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Fantastic news. 

Welcome to the 21st Century Japan!

I logged just to applaud this comment!

lol it’s obvious we both live in Tokyo.

Not only does Japan needs smarter policies makers, but would you please “import” education.

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I guess Japan wont need any foreign labor.

The reality is most skilled labor in Japan is foreign.

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Japan is just lucky to have the early strains of covid-19! I mean really really lucky! For those who want more context check out nextstrain org it's data form all the virologists working on covid-19.

Brazil, US and Europe got strains with over a dozen mutations.

FYI: The mutations don't increase deadliness, just virility.

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Such a different type of aggression (attacking ones family). I wonder what causes this?

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Blame the pressure cooker society he grew up in, which has elevated into an art form pretending to be well adjusted and comfortable in the face of psychic torture that’s all around, a dissembling which conflicted with and ran counter to his innate desire to be free of the gilded cage of fame and fortune.

The biggest deception in Japanese fame is the monetary success typically associated with fame. Japan has turned into a very consumer marketing oriented society...There is very little money that goes towards artists in Japan, and management companies spend their budget in creating the fame.

It's all pretend fame.

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Posted in: Japanese actor Haruma Miura, 30, dies in suspected suicide See in context

Living in Japan is one big straight jacket .Many young Japanese are depressed due to the kind of society they have.The word commit suicide is a correct grammar.

The unfortunate part is that the greatest at risk of their own culture.. Are the Japanese themselves. Extremely sad that it's only more likely to get worse. In an effort to control situations, guilt, shamming as well as additional rules have not improved Japan's performance in any outcome.

The ability to communicate and problem solve together is a lost art in Japanese culture.

Very sad indeed!

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