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Posted in: Tokyo high schools ask students to certify hair color not altered: NHK See in context

If only the schools and the education board would use their time to teach students how to think, how to have an opinion, how to reason, how to use logic; how not to be a zombie, how not to be a robot, how not to rely on being spoonfed...then there would be some hope for this country.

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Posted in: Japan's android pets ease virus isolation See in context

As if there aren't enough 'robots' walking around...programmed to the core. Ever heard of human interaction, Japan?

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died after being left in overheated car gets 6 years in prison See in context


This sad excuse for a mother neglected her children for over 15 hours, in scorching temperatures, leading to their deaths...and you think she's suffered enough? It's obvious she had no regard for their lives. If I were the judge, for the real punishment, she would not live to see the light of day.

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died after being left in overheated car gets 6 years in prison See in context

9 years would have been more fitting.

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Posted in: Another LDP lawmaker quits over nightlife visit See in context

Another one bites the dust. Japan is not a real place, I swear! Everything here is so comical. The levels of immaturity and irresponsibility these people display on a daily basis is appalling at times.

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

It's funny how these so-called men feel so powerful in the political and corporate world, but become wimps when they go home.

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Posted in: Biden says decision on Tokyo Olympics has to be based on science See in context

These people need to just give up on this Olympics thingy.

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Posted in: Man arrested for offering ¥100 mil to anyone who kills Toyota City mayor See in context

Why do some people always go to the extreme when things don't go their way?

I wonder if he suffers from anthropophobia.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes after LDP execs visit hostess bars during state of emergency See in context

Just another day of a bunch of clowns playing politics. Maybe it's time for them to "bow out".

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Posted in: Tick-Tock: Tokyo Olympics hit the 200-days-to-go mark See in context

These people are either very persistent, very stupid, or living in denial. Cancel the darn thing already! Move on!

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Posted in: Driver arrested for attempted murder after man clings to hood of his car See in context

If you see someone getting in their car and trying to drive away, and you jump in front of said car...then cling to the side mirror of said car as it is driving...then you are stupid and are asking to be killed.

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Posted in: Two 15-year-old boys killed after their motorbike crashes into car See in context

A rather unfortunate incident. I wonder who gave them the motorcycle and why.

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Posted in: Mother fatally stabs sons, aged 3 and 5 See in context

I see these family killings being reported here so often and I am still surprised every time I see one. There is no doubt that these people need help. Something is radically wrong.

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Posted in: 4 killed, including gunman and police officer, in shooting at Chicago hospital See in context

"Stay in your lane", said the NRA to the concerened and distressed doctors. What will they say this time around?

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 71-year-old grandfather in Ishikawa See in context

Damn! Who knew you could be killed for trying to help an individual make better of himself. Damn!

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver, stealing cab See in context

"I was drunk and I can't remember".

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Posted in: 3 dead after car goes into sea in suspected murder-suicide See in context

I wonder what forces a 'woman', a 'wife' to go to these extremes. If you decide to kill yourself, that's already bad. But to take others with you, especially young innocent children...that is just pure evil. People in this country need avenues and systems which they can use to release and deal with all their pent up rage.

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