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ra19arcinas43 comments

Posted in: Abe seeks tech innovation in Silicon Valley visit See in context

First step is to threat their women equally to men. 2nd workers should be able to stay more with their families not overwork.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. look to extend naval missions See in context

Ill manner Commie China instigated the problems in the region. Cowardly bullying their weak neighbors will not pay. Commie Chinese military hardware will never ever match with the US and Japan.

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Posted in: S Korea balks as U.S. picks Japan, Australia to service F-35s in Asia See in context

SK should just order the so called Chinese Stealth fighter and stop bashing Japan.

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Posted in: Japan may deploy minesweepers off S Korea in war with North, U.S. admiral says See in context

South Korea grow up it's the 21st century !!!!! You have no defense against the NK without the US and JAPAN. Forget you EGO ......

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context

That explains it even the Chinese don't trust their locally made contaminated diapers. Don't blame the Japan cause they can't find it in any store when they need it.

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Posted in: Guantanamo prisoners protest over women guards See in context

Women escorting make them ineligible to go to heaven when they die according to their law (funny or stupid)....

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Posted in: Man attacks student, steals her skirt in Ibaraki See in context

I couldn't believe that this things was happening in Japan.

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Posted in: Top court rules in favor of pregnant woman who was demoted See in context

People of Japan should respect women equally to men. If you want your country to remain stronger in the future change the way you threat women. Threat them equally and with respect.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard ships in disputed waters See in context

Commie Chinese are the worst breed. Shameless and bullies. Your time will come just make a stupid mistake.....

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Posted in: Nobody at subway station in Tokyo for first train after two staff oversleep See in context

More stories like this makes me wake up on time .....

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to calm down over Japanese reporter See in context

South Korea is no different from Commie China.....

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Posted in: Kurds struggle to defend besieged Syrian town See in context

Kurds are the only muslims with guts. Why not supply them with advance weapons ...

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Posted in: Microsoft board to look at gender pay gap, male culture See in context

Board of directors vote the Indian CEO out. His Indian mentality has no place in the US company ... Why you pick him up as CEO ?????

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Posted in: U.S., allies chafing at Turkish inaction on Islamic State in Syria See in context

Muslim Turkey tried to establish caliphate in the West and were defeated under the leadership of Poland and the Italian priest in Vienna, Austria on 9/11 1683.

Turkey is the only Muslim nation member of NATO. They hated the Kurds and Assad. The only problem was they are trying to blackmail the west for more air strikes and they don't do nothing but watch ... Hello Turks thanksgiving is coming be ready.....

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Posted in: Japanese journalist indicted in S Korea for defaming president See in context

The only difference between Commie China and South Korea is their language. Their economy are base on stealing and copying..... They were good allies.

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Posted in: Hotel in Seoul refuses to hold party by Japanese embassy for SDF See in context

South Koreans mentality has no difference with their ally arrogant, shameless low life Commie China regime.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber pleads no contest in vandalism case; gets 2 years' probation See in context

What is going. He wasn't deported yet ???/

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Posted in: Japan slams Korea-China proposal to jointly mark end of war next year See in context

Shame on you South Korea aligning with shameless arrogant Commie China. Who invaded you during the Korean war ? It was NK and Commie China. Who save you ? It was the US and Allies. SK aligning with Commie is betrayal of US and allies. I support JAPAN forget SK....

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Posted in: China, S Korea push North over nuclear weapons See in context

Only fools believe in any shameless arrogant Commie China propaganda. South Korea fell into trap. For South Korea remember NK and Commie China attacked you during the Korean war. US/UN forces saves you otherwise you are in the same situation as what is going on in the North. You are telling the Japanese how they forgotten the history. You yourself forgotten the Korean war. Now that you are aligning yourself with the Commie China seems like you are betraying the US and allies who save you. I once like South Korea but their attitude are becoming more and more like the Commie China regime. For ABE and the Japanese people, I support you all the way.

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts resolution dropping ban on collective self-defense See in context

Shameless Commie China instigated the problems in the region. Abe is right .....

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Posted in: Singapore PM asks Japan to turn page on history See in context

What is the main purpose of this arrogant Commie China and ally S Korea. I have more respect for the Japanese than either one of you. What is your real reason ??????

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Posted in: 'Patriotic Wives' praise Abe, censure China, S Korea See in context

With Commie China and SK attitudes towards Japan. How much more apologies do they want. S Korean aligning with arrogant Commies is disgusting.......

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Posted in: 'Patriotic Wives' praise Abe, censure China, S Korea See in context

I am with you JAPAN. SK is aligning with their shameless arrogant Commie China neighbor. Their attitudes are becoming more and more irritating.....

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Posted in: Tokyo assemblywoman heckled on why she isn't married or having children See in context

JAPAN please respect your women.

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Posted in: S Korea holds live-fire drill, ignoring Japan's protest See in context

What is wrong with S Korea. It's becoming more and more like arrogant Commie China !!!!! S Korea you can't beat Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese fans remember their manners in Brazil; clean up before going home See in context

The world won't stink if we do as JAPANESE does. I love Japan ......

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Posted in: Clock ticking as Abe pushes to loosen constraints on military See in context

I agree with ABE. It's about time for a change after Commie China instigated their lunatic adventure in the region. Go for it JAPAN .......

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 15-year-old daughter in Fukushima See in context

In the 70' and 80" I traveled all corners of Japan and no stories like this existed.

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Posted in: Men being outperformed by women in workplace See in context

It's about time to unleash the potentials of Japanese women. Most Japanese women ethics in the work force are a lot better the men.

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Posted in: Prisoner swap raises questions in U.S. and Afghanistan See in context

What do you expect from US White House and Congress. Bunch of ignorant politicians !!!!!!

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