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I like metric and it is often used here in the US. I use metric and standard on a daily basis. A cup can be changed to 8 ounces or do something like a 1/4 cup of milk, etc. Very easy when cooking. Like it or not, English is the most common second language used in the world and the international language of business yet it can be resisted for cultural reasons or because people simply want to stick with what they are comfortable with. I like variety in the world. It makes life more interesting. Though I guess it would be easier if we all spoke the same language and used the same measuring system.

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Wow! What detail. Very nice.

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GM Korea has just sold over 1 million Chevy Sparks. A small car for dense S. Korea. US car companies build many small cars. Japanese companies build many big cars. American import fees on Japanese cars? I have a Honda Accord built in Ohio. Many Japanese cars are built in the US and not imported. The Japanese learned to make cars Americans want and Americans can do the same in Japan.

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To say that the doctrinal religions that came from the Middle East (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) are Western ignores the fact that the largest Islamic country in the world is Indonesia. Islam is throughout Southeast Asia and about 20 million Muslims in China. The Philippines are primarily Christian and Christianity is a major religion in South Korea. The monotheistic religions are very much Asian religions. They have been there for centuries. Confucianism is doctrinal in the sense it states how people are to behave in society. Society is to be very orderly and don't go against these expectations. Look at the use of honorifics in East Asia which includes Japan. Japans expectations of behavior can be like religious dogma. "Do this and don't do that".

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