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@kurisupisu There is no national subsidy but there are plenty of grants at the prefectoral and municipal level. Even in Tokyo you can get subisdies, for example Minato ward offers 100,000 yen/kW for a maximum of 400,000 jpy, and this includes not just businesses but also individuals. Of course Japan can do better, but saying nothing is done/available is not true, a quick research shows that.

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What a ridiculous platitude ! No one ever said that 2 wrongs make a right !!! All people want is to have something to help then cope with the ubelievable sadness and grief. Then you come along and try and take even that away ????

The previous comment was referring to the death sentence. I think no one here knows the feeling of the parents concerned by this terrible accident, and neither if they think that hanging him (with a loose rope or not) would help them deal with their grief. So no one is coming here to "try to take that away".

My opinoin is that life sentence, especially in a Japanese prison, would be much more severe: locked in a small cell for the rest of your life, with only your thoughts and regrets as a companion.

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