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Posted in: Russia clears Kremlin critic Navalny to be airlifted to Germany in coma See in context

Russia is scary ....

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque shooter to face survivors at sentencing See in context

other law-abiding citizens outside struggle and work just to not be homeless?

Hey, that's their problem. If they don't want to be homeless and poor, they can either work harder, or find a way to get into jail to survive.

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I can understand blaming 'Japanese people', if any of these accidents had happened in a public swimming pool or waterpark. However, all of these incidents happened at beaches and rivers; difficult places to monitor. After all, how can any country monitor all rivers, lakes and oceans? I know for a fact that the U.S. has a similar number of water-related deaths and accidents atrributed to either curiosity, bad luck, childhood bravado, or plain stupidity. How in the world can ll of these be 'monitored'?

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Posted in: Rangers ace Yu Darvish might need Tommy John surgery See in context

Funny how the aces from Japan never seem to have arm troubles before MLB gets a hold of them...

There's an epidemic of TJ surgery in MLB but not in Japan. Hmm.

Good point. I think it's because they make pitchers pitch way more times in the majors than in Japan, with only 5 days of rest between starts, as compared to 6 in Japan. The list of pitchers in the U.S. needing Tommy John is long and growing, with guys like Stephen Strasburg and Kerry Wood having them when they were young. Having six day rests would go a long way to avoiding this problem.

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Posted in: Crying infant found in bag outside home in Aomori Pref See in context

Terrible. It's women like these that need their ovaries taken out permanently.

I think Japan needs a serious overhaul on its sex education and proper use of contraceptives.....Pills, condoms, sponges, diaphrams, patches, the list goes on... and folks like this can't seem to USE THEM!

HonestDictator: I think all potential parents everywhere in the world need proper sex education. I hear this kind of disgusting news happening all over the place: from unwanted babies left in Japan, to dead infants found in homes and fetuses in toilets in the U.S., unresponsible people are unfortunately everywhere.

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Posted in: Uchimura wins fifth all-around world title See in context

Congratulations to King Kohei! You truly are the GOAT. Such power blended nicely with artistry. And even in winning, he remained humble by saying he was not quite satisfied and wish he had a bit more perfection on some of his landings. It will be interesting to see if he can win a sixth World title along with defending his Olympic gold in two years.

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Posted in: S Korea downs North for men's soccer gold at Asian Games; Japan takes softball title See in context

As for softball and baseball being brought back, I don't think it should be. I realize that for Japan it's a medal chance in all the baseball/softball events, but the fact of the matter is neither are sports that any but a few nations play.

smithinjapan: That's right; only 127 nations play softball and only 124 nations belong to the IBF (with only 77 countries with well-established baseball leagues). Wait a minute, that's more nations playing softball and baseball than play curling (50 countries), ice hockey (about 73 member countries), and probably water polo (just a guess, since I only really see a handful of nations being very good at it).

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I saw this match and also thought she was ripped off. Sarita was clearly landing more punches and hers looked stronger. It's sadder to think of all the training she went through to reach this point, only to have it taken away from her. It was all for naught. It just sends a message that no matter how hard you train to win, you will still lose. In any case, most people know that you were the real winner Sarita. Congratulations on a well-fought fight and clearly winning it!

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Today I tentatively brought up the topic of Tomita in class. Guess what I got in return? Blank stares and radio silence, like it never happened. Typical!

@Tessa - Well, it depends on who you ask. Today, in my English class, when I asked everyone to start off with a five minute talk, a student brought up this story about Tomita and everyone mentioned how disappointed and appalled they were at what he had done. One said that they were very disappointed and hope that Mr. Tomita's behavior doesn't give the wrong impression to the rest of Asia and the world that all Japanese are like this. He is but a small sample size for all Japanese. All of my Japanese students were in agreement that he should be punished severely under Korean law, as it was absolutely a crime. They were also saying how stupid he was for doing such an idiotic act that a teenager might do; not someone who is 25.

I guess some Japanese as you said are "quick to finger-point", while others, like my own students are not. Then again, it might depend on what kind of atmosphere and structure is cultivated in the classroom, and what kind of rapport you have with your students. I try to encourage them to feel free to say anything they feel like without any reservations. They seem to have taken to this well.

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Posted in: Lawson store closed after employee puts photo of himself in freezer on Facebook See in context

I agree, closing the Lawson's would be extreme. However, simply firing the son might not be enough. Firing whoever's responsible for that kid would be alright.

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