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Posted in: Japan to extend state of emergency until March 7 See in context

Is there...really...a lockdown, or just the clowns playing politics saying there is a lockdown? Putting on a show to trick the crowd.

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Posted in: Prosecutors issue arrest warrant for Ghosn, 3 Americans over his escape See in context

Give up, throw in the towel. You've lost. Stop trying to save face.

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Posted in: Kindergarten teachers taped child’s hands and feet for discipline See in context

Discipline starts from home! From what I have seen on the trains, in the supermarket, in stores, and even on the streets, it is quite clear that some so-called parents don't have a damn clue what the discipline means. They'd rather sit and watch like a clueless mutt while they're children damage things and make other people uncomfortable. Sometimes I think these men and women who have children need pointers on how to be a parent.

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Posted in: 41-year-old man arrested over mother's murder See in context

There should a law against living with one's parents past a certain age in this country....conditions apply.

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run of pregnant woman See in context

Hold up...so you're saying that this dude fled the scene because he was scared of not seeing his family? Wow! He almost prevented a woman from seeing the New Year, and not only that...he almost prevented an unborn child to have a shot at life. How about him not seeing his family for the next few years. Lil punk!

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 93-year-old great-grandmother See in context

So, a man was recently sentenced to death for an alleged murder...which he didn't admit committing...for which there is no hard evidence. His 'crime' was adjudged inhumane and cruel.

Here, we have a murder of an elderly woman just a few years shy of her hundredth birthday, followed by a robbery...by her own great grandchild.

I wonder what the ruling will be.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for extorting over Y3 mil from someone they saw taking upskirt video See in context

It seems the writer of this article dropped out of Math class o.O

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs 68-year-old mother, then jumps to death off building in Saitama See in context

What could really possess a person to kill his or her own MOTHER? Taking the life of anyone is by and large wrong, unless there is absolutely no other alternative. But, the woman that carried you for 9 months, fed you, nurtured you...whatever the case may be...at 68, what could she have done to push you as far as to stab her to death?! Beats me!

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Posted in: Police arrest man on suspicion of fatally stabbing woman in love hotel See in context

It is very sad that Maki's life had to end like that. Don't people talk things through anymore? It's like some of these people...men and women alike...have the mentality like "Oh, I'm in an argument and I am angry...might as well just kill whomever pissed me off".

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Posted in: Tokyo bar manager arrested for employing minors as hostesses See in context

I doubt the females were paid above the table, so that figure is just a ballpark figure. Regardless, how many of those females provided for their families, i.e. where did that money go?

That money, sir, went into make-up, getting that new iPhone, buying mini skirts, hideous high heels, fancy jewelry, fake eye lashes, coffee, and name brand handbags.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forcibly kissing woman See in context

I spent too much time trading cards...I lost touch with the world reading manga and watching anime...I spent too much time looking at useless things on my iPhone...I got caught up with action figures and sexy dolls...my 'nature' got the better of me and I had a sexual desire to just kiss her.

Brush your teeth, clean yourself up, go out into the real world and talk to a real person. Oh, and make sure you have lots of cash...you'll need it.

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Posted in: Man slashes woman after argument in Tokyo bar See in context

Wow, I'm surprised he wasn't quoted as saying, "I was drunk".

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Posted in: 14-yr-old boy dies after being beaten by teens on Oct 10 See in context

They say what goes around comes around and I sure do hope it's true for these so-called kids. ’Kids' should be playing pokemon go, zelda or final fantasy...not murdering a fellow kid. I wonder what's the motive behind this murder.

The law in this country needs to be changed regarding the treatment of 'kids' and the commission of crime. They had the heart and will power to beat another kid, resulting in his death, yet they may well not get any substantial punishment for it. Too often these kinds of things happen and these murderers walk freely back into society as is nithing happened. I say, change the law to make a child's 'criminal act' punishable by law once they attain the age of 12. You simply cannot have 15, 17, and 18 year olds killing people and not paying for it.

Sometimes lawmakers and government officials don't see the seriousness of an action or the effects of something until it directly affects them. Open your eyes government, make a change before it's too late.

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Posted in: Policeman arrested for stealing Y50,000 from elderly woman's home See in context

When there's no crime to investigate I guess you gotta 'make' the crime.

Tsk! Tsk! What a waste, these so called police have nothing to do.

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Posted in: 32-year-old woman arrested over 3 murders in Hokkaido apartment See in context

Hmm, at 32 years old, I don't see why you'd wanna remain at home with your parents and grandparents...that must have been rather annoying. Talk about privacy...or the lack there of. That's one problem with a lot of Japanese and it doesn't seem to bother a soul. Weaning should have taken place a long time ago. Now, if you realize that your mother disapproves of your relationships, that should be more reason to gtfo of their apartment. Get a job, get a life...or do what many other Japanese females do...get a man, marry him, stay home, get paid.

Now, did you really have to kill your mother and grandparents!??!?? Really?? What did the grandparents do to deserve this?

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Posted in: Woman attacked by man as she walks home See in context

How did she get broken ribs if he hit her on the head with a rock?

Umm, he may have hit her in several places including the cage, possibly hit her that hard as well.

with what appeared to be a small rock ...that could be anything from a piece of metal to the head of a hammer...after all, it was night.

He'll probably say he's drunk and can't rmbr, or that her couldn't help himself.

I hope she's doing ok because it could've been worst.

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Posted in: 75-year-old man strangled to death; wife arrested See in context

I'd say she should've left but, she probably had nowhere else to go. Counseling could have been another option but, maybe she suggested that too. Whatever the situation was, I just don't see murdering someone, a husband and father...as the solution. Now the rest of her years will be spent behind bars...how sad.

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Posted in: Exhibition puts Japan's child prostitution in the limelight See in context

Hmm! I wonder if the government have ever thought about how girls in high school dress. I wonder if they've thought that maybe those mini skirts are not be appropriate for CHILDREN. You have these kids dressing like risque adults therefore you can't expect anything different from the perverts. I'm not saying the behaviour from the men is acceptable, but the school system should be looked at as well.

Some of these young ladies, and I won't say most, spend too much thinking about material things rather than learning. When this happens they find themselves wanting more money than their mother or salary man in the family can actually provide. The result...they sell themselves to satisfy their shoe, make-up, clothes and iphone fetish. In the end, they leave school dumber than when they started...without a proper education...then continue into adulthood with the same types of fetishes...thereby becoming a pest to men, demanding their salaries.

To the men who spend more time on their dumbphones rather than talking to an actual person...GROW UP. It's way easier to talk to a woman than it is to play stupid games on your phone, or pay to walk with someone. Get a life, instead of buying cartoon figures and reading porn magazines.

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Posted in: Woman sets fire to estranged husband’s apartment See in context

I'm so sorry she didn't break her hip while breaking into the apartment. Or better yet, get trapped inside after setting it ablaze.

Setting fire to the apartment...how will that guarantee you money now?

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