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Posted in: Trump dislikes border security deal but Republicans urge support See in context

Trump has a 52% approval rate.

The win that matters now is the Oval Office for a 2nd term and to replace the dead RBG.

Also; even after the shutdown, his approval rate with independents was 87% after his SOTU.

Still not tired of winning.

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Posted in: Republicans aim to confirm Kavanaugh this weekend after FBI report See in context

The beauty of this is that after he is confirmed RBG will be up for replacement as well. And the kicker? A woman will be nominated for that spot and all of the regressive leftist hate tactics will go bye-bye and this candidate will need to be judged on her merits alone. For a decade the court will be controlled by conservatives.

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Posted in: Peter Fonda apologizes for 'vulgar' Barron Trump tweet See in context

I love it. The people in the middle, the centrist undecided voters, are being pushed further and further right.

The only people who are continuing to push the regressive leftist narrative are sick and unhinged, and best of all, they are making it real clear to everyone around them.

Resist! ;)

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Posted in: Congress votes to end three-day U.S. government shutdown See in context

The Regressive Left is unhinged.

They just can not understand why Trump and his agenda keep winning.

That is very good. Excellent.

Keep unhinged, unbalanced, angry. Keep up the hate and the resistance.

Just do not have any new ideas. The hate is better. ;)

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Posted in: U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel See in context

Very telling that the Left is outraged and fighting so hard against an investigation into voter fraud.

I love it.

Lets remember, Trump had thousands of people attending his rallies and Crooked Hillary needed to bus in High School students to fill small gymnasiums.


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Posted in: Trump celebrates after Congress wraps up massive tax package See in context


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Posted in: Trump says transgender people barred from U.S. military See in context

*Four thousand, more like*

"Which, if correct, is about 0.25% of the total number of serving servicemen and women.

Or, to put it another way, 99.75% of serving military men as women are NOT transgender.

This ridiculous pandering to insignificant minorities has to stop."

It has. That is why there is all this shrieking and virtue signalling. The SJW identity politics of the early 00's is getting crushed and its adherents are outing themselves.

"Soldiers who suffer from PTSD?"

Soldiers living with acute PTSD aren't allowed to actively serve. People with PTSD aren't allowed to join. Just like Gender dysphoria, it is a mental illness. However the suicide rate is even close to the 40% that trans people succumb to.

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Posted in: Trump says transgender people barred from U.S. military See in context


Lowest gas prices in 12 years.

Jobs being created and communities visibly being reinvigorated.

GDP growth. (Projected 3% maybe 4%)

Stock Market records being broken everyday.

Recently spoke to a crowd of 20,000 on a Wednesday night in middle America.

Ma and Pa Midwest are loving Trump, his policies and the effect he is having on America.

And, as per my last post, he did just force the Democrats to choose the options he has presented them to campaign on in 2018 and 2020.

Oh, and Comey and Lynch are now officially being investigated and the DNC IT specialist who tried to flee the country has been arrested this ensuring nothing but scandal for the DNC and the Democratic party for a long time to come.

The water is fine over in Trump-land. Wanna sip?

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Posted in: Trump says transgender people barred from U.S. military See in context

"His mentor was Roy Cohn. He partied with Roy Cohn. Then he dropped Roy Cohn when he was known to have AIDS. Donald Trump doesn't change with the moment. He uses people. It's that simple."

Wow. Another completely biased and unfounded negative opinion of Donald Trump.

~ Yawn~

Try to keep your rage in check and stick to the topic please.

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Posted in: Trump says transgender people barred from U.S. military See in context

As per the DSM-5 Gender dysphoria

It is a mental illness.

"Being listed in this dubious index doesn't make it a mental ilness. This is the same source that used to say homosexuality was an illness too."

Actually it is exactly what makes it an illness.

Many things change after time and things are continuously researched, refined, and updated.

What is a red herring about Gender dysphoria is it's huge rate of associated suicides (40%).

Another thing that I will mention is that this announcement by Trump just happens to come a day after the Democrats have tried to pivot on their platform to try for his populist base. He has essentially decided on what they have to campaign on in 2018 and 2020.

They can ignore this and try for the populist base and thereby enrage their Regressive Leftist base or argue against it and thereby ensure that Trump keeps his moderate Conservative gems that are really concerned about who poops where in the shopping mall.

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Posted in: Trump says transgender people barred from U.S. military See in context

"Being transgender is not an illness, mental or otherwise. What makes you think it is?"

As per the DSM-5 Gender dysphoria

It is a mental illness.

Someone with a 40% chance of having suicidal thoughts should not be responsible for carrying heavy weaponry and being subjected to purposefully abusive training.

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Posted in: Among allies, Trump remains an unpredictable force See in context

Spin this...

Donny Jr. released all of his e-mails and will testify before Congress and nothing will be done.

Trump's base still love him and once he cuts taxes and gets rid of Obama care he will ensure that the 2018 elections go Republican and will 2020. Hell, if the GDP goes up by 4% he will probably put Pence in the White House in 2024.

The Democrats have no leadership, a dwindling base and no new ideas. Name one new policy proposal that they have come up with in the last 5 months. You can't because all they have is Identity Politics and "Wahhh we didn't win."

Oh, and meeting anybody from anywhere to get dirt on a political opponent isn't illegal. The Clinton campaign actively campaigned other foreign States to get dirt on Trump.

Keep resisting! (And not coming up with any ideas that will help anybody.) Resist!

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

This guy is great. Typical Regressive Leftist.

Wild rumor about Trump = "No, problem".

Speculation from a reputed source that goes against his Liberal narrative = "You're a whack job!"

Enjoy the continued losing of every point you may want to bring up from now until 2020.

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

If they want to keep pressing the Russia false narrative it will only lead deeper into the well of Obama/ Clinton's war on the American people.

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Posted in: Trump claims Obama had phones wiretapped; Obama denies it See in context

The real point of all this is to cut off any escape route that Obama and The Clintons will try to use when the Trump administration starts to go after them over their corruption and schemes against the interests of the American people. It is going to be fun watching them eat each other trying to cop a deal.

The Lefts tears are delicious but their desperation is absolutely divine.

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Posted in: Millions living in U.S. illegally targeted for possible deportation under Trump rules See in context

Anyone who doesn't see the Bushes (including low energy Jeb) and the Clintons/Obamas as the same political entity is either incredibly stupid or blind.

The main, number one reason Trump got in is because average, sane, working Americans woke up to the collusion and voted in an outsider to destroy the status quo. Also, Trump isn't making any new laws he is simply enforcing the ones that have already been set up to protect American lives and jobs.

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Posted in: Trump blasts media in rambling press conference See in context

He laid out his plans and policies throughout the campaign. Its all up on his web site. Click on over there and be prepared to be Red Pilled.

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Posted in: Trump blasts media in rambling press conference See in context

I Thought the press conference was great. Its good to see the establishment media get slammed for blatantly lying to the American public due to partisan bias for the past 22 months. I am really looking forward to watching his rally in Florida!

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Posted in: Trump's immigration order faces mounting legal questions See in context

I love the Liberal Cucks on this site that moan and harp about Trump like the Leftist Regressives that have destroyed their home countries. Open your eyes people. There is a REASON he won and that reason is that the majority, the SILENT working majority that actually care about the future of the Western world, voted him in. Hopefully he accomplishes everything that campaigned for during the election.

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Posted in: Thousands of demonstrators plan to disrupt Trump inauguration See in context

It will be nice to see the police let loose on those protestors. 8 years coming.

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Posted in: Trump's long-awaited news conference quickly turns combative See in context

The Regressive Leftists that comment here are fun to read. Totally divorced from reality. Maybe they need to reassess their beliefs systems seeing as they are so out of touch with reality?

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

There is definitive NO PROOF of Russia's involvement in the hack.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' author says latest installment delayed See in context

He will die before he finishes this.

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Posted in: Explosion damages toilet at Yasukuni shrine; nobody hurt See in context

I'm glad no one was hurt. I'm also surprised that this is the first attack in that hateful place.

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Posted in: Group of teenage Thai actors punished for dancing on Japanese train See in context

A little stupid behavior from teens is to be expected.

I can't wait until the Olympics. A lot of Japanese commuters are going to be very (silently and passively) upset with all of the "rude" gaijin on their precious trains.

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Posted in: Russian businesses woo Japan despite Ukraine sanctions See in context

Russia is the biggest threat to world peace at this very minute. If Japan does business with Russia they should just throw some Yen North Koreas way while they're at it.

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Posted in: Abe vows to rewrite constitution, instill patriotism in schools See in context

Tinawatanabe--"But if you ask me, with constant bashing from China/SK and west who are brainwashed by those two propaganda, and China's intention to grab Okinawa and onward to the west pacific and SE, Japan would be in a dangerous situation if stays the same."

This way of thinking is whats leading Japan down the same road it took in the 30's prior to WW2. I think you must be a paid poster from the LDP.

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Posted in: Suspect in Kobe girl's murder to undergo psychiatric exam See in context

If you intentionally murder a child you should be put down like a rabid dog and buried in an unmarked grave.

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Posted in: Japan's sozzled salarymen: the lost tribe in a modern pickle See in context

Salarymen are gnarly.

They are the perfect examples of all that is wrong in the modern world.

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Posted in: Abe says Asahi stories on comfort women damaged Japan's image abroad See in context

Japan's reputation HAS been tarnished abroad. There is no denying it. But it's not because of some erroneous news report from the 90's. In the last 2 years at least a dozen stories that have linked the name "Abe" and "War Criminals" have been printed internationally. Add that to the fact that Japan and the Abe government has be publicly rebuked by China, SK and the United States this year alone and you can see for yourself why Japan's reputation isn't the greatest right now.

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