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Posted in: Japan's top currency official warns of intervention, sees no limits See in context

JPY movements are driven by short selling speculators...

BOJ just put a small spark and let the greed of the short sellers do the rest....

Sadly that shows how economies are vulnerable...

Praying that vulture speculators who bought at 162 with margin call hoping it will go up are now crying nonstop

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbers from Yamanashi side to be charged ¥2,000 as tourism rises See in context

Interesting initiative though I am a bit confused.

I climbed Fujisan last year one week after the season was closed (Subaru trail). Many tourists present at the 5th station. I counted we were approximatively 20 people max to attempt the hike. Obviously all huts were closed and saw few agents working on the trails. I had to stop at the 8.5 station not to miss the bus due the reduced frequency.

Few things can be done to improve the situation.

1- get a spread of climbers across the 4 trails. I think almost 75% percent of people are using the Yoshida trail)

2- extend the season. I came on September 15 and it was still pleasant even at height. I think one positive aspect of global warming;-)

3- impose a charge to filter some of the bozos disrespecting the location by endangering themselves


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Posted in: AP visual analysis: Rocket from Gaza appeared to go astray, likely caused deadly hospital explosion See in context

Not sure I understand all the fuss and the contortion to explain the horror.

No need to overthink, the spoke person hananya naftali had himself admitted of the strike before removing his tweet when realizing the massive number of innocent victims. Since he is the spoke person, his job is to get the message from official source higher up and publish on tweeter...

No need again to enter into technical details. That alone is sufficient to ascertain the source

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Posted in: Japan backs IMF efforts to improve guidance on digital currency risks See in context

Scary as hell!

Imagine once the CBDC is ON:

"We regret to inform that your digital account is frozen. Approach your vaccination center to get booster #31 to unlock your digital wallet"

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Posted in: Japan had weak basis for ordering 882 mil COVID vaccine doses: audit See in context

Just another scheme to swindle money from taxpayers to large corporations...

One day it is the pharmaceutical for the Covid vaccine, another day the military industry for the "defense"...

It would be laughable if people actually were not struck by debilitating side effects...

And I wonder 2 years on this madness what are we going to discover or what type of long term diseases...

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Posted in: Daiichi Sankyo seeks approval for Japan's 1st home-grown mRNA vaccine See in context

Even now this has been disproved, people vaccinated with mRNA vaccines do better than unvaccinated people for infection with the current variants

Current numbers in Japan totally disprove your allegation. Most people dying are 4 or 5 times MRNA vaccinated.

At minima, the MRNA doesn't work for old people. Data from Australia suggests even a negative correlation which could span from straining the immune system.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 41st in attracting, retaining talent in 2022: Swiss survey See in context

Interesting article!

Last year I was considering relocating my business to Japan with my family. Had few conference calls with JETRO ( who are doing a great job btw!) To discuss company formation, tax and social contribution and residence permit. The amount of tax and social contribution was already a big turn down but the biggest No No was the fact that the residence permit is granted for a one year period initially.... Basically I am not sure if after a year I need to relocate my family back?

For comparison, my friend moved to the USA in March, in September she got the green card and is now happily working and paying tax to the US economy.

I think Japan needs to clear the table and starts afresh otherwise I don't see how foreign talent could be attracted

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Posted in: Japan reports 192,063 new coronavirus cases; 420 deaths See in context

I am puzzled as of why now Japan deaths are spiraling out of control.

Just looking at numbers and facts, it seems the vaccines are not doing their jobs (sorry virusrex) after multiple doses or at least for part of the population.

It is time to be honest, understand what works and what doesn't and admit failure to eventually change course of action.

For those advocating endless masking and confinement, no it is not the way forward. It causes more damage and just kick the can downward.

Again it is time to understand from independent, non interested sources what works and what doesn't and implement a best way out of this crisis

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

I read many commenters here saying that it is fine to have less people.

Well let me tell you one thing: it will not happen!

Imagine all these corporations: how are they going to keep growing and making more and more money if there are less consumers?

I think the equation is simple. Either Japanese people start working on it. Either people will be imported to Japan to make up the numbers. Due to proximity, I guess it will be chinese

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Posted in: Japan reports record high 255,534 coronavirus cases; 27,453 in Tokyo See in context

300 people died last 24 hours. Reaching new peak everyday

I had the impression that vaccjne are the solutions?

How does it compare with less covered countries?

Virusrex, any rational explanation? Could it be that serum based on extinct variants are probably not the solution?

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Posted in: Variant-adapted COVID vaccine wins first approval in Britain See in context

What about long term effects of the vaccine and the side effects that becomes more and more prevalent?

Can we guarantee no one taking this updated version of the jab will suffer any long term effect such as myocarditis?

Loooking at current number of heart related disease, is it still worthed?

Should we invest in making the population healthier?maybe more medical personnel?

Few pointers here to stimulate the debate

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Posted in: Variant-adapted COVID vaccine wins first approval in Britain See in context

Dear Virusrex,

What is the long term strategy?

We can see now Japan is its highest mortality ever. Can you explain rationally?

Rolling an updated version of the vaccjne till the next variant will outdate?

Is it the right strategy?

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Posted in: Japan reports 138,613 coronavirus cases; 23,135 in Tokyo See in context

Hello all,

Let me quickly put my comment before this thread gets closed.

I had a question to Virusrex. I have not been connected for a couple months.

Just reconnected recently, I see that the number of daily deaths is skyrocketing.

Do you have a logical explanation to that as I recall you were a solid proponent of the mRNA vaccjne

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Posted in: Japan may need to boost defense costs to ¥10 trillion: think tank See in context

What a sad situation!

I am scrolling Japan today and see two news next to each other.

One saying that prices will increase for 10 000 items and immediately after defense budget needs a 10 trillions injection.

It shows clearly where is the priority and sorry to say, it is plain wrong.

I thought Japan was better than that!

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Posted in: Japan aims for 1 million daily booster shots to stem infection wave See in context


Well maybe you can get the blue pill from Pfizer to cure the ED :-)

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Posted in: Japan aims for 1 million daily booster shots to stem infection wave See in context

Look out Christine cotton for the french speaker, she is a biostatistician. She went through the ptizer clinical trial documents in details and all sort of twists and tricks they used to come up with their efficacy rate

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Posted in: Japan aims for 1 million daily booster shots to stem infection wave See in context

Poor virusrex!

You now have to bring a study done on Delta 6 months ago on the delta strain to justify what is now obvious.

Forget any studies and look at the numbers... That should speak volumes on the effectiveness of such medical experimental concoction.

In my office, a colleague 4 time vaccinated got it pretty bad, 2 weeks sick a dog.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 12,813 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 62,612 See in context

One thing for sure, the vaccination program has been a huge success by looking at the number of contamination after 3 shots!

Since it works so well, let's make sure we boost the remaining people so they can also catch omicron

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

No antiquesaving

There is a twist in the categories as people without boosters X months after their second doses are considered unvaccinated...

Also the counts need to include other comorbidities as well...

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Posted in: More than 100,000 march in France against COVID vaccine requirements See in context


Which planet are you located in?

A fair chunk of protester are vaccinated.

It is not about vaccine any more. It is about the rift macron is creating.

Re hospital bed, it has nothing to do with Covid sadly. macron has downsized ICU capacity in the last few years to boost "competitiveness"

Nurses themselves are asking for more capacity... They are very professional and treat anybody regardless of being a vacced not vacced, a heavy smoker developing cancer, an obese with diabete ...

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Posted in: More than 100,000 march in France against COVID vaccine requirements See in context


I am amazed by some of the reactions I read.

Vax / antivax

Let's set that aside for a moment and just look at the numbers.

If these treatments were working, why do we have 300 000 cases yesterday in France?

If you ("vaxers") have been convinced, or coerced or lured to take the treatment, good for you. Now if others are sceptical, it is their absolute right. Macron is pointing at scapegoats to explain his utter failure in managing the hospital.

And for those we said that no vacced people should pay all costs. Yes why not, perhaps they should not pay tax anymore. Since they are now sub citizen.

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Posted in: Kishida promises boosters, new measures against Omicron See in context

Hello all and happy new year.

@virusrex, yes indeed by looking at the number of cases, it looks like the vaccines are doing a great job at stopping the pandemic!

I think it is fair to say after 1 year and 3 doses maybe it is better to give a chance to natural immunity.

Studies made by pharmaceutical companies can not be taken as the only reference unfortunately.

My colleague had been sick with Covid last 10 years and he is 4 times vaccinated, 2 sinopharm and 2 Pfizer 3 months ago.

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Posted in: Japan to bring forward COVID booster shots wherever possible See in context

Many thanks @virusrex for your answers.

If I can follow up;

Is herd immunity achieveable knowing that the current vaccine are not 100% efficient and not sterilizing.

If yes, what is the Percentage of population required?

If no, what is the impact on repeated boosters? Could it impact the immunity especially if new variant with different spike protein appears?

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Posted in: Japan to bring forward COVID booster shots wherever possible See in context


This is intellectually wrong,

There are 60% population entirely vaccinated.


That alone should be more than enough to bring down the number significantly.

Unless you are the one asserting without any factual evidence that the almost 800 000 deaths are all non vaccinated and non masked...

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Posted in: Japan to bring forward COVID booster shots wherever possible See in context


Do you have a valid and rational explanation (in layman's terms) as of why we see more death and obviously an explosion of cases in 2021 compared to 2020 when there was no vaccine available?

If after a booster shot, the efficacy is still waning, what is the long term plan?

Thanks in advance

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Posted in: Japan starts booster COVID vaccinations See in context

@virusrex do you have the evidences the vaccine works against omicron? Against Covid in general?

A double blinded cross study, not stopped after 3 months? And organized by an independent 3rd party? Not by the own drugmaker listed to the stock exchange?

Untill then, this is just a fragment of your imagination

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Posted in: Europe's COVID crisis pits vaccinated against unvaccinated See in context

Simple questions?

Why oh why do Austria need to reconfine everybody?

Why not sticking to the initial plan of reconfining the unvaccinated?

Why mass ordering the Covid pill?

Does the vaccine really work for people under 40?

Why not promoting healthier lifestyle so immunity gets better? How would that fit with Pfizer profits?


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Posted in: Japan to administer COVID-19 booster shots from Dec 1 See in context

Is it a commercial decision to enrich Pfizer or is it really justified by science?

After how many boosters we admit that it is not effective on the long run?

What about long term side effects of such repeated mRNA injection?

Virusrex before you jump in, you can not bring the card of "perfectly safe" as the Test is still running till 2023

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Posted in: Austria orders nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated See in context

I am supporting this unvaccinated confinement.


Because it needs to become clear that the vaccine does not stop infection.

At least once there will only be vaccinated people mingling around and numbers still rising, this fact will become clear and unvaccinated can not be blamed anymore.

If after your 3rd shot, you still catch Covid and be sick for 2 weeks, ask yourself the right questions.

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Posted in: Roll up your sleeves: Kids' turn arrives for COVID-19 shots See in context

Very true Virusrex

So we should not accept heavy smokers at the hospital when they come for respiratory conditions or treat their cancer

Similarly, we should let drinkers pay for the chemotherapy when having liver cancer.

And finally, obese people should be banned to enter fast food venues and food court because they refuse to be reasonable and do a bypass surgery.

Do you see the logic when we apply current Covid unvaccinated treatment to other condition?

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