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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

A simple thing has made a headline followed by lots of comments. The teacher did not have a common sense. At least few extra masks should have been kept in the class/school for emergency. If it was not possible by any reason, he could ask another student to serve food in place of the girl so that she could serve food the next day when comes to school with a mask.

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Posted in: Gov't may punish 2 air traffic controllers over 10-minute lapse See in context

"doing research" in air traffic control facility by an air traffic controller on duty? It is really strange for me.

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Posted in: One in seven thinks end of world is coming, with Dec 21, 2012, likely date - poll See in context

These are just some kind of speculations and interpretations. Nobody knows the reality, nobody at all.

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Posted in: ANA plane makes steep dive over Shizuoka See in context

This is an example of professional negligence and lack of common sense in the pilots. I have an experience of such dive when the aircraft I was in met with a turbulence and it went about 500 meter down all of sudden. It happened few years back. But I still feel scared when I recall those moments. The ANA plane dived 1,900 meter, I can't imagine how I would feel if I was there. There have been many such things in news media recently with JAL, ANA, Cathy etc. I don't know why these people (crew members) are acting irresponsibly these days.

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Posted in: JAL pilot arrested for taking up-skirt photos at train station See in context

What a shame to the so called today's advanced society! Unless spiritual education is included in today's education system, there can not be spiritual transformation in the society. Spiritual transformation is most essential in today's society for social harmony, order and morality. Unfortunately, today's educationists/governments are not realizing the fact. Therefore, the society is trying to move ahead like a lame person, who definitely meets several accidents on the way and many of them would be very dangerous indeed.

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Posted in: Ishihara calls Kan, cabinet 'not Japanese' for not visiting Yasukuni Shrine See in context

What a shame to Japanese politicians! How narrow-minded they are! In spite of so much developments in physical/material terms, the human mind is still underdeveloped.

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Posted in: Reconstruction minister resigns over offensive remarks; Hirano takes over See in context

Another big blow to PM Kan.

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Posted in: Man arrested over knife attack on 8-year-old girl in Yamaguchi Pref See in context

Psychological madness is increasing everyday in Japan. It does not show good future.

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Posted in: Woman held for abandoning baby in toilet in Tokyo apartment block See in context

If it was unplanned/unwanted, why could she not abort it earlier? I think there is no restriction for unwanted abortion in Japan.

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Posted in: Hokkaido schoolgirl commits suicide, blaming bullying See in context

It has been a grave problem in Japanese schools and this robotic society.

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Posted in: Newborn baby found in Manila airport garbage bag See in context

I wonder how one could board a flight with such a blood tainted new born baby. I think the baby should have born inside the aircraft. But, the amazing point is how the baby was delivered inside an aircraft and nobody on board knew it. Moreover, even if the baby was delivered in some special situation inside the aircraft, then how it was dumped into the garbage place so safely. I think there should be some connection between the person who delivered the baby and crew members of the flight. Is it not interesting and amazing?

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