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RaggedyRose comments

Posted in: Tokyo is the world's most forward-thinking city. It sets global trends in everything from technology to fashion. See in context

I have been here for less then a year and I can honestly say...OMG, I really felt like I was in a third world country most days. I have not purchased an item of clothing since my arrival...not because I am too big or anything...I am actually a small sized woman...it's just that the clothing is nothing compared to USA, France, etc. Many items of high value I see women carry are actually fakes and I don't even know if they know it. Anyhow...it's just what I have observed. I couldnt believe they don't even have a computer system that would connect with other Department of vehicle departments etc...police stations...I had to take the hand written receipts to another town where they have to hand write things and then send me back two hours to get mey car registered. Hi tech, leading fashions, "I think not".

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Posted in: Two more U.S. servicemen arrested in separate incidents See in context

Stop it with the attacks on the US military...when they leave, we will be sorry. Small things should not be blown out of porportion!!!! The news is just trying to stir things up and it seems to be working. Stupid little things like these two "suspect of indecent exposure, bumping into a car"...come on...that is not news!!! What a waste of my time to have read that today!!!

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Posted in: Police officer busted for allegedly molesting 15-yr-old girl See in context

Is it just me? Do the Japanese journalists actually know how to do journalism....Where is the information needed? Based on what has been written..usually 3 sentences or so...this officer is not even in jail. Sheesh...so if you are a Japanese person and commit crimes...you really don't need to worry too much. Look at the guy who served his own body parts to paying customers...he got charged with "indecent exposure?" That is just weird beyound belief. This officer needs to be punished like the American soilders, sailors etc. No one should be beyond the law! This poor girl needs to know she is not at fault and she needs to know that her attacker is going to be punished. That is my opinion.

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Posted in: Two women steal rings worth Y16.2 million from jeweler See in context

Are we sure it's not an inside job?

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