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@sf2k, i was specifically talking about the first two comments, since they reference race etc. I wasn't going after you.

If you wanna talk about the comic industry, what you are saying may be true, but they are never going to stop with all the different universes and reincarnations of characters, so I don't know if there's any use thinking so negatively about.

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So excited for this movie !!

I am disappointed in a couple of the above comments. It's not a matter of political parties; it's a matter of representation in the media.

There is no shortage of white people in the media, and they will never be out of a job just because one person of color got a job.

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I agree that this book is a very needed piece of information, even for elementary students.

Heterosexuality is everywhere, tv, movies, magazines, ads, etc. It is ingrained into a mind unknowingly, even at a young age. I've seen people make their boy child kiss a girl child, innocently of course, but just another unconscious strengthening of heterosexuality.

In my experience as an LGBQT person, I always thought I was straight. I had crushes on boys throughout my elementary years. I never thought about girls at all. At that young age, I didn't even know about homosexuality. I saw no sign of it at school, in the media, etc.

If children are having innocent crushes on other children, it's not weird to let children know you don't just have to like the opposite gender. They should be exposed to LGBTQ as soon as possible. They will grow up well-rounded and won't be discriminatory against LGBTQ people.

In Japan, I don't see anything LGBTQ related at my elementary school. When the children ask if I have a boyfriend, I say no. I don't tell them or my employers that I have a girlfriend. I am not sure how people will react, only seeing straight couples everywhere I go. I think the children may see LGBTQ people on TV but may only see them as someone to laugh at (ex. "okama" jokes). My school is in the inaka, so any source of new information they can get would be amazing. I hope we get this book at my school.

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