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Posted in: Japan's global PR message could misfire with focus on wartime past See in context

A lot of information in WW1 and WW2 is incorrect, especially in America. It's only natural that Japan wants this corrected.

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Posted in: Man jailed for 6 years for slashing two AKB48 singers See in context

6 years is not enough in my opinion. You have to consider that he slashed their faces too, which are important for their job as entertainer. I would like it if he got help, but he still did a terrible thing,so je deserves what he got.

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Posted in: Abe's approval ratings rise in Japan after hostage crisis See in context

Agreed, for those who think they could've handled it better, please discribe how.

I think Abe handled the hostage crisis as well as any leader could have done. Generally, I support most of his policies and I think he is doing a good job for Japan.

But these poll results really must stick in the craw of the Abe-haters and Japan-bashers on Japan Today, who perhaps don't know as much about Japanese politics (and Japanese society) as they think they do.

Abe did not create this situation. The murderous ISIS and the two who went in search of adventure and money created the situation.

Abe contributing the USD200M to help refugees of ISIS was a remarkable humanitarian gesture. Abe contributing the money did not mean, as others have said, that Abe caused the two's demise. He shouldn't hold back the aid just because ISIS decided to pick up some hostages to use as blackmail to prevent Japan from helping refugees.

My only criticism would be why spend money there and not at home. It is a fair criticism that doesn't appear to be reflected in the polls.

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