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Posted in: Airlines defend overbooking after United incident See in context

And let's talk about those fuel surcharges, too.

I've never been on an international flight that had a single open seat.

Lying scumbags.

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Posted in: Japan's grim population outlook makes immigration talk inevitable See in context

A large percentage of people I see daily shouldn't be having children. They're ill equipped mentally, emotionally and financially to do so.

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Posted in: U.S. told Japan before Trump-Xi talks of option to strike N Korea See in context

The claimed nuclear tests by North Korea had a yield of less than 1 kiloton. Any true fission detonation would by a minimum of then times that.

This is all more nonsense by neocons who have surrounded Trump and are itching for a fight with anyone.

You're eye witnesses true stupidity at its finest.

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Posted in: Tillerson arrives in Moscow to push Putin on Syria See in context

Uh, why would Assad or anyone (other than the terrorists who did it before and tried to pin it on the Syrian government) do this? There is no reason. It would tip their hand to show they had chemical weapons. The terrorists were importing it through Turkey.

What would they gain by having the world be outraged?

Who gains from this? Assad and the Russians would gain nothing.

Come on people, think,

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Posted in: United faces public-relations fiasco over dragged passenger See in context

The flight was not overbooked.

They wanted to ferry some crew members.

Every report from passengers said the doctor was polite and rational.

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Posted in: United faces public-relations fiasco over dragged passenger See in context

If this was strictly a local problem that was handled properly by management, I could get over it.

But, this has led me to decide that I will never give United any of my money again - and I pay business class fares while racking up about 100,000 plus miles per year:

"United CEO Oscar Munoz apologized on Monday for the latest incident but also blamed the passenger for not obeying when airline employees asked him to leave. Munoz called the man “disruptive and belligerent.”

The CEO is a two-faced punk.

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Posted in: U.S. told Japan before Trump-Xi talks of option to strike N Korea See in context

North Korea has done this same angry barking routine for the last 50 years to get some form of food aid or loosening of financial or good embargo.

So now an idiot in the White House, his idiot Secretary of State and his idiot Secretary of Defense are going to launch an attack because the boy cult dictator says angry words to the schoolyard bully.

Their first reaction will be to annihilate Seoul with th3e barrage of rockets, artillery and missiles only seconds away in flight time.

Trump is now the dangerous man on planet Earth because he's in a bubble formed by the neocons surrounding him while listening to a 30-something son-in-law.

God help us all.

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Posted in: Trump, after stinging defeat, promises a 'great' health plan See in context

Yeah, right.

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Posted in: 5 dead, 40 injured in attack at British Parliament See in context

Another peaceful Muslim practicing the religion of peace.

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Posted in: Do you think electronic devices really interfere with aircraft navigation systems, as cabin attendants suggest when they request passengers to turn off their devices prior to takeoff and landing? See in context

The FAA does not ban cell phones, the FCC does in the US. A cell phone is not going to work above 10,000 feet, however, below that, substantially more cell phone towers are now trading signals with a single phone. Multiply that by hundreds of cell phones on each plane times hundreds of planes taking off and landing in a city and the entire cell phone network in that city is beyond capacity, affecting everyone, not just airplane passengers.

There have been two incidents where cell phones were suspected to have contributed to crashes, one in the US and the other in New Zealand.

Cell phones can cause interference heard on headsets in the cockpit. The cockpit is considered a "sterile" environment during take off and landing. That means no extraneous conversation and nothing that could be distracting to the crew is allowed. A few hundred cell phones ringing in the back would be a distraction.

I apologize for writing a serious answer. I trust it will be deleted.

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Posted in: Why can't Japanese teachers of English ... speak English? See in context

Years and years ago I was in the old Yokohama immigration office getting those dreaded reentry stamps when a fresh, young college graduate/English teacher from California asked me how to spell February.

I would say most of the foreign English teachers aren't much better than the Japanese ones.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

I predict the new president will do or say something so stupid that he will be impeached before his term is finished. Wait until Americans wake up to Trump's world of minimum wage jobs manufacturing cheap plastic crap in dirty factories. That'll really show the Chinese who's boss, right?

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

Too much contrived sensitivity.

Ask someone in the west about their ancestry and they say things like, "I'm half Irish, 1/4 German..." etc.

Just like the overreaction to the world gaijin. I've never met anyone using it who had the intent of being rude or insulting.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

True therougou.

And how about the pundits here who have never posted a single comment in their thousands upon thousands of posts that wasn't sarcasm or bashing of Japan society of the people of Japan? And a few of them actually live in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

No country has to bow down to the US on trade. The US is far from being a free trader.

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Posted in: Consumer prices rise for first time in nearly a year See in context

Didn't you folks get the memo? Rising inflation will lift everyone and all companies to economic Heaven, and deflation is a death spiral to Hell.

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Posted in: Coates: 2020 Olympic golf venue must be nondiscriminatory See in context

How about banning countries from participating in the Olympics if they have a culture of discrimination?

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Posted in: We are considering suspending delivery service for two hours from noon and reducing work hours by shortening evening delivery service, which now ends at 9 p.m., to limit the volume of packages accepte See in context

Yamato needs to adopt the US style of delivery:

Charge an exorbitant amount

Lose 10% of packages and never find them or compensate the customer

Deliver another 10% to the wrong address

Deliver 25% of the remaining packages late

Throw a note on the ground of 20% near the delivery address that they tried to deliver, then return to the warehouse

Throw 20% somewhere on the ground near the delivery address

Deliver 15% almost on time

Don't offer free pickup service. Make the customer carry their packages to somewhere and wait in line for 2 hours

The US drivers work about 4 hours per day. Problem solved!

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Posted in: Trump blames Oscars chaos on show's political tone See in context

Trump is all about Trump.

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Posted in: Oscars still lagging in female and minority representation See in context

There are not enough redheads either. This is appalling and the UN should investigate this.

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Posted in: Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes See in context

Here, let's look at the precise words of the President of the United States instead of the version cleansed to make him appear to be coherent:

“I am the first one that would like to see everybody – nobody have nukes, but we’re never going to fall behind any country even if it’s a friendly country, we’re never going to fall behind on nuclear power. It would be wonderful, a dream would be that no country would have nukes, but if countries are going to have nukes, we’re going to be at the top of the pack.”

What is the deal? Why can't Republican presidents speak/think better than an 8th grader? Nixon was the last Republican who could talk, and look what happened to him.

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Posted in: Trump says Republican border tax could boost U.S. jobs See in context

Yes, those jobs in Mexico paying $5 per week will be moving back to the US... making America great again!!

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Posted in: Trump taps military strategist as national security adviser See in context

Highly competent? He's a nutcase, someone who wants to push Russia to war for no other reason than to have a good war.

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Posted in: Over 950 students, staff suffer food poisoning in Tachikawa See in context

They will find what foods caused it. Facilities (not restaurants) that prepare food for large groups >50 at a time (I think that's the number) have to keep small samples of all food prepared in a refrigerated sample case that is segmented for each food item.

It is isn't always published, but the prefecture health department knows and the facility come under heavy scrutiny and may lose its license.

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Posted in: Japan history revisionists bolder under Abe: analysts See in context

I don't believe for a second that you spit coffee on your screen.

That's a revisionist version of what truly happened.

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Posted in: Japan history revisionists bolder under Abe: analysts See in context

Where are all of these revisionists (plural)? This article only mentions a single book.

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Posted in: Trump's team in disarray, McCain tells Europe See in context

I wonder why non-American posters get obsessed about internal US politics.

International relations and actions are different, but if it doesn't affect you, why would you constantly obsess about the family relations of people in a house in another city?

Weird . . .

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Posted in: Aviation takes baby steps toward sustainable fuels See in context

I had a 1946 Time magazine that had a cover story about the earth running out of oil in 10 years, even with the "new" oil finds in the middle east.

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Posted in: Fast Retailing to initiate internship program worldwide See in context

Internships: old guys searching for some fresh ideas on the cheap.

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