history books published and used in the Japanese school system

sorry to disappoint, but wrong. U.S. school system, actually (there's probably a joke in there somewhere)

Please do tell us which country have build structure on the disputed island between Japan and China? Which country build that lighthouse? It was Japan!

it was a group of japanese that went there illegally, not the government. in fact, the government doesn't allow ANYONE on the island, including japanese. i'm sure you see in the news that there are also loads of chinese and taiwanese who are constantly trying to (illegally) get ashore, right?

All this started because Japan unilaterally tried to change the dispute status of the islands

the islands have been part of japan since 1895 and the treaty of shimonoseki. the dispute started in the 1960s when they found large deposits of natural resources around the islands. hmmm....

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i meant to add post-WWII, obviously. I know my history, thanks.

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china warns japan not to provoke her over the senkakus but yet does this and we see in the news that china keeps sending their ships every single day to the waters around the senkakus, they grant permits to "survey vessels" to survey the water around the senkakus, and yet japan is the one doing the provoking? huh, i wonder how that works.

sorry to say this, but china is one big, spoiled brat.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmaker urges steps to open up Japan's markets See in context

umm, have any of these people actually seen and driven on the roads in japan? the reason why US cars don't sell in japan isn't because of tariffs/taxes

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

tmarie, no it doesn't. never said it did. so you'd rather have some spineless, yes-men in power who don't really give a damn about anything except their next paycheck and whether they can keep office by doing the least amount of work possible, or making it look like they're doing something? the majority of politicians in japan are like that and look at the state japan is in now. whether you agree with him or not there's got to be some reason why he's been mayor for so long.

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

i find it amusing that all the "way to go ishihara" comments are getting down voted. you may not agree with ishihara's way of thinking or his actions but i'll say this again, at least he's got a pair. the national government hasn't done anything but complain since that Chinese fishing boat incident last year, either that or try and pass the blame onto some other person or ministry. so what does ishihara do? he says screw that, if you aren't going to do anything, i will. now the national government is like "oh, well, we were considering buying the islands too" (yeah right). right wing, nut job, blinky, whatever, at least he got all the politicians to get off their lazy asses and the public to pay more attention to what's actually going on in the world rather than their cell phones.

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

at least ishihara has a backbone unlike all the other spineless politicians in japan. and the only reason china and taiwan starting saying "hey, actually that island's ours" almost a century after japan claimed it is because they found a huge amount of potential gas and oil reserves near there.

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Aliens. 'nuff said.

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Posted in: TEPCO criticized for being vague on terms of higher rates for corporate users See in context

"TEPCO President Toshio Nishizawa made the announcement on Wednesday and apologized for not having made that point clear in January." Yeah, I'm sure he's really sorry. "Meanwhile, Trade and Industry Minister Yukio Edano told a news conference that TEPCO had once again shown its mismanagement of issues" He's the damn minister, instead of just talking about it "once again", do something. Useless.

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"how is this news?" umm, perhaps maybe you missed that word at the top that says "commentary"

i usually don't sit when i ride on the train, here or in japan. one reason is that it's quite amusing to watch the mad rush of people trying to grab any seat that they can. here in ny, i've seen even the toughest, meanest looking dudes will move out of the way of an open subway door, say excuse me, sorry and thank you as well as give up their seats for those who need it. in japan? i've seen young people in japan trying to imitate that gangster attitude and look. they think they're all that, but maybe you should send them all here and see how long they last on the streets here.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl dies after being hit head-on by truck in Ibaraki See in context

such a sad and tragic accident. my condolences to the girl's family.

yes, a child should wear a helmet. but unfortunately, i don't think it would have helped in this case. riding against the traffic or not, trucks being wide and the road narrow or not, if you read the article, it says "The accident occurred on a straight stretch of road in an area with no obstructions. Takane said he didn’t see the girl coming toward him." it is a straight stretch of road with no obstructions. if the truck driver WAS PAYING ATTENTION, he would have seen the girl.

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