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Posted in: Yakatabune See in context

The blur of the boats could be the result of an intentional slower shutter speed setting.

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Posted in: Welcome home See in context

Why are they all looking away from the fans? Wouldn't hurt to give them a wave or sign an autograph or two would it? Maybe Honda could have even taken off the shades

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Posted in: World Cup probably already over for Japan See in context

Draws will be the key to progressing past the group stage for Japan. A win over Cameroon and then draws with Netherlands and Denmark are probably their best shot. In such a scenario they will need to get lucky with the resukls of the other matches, and will also need a couple of goals clearance against Cameroon to give them the upper hand when it comes to for and against.

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Posted in: Short Shorts See in context

Why isn't the girl in the middle putting her hands up...? Anna is hot. Movie could be ok, might be worth checking out

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Posted in: 15-year-old girl killed by train while running across tracks in Osaka See in context

Seriously, jumping down onto the tracks is a moronic thing to do, but can't they see or hear the train coming! Its kinda big, and fairly loud!

Feel very sorry for the parents and the young girl's friend.

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Posted in: Mini Stop anniversary See in context


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Posted in: Play ball See in context

Don't mean to second guess posters here but, I would bet that the creators, distributors etc of these balls have thought about the breathing issue too. And the strength of the plastic for that matter. Its obviously quite safe, and both mum and daughter look relaxed. I wouldn't mind having a go, looks like fun

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Posted in: Flower power See in context

great picture JT! Best in a while

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Posted in: Wash and wear See in context

@LostinNagoya bespoke Japanese suits are great, off-the-rack Aoki's are not. If you're a young graduate gearing up for shuukatsu then sure, but no self respecting businessman would be caught dead in one. Japan does produce some of the best suit fabrics in the world though, they have excellent mills here.

I agree that originals from England are the best though! My tailor in Sydney does measures and fits himself, but still has the suits made on Savile Row. They last forever and the fit is superb.

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Posted in: The flip side of metabolic syndrome - being too skinny See in context

my2sense> I know how you feel! I lift weights regularly and when I'm in a bulking phase my friends will say that I'm fat, when by standards back home I would be considered very much in shape. Its only when I get back to some cardio and do a cutting phase that people here consider me to be 'in shape'. I think more education is needed regarding fitness and health in schools.

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Posted in: Toyota promises quicker response on quality issues See in context

5SpeedRacer5 is on the right track, maybe a little OTT, but on the right track none the less. Toyota makes great cars with a better safety record than any American made vehicle. It does seem odd how quickly the media and the NHTSA jumped on the Toyota case yet have certainly taken their time to take action against American manufacturers for similar issues. U.S auto industry is in bad shape, seems like a good time to hype up bad publicity for the competition....I'm just saying

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Posted in: Model citizen See in context

wow. The big girl pulls 74 comments on JT and counting. A 'regular' size model wouldn't have. I guess the salon is getting the attention they wanted

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Posted in: Larger-than-life Erika Sawajiri returns See in context

Yes please.

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Posted in: Kokubo out See in context

I agree with ogtob. Had Kokubo finished the day with a medal around his neck, all the complaints about his 'punk' attitude would surely have subsided.

He did bloody well! Otsukaresama Kokubo san

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Posted in: Yoshinoya's dilemma: Whether to lower prices or not See in context

C'mon Sarge, it wasn't all that long ago we were reading stories on JT about Yoshinaya halting sales of gyudon because of a ban on US beef! A ban that was in place as a result of BSE outbreaks. From memory, Yoshinoya were locked into a contract forcing them to buy US beef. If they had been able to switch to Aussie, Kiwi or even South American beef they could have continued serving gyudon and maybe even cut costs, like their competitors.

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Posted in: Gals See in context

If you're going to rip on their fashion, you've got to remember that they are 'gyaru' models...They aren't necessarily modelling to please a mainstream audience or show off fashions that people on JT might be into. Rather, they are modelling clothes aimed a niche audience. While I'm not a fan of this look either, I'll bite my tongue as I'm sure these girls might have a few criticisms to make about my fashion sense too.

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Posted in: Miyuki Hatoyama named Best Jeanist for 2009 See in context

Wow, is it that time of year already?

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Posted in: Japan beats Scotland 2-0 in friendly See in context

I don't doubt it at all. "addition of individually talented players"!! 10 players were missing. Thats the whole team minus the keeper! It would have made a huge difference. Its a shame really, would have been good for Japan to have a more challenging game with Asian Cup coming up soon; would have been a good gauge of where the team is at right now. That said, I liked the way Japan played and look forward to their next game.

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Posted in: Aya and Astro Boy See in context

Damn she's cute.

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Posted in: Spain man See in context

Stop whinging about 'badge kissing' and treating him like a lying scheming no-good. He is doing what every other modern football player does, going where the money is! Its perfectly natural and common practice these days. International footballers are a commodity, a chess piece to be bought or sold, and they'll usually go the highest bidder. He'd be crazy to come back and play for J-league. Another season or two in Europe then maybe it'll be time to consider winding down his career back here.

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Posted in: We know the LDP can't reform the bureaucracy. We have no idea if the DPJ can. So it's a choice between the certainty of no reform and the possibility of some. See in context

Not much a choice now is it....

Can't see the beuracracy or financial sector being reformed any time soon unfortunately. Lack of reform is holding Japan back

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Posted in: Stretch See in context

Dead rubber give this match means nothing None of the big names are in the lineups for either team (Nakamura is being rested as are about 4 other members that played previous qualifiers)

Never the less, gives the reserves a chance to have a run around

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Posted in: What do you think of Apple's iPhone? See in context

overpriced, poor functionality, few features when compared to other phones. I'm still happy to carry my iPod Touch in the briefcase and mobile phone in the pocket.

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Posted in: Okada raises bar after jubilant Japan reaches 2010 World Cup See in context

"The firts country?" were my thaughts too. I'm certain other nations have already confirmed their places in the WC finals, France for example qualified a couple of weeks ago....

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Posted in: Sushi See in context

Possibly the most enetertaining string of comments on a pic of the day I've seen.... But, yeah 'Branson eats such' so what

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Posted in: Tokyo’s lack of live music See in context

I may be one of the few on the board who consider DJs live music but the dance music scene in Japan, esp Tokyo is epic. And I'm not just referring to all the big name, 4000 yen cover charge joints like WOMB. There are a lot of bars around where DJs and producers get the chance to set up in corner and play original tracks and mixes

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Posted in: Pimped-up luxury cars are order of the day at Tokyo Special Import-Car Show See in context

Been the last few years and loved it. Pity a lot of auto houses that usually turn up are skipping it this year....sign of the times

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino mistaken for minor at Macau casino See in context


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Posted in: Archers See in context

mmmmm forearms

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Posted in: Local groups try to combat the rise of HIV infection in Japan See in context

Most of the girls I know seem to know about as much as the "intelligent uni student" butterfly1 described. It absolutely astonishes me how little some girls know about their own bodies, STIs and birth control. Scary in fact

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